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79 'Fire Nation' Names For Your Fiery Little Character

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

‘Fire Nation’ is an animated series whose concept is influenced by Asian culture.

It is one of the four nations and the most powerful, a monarchy ruled by the Fire Lord and home to firebenders. In order to create a name that could make a lasting impression on the history of water tribes of Asian culture, you could check the names listed further.

The list includes a wide range of ‘Fire Station’ names, including ship names, girls' avatar names, location and city names, and many more. Hence, your search for a unique name ends here. Some of the popular ‘Fire Nation’ names are Korra, Aang, Azula, Zuko, Sozin, Ozai, Kyoshi, Dragon, and Jeong amongst several others.

Read on, so you can easily form a great game for the main characters of the series by choosing names that you love the most.

‘Fire Nation’ Last Names

Influenced by the ‘Fire Nation’ characters from the water tribe, here is the list of ‘Fire Nation’ last names to name your baby boy or girl.

Ba Sing (African Origin), meaning 'respectful', is a perfect name for someone who likes to respect all aspects of others.

Chan (Chinese Origin), meaning 'snow', denotes a person’s cold-hearted and bloodless behavior.

Hide (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'to conceal', is a perfect name for someone adept at hiding themselves from others.

Ilah (Arabic Origin), meaning 'God', represents a person’s divinity, holiness, and sanctity.

Lei (Chinese Origin), meaning 'thunder', represents someone who likes to create a path for others and remove all ignorance. One of the most interesting family names to create an impression on the world.

Li (Chinese Origin), meaning 'plum tree', represents tenacity and the ability to resolve a single goal no matter the occasion.

Lin (Chinese Origin), meaning 'forest', represents the endurance, courage, and unexplored mysteries of someone. It is the last name that could be awarded at least nine out of ten.

Lo (Chinese Origin), meaning 'lynx,' is a perfect name for someone proficient in sensing feelings and knowing what lies beyond the naked eye.

Ming (Old Chinese Origin), meaning 'bright', symbolizes the bright future and a person’s brilliance.

Mu (Chinese Origin), meaning 'wood', is the perfect name for someone representing strength, growth, and the ability to endure.

Qin Lee (Chinese Origin), meaning 'to exhibit', is a great name for someone who likes to exhibit their beauty and charm.

Sato (Japanese Origin), meaning 'wise', is the ideal name for someone smart, clever, and very intelligent.

Suyin (Chinese Origin), meaning 'plain sound', is quite a unique name for someone who likes to dress like a minimalist.

Tamin (Arabic Origin), meaning 'amen', can be the perfect name for someone very religious and true follower of God.

Ty Lee (Chinese Origin), is derived from the word Tai, which means 'big', and Lee, which means 'beautiful'.

Yin Lee (Chinese Origin), meaning 'money', represents greed and the price of something very valuable.

Zhao (Chinese Origin), meaning 'contagious', is a suitable name for someone who can easily converse with others. One of the interesting names to create impressive characters.

'Fire Nation' Town Names

‘Fire Nation’ is a powerful nation with many towns and islands. Such names of ‘Fire Nation’ towns, locations, and other places are given below that you will definitely like.

Aang is a cute female name for adorable and sweet girls.

Azula is a lovely male name for your child.

Datasu is a cool name for your baby boy.

Ditesa is an adorable name for your sweet little princess.

Gadosu is a unique male name for your child.

Getoru is a cool name for boys.

Hezha (Kurdish Origin), meaning 'respected', is a unique name that symbolizes respect, esteem, and admiration.

Hokayi is a classy male name for your little prince.

Katara (Japanese Origin), meaning 'flow of water', is the last one known from the southern water tribe and a unique name for your toddler.

Kazuni (Japanese Origin), meaning 'tranquility', is the perfect name for someone who always remains calm and composed.

Keniti is a lovely male name for your little boy.

Kiseru (Cambodian Origin), meaning 'to be drawn', is a name for someone who can be easily drawn to others.

Kunuse is a sweet female name for your sweet baby child.

Muzze is the perfect name for your adorable little boy.

Ozai is a cute name for your baby girl.

Win-Zah is a mesmerizing gender-neutral name.

Xirsi (Somali Origin), meaning 'safeguard', is an ideal name for your girl who is a little defensive but strong.

Xiyuxi is a unique gender-neutral name and will suit your little fiery one.

Xunda is the perfect name for your baby.

Zechaso is a cute name for active and energetic boys.

Zechuso is a great name for your baby boy.

Zerato is one of the cool and unique names for mischievous and notorious boys.

Zuko is the perfect female name for your baby.

Anime fans portray characters from the series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

'Fire Nation' Girl Names

‘Fire Nation’, as the most powerful nation in the world, doesn't only harbor names for boys. The series gives you numerous ideas on naming a fiery little daughter.

Azula (Spanish Origin), meaning 'blue', was one of the rulers of ‘Fire Nation’ and is a mesmerizing name for your girl.

Heenah (Arabic Origin), meaning 'blessed', is the perfect name for your child, symbolizing blessings, glory, and divinity.

Iroh (Chinese Origin), meaning 'Chinese mugwort', is a traditional name that simply means Chinese medicine.

Izumi (Japanese Origin), meaning 'fountain', is a lovely name that signifies water streams and fountains.

Jeong (Korean Origin), meaning 'gentle', is a pure name symbolizing elegance, tenderness, and kindness.

Jima (Japanese Origin), meaning 'island', is a classical name for girls who like to be isolated and detached.

Korra (Greek Origin), meaning 'maiden', is a perfect name for a girl representing compassion, determination in love, and beauty.

Luten (Germanic Origin) is a cute name for adorable little girls.

Mai (Japanese Origin), meaning 'dance', represents celebrations and happiness and is a great name for your girl filled with a lot of power.

Malu (Hawaiian Origin), meaning 'peace', is a lovely name symbolizing calmness and tranquility.

Orumi (Japanese Origin), meaning 'beautiful', is a cute name for girls symbolizing beauty, grace, elegance, and a gift from God.

Ozai (Chinese Origin), meaning 'fire', symbolizes resurrection, agony, and the release of the deepest urge beneath.

Reka (Hungarian Origin) is an adorable name for your little girl.

Roku (Japanese Origin), meaning 'emolument', is a simple name that means six or profit or salary.

Suza is a cute and small name for little girls.

Ursa (Greek Origin), meaning 'female bear cub', symbolizes force, courage, and wisdom.

Yue (Chinese Origin), meaning 'moon', has the Republic city at its bay, the capital of the United Republic. It is a lovely female name.

Common 'Fire Nation' Names

To ease your confusion, here are some common ‘Fire Nation’ names for both boys and girls. Choose from any of these names to name your child.

Aang (Chinese Origin), meaning 'raise', was the avatar of the air nomads, the Last Airbender, and is a precious name for your little boy.

Avatar (Sanskrit Origin), meaning 'descent', can be the perfect name for someone from a great lineage.

Azulon (Spanish Origin), meaning 'blue', represents health, spiritual and mental stability, peace, and calmness.

Chaeryu is a gender-neutral name for both male and female characters.

Iroh (Chinese Origin), meaning 'Chinese mugwort', is a classical name with its roots in Chinese medicine.

Jian (Chinese Origin), meaning 'health', is the perfect name for your little angel to bless your baby with good health.

Kiyoshi (Japanese Origin), meaning 'bright', is a good name for your child representing happiness, success in life, and wealth.

Kuruk (Native Origin), meaning 'bear', was from the Northern water tribe that symbolizes power and rage.

On Ji (Korean Origin), meaning 'intellectual', is a common name that symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

Piandao (Chinese Origin), meaning 'saber', is a perfect name for your baby boy representing sharpness and quick-witted behavior.

Ruon is a sweet name and could be used for boys and girls across the world.

Shoji (Japanese Origin), meaning 'heal', is a mesmerizing name symbolizing the power of restoration and cure.

Sokka (Chinese Origin), meaning 'block', is a good name representing strength and power for your child.

Sozam is a rare but unique-sounding name for your raging character.

Sozin (Arabic Origin), meaning 'flower', is a beautiful name for your little girl representing charm and attractiveness.

Tom-Tom (Arabic Origin), meaning 'twin', is a great name for someone like an exact copy of one of their parents.

Wan (Old English Origin), meaning 'dark', was the first avatar of the fire benders having his connection with Sun Warrior's Civilization and the dragon.

Yangchen (Tibetan Origin), meaning 'sacred one', was an air nomad signifying a spiritual, religious, and devotional persona.

Yon-Rha is a unique name for both males and females across the world.

Zin (Biblical Origin), meaning 'coldness', is a cool name symbolizing cool and wintry characters.

Zoryu was the Fire Lord and can be the best suitable name for your little fiery character.

Zuko (Chinese Origin), meaning 'loved one', was a prince of the royal family and a master of fire bending. The name symbolizes great courage and determination.

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