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53 King Nicknames

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King primarily means to be the ruler.

King has commonly used a noun. It denotes someone with the power and responsibility to run a place or be anything.

The nickname for a king is usually ubiquitous and well known in all languages and from all possible origins. Mostly there are interesting nicknames that are memorable, and legend has been named after them.

The basic meaning of a king is to be the ruler and warrior at times, along with having a peaceful and calm mind to fulfill the responsibilities. The nicknames listed below are from different origins. The royal nicknames refer to multiple meanings of a king through various language variants.

Please continue reading to learn more about King nicknames, including the most used, cool, unique, and funny nicknames such as Ghana, Ellis, Maze, and Finn. These nicknames can be used by anyone with a 'kingly' personality.

Most Used Nicknames For King

Many famous and widely used nicknames for kings to choose from have been listed below.

Amok - Referred to as a person who is violently raging and in a pretty uncontrollable manner.

Anaya -  Popular in feminine names, which means God has showered favor without any superior.

Annett - Derived from French origin, which refers to being graceful and merciful.

Assassin - Someone with evil plans.

Clancy - This is referring to someone who is known to be the son of the ruddy warrior,

Dev King - Adding as a prefix to the name, it names to be immortal, charming, and awesome.

Future King - It simply means that the individual will be the king.

Ghana - Means to have enough sufficiency, richness, and contentment.

Louise - Is famously a masculine name that means to be the renowned warrior.

Melissa - Is a Greek-originated name that means honey.

Natasha - Refers to the baby who is born on Christmas day.

Nina - Very evidently, being a female name means little girl.

Trinidad - One of the good nicknames of the king is this, which means holy trinity, the Spanish origin.

Walter - Refers to an individual who is supposed to be the army commander.

Cool Nicknames For King

Quite a few cool nicknames for the king have been listed below.

Brady - Is primarily given to both female and male names, which means to have a broad meadow or large chested.

Brat - Used to describe a child who is irritating, annoying, spoiled, and impolite.

Bunny - A given as a reference to a little rabbit.  

Daisy - A feminine name that refers to a pretty flower.

Ellis - Is primarily a gender-neutral name that means to be kind and benevolent.

Guinevere - A welsh originated female-centric name that means to be the white one or the white fairy.

Gwen Stafani - This is also a welsh origin name given to people that refers to the meaning blessed ring.

Jessamine - A French female name that means jasmine flower, is very true to its literal name.

Lagniappe - This is another variant of the name that chooses to give a small gift to the merchant at the time of the purchase.

Lousia - A female-oriented name given to the people referring to the meaning of a famous warrior.

Mathew - According to Hebrew origin, it relates to being the gift of God.

Unique Nicknames For King

We have come across various kinds of nicknames, so a few unique ones are listed below.

Ander - Is a Scandinavian-derived Greek-rooted nickname that refers to the meaning lion name.

Arjun - This is mainly a Sanskrit-based name given to males that means white, clear, or silver.

Bianca - Usually a female name which refers to the color white.

Cardilac King - As it acts as a prefix, it means to be the little fighter.

Flavion - Greek families choose it as a baby boy's name, which means to have yellow hair.

Jaffery - This is a German-originated English variant nickname that means to pledge of peace.

Madonna - A memorable personality like her is also named after a variant nickname of the king.

Marilyn Monroe - A known legend whose name also means very similar to the nickname.

Mary - Refers to the name meaning beloved, rebelliousness, marine, bitter, etc.

Maze - A Canadian-derived name that refers to the meaning of the gift of God.

Nankeen - Used to refer to a pale yellowish-grey color.

Rhys - A welsh originated name an individual can choose which means enthusiasm and having a passion

Roo - Majorly a female name was given to people referring to companion, friend, and neighbor.

Sunshine - For the king of the people who is as radiant as sunshine.

Wade -  Primarily a masculine name referring to go.

Funny Nicknames For King

Lastly, the list below states funny nicknames for the king.

Amazon - It means to be exotic and very different from others.

Apollo - Being derived from Roman and Greek mythology, it means to be the destroyer.

Bab - Refers to the gateway to heaven and being a traveler.

Bisque - This usually refers to the crayfish and soup.

Bitsy - Primarily a female name from Hebrew origin that means to be pledged to God.

Bree - Is one of the best nicknames as it means people with great noble and power.

Ella - Literally translates itself to the feminine pronouns in Spanish as she and her.

Finn - Primarily an Irish-originated male name, it refers to fair people and things.

Geranium - Can be used when referring to a particular family member with the name widely distributed genus.

Isolde - Derived from the Brythonic 'adsiltia', it means to be gazed upon.

James - Used as a noun from the Hebrew origin, it means supplanter.

Jonas - People are named this who is believed to be peaceful, accomplishing, a gift from God, and are like a dove.

Joshian - Another Latin variation of the nickname given to people that God does support and heal.

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