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134 Cute Nicknames For Pretty Eyes

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Nicknames are usually given to a close acquittance to make them feel more personable, and by far, eyes are your shortest way to the perfect nickname.

Like two million working tissues in an eye, there might be many different personality traits within the eye you might want to focus on. Color, nature and the meaning of the nickname are the three most important parameters used.

The eyes are the most romanticized part of the body when it comes to nicknames, and we have no doubt it should be like that. Beautiful and alluring eyes are never left out in movies, TV series, cartoons, or anime. Ocular power is often considered a thing of pride, and we have seen several nicknames for pretty eyes.

As one of the most beautiful parts of the body, there is no doubt that the eyes have often been considered a trophy of pride and nomenclature. These gorgeous eyes should be romanticized, and there is a good reason for that. Here we have compiled a list of cool nicknames for pretty eyes to make you feel more motivated.

Popular Nicknames For Pretty Eyes

Many nicknames for the pretty eyes you see here have been romanticized in various famous shows, while some have been created with our original touch. We hope you are ready with a notebook, as you are not restricted to a single choice.

  • Alluring Eyes - The warm and welcoming eyes.
  • Angel Eyes - An innate ability of the person to see love and hope, even during desperate times. A true lucky charm!
  • Beaupretty Eyes - Association of the word 'Beauty' with 'Interstellar.'
  • Blue Man - A common masculine name for a man with blue-colored eyes.
  • Blue Woman - A feminine version of 'Blue Man.'
  • Blue-Eyed Angel - A common nickname for a person with blue-colored eyes.
  • Byakugan - The eye that can sense any presence.
  • Cat's Eye - The eyes that look blue when you shine some light on them.
  • Ceramic Eyes - These pretty eyes are a piece of art!
  • Elegant Eyes - Those pretty eyes that spark elegance!
  • Emerald Eyes - Bright green eyes with a transparent character.
  • Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan - Those extremely beautiful eyes in the series 'Naruto'!
  • Feline Eyes - Eyes that reflect everything. The tit-for-tat person.
  • Green Devil - The green version of the blue-eyed demon.
  • Hazel Eyes - A set of brownish-green eyes, like the pop singer Kelly Clarkson.
  • Interpretty Eyes - Association of the word 'Interstellar' with 'Eyes.'
  • Intoxicative Eyes - The pair of beautiful eyes which has an intoxicating effect on everyone.
  • Jougan - The 'Perfect Eye' as shown in the popular anime series 'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.'
  • Mangekyo Sharingan - Those beautiful eyes with patterns, not to mention the power shown in 'Naruto.'
  • Rinnegan - The final form of Sharingan in 'Naruto,' or is it?
  • Rinnesharingan - The best ocular power possessed by our beloved 'Sasuke' from 'Naruto.'
  • Sea Eyes - Eyes that bear the color of the seas.
  • Sharingan - The most basic ocular power in the series 'Naruto.'
  • Silent Eyes - The mysterious set of eyes adds to an intimidating personality.
  • Smokey Eyes - For fashion lovers often use eye-liners to create the 'Smokey Effect.'
  • Sparkling eyes - One whose eyes light up often. An appropriate nickname for a motivated person.
  • Sparkly Eyes - The person whose eye sparkles with excitement, even during the smallest of activities.
  • Starry Eyes - A great nickname for a person with dreamy eyes.
  • Tenseigan - We have taken a lot of inspiration from 'Naruto.'

Catchy Nicknames For Pretty Eyes

These are some catchy nicknames for pretty eyes, which we have prepared with a pinch of sarcasm in the whole equation. Feel free to choose more than one nickname, as there are plenty of options.

  • Alice - A feminine name was often given to a vampire with alluring eyes.
  • Almond - Almond has a less-known interpretation of representing the color blue!
  • Ash - A great name for a person with brown eyes.
  • Asparagus - Vegetables can often be used as a cheeky name for the sweet pet with pale green eyes.
  • Brown - Names of colors are often counted as good names.
  • Buff - The gym freak with beautiful brown eyes.
  • Cadet - The obedient person who is blessed with blue-colored eyes.
  • Carmel Eyes - A variation of the 2004 hit, 'Behind Hazel Eyes' by Kelly Clarkson.
  • Chestnut Eyes - A sweet character with blue-colored eyes. Not the brown you expected!
  • Chocolate - Is there a sweeter name for your loved one?
  • Coffee - The importance of coffee for some people is unparalleled.
  • Cordial Eyes - A variation of the meaning 'Warm and Welcoming.'
  • Cornflower - Taking cute vegetable names for your sweetie pie a bit further!
  • Croissant - One of the most loved ready-to-eat desserts.
  • Dusky Eyes - A variation of 'Smoked Eyes.'
  • Ebony - A good name for the brown-eyed person.
  • Fern - A name to signify a wild character with green eyes.
  • Frog - A fun nickname for the person with a unique green-colored eye.
  • Goblin - The sneaky green-eyed person.
  • Grass - Can you find a shorter name this funny?
  • Latte - One for the coffee lovers.
  • Liberty - A term that is often denoted with the color blue.
  • Lime - For the coolest person in your life, with complementary yet unique green eyes.
  • Malachite Eyes - A shade of bright green.
  • Mantis - A lighter shade of green.
  • Mint - A person with pretty eyes and a calming aura.
  • Naughty Eyes - A person blessed with pretty eyes and a mischievous character.
  • Night Eye - An eye that shines bright as the stars in the night sky.
  • Pastel - This name comes with various applications in terms of colors.
  • Raven Eyes - A great name for someone blessed with wisdom, knowledge, and beautiful eyes.
  • Shamrock Eyes - A unique shade of green for a person with pretty eyes.
  • Shining star - A different interpretation of the name 'Angel eyes.'

Unique Nicknames For Pretty Eyes

This list of unique nicknames for pretty eyes has been made with the sole focus on the color of the eyes. The names are short, and some a pretty uncommon as well. A good brain exercise for different color names with some of the best nicknames for pretty eyes.

  • Acorn - One with a pale and oval eye, like the fruit. The nickname is also included in the funny nicknames for pretty eyes.
  • Aoi - When those pretty eyes of your friend spark your interest!
  • Aqua - A Spanish name for Water, which is blue!
  • Arctic - One with those blue-colored, pretty eyes and a chilly personality.
  • Azure Dragon - One of the dragon gods in Chinese mythology is blue.
  • Azure - One of the cool nicknames for the shade of blue-colored eyes.
  • Blossom - One of the cute nicknames for pretty eyes and a warm character.
  • Blue - A short and sweet name for blue eyes. Not to mention less complicated.
  • Capri - A deeper shade of blue, usually seen in the Mediterranean.
  • Celeste - An Italian name for sky blue.
  • Cerulean - A combination of Azure blue with light blue.
  • Cobalt - A chemical element that also serves as a great nickname.
  • Cyan - The very rare greenish-blue color and one of the short and great nicknames for girls.
  • Denim - One with a tough personality and eyes that are blue, just like the fabric.
  • Diamond - The color and the personality. Both are very hard to find.
  • Enchantress - The beholder of enchanting eyes.
  • Fluorescent - Another of the funny nicknames is derived from an eye test.
  • Glacier - A feminine yet icy personality.
  • Han - The beautiful blue pigment used in Chinese paintings, dated between 1045 BC and 220 AD.
  • Handsome - Can be used as a good description for a handsome guy with pretty eyes.
  • Hazlenut - A nickname for a person with beautiful brown eyes. It can be considered a cute pet name as well.
  • Ice - Another one of the great nicknames for beautiful eyes with a strong personality.
  • Indigo - A darker shade of blue for the mystery-loving person.
  • Jade - The green-colored stone is quite rare to find. Just like your friend.
  • Jewel - A rare and highly valued person in your life, with some gorgeous eyes.
  • Lapis - This blue stone can be seen in artworks made by Egyptians. A rare stone and also one of the rare nicknames for girls.
  • Montana - The state in America is famous for its sapphire mines.
  • Navy - Shades of blue is our favorite. A masculine nickname.
  • Eyes of the Ocean - Eyes that are as deep and blue as the ocean.
  • Oceania: For the person who has an open mind like an ocean. Falls under the category of great nicknames for girls.
  • Polynesian Eyes - The pretty eyes of Kanaloa is a Polynesian deity.
  • Robin's Egg - A blue egg with slight marks of green. A very rare combo!
  • Royal - The color royal blue has never required an explanation!
  • Sky - A short and cute nickname for those wonderful eyes.
  • Skye - A little twist to the name 'Sky.' Only the spelling, though!
  • Slate - A tough yet beautiful blue.
  • Sparky - One of the funny nicknames for 'Angel eyes.'
  • Sunny - A person with a sunny character and a cute smile.
  • Teal - It is considered one of the funny nicknames for a person with blue-colored eyes.
  • Vista - Remember the color of the predeceasing operating system by Windows?
  • Zaffre - A blue pigment that is made up of cobalt ore and an excellent nickname idea.

Cute Nicknames For Pretty Eyes

We all love cute nicknames, especially for someone special to us. Here are some cute nicknames for pretty eyes you might want to consider using as a compliment for your loved one.

  • Almond Cake - Adding some sweetness to the nickname 'Almond.'
  • Almond Pie - We are not bounded to one almond nickname!
  • Baby - Baby is also a term that signifies blue.
  • Blue Eye Candy - The precious girl in your life with blue and beautiful eyes.
  • Blueberries - For those who like a short and cute name for pretty eyes.
  • Blueberry Pie - A sarcastic yet good nickname for those pretty eyes.
  • Brown Sugar - The common term acts as a good nickname for people with brown eyes.
  • Buttercream - The name that drips sweet cream for a person with pretty eyes.
  • Carmel Pie - 'Pie' is another universal name for a loved one, and the glazing Carmel is a good symbol of beautiful eyes.
  • Cookie Bean - Associating the meaning of 'Cookie Monster' with the short nickname 'Bean' used for a loved one.
  • Cookie Monster - The blue-colored monster.
  • Cutie Pants - A universally common nickname for your loved one.
  • Eye Candy - The candy of your life. That one person who always needs to be present in front of you.
  • Honey - The nickname that holds a dual meaning. The color of those pretty eyes is one of them.
  • Honey Beige - Focusing on the gorgeous color and texture of honey.
  • Honey Bony - A rhyming name for those pretty eyes and the brown color.
  • Iced Latte - The loved latte in your life also has an icy character.
  • Maple Pie - A cheeky and sweet nickname for a person with brown eyes.
  • Maple Syrup - Another variation of the nickname 'Maple Syrup.'
  • Miss Blue - A cheeky name for the beautiful eyes possessed by the lady you know.
  • Mister Blue - A masculine name for 'Miss Blue.'
  • Morning Latte - A suitable nickname for the brown-eyed person you want to see every morning.
  • Papa Blue - A masculine nickname for the blue-eyed personality.
  • Peri-Winkie - The beautiful lady with blue-colored eyes who likes to wink!
  • Periwinkle - The name has a lovely ring to it. Appropriate for the cutest girl with blue eyes.
  • Pooh Bear - The great and warm hugger in your life.
  • Sugar Coffee - One of the best nicknames for the brown-eyed spouse or child.
  • Sugar Plum - A cute name for a loved one. Plum signifies the gorgeous texture of the eye.
  • Sweet Coffee - A great nickname for the brown-eyed person.
  • Sweet Cream - Sweetness is the flavor of love, and cream denotes the attractive texture of their eyes.
  • Sweetie pie - A common nickname used for a spouse or a child.
  • Tea Cup - Tea here signifies the green color of the eye.

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