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50+ Funny Farm Names From Fiction And Real Life, As Well As Ideas To Inspire You

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Picking the right name for your farm is a big deal.

Regardless of whether it's a big or small farm, you want to name your farm something meaningful and memorable. Picking clever farm names will keep your farm close to your heart and add greater value to it.

Catchy farm names can also give your farm a great personality of its own. You could even pick a funny farm name that will make others laugh, and more importantly, want to visit your farm!

You may have big ideas for what you want to name your farm, but coming up with a farm name requires some planning. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to name your farm or ranch. You might want to use the type of farm it is within the farm name. An acres farm will have a different name to those which might be considered good homestead names or funny ranch names. Take a look at the geographic features of your farm and try to add them to the name. Picking a farm name based on its animal inhabitants is also a good idea. You could also include descriptions of paradise in the name, showing how amazing you farm is. Names inspired by nature, wildlife, natural resources, and even popular culture always make good country farm names. Check out our list of funny farm names for more inspiration!

For more check out these animal crossing names, cowboy names and these farm names from fiction, real life and fantasy.

Funny Farm Names From Popular Culture

Want to explore some good names for farms inspired by popular culture? Pick a farm name you like from this list of names.

Three sibling in the fields

1. Big Barn Farm: Name of the farm in the children's comedy series of the same name.

2. Dappledown Farm: Brian Cant's farm in the educational TV show of the same name.

3. Drovers Run: The farm from the drama series, 'McLeod's Daughters'.

4. Green Acres: The farm from the American sitcom of the same name starring Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert.

5. Hundred Acre Wood: Inhabited by Winnie the Pooh and his friends in A.A. Milne's 'Winnie The Pooh' series.

6. Manor Farm: Name of the farm in George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.

7. Southfork Ranch: JR Ewing's ranch on the TV series, 'Dallas'.

8. Sunnybrook Farm: The farm of the classic children's novel, 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm' by Kate Douglas Wiggin. 

Funny Farm Names From Real Life  

Hip farm names can also be inspired by real life. Here's a list of the best farm names from real life to inspire you.

9. Almosta Ranch: A 30 acres ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona's Maricopa County. This is a funny farm name.

10. Back Achers Farm: A family run, organic farm in Rome, Pennsylvania, United States.

11. Blazing Pitchforks: An organic, urban farm run by a family of five in Adelaide.

12. Bramble Hill Farm: A 120 acres farm situated in Amherst, Massachusetts.  

13. Done Roaming Ranch: A draft cross horse ranch located in Benson, Arizona.  

14. Elm Tree Farm: A farm in Bristol, United Kingdom.  

15. Flying Hooves Farm: Name of a small farm in Vermont.

16. Happy Acres Ranch: A horse ranch in Marion County, Florida, owned by James B. Moore.

17. Muddy Pumpkin Farms: A family founded farm in Oacoma, South Dakota.

18. Tumbleweed Farm: A farm producing organic produce since 2012, located in Mount Hood, Oregon.

19. Wits End Farm: Started by  Jo Young and Bill McKeen in Mulmur, Ontario.

Ideas For Funny Farm Names

Blooming yellow and white flowers in field

Want to come up with some cool farm names but not sure where to start? Whether you're looking for Stardew Valley farm names or are on the search for some cool ranch names, our list of farm name ideas is sure to impress you.  

20. Apple Blossom Acres: One of the cute names for farms.

21. Big Bear Orchard: A name inspired by the big animals on your farm.

22. Bull's Eye Lands: This should be on any list of great Texas ranch names.

23. Crooked Creek Farms: A good nature inspired farm name.

24. Dragontooth Nursery: This name juxtaposes the fiery nature of a dragon with the cute image of a nursery.

25. Furball Estate: An appropriate name for all the fur balls on your farm.  

26. Gemstone Acres: Your farm is as precious as a gemstone and deserves a name like this.

27. Good Day Orchard: With a name like this, you're bound to always have a good day on the farm.

28. Grassy Knoll Estate: Brings to mind green fields and the beauty of nature.

29. Happy Horse Vineyard: One of the good horse farm names.  

30. Hee Haw Orchard: Wouldn't it be nice to have this as your horse farm name?

31. Itty Bitty Farm: This is a cute name for a farm.

32. Jolly Green Pastures: Another cute name for a green pastureland.

33. Laughing Oak Pastures: A name that'll leave you in splits.

34. Little Paws Farm: Another cute name inspired by the little creatures in your farm.

35. Lucky Star Farm: You'll truly feel lucky with a farm that has such a name.

36. Mad River Estate: A nature inspired farm name.

37. Nightingale Nursery: A good name for your farm inspired by the bird.

38. Oakey Dokey Farms: Let your inner farmer spirit out with a name like this for your farm.

39. Rise And Shine Estate: With a farm with this name, you'll be motivated to wake up early.

40. Roadrunner Acres: This name highlights the wild nature of your farm.

41. Rusty Bucket Acres: A good name for a farm or ranch.

42. Small World Fields: With a name like this, your farm will be on everyone's mind. You could even use this name if you've got a small sized farm. 

43. Shady Oaks Range: Just make sure you're not up to anything shady on a farm with this name!

44. Strawberry Valley Fields: Highlight the bounty of nature with a cute name like this for your farm.

45. Talking Trees Ranch: Your  farm can be so welcoming that even the trees exude warmth and friendliness. Perhaps on this farm, a funny farm team name could be The Talking Trees?

46. Turning Point Lands: Salute the turning point in your life with a name like this.

47. Victory Farms: You're already betting on a win with a name like this for your farm.

48. Weeping Willow Meadows: A funny name for your farm.

49. White Stag Pastures: A good name for a horse farm.  

50. Water Garden Farm: Your peaceful farm with a deserves a name like this.  

51. Verity Ranch: A strong name for your farm.  

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