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99 Icelandic Names That Are Properly Scandinavian

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There are popular Icelandic names that you might have not heard and various names from Iceland.

Usually, the last name of a male Icelander ends in the suffix -son and that of female Icelanders is -dóttir ('daughter'). There are popular names as first names of Icelanders, males, children, and also different surnames. 

Scandinavia is a sub-region in Northern Europe that has strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties to the world. Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. There are different names that are associated with the Scandinavia countries. Some of the names are common Icelandic female names and Icelandic male names.

Here are some of the Icelandic names that are properly Scandinavian. So, let’s get started with the names to identify the most popular name for your child. Afterward, do check our articles on Icelandic boy names and Icelandic girl names as well.

Popular Icelandic Names 

There are many Icelandic female names, Icelandic names, family names, and male names that are popular and you might want to know them. Here are some of the popular Icelandic names and their meaning which you can refer to in order to name your child as well. This also includes top Icelandic names for a child. 

Adalmaerki (Scandinavia origin) meaning ‘chief banner’, is an ancient Icelandic name that is a female Norse name. 

Alda (Old German origin) meaning ‘wave’, which you can name your daughter. 

Alexander (Latin origin) meaning ‘defender of mankind’. 

Anna (Greek origin) meaning ‘full of grace’, is an Icelandic name for a girl.

Aron (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘mount of strength’, is the name for a baby boy. 

Axel (Scandinavia origin) means ‘divine reward and father of peace’. 

Benteinn (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘twig’, which can be given to your son. 

Emma (Germanic origin) meaning ‘whole or universal’. 

Eva (Latin origin) meaning ‘life or living one’, is a beautiful Icelandic name for a girl.  

Freyja (Old Norse origin) means ‘Norse Goddess of love, war, death, infertility, and gold’. 

Jon (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God has given you a gift’.  

Kristjan (Estonia origin) meaning ‘follower of Christ’, is an Icelandic name for a boy.  

Margaret (French origin) meaning ‘pearl’, is a popular Icelandic name for a girl.  

Sigrun (German origin) meaning ‘victory rune’, is a female Icelandic name. 

Soley (Scandinavia origin) meaning ‘sun island’.

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Cool Icelandic Names

There are many common Icelandic names which are family names, last names, father’s names, and other names that might sound cool to you. Here are some of the cool Icelandic names. Most of the names that are mentioned here are known as Old Norse names which are common names in Iceland. 

Dagny (Scandinavia origin) meaning a ‘new day’, is an Old Norse name.

Elfa (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘Elf’, is a beautiful Old Norse name that is a reference to some of the older myths and legends of Iceland. 

Gudmundur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘under God’s protection’, which comes from Old Norse. 

Gunnar (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘brave and bold warrior’, which also comes from the old Norse name.

Helga (Scandinavia origin) meaning ‘blessed or holy’, is an Old Norse name. 

Ingibjorg (Germanic origin) meaning ‘help of Ing’, is a popular Old Norse name.

Johanna (Latin origin) meaning ‘God is Gracious’, is a name that was officially approved by the Icelandic Naming Committee and is a famous name in Iceland. 

Kristin (Christian origin) meaning ‘noble and bright’, which comes from Old Norse in Norse mythology.

Olga (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘blessed as well as holy’ is an Old Norse name.  

Sigridur (Iceland origin) meaning ‘powerful silence and peaceful victory’, which comes from Old Norse mythology. 

Ancient Icelandic Names 

There are many ancient Icelandic boys' names, first names, Icelandic last names, the origin of the names, and many other names which are popular names for Icelanders across the world. There are many names that are associated with a God or Goddess as well. Here are some of the ancient Icelandic names. These have been chosen as names for many centuries. 

Agnar (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘awe, terror, or edge of a sword’, a perfect name for a fighter.

Albert (Germanic origin) meaning ‘noble and bright’, is an old Icelandic name. 

Alfdis (Norse origin) meaning ‘Goddess and a divine woman’. 

Armann (German origin) meaning ‘messenger’, is an Icelandic name for a boy. 

Arnason (Latin origin) meaning ‘either the son or daughter of Arna’. 

Atli (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘little father’, is a popular Icelandic male name.

Audbjorg (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘combination of luck’, is one of the ancient Norse names.

Baldur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘prince’ and is also a God in Norse mythology.  

Embla (Scandinavia origin) meaning ‘the first woman on Earth’, according to Norse mythology. 

Erikur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘peaceful ruler’.

Icelandic Pet Names 

Do you want to give a pet name to your child or animal? We are here to help you with some of the Icelandic pet names in Iceland. There are some middle names as well that you can use. These are the new versions of names that are well-known in Scandinavian countries.

Ástin (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘my love, my darling’.

Ástvinur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘darling and loved one’.

Bumbubúi (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘belly dweller’, which is used for an unborn baby. 

Dúlla (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘sweetie’. 

Elskan (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘my love and darling’.

Elsku dúllan mín (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘my dear sweetie’.

Eyvindur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘lucky warrior’. 

Kærasta (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘darling and loved one’, is a name for a girl.  

Kærasti (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘darling and loved one’, is a name for a boy.  

Krútt (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘sweetie, cutie’.

Krúttið (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘sweetie, cutie, honey’.

Sæti (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘sweetie and cutie’, which is used by friends and family members.

Yndið mítt (Icelandic origin) meaningmy sweetie’. 

Icelandic City Names 

There are some cities in Iceland that are the best and the names are also interesting and are worth visiting in the country. Here are some of the Icelandic city names that you should know.  

Akureyri (Icelandic origin) this town is a lovely fishing village and there are different tourist spots that have formed in various ways over time. 

Egilsstadir (Icelandic origin) this is one of the regions which you can visit to explore Icelandic culture.

Geysir (Icelandic origin) this is the most famous natural element in the country and the erupting water here is unpredictable. 

Hafnarfjörður (Icelandic origin) meaning the ‘enthusiasts of the settlers visit to indulge in the culture’, which is also related to Viking culture. 

Hofn (Icelandic origin) this is a southeast coast town with glacial lagoons that have formed around it. 

Hvammstangi (Icelandic origin) you can enjoy outdoor activities in the city like horseback riding and you can visit Kolugljufur Waterfall.

Isafjordur (Icelandic origin) you can visit the majestic waterfalls, when you're in the city. 

Kopavogur (Icelandic origin) the city has ‘stunning architecture' and has hills all over. 

Reykjavik (Danish origin) is the capital city and the hub for many activities. It is definitely one of the cities in Iceland you have to visit. 

Seyðisfjörður (Icelandic origin) this is one of the best places if you want to see puffin colonies.

Vestmannaeyjar (Icelandic origin) this is known for the eruption of the Eldfell volcano, which has destroyed much of the region. 

Vik i Myrdal (Icelandic origin) this city has some fascinating sites to explore like ice caves and magnificent waterfalls.

Icelandic Baby Names

Are you thinking about what to name your newborn baby born in Iceland? Don’t worry, here are some of the Icelandic baby names that will help you to name your baby boy with a proudly Icelandic male name. 

Dagur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘day' in the Icelandic language. 

Egill (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘the one who terrorizes others’. 

Eirikur (Icelandic origin) meaning a ‘man of great strength’. 

Eyvindur (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘a lucky warrior’. 

Fridmar (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘brilliant or shining peace’. 

Jokull (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘joyful', 'jolly', and 'the one who seeks happiness and pleasure’. 

Mikkael (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘the one who is like God'.

Sindri (Norse origin) meaning ‘the one who always sparkles’.

Valdimar (Old Slavic origin) meaning ‘the ruler of the ocean’. 

Vigharthur (Celtic origin) meaning ‘the one who is fearless in war’, is an ancient name for a boy.  

Icelandic Names For Baby Girl 

Are you about to give birth to a cute baby girl but are confused about what to name her? Here are some of the Icelandic names that will vanish your worry about naming your baby girl. 

Birta (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘bright and vibrant’. 

Boga (Arabic origin) meaning ‘the one who is good with the bow’. 

Eydis (Old Norse origin) meaning ‘the one who is the Goddess of good fortune’.

Fjola (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘violet flower’, which is an Icelandic name. 

Halldora (Norse origin) meaning ‘thunder' or 'thunder Goddess’.

Lilija (Latvian origin) meaning ‘pure', which is an Icelandic form of lily.  

Ljot (Old Norse origin) meaning the ‘one who fills everyone’s lives with light’.

Snadas (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘the one who is a snow Goddess’. 

Svana (Scandinavian origin) meaning the one who is ‘like a swan in battle who fights elegantly’.

Tinna (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘river’. 

Icelandic Horse Names  

Have you ever heard about horse names and know the meaning of them? If not, then here are some of the Icelandic horse names that you must surely know. There are some Icelandic cat names as well as female names which are famous in different parts of the city in Iceland and are accepted by the Icelandic Naming Committee as well. 

Andvaka (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘sleeplessness’, which is a horse name.  

Arfa (Arabic origin) meaning ‘the one who inherits’.

Baggi (Old Norse origin) meaning 'bag', or 'pack'.

Dagfari (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘the one who travels by day’. 

Fagri-Jarpur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘beautiful brown horse’.

Faxa (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘impressing mane’, which is a name for a horse.  

Gaski (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘the one who is playful and hilarious’. 

Jarpblesi (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘brown horse with a blaze’.

Kamba (Bantu origin) meaning ‘withers of a horse’. 

Lurkur (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘stubborn and truncheon’. 

Icelandic Family Last Names 

Do you like to draw a family tree and include all the family members in it? There is a tradition of adding son or daughter to the end of the father’s name. Here are some of the Icelandic family's last names. 

Árnadóttir (Icelandic origin) Árni is an officially approved male name in Iceland, meaning 'the eagle’.

Björnsdóttir or Björnsson (Icelandic origin) this is an important name in Iceland which is simply 'given to the daughter or son of Björn'.

Einarsson or Einarsdóttir (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘bold warrior'.

Guðmundsdóttir (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘protection of God’, which is a popular Icelandic last name. 

Jóhannsson or Jóhannsdóttir (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘the gift of God' or 'noble and bright’. 

Kristjánsson (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘the one who is the son or daughter of Kristjan'.

Magnúsdóttir or Magnússon (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘great’, is the male name behind these Icelandic surnames is Magnús, which is an Icelandic twist on the better-known Magnus. Magnus is a popular name throughout the whole of Scandinavia.

Ólafsson or Ólafsdóttir (Icelandic origin) meaning 'either the son or daughter of Olafur or Ólafur'.

Sigurðardóttir or Sigurðsson (Icelandic origin) meaning ‘eagle' or 'victory’. 

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