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100 Last Names That Start With U With Meanings And History

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Surnames that start with U with a deep inner-meaning are a good option for naming your character any day.

There are no hidden nuances or a set rule on choosing a last name with U. Instead, you can simply take your pick of whichever surnames beginning with U suit your taste and preferences.

Start your search for your character's last name with U here, with our list. It should be something that resonates with you personally. U is a special letter of the alphabet that expresses itself creatively. It symbolises inspiration and optimism. Surnames beginning with U are unique and inspiring. People with surnames beginning with U are generally self-confident and creative. U surnames are rare, and to learn the history behind some of the most popular last names, is like the icing on the cake.

Read below the list of last names that start with U and learn about their meanings so you can search for and select the perfect one!

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Popular Last Names That Start With U

Do you know that there were only 23 alphabets and U was not in the list in the beginning? The letter U entered alphabets only after 1650 AD. However, U first names and surnames are very common these days. It is not hard to find common last names that start with U and here is an extensive list below. Many surnames that begin with a U are both unique and sound smart. They make your name stand out anywhere you go. With your last name being your identity, you will be easily noticed and your name will be remembered for a long time.

1. Udané, (Basque origin)  surnames meaning "summer-time".

2. Udüak, (Western African origin)  last names meaning "will-power".

3. Ufuoma, (Western African origin) surnames meaning "sanctity of mind and soul".

4. Uhtríc, (Anglo-Saxon origin) last names meaning "mighty king".

5. Uʻilani, (Hawaiian origin)  last names meaning "beautiful like heaven".

6. Ujárak, (United States origin) last names meaning "rock".

7. Ukâleq, (United States origin) one of the U last names meaning "rabbit/hare".

8. Ulises, (Spanish origin) taken form of ULYSSES.

9. Ulrīc, (English origin) one of the last names that start with U meaning "wolf ruler".

10. Ulrika, (Swedish origin) name states a couple of queens.

11. Ultán, (Irish origin) the name honors the seventh-century Irish saints bearing this name.

12. Umeko, (Japanese origin)  one of the last names starting with U meaning "ripe apricot or plum".

13. Umida, (Uzbek origin) last names that start with U meaning the female form of UMID.

14. Umüt, (Turkish origin)  last names similar to umut and ümit etymologically.

15. Unathi, (Southern African origin)  surnames starting with U meaning "with us".

16. Undine, (Latin origin) surname starting with U mean "huge waves".

17. Uníce, (Old English Origin) alternate surname of EUNICE.

18. Uniqué,  (English Modern origin) U last name from the Old English word unique.

19. Unity, (English origin) from the Old English word "unity".

20. Upasana, (Indian origin) meaning "to worship or devotion".

21. Urania, (Greek origin) states "heavenly".

22. Uranus, (Greek origin) means "heavens".

23. Urbain, (French origin) meaning "city dweller".

24. Urban, (Danish, Swedish, German, Polish, Slovene, Biblical origin) "dweller of a town".

25. Urbana, (Italian origin) meaning "living in the city".

26. Urbano, (Italian, Spanish origin) meaning "city inhabitant".

27. Urbonaś, (Lithuanian origin) meaning "city person".

28. Uriah, (Hebrew origin) surnames starting with U mean "ray of light or flame".

29. Uriél, (Biblical, Hebrew origin) an old U surname meaning "God is one's light".

30. Urièn, (Welsh origin) meaning  "honored birth".

31. Urijah, (Biblical origin) depicting the character in the "Book of Jeremiah".

32. Uriyah, (Biblical Hebrew origin) meaning "light or flame".

33. Uriy'el, (Biblical Hebrew origin) an ancient surname meaning "God is one's light".

34. Urmäs, (Estonian origin) means "iciness" or "cat-kin".

35. Urmazd, (Persian origin) means "lord of wisdom".

36. Ursula, (English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Finnish, Late Roman origin) a name meaning "small-size bear".

37. Usama, (Arabic origin) meaning "king of the jungle -lion".

38. Uśchi, (German origin) surnames starting with U, a diminutive of the word "URSULA".

39. Ushas, (Hindu origin) name meaning "daybreak or sunrise" in Sanskrit.

40. Usko, (Finnish origin) one of the common surnames starting with U meaning " good faith".

41. Usöa, (Basque origin) one of the rare last names meaning "white dove".

42. Uthyr, (Welsh origin), depicting Arthurian Romance.

43. Utku, (Turkish origin) surnames meaning  "triumph or be victorious".

44. Utü, (Sumerian origin) means "sun god's name".

45. Uÿanga, (Mongolian origin) meaning "melodious tune".

46. Uzochi, (Western African origin) meaning  "the way of the Almighty".

47. Uzma, (Western African origin) meaning "the perfect way".

Famous And Common Last Names That Start With U

Father giving his child high five

The most incredible things about society is the number of famous last names that start with U! Yes, you heard it right! Some of these famous U names are the likes of Ulysses, Umberto, Umar, Upton, etc. Interestingly, many of these last name combinations are common last names starting with U and the same two or three letters to make different variations; for example, ‘Uther’ and ‘Uthman’ are amongst the few last names. Take a look at some more below.

48. Ubirâjara, (United States origin), name meaning "spear’s lord".

49. Ülo, (Estonian origin) means "joyfulness".

50. Ulrich, (German origin) the name means "wealth, prosperity and good health".

51. Ulysses, (English origin) The commander of Union forces allows Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885) to become an American president. The Irish author, well-known as James Joyce, used it as his book Ulysses (1920).

52. Umār, (Arabic, Urdu origin) meaning the ‘flourishing population’. In 12th-century, the Persian poet, Umar Khayyam, made the name more memorable.

53. Umberto, (Italian origin) meaning HUMBERT. Another famous bearer of the surnames starting with u one is an Italian author, known as Umberto Eco (1932-2016) census rank  23,006.

54. Upton, (Old English origin) means "upper-town area" census rank  43,500.

55. Urś, (German origin) One of the very cute surnames to start with U meaning " a bear".

56. Usagī, (Japanese origin) one of the common surnames beginning with U meaning "bunny rabbit".

57. Uther, (Welsh origin) taken from the Welsh name Uthyr, means "horrible or bad".

58. Uthman, (Arabic origin) meaning "a baby bustard", census rank  34,578.

59. Uzźi, ( Biblical, Hebrew origin) meaning "individual power", name from various small characters in the Old Testament.

60. Uzžiah (Biblical origin) An old surname to start with U meaning "individual power, or strength".

61. Uzżiel, (Biblical origin) meaning "individual power is the Almighty", census rank 34,526.

62. Üxue, (Basque origin) the name comes from Basque usoa, meaning "white dove" census rank 78,513.

Short Last Names That Start With U

Short last name that starts with U are not so common, but they do exist and sound interesting. All short last names are cute and surnames beginning with U are no exception. Why not search for one from the last names starting with U provided below? Start your search now.

63. Ubon, (Thai origin) meaning "lotus flower" in Thai.

64. Udó, (Western African origin) meaning "harmony and peace".

65.  Ufük, (Turkish origin) means "skyline".

66.  Ugnė,  (Lithuanian origin) means "blazing fire".

67.  Uğur, (Turkish origin) meaning "good prophecy".

68.  Ü-Jin, (Korean origin) means "home or the entire realm".

69.  Ukko, (Finnish origin) means "an old man".

70.  Ula, (Polish origin) also a common female name.

71.  Ulf, (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish origin) means "wolf".

72. Ülkü, (Turkish origin) meaning "the right one/thing".

73. Ulla, (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, and Scandinavian origin) another URSULA name.

74. Ülle, (Estonian origin) female form of ÜLO.

75. Ulvi, (Turkish origin) names, meaning "exalted or become high".

76. Ume,  (Japanese origin) meaning "apricot".

77. Umid,(Uzbek origin) meaning "hope and luck".

78. Ümit, (Turkish origin), meaning  "desire and hope".

79. Úna, (Irish origin) means "little lamb".

80. Ùna, (Scottish origin) names, meaning "the lamb".

81. Unai, (Basque origin) meaning "cowherds".

82. Unni, (Norwegian origin) meaning "love" or "to billow".

83. Unnr, (Ancient Scandinavian origin) names, meaning "waving or billowing".

84. Ural, (Bashkir origin) means "islet".

85. Urd,  means "destiny or fortune".

86. Urho, (Finnish origin), meaning "Braveheart".

87. Uri, (Hebrew origin) meaning "light of an individual".

88. Urrï, (Hebrew origin) meaning "one's light".

89. Uria, (Hebrew origin) means "flame".

90. Uroš, (Serbian origin) means "the man or the lord".

91. Urpi, (native American origin) meaning "white pigeon or dove".

92. Ursa, (Late Roman origin) Feminine word form of URSUS, depicting the name of northern sky’s two constellations.

93. Urvi, (Indian origin) meaning "extensive or widespread".

94. Uzma, (Arabic origin) meaning "the greatest".

Long Last Names That Start With U

If you are looking for long last names that start with U, this is the right place.  From the names mentioned below, search and decide upon the most suitable surname starting with U for your character.

95.  Uaithne, (Irish origin) meaning "green-hued".

96.  Uduakobong, (Western African origin) meaning " the will of the Almighty".

97.  Uladzimir, (Belarusian origin) last names are taken from the word VLADIMIR.

98.  Ulloriaq, (Native American origin) meaning "shining star".

99.  Umuköro, (Western African origin) means "young-aged man".

100. Umaid, (Indian origin) means "expectation".

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