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69 Funny Hunter Names For Your Characters

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When it comes to funny 'WoW' hunter names, a lot of people actually want to take a look at a list to make it easier for them to find funny female hunter names or troll hunter names.

Dwarf hunter is still one of the popular hunters in 'WoW' and this is the reason that players look for an online post to select the best hunter name for the character. When it comes to funny orc hunter names, a lot of people want to think of a new name that has not been already used over the years.

Here are some of the new and already used funny hunter names that have gained considerable popularity over the years.

Funny Troll Hunter Names

Troll hunter names make short surnames. Here are a few funny troll names for hunter characters to pick from!

Xongia is a funny troll name that fits the 'World of Warcraft' universe.

Per’tohn is another name that is unique for a troll hunter character. It is one of the funniest orc hunter names that one can think of.

Jukji sounds like a Japanese name that rightly benefits any troll hunter character. This is a gender-neutral name.

Tikani (Native American origin) meaning ‘she-wolf’, is a cool name to pick!

Takotsi (Mexican origin) meaning ‘grandmother growth’, is the name of a Mexican Earth Goddess.

Funny Tauren Hunter Names

Tauren hunter names are powerful names, often accompanied by surnames. These mostly originate from Native Americans and Japanese. Take a glance at a few Tauren names here!

Aponi Brightmane (North American origin) meaning ‘butterfly’, is the Tauren who is the leader and head of Sunwalkers in the Paladin and Warrior Class. A funny hunter name for a female warrior.

Chepi (North American origin) meaning ‘fairy’, is the Tauren who is a reagent vendor in the Thunder Bluff.

Chesmu (North American origin) meaning ‘witty’ or abrasive’, is the Tauren hunter in Thunder Bluff, who is a banker.

Choluna (Native American origin) meaning ‘bird’, a Tauren, Choluna is among the Druids of the Talon situated in Mount Hyjal.

Enola (American origin) meaning ‘alone spelled backwards’, from the Priest class, Enola is another Tauren who can be spotted at Frostfire Ridge’s Frostwall.

Faala (Native American origin) meaning ‘crow’, is a Tauren who is a follower of the Paladin class. Faala can be seen at Frostwall.

Gaho (Native American origin) meaning ‘mother’, is the follower of the warrior class which can be seen in the Frostfire Ridge’s Frostwall.

Genah Brawnhoof (American origin) meaning ‘Old, Lady of the People’ belongs to the Druid class and is a Tauren from 'World of Warcraft'.

Isashi (Japanese origin) meaning ‘achievement’, is a tradeskill vendor from the Orgrimmar’s Valley of Wisdom. A name that a female warrior will surely love.

Jandia (English origin) meaning ‘God is Gracious’, is a trade vendor at the Freewind Post.

Kalla Darkmane (Greek origin) meaning ‘most beautiful’, is the Tauren belonging to the Shaman class.

Kova Boradhorn (Native American origin) meaning ‘cave’, is an amateur alchemist belonging to the Shaman class.

Magatha is a female Tauren hunter name and she is known for her shamanistic powers. This is a short name for your female hunter character.

Chenrana is the Tauren who helps her clan with defense and hunting assignments. One of the unique female warrior names.

Jalra is said to be one of the best Tauren hunters and is a fierce hunter who goes hunting alone.

Agron is yet another mighty hunter who loves traveling and exploring. If there is one among your tribe, this name could be befitting!

Wohgar is an old Tauren who advises the chieftain, being the elder one in the clan.

Cohmeenir is a druid and a Tauren who is always there for his clan to help them with his powers.

Ronpesh is a proud and determined Tauren who is the seventeenth chieftain of the tribe.

Hellurv is that Tauren who has expertise in shamanism and druidism and therefore, accompanies the tribe in endeavors.

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Funny Worgen Hunter Names

Here are some best Worgen hunter names that are absolutely unique! Pick among these for your funny hunter character.

Angel Clark (Greek origin) meaning ‘messenger’, is one 'WoW' Worgen who practices druidism.

Ansley Braxton (English origin) meaning ‘clearing with a hermitage’, is the Worgen hunter who is a forest hunter. One of the funny female warrior names that you will love.

Armond Sabre (German origin) meaning ‘soldier’, is a fiery rogue who has a name fit for his fighting skills.

Balko Burbridge (Hungarian-Slovakian origin) is a funny Worgen who has a human and wolfy appearance. A name that is easy to remember.

Beacher Chester (English origin) meaning ‘from the beech tree’, is a Worgen druid who is an ardent worshiper of Goldrinn.

Beauregard Whatteeth (English origin) meaning ‘beautiful view’, is the best deadly fighter.

Berty Forward (English origin) meaning ‘noble’ or ‘famous’, is a multi-talented and skillful Worgen whose expertise is in making weapons.

Brady Mabbott (Irish origin) meaning ‘broad meadow’, is a Worgen who takes the form of a wolf at night.

Brewster Appleton (English origin) meaning ‘brewer’, is a night elf and is a Worgen who is still in search of a cure.

Carl Godwin (German origin) meaning ‘free man’, is Worgen who is completely crazy. An easy name to remember.

Christinus Zorander meaning ‘anointed, bearer of Christ’, is a Worgen who has a powerful Worgen human mage.

Lyalla meaning 'silent', 'sneaky', and 'terrifying' at the same time. Lyalla is a one-man army expression.

Hachechi means friendly to wolves, she is a great hunter and loves wandering across lands.

Ulrica is a skillful hunter who has expertise in using weapons and claws; though she is not a frontline fighter.

Vargal is an experienced male hunter who started as a young soldier and rose to the position of a general.

Garm is that warrior who wants prowess in all fighting skills and does all the assigned responsibilities flawlessly.

Ernouf is yet another talented Worgen hunter who spends time learning the art of druidism.

Werewolf is a kind-hearted Worgen hunter who doesn’t want to hurt a single soul.

Sniffany, as the name says it all, sniffs all time; whether it’s an innate or a curse.

Funny Night Elf Hunter Names

Take a glimpse of some best night elf hunter names here!

Mataen Soulbreath (Latin origin) meaning ‘the Gift of God’, is a funny night elf name to choose.

Mazen Darkbell (Arabic origin) meaning ‘rain cloud’, is a human mage in World of Warcraft.

Norzahthas Grimblade (English origin) meaning ‘geographical direction’, is a cool name for your night elf character.

No’thul Dreaddown (Greek origin) meaning ‘Gods of the Hunt’, is an apt name to recreate the hunter look!

Palaelaen Flamedream is a unique name to doll up a night elf hunter.

Puhosh Embertwist is yet another impressive name to invoke the little night elf and fierce hunter in you.

Puthaehler Crimsonsinger is a name with a well-suiting surname that can frighten anyone!

Qirun Silvershadow (Latin origin) meaning ‘spear’, has its name originated from Quirinus.

Qutaeth Dewspell is one of the more spooky names you can think of, to make your hunter character more fierce.

Reller Windguard (German origin) meaning ‘miller’, is a stylish name; the perfect name for the hunter character you have chosen.

Funny Monster Hunter Names

Monster hunter names are cool, and we have brought to you the perfect collection of names! Take a look and pick the name you need!

Dopeboy is the name for a super cool monster who is silly and messes up all the time. This could be a funny name for a monster hunter!

Rathalos (Greek origin) meaning ‘lion king’. The name is also associated with Goddess Rhea; the goddess of fertility.

Kushala Daoro (Indian origin) meaning ‘expert’, actually has its origins from the Indian word Rudraksha, which is a seed of red-brown color and is of religious significance.

Tigrex (Latin origin) meaning ‘tiger king’, is quite a unique name which would invoke the hunter in you!

Nargacuga (Indian and English origin), in which ‘naga’ hails from the name of snake king Nagaraja in Indian mythology and ‘cuga’ from the English word ‘cougar’.

Lagiacrus is a name that has origins in the English tradition and currents; tidal or oceanic current.

Brachydios is a name with Latin, Greek, and Spanish roots. The Latin origin ‘brachium’ and Greek origin ‘bratso’ mean ‘arm’ while the Spanish word ‘diso’ means ‘God’.

Gore Magala (Japanese origin) in which ‘gore’ means ‘bloody’ and ‘magala’ means ‘ominous’.

Astalos (Greek origin) meaning ‘lightning’, is another funny name for a monster hunter, who is fast as lightning.

Bloodbath Diablos (Greek origin) meaning ‘two horns’, is a name that implies ‘devil’ in English. A name that would make your enemies feel afraid!

second image credit: Ralf Liebhold / Shutterstock.com

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