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Originally Published on Nov 13, 2020
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Most Wifi networks have a name that’s often set by the user by entering the router’s admin page.

A Wifi network name is what makes it identifiable by the user as well as those who are nearby to the network. Since it is visible to nearby Wifi users, it’s important to come up with a good name for your Wifi network or your SSID (Service Set Identifiers), which is just a more technical (fancier) term for it.

There are no restrictions on Wifi names, so you can get away with just about any name. So, what should you name yours? Here’s a list of 200+ funny Wifi names that could use to name your Wifi.

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Funny Wifi Names

If you’re looking for a funny name for Wifi, here are the best names for Wifi network for you.

1. Bill!Bill!, Clinton or Gates? Or were you just asking for your internet bill?

2. Click this, if you have the guts to. This is one of the best wifi names.

3. Don’t even try it, all right, if you say so!

4. Don’t Snoop, unless you’re a secret spy or something.

5. Feel Like Flying, where’s your cape, buddy?

6. Get your Own Wifi, we’re trying, trust us. A super cool wi fi name.

7. GetOffMyLawn, anyone else annoyed at those pesky trespassers?

8. Hack me, don’t you dare us now.

9. Hogsmeade, for the true fans of J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series.

10. Justin Bieber Trivia Questions, sounds fun. You a Bieber fan?

11. My Own Dang Internet, nobody said otherwise.

12. Network Error, we see what you’re doing there.

13. No Free Wifi for you, why, but why? One of the clever names for wifi.

14. No Wifi Network Found In Your Area, that’s really sad, you know.

15. No Wires, Still Alive And Working, it’s slowly becoming a wireless society, we know.

16. Searching…, keep at it. You’ll soon find a network. A cool wifi name.

17. TellMyWifiLoveHer, why don’t you tell her yourself? One of the funniest wifi names.

18. The Next Door, wonder what’s behind the door. Spooky!

19. Virus Infected WiFi, that’s quite sad – waste of a Wifi.

20. Virus WiFi, it’s time to catch this virus. One of the funny wifi names.

21. Ye old Internet, like from the Internet Explorer days?

22. Yell “Bogies” To Know The Password, here you go – BOGIES.

23. You Pay Now, all right, send us the payment links already.

24. Your Grammar Is More Annoying, grammatical errors are truly annoying.

25. Your Music Is Annoying, who else can’t stand those with a bad taste in music?

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Cool Wifi Names

Looking for some cool Wifi names? Here are our picks for some cool names for Wifi network.

26. A Lannister Always Surfs The Net, doubt the internet existed then. But if you say so.

27. Abraham Linkyn, when AB Lincoln gets technical. One of the funny wifi names.

28. Because a LANnister Never Forgets, the game of the LANs is here.

29. C:\Virus.exe, it’s a warning that your device is at risk.

30. Call Me Maybe, like the famous song by Carly Rae.

31. DarkKnight, for those of you who idolize Batman.

32. DEA Surveillance, keep a watch out for the naughty lot.

33. FBI Surveillance Van #594, oh, no! The Feds are here.

34. FBI Surveillance Van, the FBI is looking for you.

35. Free Virus, don’t we all love free stuff? One of the funny wifi names.

36. Hidden Network, a smart way to fool those hackers.

37. I Hate My Neighbor, it’s always good to speak your mind out loud.

38. I’m Cheating On My WiFi, shhh don't tell everyone! One of the funny names of wifi.

39. I’m In Your Closet, and there begins the paranormal activity.

40. I’m Under Your Bed, want to make friends with this monster that’s under your bed?

41. I’m Watching You Now, the real life big brother has his eyes on you.

42. iDroppin’, an interesting choice of name.

43. InterTubes, if you didn’t already know, this is like slang for the Internet.

44. It Burns When IP, sounds painful!

45. Keep It On The Download, downloading in progress.

46. KungFuPanda, for fans of the popular animated flick, ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

47. Let Me Out Of Your Router, how tiny are you, brother!

48. Martin Router King, if Martin Luther King was a router brand.

49. Network Not Found, gets you to move on to the next option.

50. New England Clam Router, inspired from the chowder with the same name. Hungry, anyone?

51. No Wifi For You, it may be rude, but the truth always hurts.

52. NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking, this is a search that would never end.

53. NotTheDroidsYourLookingFor, not the friendly droids, are you?

54. Occam’s Router, inspired from Occam’s Razor.

55. Optimus, for fans of the popular movie, ‘Transformers’.

56. Optimus Prime, inspired from the highly popular ‘Transformers’ movies.

57. Please Click For Identity Theft, being a little smart there, aren’t you?

58. Please Stop Your Barking Dog, maybe try playing fetch with him.

59. Slow WiFi, so that you can keep the lurkers away.

60. The Dark Knight, for Batman’s fans out there.

61. The Promised LAN, much like the Promised Land from the Bible.

62. Total Hear, okay, whatever the point you’re trying to make here.

63. Undercover Police Car, have you been spying again?

64. Viruses Are Us, you are indeed.

65. Yummy, absolutely yum!

Creative Wifi Names

Here are some pretty clever Wifi and router names like 'Drop it Like a Hotspot' that you could surely draw some inspiration from for your network.

66. Access Denied, sorry about that, brother. One of the best wifi names.

67. AllYourBandWidthRbelongToUS, yes, bandwidths are generally US properties.

68. Bandwidth on the Run, like bandit on the run?

69. Bandwidth Together, a collaboration always sounds like fun.

70. Bill Clinternet, totally a take on America’s ex, Bill Clinton.

71. Blinksys-182, like the rock band, ‘Blink-182’.

72. Click Here For Wifi, hope this isn’t a prank.

73. Click Here To Download, Wifi downloading.

74. Connect For Identity Theft, like the spider says ‘you got to lure them in’.

75. Connected, Secured, don’t seem to be connected yet. What was your password again?

76. Definitely Not Wifi, definitely, or maybe.

77. Don’t Even, not even trying, don’t you worry.

78. Drop it Like A Hotspot, any Snoop Dogg fans here? Drop it Like a Hotspot is a cool wi fi name.

79. Escaped Nigerian Prince, a prince on the run.

80. Get Off My LAN, trying to honestly. It’s like your LAN is rubber, and we are the glue. Get Off My LAN is a really funny wi fi name.

81. Go Go Router Rangers, where them cheerleaders at?

82. I Believe Wi Can Fi, R. Kelly believes he can fly.

83. I Now Pronounce You Man And Wifi, that’s an interesting name for a Wifi connection. Funny Wifi name as well.

84. IP Freely, IPs should be more restricted and confined.

85. IP-UP, trying a hand at rhymes? One of the clever wifi names.

86. John Wilkes Bluetooth, for the journalist John Wilkes.

87. Jump On The Bandwidth, just like jumping on the bandwagon.

88. LAN Of Milk And Honey, this LAN got to be the sweetest one out there.

89. Malware Repository, you would move on if you don’t want an infestation.

90. Move On, there’s nothing here for you. One of the cool wifi names.

91. Nacho Wifi, let’s get Mexican, shall we?

92. No Internet Access, the saddest line ever.

93. No Internet Accezz, when you run out of luck.

94. No LAN For The Wicked, reminds one of the lambs and wicked wolves.

95. No More Mister Wifi, if you say so.

96. Not the Wifi You’re Looking For, probably not.

97. Only If You Help Me Pay For It, perfect for when you're feeling broke.

98. PorqueFi, who would like another round of pork fry?

99. Pretty Fly For A Wifi, like the song ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’. Choosing the name Pretty Fly for a wi fi is a boss move.

100. Router? I Hardly Knew Her, she was quite an interesting character, you know.

101. Silence of the LAN, the LAN version of ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

102. Stop Using Our Network, Steve, poor Steve. One of the funniest wi fi names.

103. That 70s Router, inspired by the comedy series, ‘That 70s Show’.

104. The Internet, is a most-visited place today. One of the favorite wi fi names.

105. The LAN Before Time, much like the land before time.

106. The LAN Of The Free, for the free souls.

107. This LAN Is My LAN, didn’t say otherwise.

108. This LAN Is Your LAN, you are such a giver.

109. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wifi, a commandment to swear by.

110. Titanic Syncing, smart one – syncing and sinking.

111. Trapped In Router Send Help!, emergency services are on the way. Hold on!

112. Untrusted Network, it’s sad that your network isn’t trustworthy.

113. Untrusted WiFi, well, nothing can be trusted these days.

114. Virus Detected! Do Not Join, thanks for the warning in advance.

115. Wham Bam Thank You LAN, like the series ‘Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am’.

116. Where The Wild Pings Are, when the pings go totally out of control.

117. Whose Car Alarm is That, who set if off?

118. Wifight The Inevitable, let the inevitable go.

119. Wifight When We Can Make Love, what the whole world today stands for – make love not war.

120. Winter WonderLAN, winter wonderland, anyone?

Unique Wifi Names

We all love to stand apart from the crowd, right? Here are some unique yet funny Wifi network names for you to choose from.

121. 12C Is The Loneliest Number, because 13 doesn’t exist?

122. And Don’t You Come Back, yeah, just keep going.

123. Blogger’s Wifi, for all the bloggers out there.

124. Byte Me, because we are all about bits and bytes now.

125. Chicken Crossed The Road To Steal Our Wifi, finally the answer to why the chicken crossed the road.

126. Connecto Patronum, inspired from the magical spells in ‘Harry Potter’.

127. Cut The Wire, and lose it all.

128. Dumbledore's IT Staff, inspired from the series ‘Harry Potter’.

129. Everyday I’m Buffering, from LMFAO’s ‘Everyday I’m Shuffling’.

130. Final Fantasy Finally Finishes, well, that’s why it’s called FINAL Fantasy in the first place.

131. Find Nearby WiFi, you have X Wifi networks near you.

132. For Whom The Belkin Tolls, inspired by Hemingway’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’.

133. Girls Gone Wireless, because it’s a wireless world today and girls got to adapt.

134. Guess Where We Live, somewhere in the neighborhood?

135. Hagrid’s Hut, from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

136. Hit The Road Jack Input, inspired by the song Hit the Road Jack.

137. Hogwarts Hall Of Wifi, let’s find out who is the greatest wizard of all.

138. I Am Barry Allen, Barry Allen from ‘The Flash’ loves you back.

139. I Have Password, can you please pass it on? I bet it's a funny Wifi password.

140. IanTernet, when Ian Sommerhalder met the Internet.

141. Is It Me You're Looking For?, Hello!

142. It’s Ill-Eagle, is the eagle ill or is it illegal?

143. Join My Bandwidth, more than delighted to.

144. Lag Out Loud, a play on the oft-used phrase Laugh Out Loud or LOL.

145. Let’s Enjoy Free Internet Service, anything for the free stuff.

146. Let’s Share virus, quite an uncommon thing to share.

147. Life On The Line, it’s just a phase.

148. Lifeblood, these days the internet is our lifeblood.

149. Living On The Wire, such challenging and adventurous times.

150. Log In Here!, sure, what’s your password again?

151. Modem Pole, an internet pole of sorts?

152. No Mo No Mo No Mo No Mo, all right, no more.

153. Now You See Me…, but I can’t see you.

154. Open Sesame, from ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’.

155. Panic At The Cisco, like ‘Panic! At the Disco’, the pop band.

156. Pay $1 Per Hour, that’s a pretty cheap deal there.

157. Pokemon Slo, from the widely-acclaimed ‘Pokemon’ series.

158. Russian Hackers, oh, dear Lord!

159. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, we got some work to do now.

160. Since 1997, that’s a really long time.

161. Sweet Victory, usually revenge is sweet, but works with victory also.

162. The Password Is..., keep guessing.

163. This Is Not Government Service, but it could easily be charity.

164. To The Moon, and back.

165. Virus Distribution Center, like vaccine distribution centers.

166. We've Got The Goods, when should we stop by?

167. Wifi Art Thou Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet’s – Where art thou Romeo?

168. Wifi Fever, one of the many fevers.

169. Wifi, Do You Love Me?, on a good day, yes!

170. Wifight The Feeling, don’t fight it then.

171. Wi-Fry Chicken, dedicated to all the fried chicken outlets.

172. Wu Tang LAN, like the American hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan.

173. Yer A Wifi Harry, Harry Potter is pleased.

174. You Need Password Call On 100, consider it a warning.

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Nerdy Wifi Network Names

We’re pretty familiar with common Wifi names like ‘girls gone wireless’, ‘Abraham linksys’, ‘bill wi the science fi’ and more. Right? Here are some more interesting names you’d love just like you'd love ‘Abraham linksys’, ‘bill wi the science fi’.

175. 404 Network Unavailable, the unwanted error of all times – 404!

176. A LANister Never Forgets, cloud storage, huh?

177. Click And Die, don’t click and live.

178. Connection Failed, ugh! Happens all the time.

179. Double Click To Connect, it couldn’t be simpler than that.

180. Fourth Floor Wifi, so you’re the one on the fourth floor.

181. Get Your Own, yes, get your own Wifi.

182. House LANister, inspired by House Lannister from the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

183. LANnisters Pay Their Debts, inspired by HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

184. LANnisters Send Their Regards, a tribute to the Lannisters from the ‘Game of Thrones’.

185. Loading…, and the wait goes on and on.

186. Luke, I Am Your Wifi, Darth Vader’s iconic dialogue in ‘Star Wars’.

187. May the Wi-Force Be With You, inspired by the famous saying in ‘Star Wars’.

188. No Connections Available, ha-ha, fooled you.

189. Please Wait..., ah, the never-ending wait!

190. Reserved For Guests I Hate, must be a really slow connection.

191. RIP Net Neutrality, the sad and unfortunate demise.

192. Spiderman’s World Wide Web, inspired from the ‘Spider-Man’.

193. Surveillance Van, you are under watch.

194. The Force, from ‘Star Wars’.

195. The Mad Ping, as the Mad King from the ‘Game of Thrones’.

196. The Ping Of The North, much like the King of the North from the ‘Game of Thrones’.

197. Very Slow, better to stay off your network.

198. Who What When Where WiFi, the 6 Ws of life.

199. Wi FI Fo Fum, fee-fi-fo-fum, Wifi-fo-fum!

200. Winternet Is Coming, from the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

201. Witness Protection, you are under protection now.

202. You Shall Not Password, like you shall not pass from the ‘Lord Of The Rings’.

203. You Will Regret This, so stay away.

204. Your Wifi Is In Another Castle, inspired by the popular video game, ‘Mario’.

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