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Mustache nicknames suitable for different types of mustaches.
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Having a mustache is much easier than finding a good name for it.

There are several styles and ideas that you can choose according to your personality. But don't forget that another step you need to take after choosing the right style is having an excellent nickname for it.

Every style is unique, and so is each of the terms we have given here. When you change your style, make sure you pick a new title. You are bound to love these titles if you love your mouth brow. So, go ahead and get yourself one.

Here we have listed most of the popular names that you can use according to your style.

Witty Mustache Nicknames

There are mainly three categories into which different styles are divided: the Natural style, the Handlebar, and the Hybrid style. We will discover all the subcategories that fall under these three categories in the following lists and give nickname ideas accordingly.

1. Cookie Duster - This style replicates hair growth from the bottom of the nose and is trimmed firmly around the corners of the upper lip.

2. Face Fungus - The word came into existence in the 1900s when mustaches were not that much appreciated. The term was used as an insult.

3. Face Fur - Though this one is not as insulting as the previous one, the birth time of both the terms are the same. Understanding the meaning of this term is not that tough.

4. Face Lace - Another term to designate the lace on top of the upper lip.

5. Face Prickle - Describes the prickly nature of the mustaches.

6. Mustachioed - A mustachioed is a person with large or curly mustaches.

7. Muttonchops - In the 19th century, the English Butchers used this style, and the name comes from that.

8. Tache - A British informal synonym.

9. Whiskers - This style is unique, and the name comes from the animal whiskers. If you love cats, you can also have this name for your whiskers.

10. Taz - Just like 'Tache,' 'Taz' is just another synonym for mustaches.

Cute Mustache Nicknames

Regularly, multiple different names are used for mustaches like Face Lase, Whiskers, Taz, and so on, which we have already mentioned. The list given below includes some cute and unusual alternatives that may or may not make any sense.

11. Bristol Batons - If your mustaches are low in density, then you can call them bristol batons.

12. Caterpillar - This style has a partition in the middle and seems to have two caterpillars sitting together on your upper lip.

13. Face Furniture - Mustaches that enhance the look.

14. Lady Tickler - This title can go to that one friend of yours who is impressing everyone with his well-groomed mustaches.

15. Old Bullet Proof - The most common style for military people.

16. Stache - Just another synonym.

17. The Boss - One with epic-styled mustaches like no one else in the group.

18. Dali Moustache - The term is generated after the name of Salvador Dali.

19. Dental Drapes - Dental drapes are long and bushy mustaches covering both the upper and lower lip.

20. Father Time - One with a gray mustache above the lip.

21. Five O'clock Shadow - Very slight growth of furs on the upper lip.

22. Handlebar Moustache - Long mustaches ending with curls.

Interesting Names For Your Mustache

Stache and Tache are the two interesting names often used as short mustache alternatives. Here are some other terms that you may find very interesting to know about.

23. Lip Doily - Mustaches with the pointy end.

24. Lip Warmer - Thick mustaches that keep the upper lip warm.

25. Mouth Mane - Moustaches that are grown like the mane of the lions.

26. Muzzle Fuzz - Used for describing frizzy mustaches.

27. Royal Moustache - Royal Moustache is the style of Prince Harry.

28. Soup Strainer - If it looks like it's trying to catch food particles before they get into your mouth.

29. Vandyke Moustache - Pointy-ended mustaches, named after Van Dyck.

30. Bristle Brush - If they look like the curly ends of the bristle brush.

31. Cat-Smellers - Another name for 'Whiskers.'

32. Don Johnson - Inspired by the style of actor Don Johnson.

33. Double Mustache - The weirdest style of having a beard and stache together where the beard is shaped precisely as the shape of the stache.

Unique Names For Your Mustache

A remarkable fact is that in Australia, mustaches are called 'Mo.' Included are some other unique terms you may not have heard about.

34. Firecrotch - A person with red mustaches and hair.

35. Gingerbread - A fire torch can also be called gingerbread.

36. Grizzly - Similar to the fur of bears.

37. Hipster - One with a long stache and a long beard.

38. Hulk Hogan - A combination of grey hair, beard, and mustache.

39. Imberic - One with nothing on the face.

40. Lip curl - Lip curl is just another creative emulation of the main term.

41. Mouth brow - The mouth brow is similar to an eyebrow.

42. Snot Mop - Moustaches grown towards the chin having the front of the jaw clean.

43. Pencil Mustache - A thin line of hairs on the upper lip.

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