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54 Dachshund Nicknames

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Getting a new puppy is always exciting, but finding the right nickname can sometimes be quite confusing at times.

Although the most common nicknames for any dachshund are hot dog, wiener, sausage, and many other cool and cute nicknames can be used. Giving them a loving nickname is very important as that is going to be there with them forever.

A dachshund is basically a German breed dog with short stubby legs and a long body. It is also a hound-type dog breed that usually has a red, red, and tan, or black and tan-colored coat. The name has a German origin, meaning badger dog. This breed of dog is called so because dachshunds were bred mainly to chase small animals like badgers. Also, the miniature-sized dachshund was created for hunting animals like rabbits. In 2018, this breed of dog was declared the 12th most popular breed in America by the American Kennel Club. Although this breed of dog was named dachshund, it is mostly called teckel or dackel in modern Germany.

This small dog breed with little legs is perfectly built for digging and traveling through burrows and tunnels. A dachshund puppy will either be short-haired, wire-haired, or long-haired. Although this breed from Germany normally has a playful nature, at times, they can become very stubborn. Also, a dachshund can also be very determined to hunt for small animals or toys quite ferociously.

A dachshund is also called doxie many times. Although the name suggests otherwise, there's no difference between the two. The name doxie probably came in recent times as an alternative spelling to the original dachshund's name, which was founded in 15th-century Germany. Both names classify the same purebred dog that has an elongated body with floppy ears and a long snout.

Common Dachshund Nicknames

As dachshunds are a very common breed, there are a few nicknames that are usually used. These nicknames are pretty easy to remember and call pups. So, if anybody doesn't want to take a risk and go with the safest nicknames, here's a list:

  • Archie- This is probably a very common British name, just like wiener or sausage, which is used by everyone. This nickname is perfect for the brave little dog.
  • Bob- Another small yet easy name to give to the person's best friend. Bob means bright or fame which is suitable for this courageous breed of dogs.
  • Brindle- This nickname is the best if somebody wants to call their pup according to their coat color.
  • Burrow- As the literal meaning of dachshund is a badger dog who is supposed to hunt small animals like badgers from burrows, it is a suitable nickname for them.
  • Charlie- It is one of the most common dachshund nicknames and matches with the famous Charlie Chaplin.
  • Chester- This simple name has a Latin and Old English origin and it means camp of soldiers. It's a perfect name for that cute yet mischievous little pup.
  • Chicago- As famous as the city itself, this nickname is perfect for that little star of the family.
  • Doxie- This alternate name for the dachshund breed, doxie can also be used as a nickname for any dog of the same breed.
  • Hot Dog- Just like sausage, it is also another common nickname for this popular breed that describes their long body, which looks like a hot dog.
  • Wiener- Wiener is a very common nickname for any dachshund pup that relates to their elongated body.
  • Wienie - Just a different way to spell the previous nickname wiener with the same meaning.
  • Sausage- This is a cute and funny nickname to give any dachshund puppy that will complement their sausage-like body.

Cute Dachshund Nicknames

The dachshund breed looks quite cute despite their aggressive hunting instinct. The whole purpose of giving a cute nickname is to show one's adoration for the other one. Now, it is not possible to come up with cute names randomly. A lot of thought goes after choosing that perfect cute name for the perfect little pup. However, if anybody is looking for cute names for their dachshund pups, the following list is going to be very helpful:

  • Angel- As the name suggests, this can be an absolute choice for any dachshund pup who is the favorite of the household.
  • Boogie- This cute and funny nickname is perfect for that mischievous yet adorable dachshund pup.
  • Coco- It is another cute and short nickname just like the main character from the Pixar animated movie of the same name.
  • Daisy- It is a beautiful and common nickname just like wiener and is great for a pretty dachshund dog.
  • Dashie- Yet another cute nickname for a dachshund. This one will be perfect for the little runner in the house.
  • Dot- Yet another cute dachshund nickname that will be a good one for any pup that has a unique appearance.
  • Duchess- Having a royal name will only add to the royal treatment that the adorable dachshund pup deserves.
  • Fern- This nickname will be suitable to define the delicate features of the favorite pup at home.
  • Fifi- Another short and cute nickname that means God gives. It can be that perfect nickname for that god's blessing.
  • Hund- This nickname is part of the original breed's name. Hund means dog in German, which can be a cute yet easy-to-remember nickname to keep.
  • Mia- Another cute name that literally means queen and will be suitable for the pretty queen of the house.
  • Weeny- This variation of wienie sounds cute and can be easily called and remembered. This nickname will be suitable for a female dachshund pup.

Cool Dachshund Nicknames

Having a cute nickname might add to the adorable quotient of any dachshund pup, but having a cool name will definitely add to its style point as well. Calling the dog with a cool nickname like doxie can also sound awesome in any public place. However, when deciding on any cool nickname for one's dog, one should be very careful; otherwise, the poor pup can be stuck with a meaningless name for the rest of their dog life. But it is not necessary to do a lot of research just to find a cool dog name. Just a little time and patience will be enough for that. To make that work easy furthermore, here's a list of the coolest nicknames for any dachshund pup:

  • Daphne- This nickname is as cool as the famous mystery solver Daphne from Scooby Doo. It can be used for the female dog of the house.
  • Ginger- It's a nickname that is suitable for that spicy dachshund pup, just like the member of the Spice Girls.
  • Heidi- The little pup might not be as tall as model Heidi Klum, but it can definitely borrow her cool nickname meaning noble.
  • Lizzo- Just like the popstar Lizzo, the little pup can also be nicknamed and be the rockstar of the house.
  • Lola- No other nickname can be as cool as Lola, just like the cool and savvy Lola Bunny from 'Space Jam'.
  • Luna- This nickname has Latin, as well as Italian and Spanish origin. It literally means the moon and is perfect for the small dog, which exudes the moon goddess vibe.
  • Nala- Just like the common dachshund nicknames wiener, wienie, or sausage, Nala is also a popular cool nickname for the same breed.
  • Queenie- Any dachshund pup can become the queen of the family and there cannot be any cooler nickname to give than Queenie.
  • Roxie- This name with a Persian origin means dawn and can be a very cool name for the sassy dog at home.
  • Willow- This name with an English origin means freedom and it can be quite a cool name for that fur ball of the joy of the family.
  • Wilma- With this cool nickname, one can get the Flintstone vibe at home as it resembles the very famous Wilma Flintstone.
  • Zoe- Yet another short but cool name perfect for any dachshund pup just like the well-known actress, Zoe Saldana.

Funny Dachshund Nicknames

For every dachshund owner who has that extra humor, it is a must to have a funny nickname for their little bundle of joy. Although many pretty common funny nicknames are already there, like sausage, doxie, or wiener, there are ways to find more creative, funny nicknames. Having a funny nickname can also add to the cuteness of any dachshund pup. Anybody can be a little more innovative and creative. Not to worry, the following list contains some really funny nicknames for a dachshund other than sausage, wiener, or doxie can be a total savior.

  • Brodie- This can be a good nickname for any doxie who loves to get dirty by playing in a ditch or a little ridge, as the meaning of the word is the same.
  • Bruno- This nickname can be turned into a fun one if the little doxie pup has a personality like the character Bruno Madrigal from 'Encanto', the name literally meaning brown. So, it is suitable for your brown-colored dog.
  • Buster- Buster literally means tough guy, and it is the perfect funny name for the doxie pup with its ferocious nature in a small body.
  • Chorizo- This is a funny nickname to give any wiener dog as the name means a seasoned, coarsely ground, pork sausage.
  • Cooper- Just like sausage, Cooper is also a very common dog name that will be perfect for that troublemaker at home.
  • Dixie- One can give this nickname to their doxie dog and make it as famous as the social media influencer Dixie D'Amelio.
  • Fancy Pants- It is pretty fun to play dress-up with your dog and the Sausage lookalike one can be a perfect candidate. And for a fit model like that, fancy pants can be an accurate nickname.
  • Jax- It is a quite modern nickname that literally means God is Gracious. With this nickname, one can give a religious touch to their little bundle of joy.
  • Kash- It's another funny name to give the little wiener pup to complement its charismatic look and personality.
  • Loki- If anybody has two doxie pups, it will be really funny to name them Thor and Loki after the Greek Gods and watch the siblings fight just like the actual characters.
  • Lulu- This is a perfect nickname to call their precious doxie pup as the name literally means that. It is a great way to show one's adoration for the dog.
  • Minnie- It is another funny nickname to give their adorable pup. The nickname also suits this breed well as it matches the dog's size.
  • Peanut- Another funny nickname suitable for the small and slender-bodied dachshund dog. It is perfect for its peanut-shaped body as well.
  • Rocky- This nickname will definitely be a favorite one for any Rocky Balboa fan. Dressing up this pup in the character's costume can also be fun.
  • Rudy- This is a short form of Santa's reindeer, Rudolph, and can be a perfect match for the mischievous yet courageous dog.
  • Shortie- A funny name that is perfectly suitable for any wiener pup that defines their short legs and small body.
  • Teddy- A dachshund might not be as fluffy as a teddy but that should not stop anyone from giving their pup the same nickname.
  • Waner- Another cute name to give the doxie pup as this nickname literally means to decrease in size and can be a good fit looking at the size of the dog's body.
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