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100 Marvellous Girls' Names Beginning With M

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Finding the perfect baby name is certainly a challenge.

We're hoping to ease a bit of that tension by compiling some beautiful girls names that start with m. There are so many wonderful baby names to choose from so sometimes it is just easier to go back to basics.

That's why we have compiled a list of girl names beginning with m to break it all down for you! These popular names will help with your search for the perfect baby girl names.

Newborn baby lying on bed with a card

Classic Old-School Names

1. Mabel (Latin origin) from the word 'amabilis' meaning "lovable, dear".

2. Madeline (English origin) meaning "woman of Magdala" - a reference to the biblical name Magdalene.

3. Maeve (Irish and Gaelic origin) means "intoxicating" - when you just can't get enough of their cute little face.

4. Mairead (Irish origin) meaning "pearl".

5. Margaret (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

6. Maria (Latin origin) meaning "bitter" or "of the sea".

7. Mariana (Latin origin) meaning "bitter" - the name of a loyal character from Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.

8. Martha (Latin and Ancient Greek origin) means "mistress" or "the lady".

9. Maureen (Irish origin) meaning "of the sea" or "bitter".

10. Meredith (Welsh origin) meaning "great lord".

11. Mia (Italian and Spanish origin) meaning "mine" - the perfect baby name for your special little girl.

12. Miranda (Latin origin) meaning "admirable, wonderful" - created by Shakespeare in his play The Tempest.

13. Monica (Ancient African and Latin origin) meaning "to advise".

Biblical Names

1. Magdalene (Hebrew origin) meaning "woman of Magdala" - one of Jesus's most celebrated female disciples.

2. Mahalia (Hebrew origin) meaning "tenderness".

3. Mahlah (Hebrew origin) meaning "infirmity", "a harp" or "pardon".

4. Manaen (Hebrew origin) meaning "a comforter" or "a leader" - also a reference to the Messianic figure.

5. Manoah (Hebrew origin) from the book of Judges, meaning "rest" or "peace".

6. Mara (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter" which connotes "strength" and is the Biblical version of the name Naomi.

7. Mary (Aramaic and Hebrew origin) meaning "bitterness", "beloved" or "rebelliousness" - often associated with the purity of the virgin Mary.

8. Menorah (Hebrew origin) meaning "candlestick".

9. Michaela (Hebrew origin) feminine form of the Hebrew name 'Michael' means "who is like G-d".

10. Miriam (Hebrew origin) meaning "of the sea" or "bitter".

Names From Around The World

1. Maat (Ancient Egyptian origin) refers to the concept of laws, justice, morality, truth and order.

2. Macey (French origin) from the word 'macee' meaning "weapon".

3. Madeira (Portuguese origin) meaning "wood" or "timber".

4. Madri (Indian origin) meaning "wife of Pandu" - a beautiful sounding name from Hindu culture.

5. Magna (Norse origin) meaning "strong" - the feminine form of 'Magnus'.

6. Magnilda (German origin) meaning "strong battle maiden" - for a strong and powerful baby girl.

7. Maha (Arabic origin) meaning "wild cow" or "beautiful eyes".

8. Mahta (Persian origin) meaning "moon-like" or "a beauty".

9. Mahwah (Native American origin) meaning "beautiful".

10. Mai (Japanese and Vietnamese origin) means "brightness" or "blossom".

11. Maia (Maori origin) meaning "brave" or "confident".

12. Maira (Arabin origin) meaning "the moon".

13. Maisie (French origin) means "pearl".

14. Maitea (Spanish origin) means "love".

15. Makenna (Irish and African origin) meaning "happy one" for your new and very happy baby.

16. Mali (Arabic origin) means "full" or "rich".

17. Mayra (Spanish origin) meaning "wonderful".

18. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning "blackness" or "dark".

19. Melody (Greek origin) from the word 'melodia' which means "song tune".

20. Mhara (Egyptian origin) meaning "special light".

21. Milagros (Spanish origin) means "miracles" or "woman of miracles" - an empowering and beautiful baby girl name.

22. Millie (multiple origins) meaning "industrious".

23. Mindy (German origin) means "love".

24. Minerva (Latin origin) meaning "goddess of wisdom".

25. Mira (Latin origin) means "wonder" or "wonderful".

Olde English Names

1. Madge (Old English origin) means "pearl" or "child of light".

2. Madison (Old English origin) meaning "mad's son" often referring to the pet name of Matthew meaning "gift of G-d".

3. Mae (Old English origin) derives from the month of May and in Portuguese means "mother".

4. Maeson (Old English origin) feminine form of the name 'Mason' which means "stoneworker".

5. Maggie (Old English origin) meaning "pearl" - a variation of Margaret.

6. Maitane (Old English origin) means "dearly loved".

7. Maitland (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "bad-tempered".

8. Marley (Old English origin) meaning "pleasant wood".

9. Mildred (Old English origin) meaning "gentle-strength".

10. Myra (Old English origin) means "admirable".


Famous Names

1. Mallorie (Old French origin) after the accomplished author Malorie Blackman, it means "unlucky".

2. Mariah (American origin) after the hit singer Mariah Carey, meaning "bitter" or "from the sea".

3. Marilyn (Hebrew origin) after the very famous Marilyn Monroe, meaning "rebellion" or "wished-for child" - the perfect name for your own blessing.

4. Marlene (Greek origin) after the well-known Marlene Dietrich, meaning "high tower".

5. Matilda (Germanic origins) after the famous Roald Dahl book, derives from the words 'maht' meaning "might, strength" and 'hild' meaning "battle".

6. Maya (Hindu origin) after the establish poet and civil-rights activist Maya Angelou, meaning "illusion".

7. Melissa (Greek origin) after the accomplished actor Melissa Mcarthy, means "honey bee".

8. Meryl (Celtic origins) after the award-winning actor Meryl Streep, meaning "bright sea".

9. Michelle (French origin) after the first-lady Michelle Obama, meaning "who is like G-d".

10. Mila (Slavic origin) after the beautiful and talented Mila Kunis, meaning "dear, beloved".

Contemporary Names

1. Mackenzie (Scottish origin) means "child of the wise leader" or "born of fire".

2. Mada (Arabic origin) meaning "furthest point".

3. Madie (French origin) means "tower".

4. Magnolia (Latin origin) the name of a flower that's origin is the Latin meaning "Magnol's flower" and has more recently been recognised as a beautiful nature name for girls.

5. Majesty (Latin origin) means "royal bearing, dignity".

6. Margot (French origin) meaning "pearl" for your precious one.

7. Marissa (Latin origin) from 'Maris' meaning "of the sea".

8. Megan (Welsh origin) a shortened version of the Greek name Margaret which means "pearl".

9. Mikayla (English origin) the feminine form of 'Michael' meaning "gift of G-d".

10. Mimi (Hebrew origin) meaning "wished-for child" or "bitter".

11. Misty (American origin) meaning "covered with mist, dew" - a gorgeous name for a new baby girl.

12. Molly (English origin) meaning "of the sea" or "bitter".

Unique Names To Stand Out

1. Madelhari (German origin) means "army counselor".

2. Madora (Greek origin) meaning "ruler".

3. Maera (Greek origin) meaning "to flash, sparkle, glisten, gleam".

4. Maile (Hawaiian origin) meaning "shrub" or "vine".

5. Maja (Arabic origin) meaning "splendid".

6. Makawee (Native American origin) meaning "mothering".

7. Malika (Arabic origin) meaning "queen".

8. Malvina (Scottish Gaelic origin) from the word 'mala-mhin' meaning "smooth brow".

9. Marcia (Italian origin) meaning "dedicated to Mars".

10. Margarita (multiple origins) in Latin it means "pearl" while Sanskrit translates this name to mean "cluster of blossoms".

11. Maribel (Hebrew origin) means "bitter" or "sour".

12. Marsha (Latin origin) meaning "Mars - the Roman god of war" derived from the Roman 'marcius'.

13. Martina (Latin origin) meaning "servant of Mars" or "god of war".

14. Medea (Greek origin) meaning "to ponder" or "cunning" - also the name of a sorceress in Greek mythology.

15. Melina (Greek origin) meaning "honey".

16. Melinda (English origin) means "beautiful honey".

17. Mercy (Latin origin) means "compassion", "forgiveness" or "pity".

18. Moana (Hawaiian origin) meaning "ocean" or "sea" - aptly assigned to the Disney princess.

19. Morticia (American origin) most likely taken from the word 'mortician' meaning "undertaker" and is the name used for a character in The Addams Family.

20. Myla (Latin and Slavic origin) meaning "solider" and "gracious".

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