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80 Hong Kong Female Names With Meanings and History

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Ancient female names in Hong Kong across the world derive their origins from the culture of China.

Out of the top Hong Kong female names, the most popular last names are Chan, Chu, Wong, Lee, and Yan. Many new names for women in Hong Kong originate from Hong Kong female native names.

Read on for some of the most popular female names in Hong Kong, along with Hong Kong female Chinese names.

Common Female Names In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the People's Republic of China's metropolitan area and one-of-a-kind administrative region. The people that live here are mostly Chinese. However, there are some people from other cultures as well. Chinese customs and traditions are fascinating, including their distinct naming systems. Here are some beautiful eye-catching common female names in Hong Kong.

Baozhai (Chinese origin), meaning ‘stockade of treasures’, is a great name for a cute little girl.

Biyu (Chinese origin) means ‘jasper, the precious stone’. Isn’t this name precious like your daughter?

Changchang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘flourishing’, is a great name for a bright future.

Changying (Chinese origin), meaning ‘flourishing and lustrous’, is a unique name.

Chen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘the morning’, is a very beautiful name for every little angel born. One of the common female Hong Kong names.

Chenguang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘morning glory’, signifies what your daughter will be in her future, which is, glorious.

Chunhua (Chinese origin), meaning ‘spring flowers’, is another beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

Chu (Chinese origin), meaning ‘pearl’, is a common name among most females in Hong Kong.

Cuifen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘emerald fragrance’, is a name of the utmost beauty.

Daiyu (Chinese origin), meaning ‘black jade’, is a very famous badass baby name. One of the popular last names of female from Hong Kong.

Dandan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘cinnabar’, is a simple yet cute name.

Dongmei (Chinese origin), meaning ‘younger sister east' or, winter plums’, is a very cute and famous name.

Ehuang (Chinese origin) means ‘beauty-august’. If your daughter is born in the month of August, then this is the name you should definitely go for.

Fan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘mortal’, is a common name having a lot of popularity.

Fang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘agreeable, fragrant plants’, is one of the top 100 Hong Kong female names and last name.

Fenfang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘the fragrance of flowers or herbs’, has a lot of biological as well as cultural significance.

Guang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘light, glory’, is the name that every parent searches for.

Hong (Chinese origin), meaning ‘red (a sign of good luck)’, is a very famous and wonderful name featuring in the list of top 100 names.

Hualing (Chinese origin), meaning ‘flowery tuber’, arouses a sense of tenderness to its bearer.

Huan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘joy, satisfaction’, is a beautiful name and is also acknowledged and used by a lot of movie stars. One of the top 100 names in Hong Kong.

Huian (Chinese origin), meaning ‘obliging and quiet’, is a decent name.

Huifang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘kind and fragrant’, is a beautiful name.

Huiling (Chinese origin), meaning ‘wise jade tinkling’, is a simple yet interesting name.

Huiqing (Chinese origin) means ‘liberal good luck’. If you want your baby daughter to experience good luck every day, then this is your clue.

Jia (Chinese origin), meaning ‘good, fine, auspicious’, is a very beautiful and common name.

Jiao (Chinese origin), meaning ‘delicate, tender, beautiful’, is something that every household parent dreams about.

Jiayi (Chinese origin), meaning ‘auspicious one’, is a very popular and modern name.

Jiaying (Chinese origin), meaning ‘good and clever’, is a name that comes with a beautiful meaning.

Jie (Chinese origin), meaning ‘cleanliness’, is a great name for beautiful female babies.

Native Female Names In Hong Kong

The Chinese, like many Asians, pass down their last names from generation to generation. In Hong Kong, some of the most prevalent monikers are those of historical Chinese individuals or ancient Chinese dynasties. Here we present to you some amazing native female names in Hong Kong.

Ai (Chinese origin), meaning ‘loving’, is a very beautiful name for a sweet little girl.

Jingfei (Chinese origin), meaning ‘quiet not’, is a unique and a pretty name.

Jinghua (Chinese origin), meaning ‘leek flowers’, is an amazing name.

Jinjing (Chinese origin), meaning ‘bright, clear, crystal’, is also a popular name amongst a lot of stars.

Ju (Chinese origin), meaning ‘chrysanthemum’, is a great name.

Juan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘graciousness’, is another cute and wonderful name.

Lan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘orchid’, is a simple and unique name.

Lanfen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘orchid fragrance’, is a fresh name.

Lanying (Chinese origin), meaning ‘blue glitter, or blue quartz’, is a really attractive name for a female baby.

Li (Chinese origin), meaning ‘plums’, is again one of the most popular names.

Lifen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘clever and fragrant like flowers’, is a unique name.

Lihua (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful and elegant’, is a name that is as beautiful as its meaning.

Lijuan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful and soft’, is a name adding softness to one’s character.

Liling (Chinese origin) means ‘white jasmine tinkling’. If you have an attraction towards beautiful jasmine, then this is your clue.

Lin (Chinese origin), meaning ‘a grove, a wood’, is a really cute and amazing name.

Ling (Chinese origin), meaning ‘clever, intelligent, spiritual’, is a name with all the qualities you would want in your baby girl.

Liqin (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful harp, lute or zither’, is a unique and very famous name.

Liqiu (Chinese origin) means ‘beautiful autumn’. If you love the autumn season, then this is a really cute and a very warm name for your lovely daughter.

Liu (Chinese origin), meaning ‘the willow’, is the most beautiful name for your beautiful daughter.

Luli (Chinese origin), meaning ‘dewy jasmine’, is the prettiest flower and so is this name.

Mei (Chinese origin) means ‘a red gem’. Don’t you consider your daughter the gem of your life? Then this is the name you should go for.

Meifen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘plum fragrance’, is a very sweet name.

Meifeng (Chineseorigin), meaning ‘beautiful wind’, is a name that you can pick for your daughter.

Meihui (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful wisdom’, is a very intelligent name that is popular across the world.

Meili (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful and graceful’, is again a very popular and interesting name. One of the many English names commonly used in Hong Kong.

Meilin (Chinese origin), meaning ‘plum grove’, is the sweetest, and so is your loving daughter.

Meirong (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful countenance’, is a beautiful name for a lovely soul.

Meixiang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful fragrance’, if you love the beautiful fragrance in the air, then this is definitely something you should choose for your cute little daughter.

Meixiu (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful grace’, is a name that imparts a sense of grace to one’s shoulder, therefore, you should definitely go for this.

Mingxia (Chinese origin), meaning ‘clear halo’, compares your daughter to an angel-like character.

Mingzhu (Chinese origin) means ‘bright pearl’. Don’t you consider your beautiful little daughter the pearl of your life? Then this name is definitely the best name you can go for.

amazing hong kong names for ladies

Ancient Hong Kong Female Names

Hong Kong ladies, like their names, are among the most beautiful on the continent. Warmth, pleasant energies, and good spirits are common traits just like their lovely monikers. Here are some ancient female names.

Ang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘angel of god’, for those whose forefathers were from mainland China, mostly Fujian, and part of their ancestry could be traced back four generations.

Chongan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘peace’, has been of great importance for a very long time.

Hong (Chinese origin), meaning ‘pink’, is a famous ancient name.

JiangYangtze (Chinese origin) means ‘river’. Just like a river, your daughter will be claiming and soothing in nature.

Ki (Chinese origin), meaning ‘arisen’, is a name used by many historical princesses.

Longwei (Chinese origin), meaning ‘dragon greatness’, is a name you can choose.

Meili (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beautiful’, is a very pretty name.

Qiang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘strong’, is a powerful name for a woman with strong personality.

Xiu (Chinese origin), meaning ‘beauty, grace, and elegance’, is a beautiful name.

Yan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘tight, strict’, is a cute and strict name.

Uncommon Female Names In Hong Kong

Girls' names in Hong Kong can be either feminine or derived from their fathers' names. Both guys and ladies can use the monikers, which exude jovialness and cheerfulness. Contemporary and historical novels are appropriate for any parent who respects Chinese culture. Some unusual Hong Kong names are listed below.

Bambi (Italian origin), meaning ‘child’, is a very cute and uncommon female name.

Benedict (Latin origin) means ‘blessed’. Earlier this was a name only for guys, but now, it’s getting pretty famous among females as well.

Bunny (Norman origin), meaning ‘good’, is a cool nickname for all male as well as female kids. This is a really cute name loved by a lot of the parents.

Chow (Chinese origin), meaning ‘crow’, is again a very cool name for kids.

Devil (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘graced by god’, is a very uncommon English name in Hong Kong.

Lorie (American origin), meaning ‘praise’, is a very cute name.

Ludwig (German origin), meaning ‘famous warrior’, is a really great name for both male and female kids.

Stephie (Greek origin), meaning ‘crown’, is a badass name.

Treacle (Greek origin), meaning ‘of a wild origin’, is a real badass name amongst the new generation of kids in Hong Kong.

Whale (Old English origin), meaning ‘large sea fish’, is a very amazing name used by a lot of people in the English community in Hong Kong.

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