153 Famous Roman First Names With Origin And Meaning

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One of the popular Roman first names, Augustus, was the title given to Octavian, the first Roman emperor.
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The first item on your checklist after having a baby is deciding on names

Parents look for beautiful names that sound nice, have the right meaning, and will fit their child's personality. Common names are no longer sought after by parents for their children.

Parents today want their children to have names that will stand out in the school and at work, as well as establish a lasting identity for their children. Examine this list of Roman empire baby boy names to find the best name for your child.

Roman First Names Male

Roman names, when aged to perfection, provide history and charm. Many are still well-known today, while others are hidden treasures yet to be discovered. Learn about some of these incredible Roman names of boys with us.

 Leo(Roman origin) meaning ‘brave’ is the quintessential cool-kid name, full of laid-back feelings and casual elegance.

Achilleus (Roman origin) meaning ‘thin lipped’ is the name of Homer's famous hero

Adolphus (Roman origin) meaning ‘noble’ would perfectly suit a baby boy.

Adrian (Roman origin), meaning, ‘sea’ or ‘water’, was a common name during the Medieval Age, and it is gaining popularity day by day. 

Aemilius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘emulating’, is a beautiful name for your bundle of joy.

Aeneas (Roman origin), meaning, ‘praised’, is a Trojan hero.

Albertus (Roman origin) meaning ‘ bright’ was born to lead, command, and orchestrate, and he is well-suited to power.

Aloysius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘famous warrior’, was also the name of a Catholic saint who died treating ill people.

Amadeus (Roman origin) meaning ‘loved by god’ is a great pick from ancient Rome.

Amadeus (Roman origin) meaning ‘loved by god’ is a wonderful choice.

Ambrosius (Roman origin) meaning ‘divine’ is a unique name.

Antony (Roman origin), meaning, ‘highly praiseworthy’, is the main character in the play 'Antony and Cleopatra'.

Arrius (Roman origin) means ‘leader’. Arrius appears in Geoffrey Chaucer's fourteenth-century texts, although the name is far earlier.

Atticus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘from Attica or Athens’, conjures up images of Gregory Peck's 'Atticus Finch' from the film 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'.

Augustus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘magnificent, great’, Augustus will be perfect for parents looking for an imposing name, Julius Caesar’s adopted son by the Roman Senate. Augustus can also be considered a Latin name from the Roman Republic.

Aurelius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘golden’, is often associated with a Roman emperor and philosopher of the same name.

Barnabas (Roman origin) meaning ‘son of consolation’ was a biblical apostle from the first century who joined St Paul on his early missionary missions.

Beatus (Roman origin) meaning ‘blessed’ is an attractive ancient Roman name for a boy.

Bernardo (Roman origin), meaning, ‘brave’, is a very important character in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

Cadmus (Roman origin) meaning ‘a Phoenician prince' is a popular name for boys.

Caecilius (Roman origin), meaning ‘blind’ is one of the unique Roman baby names for boys.

Caesar (Roman origin), meaning, ‘something with a thick head of hair’. Every one of us has heard of Julius Caesar, and it has become quite a popular name in recent times. 

Caius (Roman origin) meaning ‘person of Earth’ is a famous name for boys.

Caliban (Roman origin) means ‘black’. Caliban is the name of the malformed son of a witch in Shakespeare's The Tempest: hardly the best literary reference for a child.

Cassia (Roman origin), meaning, 'cinnamon', represents sweetness and health, both at the same time.

Cato (Roman origin) means ‘wise’. Marcus Porcius was a Roman general who fought against the Roman King Cato. It is one of the famous names for boys.

Charles (Roman origin), meaning, ‘brave’, is a variant of the name ‘Karl’. One of the common Roman baby names for boys.

Clemens (Roman origin) meaning ‘merciful’ is one of the attractive Roman baby names for boys.

Cletus (Roman origin) means ‘illustrious’. Cletus is an old name that has not yet gained the popularity of Theodore, Leo, Atticus, and Max.

Consus(Roman origin) means ‘Roman god of harvest and grain’. Consus was a Roman harvest and grain deity. It is one of the Roman baby names for boys.

Cornelius (Roman origin) means ‘strong willed’.  Cornelius is a transliteration of the name Conchubhar.

Cosmin (Roman origin) meaning ‘the order’ is a famous name for your little one.

Cronus (Roman origin) meaning ‘to cut’ is a unique name.

Darius (Roman origin) meaning ‘he possess’ is a beautiful name for your bundle of joy

Dominic (Roman origin), meaning, ‘of the Master', ‘Lordly', or ‘belong to the God’, comes from the name ‘Dominicus’.

Erasmus (Roman origin)meaning ‘beloved’ is a lovely name for your boy.

Felix (Roman origin), meaning, ‘happy’ or 'lucky’, has become popular in most countries today.

Ferdinand (Roman origin), meaning, ‘a brave traveler’, is an important character in Shakespeare's play ‘The Tempest’.

Flavius(Roman origin) means ‘golden’. Is an attractive name for a boy child.

Francisco (Roman origin), meaning, ‘free man’, is a great pick for your baby blessed by god.

Gratiano (Roman origin), meaning, ‘thankful’, is an important character in Shakespeare's ‘Merchant of Venice’. A great personal name for boys.

Horatius (Roman origin) is a Roman mythology hero best known for defending a bridge over the Tiber against the Etruscans.

Janus(Roman origin) means ‘a Roman deity associated with doorways, gates, and all beginnings and represented with two opposing faces’. 

Jaques (Roman origin), meaning, ‘supplanter’, is the melancholic character of William Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It'.

Julian (Roman origin), meaning, ‘downy, youthful’, is Jupiter’s son. It is one of the Roman baby names for boys inspired by Roman culture.

Julius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘youthful’ or ‘downy’ from 'Julius Caesar', was a Roman general and statesman. Julius Caesar is a popular Roman name.

Justus(Roman origin) meaning, ‘just’, an early disciple of Christ, said to be a substitute for Judas Iscariot as one of the 12 apostles

Lorenzo (Roman origin), meaning, ‘laurel crown’, is the Roman version of Laurence. 

Marcus (Roman origin), means, ‘war-like’. You can shorten Marcus to ‘Mark’. Marcus is an impressive masculine name.

Octavius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘eighth’, was the name given to the eighth child in a Roman family. It is one of the fun Roman baby names for boys inspired by Roman culture.

Orlando (Roman origin), meaning, ‘from glorious land’, is the hero of William Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'

Patrin (Roman origin), meaning, ‘leaf trail’, is a truly uncommon name.

Prospero (Roman origin), meaning, ‘prosperous’, is also the ancient Roman name of the central character in Shakespeare's ‘The Tempest’.

Romeo (Roman origin), meaning, ‘a pilgrim to Rome’, is the protagonist in Shakespeare's famous love tragedy, 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Romulus (Roman origin) means ‘man of Rome'. Romulus was Rome's mythological founder and first ruler.

Rufus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘red head’, was a name common among singers and saints of ancient Rome.

Shylock (Roman origin), meaning, ‘white-haired’, is the name of the villain in William Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'.

Silvester (Roman origin) meaning ‘wooded’, is a popular name from ancient Rome.

Sirius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘burning’ or ‘burning star’, is a popular name today because of the Harry Potter character, Sirius Black.

Valerius(roman origin) meaning ‘strong’ is a wonderful name for your bundle of joy.

Vergilius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘flourishing’, is a wonderful name to give your growing boy

Ancient Roman First Names

Take a look at these Ancient Roman names that could be a good fit for your baby:

Aelia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘sun', is the feminine form of Aelius. An interesting given name meaning.

Afra (Roman origin) means ‘color of earth’. This famous name, which is still widely used today, was first used as a nickname.

Albina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘white’ or ‘bright’, was a third-century martyr from Caesarea.

Amanda (Roman origin)meaning ‘lovable’ is a lovely name for your little one.

Amata (Roman origin)meaning ‘loving’ is a pretty name for a daughter.

Aquila (Roman origin), meaning, ‘eagle’, denotes lordly or a sharp-eyed man. One of the popular Roman names.

Beatrix (Roman origin)meaning ‘traveler’ has got a mysterious tone to it.

Camila (Roman origin), meaning, ‘perfect’, originates from the feminine of Camillus. A popular Roman name.

Candida (Roman origin)meaning ‘frank’ is a pretty name for girls.

Carina (Roman origin)meaning ‘beloved’ is a cute name

Cassia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘she is like a tree with thorns’, is the feminine form of Cassius.

Celia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘heavenly’, also means blind to one’s duty.

Christiana (Roman origin)meaning ‘follower of christ’ has got a religious touch to it.

Cicero (Roman origin), meaning, ‘chickpea’, was a statesman, orator, and author of the first century BC.

Clara (Roman origin) meaning ‘clear’ is a pretty name for girls.

Delphina (Roman origin) means ‘woman from delphi’. Delphinus is a surname derived from Delphi, a city in the ancient Roman empire.

Domitia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘Lord’, is the feminine form of Domitius.

Faustina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘good luck’, is a beautiful name for a girl child. One of the unique Roman names.

Hortensia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘garden’, is the feminine form of the Roman family name Hortensius.

Julius (Roman origin), meaning, ‘devoted to love’, is a name of heroic proportions and ancient prominence.

Juventus (Roman origin) means ‘youth’. This well-known name is derived from the Roman Goddess of Youth.

Maia (Roman origin) means ‘brave’. In Roman mythology, the name relates to the Roman Goddess of spring.

Marcellus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘dedicated to Mars’, was worshipped as the God of battle and fertility in Roman mythology. 

Mariana (Roman origin), meaning, ‘sea of bitter’, is the feminine form of Marianus.

Maximus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘largest’, was a 7th-century monk and theologian from Constantinople.

Salacia (Roman origin) means ‘salt’. In Roman mythology, this name relates to the Goddess of seawater.

Titus (Roman origin), meaning, ‘title of honors’; Titus was the name of a Roman military commander who became a king. Titus is one of the masculine names from Rome.

Valentina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘strong’, is the feminine form of Valentinus. An interesting given name meaning.

Valeria (Roman origin), meaning, ‘strong’, is the feminine form of Valerius. It is an ancient Roman name.

Vesta (Roman origin)meaning ‘ goddess of health and family’ is a rare name for girls.

Vitus (Roman origin), meaning, 'life', is an ancient Roman name derived from the Latin word, ‘vita’.

Roman names are popular with parents across the world.

Roman First Names Female

Female names from the ancient Roman era are lovely names for daughters. Female Roman names are frequently good international names because they sound beautiful, refined, and sweet and are often simple to say in many languages.

Aeliana (Roman origin), meaning, ‘sun’, has a charm and sounds appealing. 

Agatha (Roman origin) meaning ‘good’ is a pretty name for your bundle of joy. One of the popular Roman names.

Agnes (Roman origin) means ‘pure’. Since medieval times, Agnes has been a popular female name.

Agnes (Roman origin), meaning, ‘purity’, was borne by the popular saint, St. Agnes.

Agrippa (Roman origin) meaning ‘born feet first’ is a cute name for your little one.

Agrippina (Roman origin) meaning ‘born feet first’ is a rare name.

Alba (Roman origin), meaning, ‘bright’, would suit your daughter perfectly.

Albina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘radiance’, was borne by Saint Albinus, the bishop in Angers, Brittany.

Anahita (Roman origin) meaning ‘graceful’ is a beautiful name for your baby girl.

Anona (Roman origin) means ‘of the harvest’. It can also be understood as a combination of Ann and Nona's names.

Antonia (Roman origin) meaning ‘priceless’ is a very cute and pretty name

Aphrodite (Roman origin) meaning ‘ roman goddess’ is a rare name.

Artemis (Roman origin) meaning ‘purity’ is a beautiful name.

Athena (Roman origin) meaning ‘wise’ is a very pretty name for your princess.

Augusta (Roman origin), meaning, ‘one who is great or magnificent’, was originally, the title granted to honor the spouses and daughters of ancient Roman Emperors.

Aurelia (Roman origin) meaning ‘golden’ is a beautiful name. 

Cecilia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘blind by love’, is taken from the title of a Roman clan.

Claudia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘an enclosure’, has an aura to it and was the name of the wives of Pontius Pilate and Nero. 

Decima (Roman origin) means ‘tenth’. In the days of large families, this name of the ancient Roman goddess of prophecy and childbirth, as well as one of the Fates, would be reserved for the 10th Bambina.

Drussila (Roman origin) meaning ‘fruitful’ is a strong yet pleasing name.

Eliana (Roman origin) meaning ‘god answered my prayer’ is an incredibly cute name.

Emilia (Roman origin) means ‘rival’. It's the feminine form of Aemilius, a Roman clan name.

Flavia (Roman origin), means, ‘golden or blond’. If your baby’s hair is blond or yellow, Flavia would be the perfect name for her.

Florentina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘blooming’, gives your daughter’s name a flowery touch with this sensual name.

Gaia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘the earth mother’, signifies the Goddess of the Earth. 

Galla (Roman origin), meaning, ‘festivity’, is a name for a person with some of the qualities linked with a bird, such as a fine voice.

Horatia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘the keeper of time’, is a feminine form of Horatius.

Hortensia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘of the beautiful garden’, has a sensual and flowery touch to its name. 

Junia (Roman origin) meaning ‘queen of heaven’ is such a beautiful name.

Laelia (Roman origin) meaning ‘orchid’ has such a pleasant tone to it.

Laurentia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘place of victory and honor’, is the feminine form of Laurence.

Livia (Roman origin) meaning ‘blue’ is a pretty name.

Marcella (Roman origin), meaning, ‘war-like’, has a strong connection to ancient Roman history as it is a feminine name of the Roman god of war.

Mariana (Roman origin), meaning, ‘a wished-for child’, also means a place of victory and honor.

Marilla (Roman origin) meaning ‘shining sea’ has got such a shiny and catchy tone to it.

Marilla (Roman origin), meaning, ‘shining sea’, is the shorter form of Amaryllis, a type of flower.

Martina(Roman origin), meaning, ‘warlike’, is derived from the male name ‘Martin’ or ‘Mars’. 

Mila (Roman origin), meaning, ‘dear’ or ‘gracious’, is sometimes a nickname for the longer names Milena, Ludmila, and Camila or Camilla.

Nerilla (Roman origin), meaning, ‘ambition, strength, independence’, is an uncommon name.

Prima (Roman origin), means, ‘the first one’. If your baby girl is your firstborn, then you should name her Prima which is a great name for girls.

Quintia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘the fifth’, has a lovely rhythm to its name and may be used to give your newborn girl a distinct identity. A name derived from a Roman god.

Rufina (Roman origin), meaning, ‘red’, is a lovely name for a lovely newborn girl with red hair.

Sabina (Roman origin) meaning ‘woman from the sabine tribe’ is a pretty name.

Tanaquil (roman origin) meaning ‘ gift of god’ is a perfect fit for your baby girl.

Tatiana (Roman origin) meaning ‘fairy queen’ is a wonderful name to your beautiful little girl. A name based on eighth century BC king Titus Tatius.

Tullia (Roman origin) meaning ‘peace’ has got such a calming tone.

Vita (Roman origin) meaning ‘life’ is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

Roman Catholic First Names Female

Here is a comprehensive collection of ancient Roman names that will add beauty and refinement to the name of your newborn girl.

Agnes (Roman origin), meaning, ‘chaste’ or ‘sacred’, is the name of one of the earliest Christian saints, Agnes of Rome.

Anna (Roman origin), meaning, ‘grace/charm’ or ‘mercy’, is a classic choice with timeless appeal. One of the great names for a young goddess.

Cassia (Roman origin), meaning, 'cinnamon', represents sweetness and health.

Eudoxia (Roman origin), meaning, ‘good fame’, is a very unique name.

Euphrosyne (Roman origin), meaning, ‘joy’ is the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Florentina (Roman origin), meaning, 'flower', represents flourishment and prosperity.

Irene (Roman origin), meaning, ‘peace’, was also borne by several early Christian saints.

Junia (Roman origin), meaning, 'youthful', was a first-century Christian who was highly regarded and complimented.

Livia (Roman origin), meaning, 'lioness', represents boldness, courage, and fearlessness.

Priscilla (Roman origin), meaning, 'classical', represents the importance of tradition. One of the great names for a young goddess.

Sabina (Roman origin), meaning, 'woman of the Sabine people', is an ancient popular tribe in Italy.

Tatiana (Roman origin), meaning, 'someone who takes care of the home', represents domesticity.

Theodora (Roman origin), meaning, ‘god's gift’, can also be called Thea.

Zoe (Roman origin), meaning, ‘life’, is quite the modern newcomer, first hitting the U.S.

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