141 Disney Dog Names For Your Favorite Pooch

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'Alice in Wonderland', 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', 'The Great Mouse Detective', 'Fox and The Hound', 'The Emperor's New Groove', and 'Wall E' are some of the most popular Disney Pixar movies.

Dogs are the most lovable and adorable characters whom our Disney princesses and film characters also couldn’t resist. Disney even has a film on dogs called ‘101 Dalmatians’ and almost all Disney characters have dogs.

Did you know that Snow White is one of the most popular lady characters in the Disney world!

Are you looking for cute and famous Disney and Disney princess-inspired names for your pooch? Here are the best 141 Disney dog names you can choose from. Dive into the list below to find the perfect name for your new best friend.

Disney Girl Dog Names

There is no shortage of cute and lovely Disney characters that you call your little girl. From the classics, Disney, '101 Dalmatians' to the new age Disney, movies 'Toy Story', check out some cool dog names. Here are some Disney girl dog names.

Angel (Greek origin), meaning ‘messenger’. You can choose this cute name from 'Lady And The Tramp' for your poodle.  

Annette (French origin), meaning ‘gracious’, is from 'Lady And The Tramp'. 

Colette (French origin), meaning ‘people of victory’. She was one of the daughters of the 'Lady And The Tramp'.

Gama (Portugal origin), meaning ‘deer doe’ is a dog from the movie ‘Up’.

Georgette (Greek origin), meaning ‘soil’, is one of the characters from 'Oliver Company'. 

Penny (American origin), meaning ‘flower’ is a dalmatian from the '101 Dalmatians'. 

Rita (Spanish origin), meaning ‘pearl', is the famous girl Disney dog from 'Oliver Company'.

Stella (Greek origin), meaning ‘star’. This is also the name of Princess Charlotte's dog in 'The Princess And The Frog'. 

Disney Boy Dog Names

Disney dogs are the main characters, it doesn’t matter if they are sidekicks to our Disney princess or toy, they are charming and cute. A name like Scar ('The Lion King') is a must when picking a dog name! Here are some interesting Disney boy dog names:

Bull (English origin), meaning ‘male bovine animal’, from the 'Lady and The Tramp' is one of the unique Disney names

Cash (Latin origin), meaning ‘hollow’, is an antagonist  Disney dog from the 'Fox And The Hound' movie. 

Colonel (English origin) from '101 Dalmatians' meaning ‘high ranks’, is one of the popular Disney dog names. 

Danny (Hebrew origin), short for ‘Daniel’, is a famous Disney dog from the '101 Dalmatians'. 

Desoto (Spanish origin), meaning ‘someone who lives near a grove’. His character is from the 'Oliver Company'.

Dixie (French origin), meaning ‘tenth’, tops the Disney names. Dixie is one of the characters in 'The Fox And The Hound'. 

Freckles (English origin), which means ‘spots’, is one of the Disney dogs from the '101 Dalmatians'. 

Jock (English origin), means ‘God is gracious’ is another major character from ‘Lady And The Tramp’. 

Lafayette (French origin), meaning ‘from the land of the breech tree’, is a cute Disney dog from 'The Aristocrats'

Little Brother (English origin), meaning ‘little male sibling’ from Mulan. 

Napoleon (French origin), meaning ‘person from Naples'. The famous dog from 'The Aristocats'. 

Percy (French origin), meaning ‘pierce valley’, from 'Pocahontas', is a popular Disney name.  

Roscoe (Norse origin), meaning ‘deer forest', is a Disney dog from the movie, 'Oliver Company'

Tito (Spanish origin), meaning ‘giant', was the name of a tiny dog chihuahua from 'Oliver And Company'. 

Towser (English origin), meaning ‘large dog’, is a cool name from '101 Dalmatians'. 

Trusty (English origin),means ‘trust’. He was a major character in the Disney film ‘Lady And The Tramp’. 

Disney Inspired Dog Names

Along with the Disney dog names, there are so many cute and adorable Disney characters that you can choose from such as Donald Duck. Here are the best Disney dog names from the movies like 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Finding Dory', 'Toy Story', 'Lion King', 'Jungle Book', and more Disney Pixar movies.

Abu (Jewish origin), meaning ‘father’, is the name of Alladin’s pet monkey. 

Apollo (Greek origin), meaning ‘destroyer’, is a cool name inspired by 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Arthur (Celtic origin) which means ‘bear’, is based on the main character of the 'Sword In The Stone'.

Bagheera (Indian origin), meaning ‘black panther’ from 'The Jungle Book', is a popular choice for Disney dog names. 

Basil (Greek origin), meaning ‘royal’, the name is inspired by 'The Great Mouse Detective'.

Bing Bong (American origin), meaning ‘funny person’,  is the name of the main character of the Pixar movie 'Inside Out'. 

Boo (English origin), meaning ‘baby’, is an adorable girl from the Pixar movie 'Monster Inc.' 

Bruce (French origin), meaning ‘woods’,a feisty shark from 'Finding Nemo 'makes a good name for tough dogs. 

Bubbles (Origin English), meaning ‘happy’, is an adorable name for your pet dog inspired by 'Finding Nemo'. 

Buzz (American origin), ‘sound of the bee’, is also the name of the astronaut in 'Toy Story'. 

Cadenza (Italian origin), meaning ‘beat’, is a lovely name for a dog inspired by the piano from 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Chip (English origin), meaning ‘man’, is a young lad from the Disney film, 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Cogsworth (French origin), meaning ‘clock’ from 'Beauty And The Beast'.

Daisy (English origin), meaning ‘day’s eyes’, is the name of Donald Duck's female friends and makes a good dog name as well. 

Darla (English origin), meaning ‘darling’ from the movie 'Finding Nemo'

Diablo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘devil’, is the name of a crow from 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Dodo (English origin), meaning ‘fool’, and also the character from 'Alice In Wonderland'. 

Donald (English origin), meaning ‘world ruler’, was inspired by the Disney character, Donald Duck. 

Dopey (English origin), meaning ‘sleepy’.Name your dog after this cutie from 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'. 

Dory (Greek origin), meaning ‘gift of god’, is a cute Disney name for your dog. 

Ed (English origin), meaning ‘wealthy friend’, is a fun Disney character from the 'Lion King'.

Eeyore (English origin), meaning ‘donkey sound’, and also the name of a loyal friend of Winnie The Pooh. 

Flounder (English origin), meaning ‘struggle’ is a pretty yellow fish from the 'Little Mermaid'. 

Gaston (French origin), meaning ‘guest’, is a perfect name for goofy dogs inspired by the movie 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Genie (Arabic origin), meaning ‘spirit’, is perhaps the best name for your dog friend. 

Gill (English origin), meaning ‘bright pledge’, is a black and white evil-looking fish from the movie 'Finding Nemo'. 

 Grumpy (English origin), meaning ‘irritable’, is from 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'.

Hades (Greek origin), meaning ‘sightless’, names your dog after the villain from 'Hercules'. 

Harris (English origin), meaning ‘son of harry', from the movie 'Brave'. 

Hook (English origin), meaning ‘hoke’, the name of Captain Hook, from Peter Pan. 

Humpty (English origin), meaning ‘anthropomorphic egg’ from 'Alice In Wonderland'. 

Ikki (Japanese origin), meaning ‘ single horseman’, from 'The Jungle Book' has one of the cutest Disney names. 

Jafar (Arabic origin), meaning ‘stream’,  is a feisty character from 'Aladdin'. 

Jenny (English origin), meaning ‘white wave’, you can name your dog after the heroine in 'Oliver and Company'.

Jessie (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘wealthy’isanother cute name from Disney's 'Monster Inc'. 

Jiminy (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘lucky’, makes a wonderful name for your pet dog. 

Juju (Indian origin), meaning ‘jelly bean’, was originallythe name of a pet snake from the film, 'The Princess And The Frog' and can become a cool Disney dog name. 

Kaa (Indian origin), is a ‘python snake’, which this Disney character from the 'Jungle Book' is based. 

Kanga (Native American), meaning ‘raven’, was a female dotting kangaroo from 'Winnie The Pooh'. 

Kay (English origin), meaning ‘rejoice’, Sir Kay is one of the antagonists in the movie Sword In The Stone'. 

Kronk (German origin), meaning ‘grave’,  any Disney enthusiast can recognize that this name is from 'The Emperor's New Groove'. 

Marlin (Welsh origin), meaning ‘near the sea’,  is the goldfish in 'Finding Nemo'. 

Maurice (French origin), meaning ‘dark appearance’, is a good name for dark breed dogs. It was Belle's father’s name in 'Beauty And The Beast'.

Meeko (Irish origin), meaning ‘great’, if your dog is always hungry you can name her after a raccoon sidekick. 

Melody (English origin), meaning ‘sweet sound’, is a beautiful name for your dog inspired by 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Mike (English origin), meaning ‘ who is like God’, name your dog after the famous character of 'Monster Inc', Mike Wazowski. 

Montgomery (Scottish origin), meaning ‘Gomeric’s Hills’, names your dog after Lighting McQueen. 

Mowgli (Indian origin),  meaning ‘frog’, is the perfect name for dogs who jump a lot. Mowgli is the human Disney character from 'The Jungle Book'.

Mufasa (African origin), meaning ‘king’, is a famous Disney animal from the classic Disney movie 'Lion King'. 

Mushu Mulan (Chinese origin), means ‘ traditional dragon’, it's the antagonist in the movie 'Mulan'.  

Nash (English origin), meaning ‘dweller by the ash tree’,  names your dog after this character. 

Nemo (Greek origin) meaning ‘nobody’, from 'Finding Nemo' is a unique name for a dog. 

Pascal (English origin), the name is related to ‘Easter’ and the popular Disney character.

Philip (Greek origin), meaning ‘fond of horses’, prince name from the 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Phoebus (Greek origin), meaning ‘bright’, was inspired by the 'Hunch of Notre Dame'. 

Ray (Origin English), meaning ‘sunshine’, name your dog Mr. Ray from the 'Finding Dory'. 

Robin (French-German origin), meaning ‘fame’ inspired by the heroic 'Robin Hood'.

Roo (English origin), meaning ‘gentle’, is a cute baby kangaroo from 'Winnie The Pooh'. 

Scar (English origin), meaning ‘mark’, is a popular Disney antagonist animal from the film 'Lion King'. 

Sebastian (Greek origin), meaning ‘venerable’, names your dog after this crab from the 'Little Mermaid'. 

Shere Khan (Indian origin), meaning ‘lion’. We can’t forget to name Shere Khan, from 'The Jungle Book' while talking about the Disney names. 

Simba (African origin) meaning ‘lion’, is the main protagonist of 'Lion King' and a popular Disney animal. 

Stuart (Scottish origin), meaning ‘steward of the castle’, is a popular character from 'Monster Inc'. 

Tigger (English origin), meaning ‘Tiger’. Tigger is a friend of 'Winnie The Pooh'. 

Timon (Greek origin), meaning ‘honor’, is the name of a sidekick to Mufasa in the 'Lion King'. 

Toby (Hebrew origin), which means ‘God is good’, is a cute name, originally belonging to the turtle in the story of 'Robin Hood'.

Tom (Hebrew origin),  meaning ‘ innocence’, was a friend to Gaston in 'Beauty And The Beast'.

Victor (Latin origin), meaning ‘Victor’, is a character from 'Hunch of Notre Dame'. 

Winnie (Native American), meaning ‘fair’, is the protagonist of 'Winnie The Pooh'. 

Woody (English origin), meaning ‘wood’, from 'Toy Story' makes a cute name for a dog.

Zazu (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘movement’, is originally a bird name from the 'Lion King' but can make a good Disney dog name. 

Cute wee dog sad eyes

Best Disney Dog Names

Here are some interesting dog characters from Disney movies that have been featured in movies like Lady and The Tramp:

Alpha (Greek origin), meaning ‘first’, is the Pixar dog from the film 'Up'. 

Atta (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gift', is the queen’s name in the Disney movie ‘Bug’s Life'.

Beta (Greek origin), meaning ‘second’, is one of the famous Pixar dogs. 

Buster (American origin), meaning ‘tough guy’, is one of the best Disney dog names. Buster's name has been used for many dogs in the Disney movies such as 'Toy Story' and 'Lady And The Tramp 2'. 

Copper (English-American), meaning ‘red head’, is also a famous Disney dog from 'The Fox And The Hound'. 

Dante (Latin origin) which means ‘everlasting’, is a new member of the Pixar dogs from the movie 'Coco'.

Einstein (German origin), meaning ‘stone worker’, from 'Oliver and Company'. 

Francis (Latin origin), means ‘free’, of 'Oliver and Company'. 

Lucky (American origin), meaning ‘born with luck’, is a dalmatian dog from '101 Dalmatians' and this dog name is one of the most loved Disney dog names. 

Naveen (Sanskrit origin), means ‘always’. 'Princess and The Frog' protagonist name is Naveen. 

Otto (German origin), meaning ‘wealthy’, is the name of a dog in 'Robin Hood'.

Scud (English origin) meaning a ‘strong missile’, a dog from 'Toy Story'. 

Stitch (Hawaiian origin), meaning ‘put back together', from 'Lilo and Stitch' is the perfect Disney name for your pet dog.

Disney Princess Dogs Name

We know you love your poodle a lot and will take care of her like the princess she is. So why not name her after your favorite Disney princess? Disney movies have all kinds of princesses and you can choose a name that fits your dog's personality well.

Alice (French origin), meaning ‘noble’, is the name of our curious princess from 'Alice in Wonderland'. 

Anna (Hebrew origin), which means ‘grace’, is the name of the Disney princess from 'Frozen'. 

Ariel (Israel origin), meaning ‘lion of the god’, is the name of the protagonist of the Disney film, 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Athena (Greek origin), meaning ‘wisdom’, name of the queen in the 'Little Mermaid'.

Aurora (Latin origin), meaning ‘dawn’, name your dog after this sleeping beauty. 

Belle (French origin), which means ‘beautiful’, is the Disney Princess in the fairytale of 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Cruella de Vil  (English origin), meaning ‘cruel and devil’, from the '101 Dalmatians' makes a perfect name for angry dogs. 

Dot (Greek origin), meaning ‘gift of God’, is the young princess from the film 'Bug’s Life'. 

Esmeralda (Spanish origin), meaning ‘emerald’, is the Disney princess from 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame'. 

Felicia (Latin origin), meaning ‘happy’from 'The Great Mouse Detective', makes a good dog name.

Flora (Latin origin), meaning ‘Flower’, is one of the fairies from 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Jasmine (Persian origin), meaning ‘flower’, name your cute girl after this Disney princess. 

Lilo (Hawaiian origin), meaning ‘lost’, names your dog after this Disney cutie. 

Maleficent (English origin), meaning ‘harm’, is one of the coolest Disneynames. 

Marina (Latin origin), meaning ‘from sea’, Disney character from the movie 'Little Mermaid'. 

Mary (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘beloved’, this name is inspired by Mary Poppins. 

Nala (African origin), meaning ‘queen’, is the protagonist of the 'Lion King'. 

Potts (English origin), meaning ‘tea port’, is a lovely Disney character who belongs in the movie 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

Tiana (English origin), means ‘Princess’ and is the Disney princess of the same name from 'The Princess And The Frog'. 

Tinker Bell (English origin), meaning ‘anything whose powers depend on the faith of the believers’. If your poodle loves attention, you can name her after the 'Peter Pan' movie’s protagonist. 

Famous Disney Dog Names

Disney has its fair share of famous paw buddies. If you fell in love with dogs because of these Disney dogs, you should check out this list below of famous Disney dogs to name your dog.

Bolt (English origin), meaning ‘bold’. Bolt is a fictional white swiss shepherd and the protagonist of the 'Walls' Disney film of the same name Bolt.

Bruno (German origin), meaning ‘brown’. This dog belongs to our favorite, 'Cinderella'. 

Collie (Scottish origin), meaning ‘sheepdog’, is a cute white dog from '101 Dalmatians'. 

Danielle (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God is my judge’. Another popular Disney character is the Lady Tramp.  

Dodger (English origin), meaning ‘strong with all the situations’, is a famous Disney dog name from 'Oliver And Company'. 

Goofy (American origin), means ‘foolish’. The name belongs to the dog friend of Mickey Mouse. 

Max (Latin origin), meaninggreatest’, is a famous dog from 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Nana (Indian origin), meaning ‘different’ is a cute Disney dog name. She is the adorable St. Bernard from 'Peter Pan'. 

Pluto (Greek origin), means ‘god of the underworld'. Pluto is the name of the Mickey Mouse pet dog.

Pongo (English origin), meaning ‘soldier’, is a goofy dog name from '101 Dalmatians'. 

Rolly (German origin), meaning ‘renowned land’, is an adorable pup name from '101 Dalmatians'. 

Rusty (English origin), meaning ‘rust’, is the name of an old sheriff dog.

Scamp (American origin) meaning ‘playful’, Scamp was the son of Lady Tramp. 

Slinky Dog (English origin), meaning ‘spring’, from 'Toy Story' is a dachshund with a slinky appearance.

Sultan (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ruler’, was a castle dog in 'Beauty And The Beast'. 

The Labrador (English origin), meaning ‘dog breed’, is from the '101 Dalmatians'. 

Tramp (Low German origin), means 'vagabond’. Tramp is the protagonist of the 'Lady And The Tramp'.

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