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89 Fun Festival Names And Ideas From Around The World

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Best festival names are those which have a cultural linkage with the history and heritage of the country.

Apart from religious festivals, there are various other music festivals and food festivals that create a stage for the industry to spread positive word of mouth. This is the reason that food truck festival names and food festival names are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Well, get over the summertime sadness as here are some creative and catchy festival names for you to enjoy. No need for a festival name generator to add that creative funk to your events, as here are some inetersting name ideas for your upcoming fest.

Musical Festival Names From Around The World

Nobody says no to a music festival. Music festivals are literally the source of vibing to different types of music. Music festivals are celebrated around the world, so here are some star event name ideas such as spring festival names and Italian festival names. Some of the name ideas that sound perfect for music events along with their venue are as follows, so you don't need to look at a name generator anymore.

Afro Nation, is a great name for a music festival weekend of pure heat. Afro Nation offers star-studded lineups spanning from dancehall, bashment, Afrobeats, and R&B on stunning beaches.

Bilbao BBK Live, is a famous summer music festival happening this year in Spain. One of the fun sound events organized at the venue.

Coachella Music & Arts Festival, a music festival name that is hotter than the month of April happening in California. One of the fun sound events organized at the venue.

Creamfields, is the UK's Pioneering electronic Music Festival attracting over 70,000 people from all over the world.

Les Eurockéennes, is one of the largest French music festivals and is popular because of its community and charity purposes.

Let It Roll, this music festival is all about drum and bass music happening in August 2022, Milovice, Czech Republic.

Montreux Jazz Festival, is one of the oldest music festivals happening since 1967. It is an extremely popular event.

Primavera Sound, is a music festival which is happening in June 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.

Rampage, is a great drum and bass music festival taking place in Belgium in March 2022.

Rolling Loud Portugal, is North America's biggest rap music festival that later became a hip-hop brand.

Roskilde Festival, is one of the largest music festivals in Europe which dates back to 1971 emulated by two school kids.

Sónar Festival, is a big electronic music festival that usually happens in Barcelona.

SXSW: South by Southwest, is one of the world's biggest music festivals with 1000+ artists performing over a week.

The Governors Ball Music Festival, is NYC's first marquee music festival that had completed its 10th edition in 2021.

Tomorrowland, has been happening for 13 years and this year, this music festival is happening in Boom, Belgium.

Creative Fall Festival Names

In October, the Fall Festival is held. Autumn Apple Days were the previous name for the festival. The Fall Festival is a fantastic opportunity for students in kindergarten through eighth grade to participate in a variety of fun activities that the autumn season has to offer. Here are some name ideas for fall festivals that sound cool.

'A' Is For Autumn, is a good name for the fall festival.

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down, is perfect for the end of Summer as the leaves begin to fall.

Autumn Leaves, since the autumn leaves fall in the autumn season it can be a good name for any fall festival events.

Autumn's All Around Us, as fall festivals usually occur in the autumn season, this name is perfect for a fall festival.

Autumn's Here, is a name that brings the vibe of festival events.

Color Me Autumn, as autumn is a season of colors, especially yellow, and hence, it is one of the good names for a fall festival, as the word color is apt for this festival.

Colors Of Moonlight, there are different colors of nature that bloom during the fall season.

Crunchy Leaves Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch, is a very good name combining the two main elements of the autumn and fall festival.

Cutest Little Pumpkin In The Patch, is a cute name for a cute pumpkin fall festival.

Fall Family Fun, is meant to be celebrated with family so it is a very good name for a fall festival. The word fun says all about the spirit of the festival.

Fall In Happiness, as festivals are meant to bring happiness and since it is during the fall season, it is the perfect name.

Fall On The Farm, can be referred to as a celebration of the festival in a farm as, during the autumn season, farms along a river are beautiful with fallen yellow leaves.

Hayrides Are For Horses, is a good name for a festival that has horses.

It's An Autumn Magic Day, is a season which is not less than magic.

Jump Into Fall, is the perfect name for a festival in the fall season as it adds a bit of funk and spirit.

Kaleidoscope Of Colors, as autumn is a very colorful season, is one of the most apt names.

Leap Into Leaves, is a name that highlights the best thing about the fall season is the autumn leaves in the forest.

Moonlight Pumpkin Pie, is a good name for a festival where the celebration is making something from the pumpkin.

Picking The Pumpkin, is the main element during the fall festival, and handpicking names with pumpkin attracts people for the fall festival.

Pieces Of Autumn, as fall festivals usually occur in the autumn season and hence, this name is perfect for a fall festival organized in a valley.

Pumpkin Faces And You, is one of the names which suggests celebrating the festivals along with pumpkins in a valley.

Pumpkin’ Patch, is a name that can be given to a festival that occurs during the fall season.

Scarecrow For Hire, one of the great name ideas for an event, where you can listen to music.

Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon, also comes during the fall festival, so you could watch the harvest moon in the river on the green grass.

The Golden Days Of Fall, is the season full of golden and yellow and is one of the best ideas for a festival during fall.

The Great Pumpkin Venture, is another cool name for a pumpkin festival and one of the best Halloween festival names.

Turning Over A New Leaf, is one of the best fall festival name ideas with a lot of spirit.

Lit candles in menorah with Jewish multigeneration family celebrating Hanukkah at dining table.

Film Festival Names

Film festivals are widely celebrated to celebrate the legacy of the film industry and the entertainment which is constantly provided to its audience. Here are some amazing film festival names and ideas which you can use.

Bangalore Queer Film Festival, is an annual LGBT event hosted in Bangalore, India.

Bengaluru International Film Festival, is an annual film festival held in Bengaluru, the Indian state of Karnataka's capital.

Best Film First, is the best name for a film fest.

Bioscope Global Film Festival, is a name can be given to a film fest when it is on a global level.

Bodhisattva International Film Festival, is held in Patna, Bihar. This film festival conducted its debut edition in February, 2016.

Brahmapur International Film Festival, is a name given to an international film festival.

Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival, has been held in Guwahati, Assam, India, every year since 2013.

Bring Your Own Film Festival, is an annual film festival that began in 2004 on the beaches of Puri, India's temple town.

Rock Festival Names

A rock festival is an open-air rock performance with a variety of musicians that takes place over two or three days and includes a campsite as well as other amenities and kinds of entertainment. Some ideas for popular names for rock festivals that sound the best are as follows. 

Bludhaven, is a cool name that means heaven for those who love music and funk.

Enigma Evening, is for an evening filled with the open air and vibing music, thus, it is a very good name for a festival.

Funk Temple, is an amazing rock festival name, with a lot of funk!

Glastonbury, on its famed Pyramid Stage, features the biggest names in music, but it's the other side of Glastonbury that really sets it apart.

Hellfest Open Air Festival, is an open-air rock festival name.

Hex Utopia, since everyone is there to listen to music, everyone will enjoy it equally.

Hot 97 Summer Jam, is a good name for a rock festival happening in summer.

I love MuSICK, is a unique music festival name that can be used for all those who are sick for music.

Nirvana Nation, is a very cool rock festival name.

Noises of Aurora, is a name that can be given to a rock festival if it is a festival by the singer Aurora.

Pitchfork Music Festival, is one of the most amazing music festivals in Chicago, USA.

Punk Gala, is a cool name for a music festival.

Rock Am Ring & Rock Im Park, is one of the world's oldest festivals, which have been held for nearly 35 years.

Rock en Seine, is now largely regarded as France's most stunning rock music festival. One of the interesting name ideas for events.

Rock in Rio, is one of the few festivals that can match the history and legend that surrounds Rock in Rio.

Sounds of Zen, a fun, chilled out festival in the forest.

Stockholm Summer, is the perfect name for a rock festival which is to be held in summer.

Art Festival Names

An arts festival is one that includes a variety of art forms, such as music, dance, film, fine art, literature, and poetry, and is not simply centered on visual arts. Here are some art festivals named as follows.

Bangalore International Arts Festival, is a popular art festival that happens in Bangalore at an international level.

Cartist Automobile Art Festival And Yatra, is a festival that combines automobiles and the arts in a magnificent synthesis that will leave you speechless! CARTIST is a combination of CAR (vehicle) and ARTist (artist).

Delhi International Arts Festival, also known as DIAF, which aims to be the International Festival of India, has ambitious intentions to leave a major mark on the world's cultural map and has had great success in achieving that goal.

Ellora-Ajanta International Festival is an art festival to create awareness of the artwork on exhibits at this location.

Indian Art Fair, with its spectacular arts and culture display, which includes paintings, art installations, theatre, and other performing arts, this relatively new festival, which began in 2008, has raced its way to prominence.

International Film Festival Of India, it can be said that it is one of the biggest arts festivals in India.

Jaipur Literature Festival, is an annual gathering of some of the world's top writers and philosophers and is attended by a considerable audience.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, is a very famous art festival happening each year in South Bombay at Churchgate.

Serendipity Arts Festival, is the name of an arts festival in Goa.

ST+ Art Festival, is a non-profit organization and an urban art movement dedicated to transforming India's urban landscape one wall at a time.

Surajkund Crafts Mela, has grown in splendor and grandeur is now organized by the Haryana Government in partnership with the Surajkund Mela Authority.

Taj Mahotsav, is a very popular festival where all kinds of handicrafts, handloom, craftsmanship, and woodwork can be found.

Summer Festival Names

No need for a festival name generator, as here some summer festival names to get rid of your summertime sadness.

Baisakhi, is the creative harvest festival celebrated in Punjab. One of the popular harvest festival names.

Chithirai Festival, conducted in Madurai's Meenakshi Temple, could be one of the most memorable religious events in South India.

Gangaur, is one of the most memorable and famous summer festivals in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Hemis Festival, is a prominent summer festival in India that takes place in the Hemis monastery in Ladakh.

Moatsu Festival, is an event to offer free joy, fun, and excitement to tribal communities.

Mount Abu Summer Festival, is a music lover's paradise, where the audience can enjoy music from across the lands.

Ooty Flower Festival, is one of the free green festivals, among nature and forest.

Shimla Summer Festival, is held in Shimla to celebrate the arrival of the relaxing summer season and to attract tourists.

Sikkim Summer Festival, unlike other summer festivities in India, takes place over the course of a month.

Yercaud Summer Festival, a fun and floaty summer festival.

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