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69 Cute Nicknames For Jasper

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Are you searching for cute nicknames for your loved one named 'Jasper'?

There are various reasons why people use nicknames to name their loved ones. First, nicknames distinguish the personality or character traits of every single person, and second, it helps people to identify themselves and know about their uniqueness.

The name 'Jasper' symbolizes the magnificence, glory, and beauty of God our Lord. In short, the name 'Jasper' implies peace and love. Jasper is believed to be of Persian origin, which means 'treasurer,' and this name is a masculine name used most commonly in the United States.

If Jasper is the most precious person in your life, then here are some catchy, funny, and cute nicknames for your loved one.

Unique Nicknames For Jasper

Are you in need of knowing some unique nicknames to name your loved ones? The following list of nicknames helps you to choose a perfect nickname for your buddy or spouse.

  • Agent Jones- is for Jasper if he is a Matrix lover.
  • Asper- is Jasper a bit money-minded? Asper best suits him.
  • Gasper- is somewhat of an old-fashioned British nickname.
  • JStor- is Jasper a bookworm or a brainiac person? Then, this nickname best suits him.
  • Jagermeister- is a suitable name for Jasper if he is a party animal.
  • Japer- is a person who often pranks other people. Is Jasper a prank-loving person? Call him Japer.
  • Jasmin- Is your Jasper a nature lover and mainly a lover of Jasmine? Call him Jasmin.
  • Jasperware- is a unique name to be given to a creative guy.
  • Jay Jo- is a name that resembles a hip-hop artist.
  • Jerome k Jerome- is a catchy nickname for a famous English writer.
  • Jester- Is Jasper a comic personality? Then you call him by this nickname.
  • Jigsaw- is the perfect nickname that can be used for a mysterious and puzzle person.
  • Joypopper- is a unique name to tease your buddy, Jasper.
  • Jumper- perfectly matches a super active sports guy.
  • Juniper- is a nickname to tease your short-heightened buddy.
  • Nin-Jas- is a unique name that your Jasper would love.
  • Ouija- is undoubtedly a unique nickname for Jasper if he is a horror lover.
  • Piper- is a simple nickname but not too common; this name certainly suits your loved ones.
  • Poser- is a perfect nickname for Jasper, who always poses and uploads on Instagram.
  • Pringle- is Jasper an annoying character? Call him Pringle.

Funny Nicknames For Jasper

Following are some of the cute pet names that match the unique traits of your spouse, buddy, or son.

  • Asparagus- is Jasper a fitness freak and a follower of a healthy diet? Then this quirky nickname matches him.
  • Biscuit- is undoubtedly a funny name if Jasper is a biscuit lover.
  • Camphor- is a somewhat weird name that sounds like an organic compound found in several medicines.
  • Cheese Ball- is a funny name to tease your buddy if he is a cheese lover.
  • Finn- is your buddy Jasper a fair-haired person? Then, this nickname suits him the best.
  • Gypsy- is a nickname that suits Jasper if he is a wild guy.
  • Jasperie- is a slight variation of the name 'Jasper.'
  • Jeopardy- Is Jasper, a lover of the reality television show? Jeopardy suits him well, then.
  • Juggler- is a person handling many things at a time, and if Jasper is a multitasking person, give him this nickname.
  • Juicy - is perfectly suitable for a flirty and fun buddy.
  • Mustard- is said to have two antioxidants to boost your immunity. Is Jasper an immunity booster to you?
  • Nemo- is inspired by Captain Nemo in the famous novel by Jules Verne.
  • PJ- is a short form to mention poor jokes. However, if Jasper has a humorous personality and all his jokes make you cry, this nickname suits him.
  • Peaches- is a world-famous song written by Justin Bieber.
  • Peanut- is a funny nickname that can be used to name your buddy if he has a flirting personality.
  • Sally- is a nickname that refers to someone who has a violent personality.
  • Spa- is a funny nickname to refer to Jasper if he is a lover of relaxation and often visits spas.
  • Spaghetti- is for someone who has long and curly hair, like Spaghetti.
  • Yapper- is the name recommended for someone who gossips often.

Cool Nicknames For Jasper

Here are some cool nicknames for Jasper that you will surely find interesting.

  • Casper- is an old-fashioned and famous movie name that was released in 1995.
  • Chiseled- is a name that refers to a personality who is the talk of the town.
  • JStar- is a cute nickname that perfectly suits your baby if he has an attractive smiling face.
  • Jack- is a perfect choice of nickname to call 'Jasper.'
  • Japery- is a super simple nickname that your Jasper would love to hear.
  • Jappy- is a nickname that really goes well with your cute little baby.
  • Jas- is a nickname that best suits Jasper if he resembles a cool-vibe personality.
  • Jasberry- is a pleasant nickname that sounds sweet once after hearing it.
  • Jasey- is a catchy nickname for someone who surrounds himself with a hip and happening vibration.
  • Jaspery- is a cool nickname to refer to your buddy by just adding 'y' to his name.
  • Jazz- is a rhythmic nickname that best suits your son if he is a music lover.
  • Jelly Bear- is a cute nickname for your Jasper, in addition to the lovable word bear.
  • Jerry- is a cartoonist nickname to call your son if he loves 'Tom and Jerry.'
  • Jess- is a sweet and short version of the name 'Jasper.'
  • Jigglypuff- is a cute version to name your cute little baby.
  • Jip- is someone who is a cheater. Call Jasper 'Jip' if he is a cheater.
  • Jose- is a charming nickname for your loved ones named 'Jasper.'
  • Pareja- is a Spanish nickname that means 'partner.' It is a perfect choice to name your spouse or boyfriend in Spanish format.
  • Pear- is a cool nickname for your son, who is a kind and understanding personality.
  • Perry- is a character named Matthew Perry in ‘Friends plays.’

Trendy Nicknames For Jasper

Some of the trendy nicknames for Jasper are listed below.

  • Barbie- is a great nickname for a baby girl. After all, who doesn’t love a Barbie girl?
  • Candy- is a great nickname that refers to a sweet-natured guy named Jasper.
  • Corn Pop- is a crunchy, sweet cereal that perfectly suits your little crunchy boy 'Jasper.'
  • Daffodil- is the name of a yellow flower and is a short form of 'Dorothy.'
  • Doobie- is the name of a famous cigarette that perfectly suits your buddy if he is a smoke engine.
  • Dotty- meaning ‘Gift of God,’ is a trendy nickname to refer to your God-given gift, 'Jasper.'
  • Jasper Princess- is a cute nickname for your charming prince.
  • Maggie- meaning ‘pearl,’ is a cute and chubby nickname to call your buddy.
  • Saffron- meaning ‘yellow flower,’ blooms well as your Jasper.
  • Wookie- is a different nickname to call your buddy.

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