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110+ Long Spanish Names And Surnames With Meanings

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Spanish is one of the top four languages spoken in the world.

This might explain why Spanish baby names are so popular too. Babies born all over the world (not just in Spanish speaking countries) are given beautiful Spanish names everyday!

Spanish people usually have a single first name (called a nombre in Spanish speaking countries) and two surnames (known as apellidos). People usually take the first surname from one part of the family and second surname from the other one. This is also the reason why Spanish names are often very long. However many of them will find it hard to beat the length of the longest known Mexican name, which is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

You might want to select a Spanish baby name to honor your heritage or perhaps you have a Spanish surname too, passing down a family name, that means you have a Spanish full name. Many people really admire the Spanish language and culture so Spanish names like Isabella and Rafaella are popular choices. In this article, we have provided a list of 110+ long Spanish names and surnames with meanings. More more name ideas, check out these Spanish boy names and these Spanish girl names.

Long Spanish First Names For Girls

Here are some of the best long Spanish first names.

1. Adelita, meaning “soldiers” is among the most common Spanish girls' names.

2. Almudena, from the full name of a Saint who lived in Madrid.

3. Beatarisa, meaning “joy”.

4. Bethania, a baby name meaning “house of figs”.

5. Clodeva, meaning “famous warrior”.

6. Catalina, meaning “pure”.

7. Denisa, meaning “unmeasurable bliss”. Names like Denisa are among the most popular Hispanic girls names.

8. Earlene, meaning “noblewoman”.

9. Emiliano, meaning “rival”.

10. Farona, meaning “lighthouse”.

11. Felicidad, meaning “merry and fortunate”.

12. Faustina, meaning “bringer of good luck”.

13. Gabriela, meaning “man of God”. It is one of the most popular Hispanic names for girls.

14. Graciela, meaning “grace”.

15. Herminia, meaning “lady of the earth” is a name that your daughter and family members will love.

16. Honoratas, meaning “honorable”.

17. Isabella, meaning “devoted to God”.

18. Jovena, meaning “ruler” is a strong and powerful name for your baby girl.

19. Juliana, meaning “youthful” is a popular Spanish name for girls.

20. Kasandra, meaning “unheeded prophetess” is an unusual and less common name for your baby girl.

21. Leticia, meaning “happiness” was a famous baby name in the '70s. Giving this name to your baby girl will give her an old school charm.

22. Madalynn, meaning “the woman from Magdala” is one of the Spanglish baby girl names that are a variant of Madeleine. It is one of the most stylish names for your daughter.

23. Madeira, meaning “timber” is among the most interesting female Spanish names for a baby girl.

24. Natalia, meaning “girl”. It is one of the most common Spanish female names.

25. Octaviana, meaning “eighth”. It is among the cutest long Spanish girl names.

26. Querida, meaning “beloved” is a beautiful baby girl name that you can use for your daughter.

27. Rafaela, meaning “healed of God” is a lovely name for someone who believes that their daughter is a gift from God.

28. Tercera, meaning “third” would be a great name for your third child or daughter.

29. Valencia, meaning “strong” is a popular name that has been around for a long time.

30. Ventana, meaning “window” is the perfect name for your daughter who provides a pathway to better and brighter things.

31. Waleska, meaning “glorious ruler or splendid leader” is a great name for your strong daughter.

Little boy and girl kissing their mother


Long Spanish First Names For Boys

If you have just had a baby boy and are looking for long Spanish boy names, read on.

32. Agapito, meaning “beloved” is a wonderful and powerful Hispanic name.

33. Alejandro, meaning “a warrior” is a unique pronunciation and a cognate of the popular name Alexander. It is also one of the most popular Hispanic names for boys.

34. Aureliano, meaning “golden” is an amazing name for your baby boy.

35. Cristobal, meaning “bearer of Christ” is a wonderful and religious Hispanic name for your son.

36. Esteban, meaning “crown” is a variant of the name Stephen that offers a touch of class.

37. Emigdio, meaning “Demigod” is a popular and interesting Hispanic name.

38. Edmundo, meaning “protector of prosperity” is a perfect name for your little prince.

39. Florencio, meaning “blossoming” is a sweet name for your baby boy.

40. Facundo, meaning “eloquent” is a wonderful name for your baby boy. The name has a masculine vibe and will be an intriguing choice.

41. Guillermo, meaning “a resolute protector” is considered to be a Spanish form of William, a popular British name.

42. Gualtiero, meaning “ruler of the army” is a Hispanic name that is also popular in Germany and Australia.

43. Hermenegildo, meaning “sacrifice or giving” is a name that you can give to your son to teach him about the art of giving and encouraging him to be kind.

44. Hernando, meaning “dedicated to peace” is a beautiful name that will connect your son with peace and calmness. It is one of the most popular first names for a boy.

45. Joaquin, meaning “God established” is the perfect name for your son who will light up your home.

46. Jeronimo, meaning “a holy name” is a unique Hispanic baby name you can use for your child.

47. Lorenzo, meaning  “a man from Laurentum” is a masculine name that is a variant of Lawrence. Even though it is a common name in Spain it actually has Italian origin.

48. Leonardo, meaning “brave as a lion” is among the most popular first names for boys. It is a masculine name that is trendy and perfect for your baby boy.

49. Leocadio, meaning  “bright clear light” is a great name for your new baby who can light up your future.

50. Leoncio, meaning “lion like” is a masculine and powerful name that you can use for your son that will give him a bold vibe.

51. Ladislao, meaning  “one who rules with glory” is a regal name that will brighten up the life of your child.

52. Maximiano, meaning “the greatest” is a great name for your son.

53. Nazario, meaning  “from Nazareth” is an interesting Hispanic name that is also widely used in Portugal, Italy and Australia.

54. Natanael, meaning “given by God” is among the most wonderful and long Mexican names for your baby boy.

55. Octavio, meaning “eighth” is a modern and chic name that will be an ideal choice for your son if he is born on the eighth of any more or in October.

56. Patriciao, meaning “of noble birth” is the perfect way to celebrate your little baby boy.

57. Santiago, meaning “supplanter” is a unique name that is of Spanish origin but is also popular in Portugal, China, Japan and France.

58. Sebastian, meaning “revered” is an adorable Hispanic name that is derived from the Greek language. It is among the most common Spanish names.

59. Salvador, meaning “savior” is a classic Hispanic name that is also quite popular in Mexico.

60. Victor, meaning “victorious” is a wonderful name that can teach your child to work towards victory.

Gender Neutral Long Spanish First Names

A Spanish kid with pink dress and headband

If you want a gender neutral Spanish first name for your child, check out this list of long Spanish first names.

61. Aguilar, meaning “haunt of eagles” is a Spanish baby name that will be an interesting choice for your girl or boy.

62. Amadis, meaning “love of God” is a variant of the Latin name Amadeus. It is also among the most common and popular Latin names.

63. Camille, meaning “perfect” is usually a girl’s name but it can be used for a boy as well. It has French origins but is among the most popular Spanish names in Spain and Mexico today

64. Castel, meaning “castle” is a topographic name that is derived from the late Latin 'castellum'. It is among the most interesting Latina names.

65. Claude, meaning “stuttering or limping” is a derivative from the word 'claudicatio' which is an uncommon name that can be used for boys and girls.

66. Madrid, refers to Spain's principal city and is a derivative of the late Latin 'matrix'. The origin of this name is uncertain.

67. Marion, meaning “from the sea” is a unisex baby name that is a diminutive form of Mary.

68. Naolin, meaning ''Aztec God of the sun” is a wonderful and extraordinary name for your boy or girl.

69. Valentine, meaning “strong and healthy” is derived from Valentinus, a Roman family name. This name has been used by several saints from the Roman Catholic Church.

Long Spanish Surnames

Here are some long Spanish surnames that will work well as a first surname or second surname.

70. Abarca, meaning “maker of the leather shoes” is an occupational surname.

71. Abaroa, meaning “refuge” is derived from the word 'abaro'.

72. Alamilla, meaning “aspen tree” or “a poplar tree” is derived from 'alamillo'.

73. Alcaraz, means “cherry” in Arabic. But, it is also the name of a municipality in Albacete, a Spanish province.

74. Balcazar, means “Bel protect the King” in Hebrew. In the Babylonian Empire, there was a King whose name was Bel.

75. Banderas, meaning “those working as flag bearers” is an occupational surname. In Spanish, Banderas means “a banner or a flag”.

76. Barbero, meaning “berard” is a word that comes from the Latin word 'barba'. It is an occupational surname in Spanish that refers to a "barber-surgeon".

77. Bardales, meaning “place covered with thorns” is a toponymic surname.

78. Basurto, refers to a district in the city of Bilbao, Basurto-Zorroza.

79. Cabello, meaning “a person with luxurious hair growth” or “a knight” is derived from the Latin word 'capillus'.

80. Cabrera, meaning “a place of goats” is among the most common Spanish last names, a habitational surname.

81. Campana, meaning “bell maker” or “a bell ringer” is a metonymic occupational surname. The name is as such because the the first bells were made in Campania.

82. Candella, meaning “candlemaker” or “candle” is a metonymic occupation surname that is derived from 'chandler', a Spanish word.

83. Clemente, meaning “gentle” or “merciful” is a surname derived from Clemens, a Latin name.

84. De Jesus, meaning “of Jesus” is a patronymic surname derived from the father’s name.

85. Del Campo, meaning “someone from the field or del” is a common Spanish surname.

86. Domingo, meaning “of the Lord” is derived from Dominicus, a Latin name.

87. Echeverria, refers to the place called Etxeberria, located in the Basque country of Spain. It is a toponymic last name.

88. Elizondo, meaning “people who live under or near a church” is derived from 'eleiza', a Basque word.

89. Esperanza, meaning “expectation” or “to hope” in Latin is a classic Spanish surname.

90. Gabaldon, refers to a municipality in Spain’s Cuenca province and is a common Spanish surname.

91. Hidalgo, meaning “nobleman” or “gentleman” is a surname that has been attested since the 12th century.

92. Huerto, meaning “orchard” or “garden” is a surname that was adopted by people who were living near a garden.

93. Iglesias, meaning “church” or “dweller near a church” is a variant of Iglesias, Iglesia and Yglesia.

94. Ignacio, meaning “born from the fire” originates from Egnatius, a Roman family name.

95. Imperial, meaning “royalty” is a surname directly derived from the word 'imperial'.

96. Jaramillo, refers to a place located in Spain’s Burgos province.

97. Juaquin, meaning “lifted by God” is a surname of Hebrew origin.

98. Martinez, meaning “son of Martin” is one of the most common Spanish last names and a common name used in Cuenca, La Rioja.

99. Mendoza, meaning “a cold mountain” is among the most popular Spanish last names. The surname originated from the Basque region.

100. Quevedo, is a Spanish last name that refers to the Casa de Quevedo located in the Albacete province.

101. Quijada, meaning “jawbone” or “someone with a prominent jaw” is is among the most popular and long Spanish last names.

102. Rodriguez, meaning “famous power” refers to the “son of Rodrigo” is a surname derived from Roderick, a Germanic name. It is among the most common Mexican last names.

103. Rozario, meaning “prayer beads” or “rosary beads” is a common surname.

104. Salvador, meaning “saviour” is a surname derived from 'salvator', a Latin word. It is also one of the most popular Hispanic last names.

105. Talamantes, meaning “belonging to the Talamantes of Spain’s Zaragoza province” is a common Spanish surname.

106. Trinidad, meaning “holy trinity” or “son of the descendant of Trinidad” is a surname derived from the word 'trinitas'.

107. Urbano, meaning “city dweller” is a surname derived from the word 'urbanus'.

108. Valdez, meaning “son of Baldo” is a surname derived from 'bald', an old German word that means “brave”.

109. Valenciano, refers to the city Valencia.

110. Vicioso, meaning “living in a village” is a rare Spanish name that has Romano-Latin origin.

111. Vidales, meaning “life”, from 'vita', a Latin word.

112. Villanueva, meaning “new settlement” is a variant of the word 'villanova'.

113. Zacaris, meaning “God” in Hebrew is a common Spanish surname.

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