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41 Funniest Flag Football Team Names To Help You Score Gold

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People who are familiar with flag football know how powerful the names of the teams can be.

Players who have played flag football in any organized men or co-ed league before are more than prepared for some funny flag football team names. Funny flag football team names are just unbelievable as they can range from hilarious to downright corny.

If you're in a youth flag football league, you must've noticed that they don’t require you to come up with a team name. Generally, the youth league director has to provide the team with a name. But of course, that's according to the rules and regulations, and the rules and structure of each league vary.

But of course, when it comes to the adult leagues, one has to pick their team’s name by themselves. And coming up with a name for your team can be quite a stressful and meticulous task. So you might just as well ask for help from your teammates. Collecting various opinions and forming an improvised opinion around them is quite an efficient thing to do.

Badass Flag Football Team Names For Kids And Teens

Keeping several factors in mind, it can be quite difficult to think about names for your flag football team. But don't worry because you've come to the right place. Here are some of the funny flag football team names for your perusal

Abusement Park is, of course, one of the funny flag football team names. Why win a game when you can just abuse the game? (Jokes apart, never abuse the game, and be respectful.) Abusement Park is one of the popular team names. So, you can certainly select Abusement Park as one of your team names.

Double Dippers, you might not as well just dip once, but twice.

Flaggressive, what can be better than being a Flaggressive team, right? It sure sounds like one of the funny flag football team names.

Flaming Flags is quite a cool name if you think about it. Just the sound of the name has a nice ring to it. It is amongst the funny flag football team names.

Little Jerry Seinfelds is indeed one of the funny flag football team names, especially for the fans of Jerry Seinfeld.

Multiple Scorgasms is such a cool name that people definitely won't be able to get it off their mind. One of the funny flag football team names.

Norfolk-in-Chance is a team name that'll surely make everyone raise an eyebrow while spelling this name. They'll be like, Norfolk-in-Way, they did it.

People's Champ. Lost the game? Well, don't worry because you're still people's champ.

Razzle Dazzle is quite a hilarious name for a flag football team that will certainly dazzle you.

Show Us Your TD’s is a hilarious name. You can at least win one way or another with this name, right?

Sofa King Good is one of the funny flag football team names. Sofa King Good is one of the best team names.

Space Monkey Mafia is a name for which there is nothing to say about. This is one of the corniest names you would ever find for a football league.

The Great White Hope is quite a nice name. This is one of those few normal team names for flag football.

Trigger Happy Bunnies is a good name as well. However, there might not be much to say about this name, as Trigger Happy Bunnies is all about winning flag football.

Vick in a Box is quite a badass team name for a flag football team name which is a pun on a popular brand name.

Victorious Secret is a witty name as well. After winning a game, you can directly say that the secret of your win is a Victorious Secret. You can certainly choose Victorious Secret as your flag football team name. Indeed, Victorious Secret is one of the funny flag football team names.

Wakanda Bad, surely a name to add to your list.

Wakanda Good is another alternative to the last name. Keeping aside the puns, it's a badass name.

Funny flag football team names are gaining rapid popularity.

French Football Team Names

European competitions, like the European Cup, were majorly dominated by French football teams in the early days. The Cup Winners were teams like FC Nantes and AS Saint-Étienne. They were some of the biggest and most well-recognized names of that time. It will be quite a hassle if you research all the teams. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best football teams from France.

AS Monaco (French Origin), also known as the Association Sportive de Monaco, represents the Monaco region in French football. The team itself is one of the best teams in the French history of football.

AS Saint-Étienne (French Origin) is one of the most successful French football clubs. The club was at its peak with eight league titles during the 1960s and 1970s.

Bordeaux (French Origin) is another successful French football team. If we're to talk about their titles, Girondins de Bordeaux has won six French league titles, four Coupe de France, and three Trophée des Champions.

FC Nantes (French Origin), known as FC Nantes Atlantique, is quite a popular team in the French leagues.

Lille (French Origin) was founded in 1944 and rose to its peak within the next two years. It's one of the most successful teams with four major domestic trophies.

OGC Nice (French Origin) is one of the most successful teams as well. Their playmaking and performance are just subliminal. They have won the Ligue 1 four times, Coupe de France three times, and one Trophee des Champions.

Olympique Lyonnais (French Origin) is one of the most successful teams. The list of their feats is quite vast and surely impressive. They have won seven league titles, five Coupes de France, eight Trophée des Champions, and three Ligue 2 titles.

Olympique Marseille (French Origin) was the first and only French team to have won the UCL trophy, earlier known as the European Cup. Moreover, it was one of the elite teams in history with ten league titles.

Paris Saint-Germain (French Origin), more commonly called PSG among football fans, is currently the most successful and dominant team in France. They hold over 40 official trophies across several major competitions.

Reims (French Origin) is one of the most excellent teams for performing fantastically in the European Cup, along with Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille.

Spanish Football Team Names

The most popular sport in Spain is none other than football. The National team of Spain won the FIFA world Cup in 2010. The national football team of Spain is governed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which is also responsible for looking after the La Liga and Copa del Rey. The performances given by the Spanish clubs are remarkable since they have some of the finest players from all over the world in the clubs.

With that in mind, let's go through the names of some of the best football clubs in Spain.

Athletic Bilbao (Spanish origin) is also quite a successful soccer club. They've won 34 national and international titles in their club history.

Atletico Madrid (Spanish origin) is also quite an old club. It was founded almost 116 years ago on April 26, 1903. This Spanish football club Atlético Madrid has won 31 national and international titles in its club history.

Barcelona (Spanish origin) is quite an old club as well. Found 121 years ago on November 29, 1899, this Spanish club has won the hearts of football fans. Spanish football club Barcelona has won 94 national and international titles in its history.

Deportivo (Spanish origin) is also quite a successful Spanish football club that has won six national and international titles in its history.

RCD Espanyol (Spanish origin) is quite a successful Spanish Soccer club. Over the years, it has performed spectacularly and has won a total of four national titles in its club history.

Real Madrid (Spanish origin) is by far the most recognized and successful Spanish football club. Real Madrid has won 91 national and international titles in their club history.

Real Sociedad (Spanish origin) was known as the Real Sociedad de Fútbol in the early days. It was founded back September 7, 1909.

Real Zaragoza (Spanish origin) was founded back in 1932 in Zaragoza, Aragon. This Spanish soccer club, Real Zaragoza, has impressed its audience with its brilliant performance over the years.

Sevilla (Spanish origin) is quite an old club, as it was founded 129 years ago on January 25, 1890. And as the team name suggests, it is based in Seville.

Valencia (Spanish origin) is also a reputed Spanish football club. They had won a total of 23 national and international titles over the years. One of the popular Spanish football teams' names.

Canadian Football Team Names

The MLS, also known as the Major League Soccer, is one of the best in North America after Mexican Liga MX. This is considered the top professional soccer in the men’s soccer league in Canada and the United States. 28 teams currently take part in the competition, and out of those, only three teams are from Canada. So let's dive right into and know about those three teams.

CF Montreal (Canadian origin), also known as the Club de Foot Montréal, is a professional Canadian soccer team and, as its name suggests, is from  Montreal. It was founded in 2010 and is part of the Eastern Conference.

Toronto FC (Canadian origin), is a Canadian club based in Toronto. Out of the 14 teams in the Eastern Conference, one is Toronto FC. It is a professional Canadian soccer team based in Toronto. They were also the first Canadian team to enter the MLS.

Vancouver Whitecaps (Canadian origin), is a member of the Western Conference, and they joined MLS right after Toronto FC in 2007.

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