123 Indian Names And Meanings For Your Little Baby

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Thinking of a name for your newborn is probably the first task of parenting.

Along with the amount of thought and patience it requires, parents nowadays spend a lot of time researching the perfect name for their baby. The name which you give to your child will hold a deep meaning in his/her life, and it is often an important step in parenting.

The name which you will choose for your child demands a great thought process as it will be the first thing others will get to know about them. It defines them as a person and tells a larger story in short, just like a beautiful story needs a perfect title to sum it up, your child needs a name that justifies their personality and highlights everything about them in one word.

In order to select a name, it is extremely important that you understand the meaning of the word thoroughly. This name will stay with your baby for the entire life, so you ought to make sure that the name gives positivity and motivation to the baby at all times. You can consult your friends and family for help as well.

Here are some of the popular baby names with their ancient Sanskrit meaning.

Indian Names Starting With ‘B’

It is often tough to find a name that is liked by everyone in the family and possesses a deep sense of value but if you browse till the end, you will definitely find something which was worth all your efforts.

Here's a list of some popular baby names beginning from the letter 'B'.

Baani, (Indian origin), another name for Goddess Saraswati, means ‘speech’.

Barkha, (Indian origin), meaning, 'rain'.

Bavanya, (Indian origin), another name for Goddess Durga, means ‘meditation’ or ‘concentration’. A great baby girl name

Bhanvi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'sun rays'.

Bhavi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'full of emotions'.

Bhavyakirti, (Indian origin), meaning, 'magnificent'.

Bhrithi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'strengthened, nourished, cherished'.

Bhudevi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the goddess of the Earth'.

Bhumayi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'full of existence, produced from the Earth'.

Breonna, (Indian origin), meaning, 'just pretty'.

Female Indian Names And Meanings

Are youtired of finding 'the perfect name' for your baby girl? Do you also believe that the name should hold some significance in your child's life? If the answer to the above questions is 'yes', then you have come to the right place. Here's a list of some girl names with their meanings and origin:

Aabha, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who shines like light, glowing'. One of the popular baby names with an interesting Sanskrit meaning.

Aahana, (Indian origin), meaning, 'morning beauty'.

Aahi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who can be a great leader'.

Advaita, (Indian origin), meaning, 'union of matter and soul, someone who is unique'.

Alekhya, (Indian origin), meaning, 'someone who is nice, intelligent and has great artistic skills'.

Amvi, (Indian origin), meaning, ‘another name for Goddess Durga’.

Anandita, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is always delightful and joyful'.

Anika, (Indian origin) meaning, 'someone who can be brilliant as well as graceful'

Aninya, (Indian origin) meaning, 'the one who has pioneering spirit'.

Anishka, (Indian origin) meaning, 'the one who has no enemies'.

Bhavika, (Indian origin) meaning, 'righteous'. A popular Hindu baby name.

Bhavna, (Indian origin) meaning, 'someone who is full of emotions'.

Chahak, (Indian origin), meaning, 'chirping'.

Chahat, (Indian origin), means 'to love someone’ or ‘to wish for something'.

Chhavi, (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who reflects radiance in life'.

Chitra, (Indian origin), means 'to shine bright'. It is a famous Hindu baby name.

Chitrangada, (Indian origin), meaning, 'ethereal, out of this world'.

Daivi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'divine'. It is a famous girl name that has a direct link with the god. This name can be used for boys as well.

Danvi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is charitable'. A popular Hindi name meaning related to bright girls.

Dhanashree, (Indian origin), means, 'goddess of wealth, someone who can multitask'.

Eashita, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who expresses her desires'.

Edha, (Indian origin), meaning, 'sacred'. One of the beloved names that you could wish for.

Edhitha, (Indian origin), meaning, 'progressed, increased'.

Eena, (Indian origin), meaning, 'unconquerable, mirror'. It is a noble name with a lot of grace.

Ekantika, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is devoted to one particular aim'.

Freya, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is noble'. A beloved name that is considered sacred.

Freyal, (Indian origin), meaning, 'goddess of beauty'.

Gavah, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the stars of heaven'.

Gavya, (Indian origin), meaning, 'garden of God'. A unisex name that is all about happiness.

Hana, (Indian origin), means 'the one who brings happiness'. A great name for your little star.

Hanvita, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is always happy'.

Hiya, (Indian origin), meaning, 'heart'. No need to look for an app filter or any other tools, this is one of the popular female names.

Ibbani, (Indian origin), meaning, 'fog'. A name that is like fresh wind. A popular female name in India.

Ida, (Indian origin), meaning, 'intelligence'. A name which is evergreen as a tree.

Iksha, (Indian origin), meaning, 'sight'. One of the famous names that mean a lot to parents.

Inchara, (Indian origin), means 'the one who has a sweet voice'. An interesting female name in India.

Jagvi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'born'. No need for any app or filter tools, this is a word that has a great meaning.

Jahal, (Indian origin), meaning, 'Goddess of power'. A Hindi name for girls that has a connection with god.

Jaina, (Indian origin), meaning, 'good character'. A word that can become a meaningful name by the grace of God.

Kamika, (Indian origin), meaning, 'desired'. A distinct female name in India.

Lakhi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'Goddess Lakshmi'. Goddess Lakshmi is sacred for every gender, girl-boy.

Maanvi, (Indian origin) means, 'a kind-hearted person'. A great Sanskrit name for a girl.

Maanyata, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who has principles'. A great Hindu name with a profound Sanskrit meaning.

Narmita, (Indian origin), means 'to create something'. A Sanskrit name that means a lot to parents.

Navya, (Indian origin), which means, 'something which has newness'.

Ojasvi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'brave, bright and splendid'. A unique female name in India.

Omaira, (Indian origin), meaning, 'star'. The first ray of light in your life.

Raahi, (Indian origin), meaning, 'traveler'. One of the popular Hindi girl names.

Sanchita, (Indian origin), meaning, 'collection'. A popular female name in India.

Sanyukta, (Indian origin), meaning, 'united'. It is one of the popular Hindi names for a female.

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American Indian Names And Meanings

American Indian names are on-trend nowadays. It has a wide range of audiences and the ability to attract parents' attention to grab the best name for their child, everyone loves to come up with something which is out of the box, and that's what the list below highlights. If you were looking for a cool American Indian name for your baby, you have come to the right place. Here's a list of famous American Indian baby names that will end your search for ancient light of knowledge:

Aditsan, (Native American origin) meaning, 'listener'.

Adohi, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'woods' or 'timber'.

Adriel, (Native American origin) meaning, 'the one who is a symbol of skills'.

Aiyanna, (American-Indian origin) meaning, 'eternal flower'.

Alona, (American-Indian origin) meaning, 'oak tree'.

Amadahy, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'forest water'.

Bidziil, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'someone who is strong'.

Blair, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'fields'.

Bodhi, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'enlightenment'.

Chasse, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'first-born son'.

Dakota, (Sioux tribe origin), meaning, 'friend'.

Emma, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'universal'.

Enna, (North American origin), meaning, 'waterfall'. One of the most unique baby names.

Gaagi, (Navajo tribe origin), meaning, 'raven'.

Gracy, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'protector, angel'.

Hania, (Hopi tribe origin), meaning, 'spirit warrior'.

Illanipe, (North American origin), meaning, 'amazing'.

Jacy, (North American origin), meaning, 'moon'. A great name meaning that parents like.

Kiaan, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'grace of God'.

Serena, (American-Indian origin), meaning, 'tranquil'.

Fun Indian Names

A funny name is one that can make everyone laugh or has a different meaning. It can be a possibility that the people who have funny names are someone who can be of great company and make you laugh all the time. This is so because the kind of name which you give to your child passes its vibration to him or her. Here are funny Indian names which will act as the first ray of light in your search for a baby name with traditional Sanskrit meaning:

Aarav, (Indian origin), means, 'the one who is peaceful, smart and intelligent’, it is another name for Lord Shiva'.

Adhrit, (Indian origin), means 'the one who is unrestrained; free'. A name that means a lot to Hindu parents.

Aishwarya, (Indian origin), is a unisex name, meaning, 'someone who brings wealth and prosperity'.

Atharva, (Indian origin), meaning, the 'name of one of the Vedas'.

Avyaan, (Indian origin), meaning, 'Eloquent, One who has no imperfections,' it is a great name for boys.

Babban, (Indian origin), is an Indian boy name, meaning, 'winner'. A truly interesting name.

Bejaan Daruwalla, (Indian origin), meaning, 'lifeless wineseller'.

Chaman, (Indian origin), meaning, 'gardener'.

Champavati, (Indian origin), meaning, 'owner of Champak tree'.

Chitraksh, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who has attractive eyes'. One of the popular names for the male gender.

Circuit, (Indian origin), meaning, 'a complete route'.

Dev, (Indian origin), meaning, 'God'. A great name that can meet every desire of a parent.

Divij, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is born in heaven'.

Gamla, (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'camel'. A great name for an Indian baby.

Gaurav, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who reflects honor, power, respect, and dignity'.

Gossipy, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who gossips a lot'.

Kiran, (Sanskrit origin), meaning, 'ray of light'. No need to browse the internet, this word is a great gender-neutral name that you can finalize during pregnancy itself.

Krishiv, (Indian origin), which means 'the combination of Lord Krishna and Shiva'.

Krishna, (Sanskrit origin), the name of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna, means, 'the one who is all-attractive and notorious', another name for 'Lord Vishnu'.

Manthan, (Indian origin), meaning, 'reflection through study'.

Mayan, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who has a lot of love in his heart'.

Medhansh, (Indian origin), meaning, 'one who has inherited wisdom'.

Mira, (Sanskrit origin), meaning, 'sea, ocean'.

Moksh, (Indian origin), meaning, 'salvation'.

Ojaswat, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who is energetic and can nail every task given to him, someone who will have great artistic skills'.

Pranit, (Indian origin), which means, 'the one who is as dear as life, modest and has great leadership skills'.

Prem, (Sanskrit origin), meaning, 'love'.

Radium, (Indian origin), which means 'a chemical element which radiates rays'.

Ram, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who has a pleasing, charming and a down to earth personality'.

Ravi, (Indian origin), means 'the sun'.

Rayirth, (Indian origin), meaning, 'another name for Lord Brahma'.

Samay, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who depicts time'.

Shray, (Indian origin), means 'to give someone credit'.

Siddh, (Indian origin), means, 'to prove something'.

Stuvaan, (Indian origin), it means, 'to praise'.

Sumitra, (Sanskrit origin), meaning, 'the one who is a good friend'.

Taksh, (Indian origin), meaning, 'golden and divine mountain'.

Tikka, (Finnish origin), meaning, 'woodpecker'. A great word that will fulfill your desire for a gender-neutral name.

Valentine, (Roman origin), meaning, 'strong and healthy'.

Vishnu, (Sanskrit origin), the name of Lord Vishnu means ‘the one who is all pervasive’.

Yug, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who depicts an era'.

Yuvaan, (Indian origin), meaning, 'youthful and strong'.

Zain, (Indian origin), meaning, 'the one who personifies radiance and excellence'.

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