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55 Interesting Harry Potter Nicknames

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Why Harry Potter Nicknames?

The Harry Potter franchise has captivated fans for many years and continues to be a beloved fantasy series for young adults. Fans all over the world have embraced the magical world of Harry Potter and have even incorporated it into their personal identities. The characters in Harry Potter have rich personalities and unique traits that have inspired many nicknames. These nicknames can be valuable for creating fan fiction or simply naming things related to the franchise. With these Harry Potter nicknames, you can immerse yourself even deeper into the wizarding world.

Creative Magic Spell Harry Potter Nicknames

This is a list of specially-curated nicknames for those who have magic spells from the Wizarding World always ready on the tips of their tongues.

Avocado Kedavra -  this nickname sounds bizarre, but it is the perfect nickname for someone who loves avocadoes and the killing spell Avada Kedavra.

Bublilious -  this name will remind any Harry Potter fan of the charm spell Baubillious. This nickname will reflect someone's bubbly and happy personality.

Crucio -  the perfect nickname for someone who loves watching crime-thriller movies.

Draconihorse -  this funny nickname draws inspiration from the spell Draconifors. Someone obsessed with the Wizarding World can be given this name.

Expecto Patronum -  the best nickname for the boy or girl who knows the power of this charm and is also a fan of the Wizarding World.

Finestra -  this name is perfect for anyone clumsy enough to break things wherever they go.

Geminio -  for someone whose zodiac sign is Gemini.

Imperio -  for those who are sorted into House Slytherin and are obsessed with the three Unforgivable Curses of the Wizarding World.

Lumos/Lumos Maxima -  a nickname for the special someone who guides you in the darkness and is the light of your life.

Mimble Jumble -  an adorable name for a close friend or a kid.

Unique Harry Potter Nicknames

If you find it boring to call your friend a Potterhead you can borrow inspiration from some of the rare nicknames in the list below.

Belle Bellatrix -  for a fan of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Bald Grindelwald -  this name falls a bit on the funnier side but certainly is unique.

Bathilda Bagshot -  after Grindelwald, here comes a funny nickname for someone who is wise beyond their years.

Dark Lord -  for a goth boy who loves everything dark and creepy.

Dobbious -  for someone who somewhat matches the energy of Dobby the Elf and are also almost always confused or hesitant.

Dracolex -  a pretty cool nickname for your best friend.

Dumbleduck -  for a cute boy or a naughty friend.

Furious Potter -  the Wizarding World would be quite empty without an angry Potter.

Harry Potato -  a nickname for a couch potato who is obsessed with Harry can bear this name.

Hermione Ginger -  the perfect name to make a red-headed Potter girl happy.

Hungry Hagrid -  for a Potterhead who is also a foodie!

James Potter -  for a James Potter admirer.

King Weasley -  Hogwarts would certainly be empty without a Weasley.

Lockheart -  for a hopeless romantic who knows how to find the key to someone's heart.

Longbottom -  for someone who is as courageous and kind as the Longbottoms.

Lupin Head -  a nickname that pays tribute to Remus Lupin and his brilliant wizarding skills.

Mad Malfoy -  the perfect nickname for someone obsessed with the dreamy Malfoy.

Moony -  a cute nickname, all thanks to Professor Remus Lupin.

Salazar Slytherin -  a Slytherin House fan would definitely be excited if called by this nickname. The perfect name for a proud Slytherin.

Scarheaded -  a person with a scar on their head can be called by this name.

Sirius Black -  Sirius Black is hard to forget, and therefore his name should be kept forever, even if it is just a nickname.

Snuffles -  for someone you adore dearly.

The Apex Predator -  this is a terrific nickname for a fantasy lover.

Cool Harry Potter Nicknames

Some cool and funky nicknames straight from Hogwarts you can use to call your near and dear ones.

Animagus -  for a boy or girl who loves to play pretend.

Bellatrix Black -  for a friend who loves Bellatrix Lestrange.

Charmer -  an apt nickname for a charming individual.

Chosen Centaur -  this nickname is truly magical.

Deathwalker -  the perfect nickname for someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter fan fiction.

Dorky Wizard -  for that socially-awkward boy who always has their nose in a fantasy-themed book.

Frosty Face - a hilarious nickname for someone who loves ice cream!

Furry Beard-  a funny nickname for someone who has a beard as long as Hagrid's!

Grace -  a cute nickname for a girl.

Ice Mice -  the perfect nickname for someone who loves Scabbers and other mice.

Iron Seeker -  a cool name for a strong child.

Jelly Slug -  a funny nickname for someone who is lazy.

King Slayer -  the best nickname for someone who loves fire-breathing dragons.

Kneazle -  an adorable nickname for someone who loves cats and feline beings!

Leviosa -  the perfect nickname for a girl who loves spells and charms.

Little Ferret -  a cute name for someone who is playful and mischievous.

Mad-Eye -  for someone who is highly intelligent and can see things that others miss!

Metamorphmagus -  for the ultimate fan of Kafka and Potter.

Neville -  a cute name for a baby.

Ravenclawy -  for someone who loves the Ravenclaw House.

Sirius -  for the boy or girl who is always buried behind books.

Wand Keeper -  for the one who keeps collections of things.


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