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38 Fascinating Nicknames For Madeline

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Madeline is a name of Greek and English roots, which means 'high tower.'

Madeline is also the English equivalent of Magdalen and translates as 'lady from Magdala.' The French schoolgirl Madeline has been a favorite literary choice, appearing in works by Keats and Tennyson, Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, and the cherished children's tales by Ludwig Bemelmans.

In English and French, the contemporary equivalent of the Greek epithet 'v' is 'Madeleine.'(Magdalene, from Magdala). It became famous due to its connection to the Biblical figure and female disciple Mary Magdalene. Additionally, it might signify 'small girl' (Mädelein) in German.

Madeleine and her variation, Madeline, have been among the top 500 baby names in girls born to us Since 1992, with Madeline being a more common spelling and being in the list of 100 from 1994.

Some Adorable Nicknames For Madeline

Nicknames frequently refer to distinguishing characteristics of the individual, such as hair, height, or personality.

Lina- Means sunlight or a beautiful girl.

Maddie or Maddy - The name Maddy or Maddie or Maddy, which means 'Magdala woman,' is a girl's name derived from Hebrew and Old English. The alternative spelling of Madeline is Maddy (Hebrew).

Della- Means someone of nobility.

Ellen- Bright white light.

Lynn- The Welsh name Lynn means water.

Maddie Baddie- A cool nickname.

Mads- Gift of God

Millie- Means strong in work or gentle strength.

Unique And Creative Nicknames For Madeline

Check out some unique and creative nicknames you can use for your friend Madeline.

Caroline- Means a free lady or cherished and priceless.

Delia- Lady from Delos Island.

Madelia- Meaning a woman of Magdala; is primarily a female name of English origin.

Madelyn- Old High German, which means noble or precious; is the source of the feminine name Adelyn, which has Germanic origins and means noble or nobility.

Magdala- Tower is the meaning of the name Magdala, which is typically a feminine name of Arabic origin.

Magdalene- Magdalene is a Latin baby girl name that means watchtower or watchful.

Magdolna- The Mary Magdalene of the Bible was from the Galilee Sea region of Magdala. Origin is Hebrew.

Matilda- Powerful in battle.

Cute Nicknames For Madeline

If you are searching for cute and adorable nicknames for Madeline, then search no more. Check the names enlisted here:

Dalanna- Variation of Madeline meaning the same.

Lene- The meaning of the Hebrew girl's name Lene is beautiful, bright, and from Magdala.

Madailein- The literal meaning is magnificent.

Madalyne- Lady from lofty tower or Magdala.

Madalynn- Woman from Magdala is the meaning of the girl's name Madalynn.

Madelene- High tower in both Greek and English origin. It is also the English equivalent of Magdalen and translates as a lady from Magdala at times.

Madison- English origin and means son of Matthew for girls and boys.

Madoline- Tall tower.

Madonna- Old-fashioned: 'Lady' used to show respect.

Magdalina- Hebrew roots may be seen in the name for girls. A woman from Magdala is the definition of the name and is associated with Madeline.

Magdeline- Meaning lady from Magdala or lofty tower.

Malena- Hebrew origin for girls, means lady from Magdala in Scandivanian.

Malina- Means 'soothing of the high tower', which should connote a peace-giving, strong, and fortitude person.

Marlayna- Woman from Magdala in German.

Marlin- Welsh, a gender-neutral name, will encourage the child to be at one with the land and the sea.

Marly- Coming from march meadow.

Maudlin- So intoxicated as to be emotionally foolish.

Funny Nicknames For Madeline

Check out some funny nicknames below:

Lani- A girl's name with Hawaiian roots, meaning sky or heaven. Giving your young angel this lovely gift of a name as they enter the world is a wonderful gesture.

Little Lunes- A small moon.

Madsy- Magdala native; young, single woman.

Max- Max is a short, straightforward Latin name from Maximilian, meaning the greatest.

Misti- Misti is an Old English baby girl name that means mist. Misti is a variant of the natural name Misty.

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