50 Fascinating Nicknames For Abigail

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50 Fascinating Nicknames For Abigail
Age: 3-18
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The female given name Abigail means 'my father is joyful', and it has Hebrew ancestry.

It is a variation of the name Abigail and contains the words 'ab', which means 'father', and 'gyl', which means 'to joy'. David's bride in the Old Testament was the sage, lovely, and prophetic Abigail.

However, this nickname started to be used to refer to maids around the beginning of the nineteenth century. There are various celebrities and eminent personalities with the name of Abigal, such as Abigail Adams, the wife of a president of the USA; Abigail Breslin, a prominent singer and actress; Abigail Spencer, an American actress; Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress; and many more.

According to the Bible, Abigail was an intelligent and very beautiful woman who was the wife of King David in the book of Samuel. Various writers were also interested in using the different nicknames for Abigail for their fictional characters, Abby Sciuto is a quirky Goth forensics expert on the NCIS TV series. Abigail is also a very popular name among the Hawaiian princess. Also, Abigail Van Buren was used in the 'Dear Abby' advice column of Pauline Philips.

Cute Nicknames For Abigail

 There are sweet nicknames for Abigail, which sound really funny. Let's have a look.

1. Abbalicious- For a beautiful, kind-hearted woman, you would savor thoroughly!

2. Abbers- For a woman named Abigail, who is a little bit of a tomboy, there is yet another cute nickname.

3. Abbycakes- A charming name for a woman you love very much.

4. Abbygirl- A sweet wordplay on the name Abigail which you can give to a teenager bearing this name.

5. Abbz- This is a wonderful nickname that is perfect for a sibling or friend with whom you have a close relationship.

6. A-boo- This would be a suitable nickname for a young child named Abigail who still has issues pronouncing her name!

7. Abyboo- Choose this adorable name for your partner!

9. Adorable - If you know a girl named Abigail who is too cute to be true, call her by this nickname!

10. Apple- Choose this name for a young lady to serve as a constant reminder that she is the apple of your eye!

11. Ay-Bee- A traditional term of endearment that sounds like the letters 'AB'.

12. Barbie- This is a lovely nickname for a young lady who enjoys receiving royal treatment!

13. Dabby- Change Abby to Abby, then put a D after that!

14. Gai- This nickname, which means lighthearted and happy, has an Old French origin.

Silly Nicknames For Abigail

The super cute and silly nicknames for babies and friends are right below.

15. Abby Patty- Choose this name for a big-time gourmand gal!

16. Abridiculous- Employ this pet name as a jab at a woman who speaks foolish things.

17. Abrielle- This lovely nickname for Abigail, which has Italian roots and means 'God is my strength'.

18. Abs Of Steel- It is not all that strange, though. Abigail, on the other hand, would adore this name, especially if she is a gym enthusiast or has an unwavering personality.

19. Absessed- This is a clever nickname given to a woman named Abigail who has a slight obsession with something.

20. Abuu - It is an eccentric name.

21. Adorkable- Choose this nickname for a cute woman who is also a huge nerd/dork.

22. Ail- This is a name for Abigail that was created by combining the first and last two letters of her full name.

23. Algae- Taken from a plant organism by the same name.

24. Americano - This is a clever nickname for a coffee lover.

Funny Nicknames For Abigail

The best-picked funny nicknames for Abigail are here.

25. Angrygail - This is a fun nickname to call a woman who is always angry.

26. Ape -This is an appropriate nickname for Abigail, who enjoys prowling the home like a monkey!

27. Apricot- Food-related nicknames often strike us as amusing in some manner!

28. Abiclown- This is a wonderful way to criticize someone.

29. Abocado- This is another funny alternative that uses avocado as its inspiration.

30. Baby- This adorable pet name is a pun on the nickname 'Abby'.

31. Baddy- Uses this slang term for Abigail to describe a fiery and spirited woman.

32. Bebe- A cute nickname for a woman who you treat like a young child.

Popular Nicknames For Abigail

Some popular Abigal nicknames are listed below.

33. Abbey- Abigail is very intelligent and beautiful.

34. Abbie- A popular 18th-century name meaning 'father's joy'.

35. Abifail- A clever pun on the name Abigail that you can use to describe a blockhead.

36. Bee- Choose this pet name for a hyperactive, enthusiastic girl.

37. Biggy- This is a short-term affectionate term for a young woman who is aging gracefully.

38. Crabby Abby- A charming and humorous nickname for a woman with a cheerful and happy disposition.

39. CrappyGail- This name might be used to make fun of Abigail, a truly bad girl.

40. Drabbygail- This is a lighthearted nickname that might use to describe a woman who is perpetually asleep.

41. Gaby- A strange moniker that rhymes with Abby.

42. GabGab - Another funny twist to the name.

43. Gail- A self-reliant moniker meaning 'my father rejoice'.

44. Gigi- A little nickname that means earth worker.

45. Gayle- Means a happy god.

46. Sally- This is a Hebrew name for baby girls that means princess.

47. Riley- This nickname is of Irish origin which means valiant.

48. Tabby- Means gazelle.

49. Violet - Someone who loves colors.

50. Yabba Dabba Do- A goofy and amusing pet name that also happens to be Fred Flintstone's catchphrase!

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