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120 Medieval Last Names For Your World Building

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Why Medieval Last Names?

Surnames originated to categorize people based on their occupations, places of origin, clan allegiance, patronage, paternity, adoption, and even physical traits (like red hair). In medieval England, surnames became more common after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Surnames still have the same significance in Medieval England as they do now when we effectively inherit our surname. You can always invent a surname name by referencing a specific location in England during the Medieval time. Surnames from the Middle Ages have far more valuable meanings attached to them, and they evoke feelings of honor, family, and protection. Choosing a medieval name for your character's surname can inspire a sense of honor, protection, and family. Medieval English, German, Roman, and Norse names are all possibilities that have long been known for their hard work, weaponry, and loyalty to those they love.

Popular Medieval Surnames

1. Beckett - (Old English Origin) means 'beehive.'

2. Brewer - (English Origin) means 'to brew.'

3. Browne - (English Origin) 'dark-haired.'

4. Carey - (Celtic Origin) means 'near the castle.'

5. Ead - (Old English Origin) is a surname for 'abundant riches.'

6. Fischer - (German Origin) 'one who fishes.'

7. Geoffrey - (Anglo-Norman Origin) means 'God's peace.'

8. Haynes - (English Origin) means 'enclosure.'

9. Hill - (English Origin) means 'lives on a hill.'

10. Hughes - (Irish Origin) means 'son of Hugh.'

11. Kimball - (Welsh Origin) for a 'warrior chief.'

12. Klein - (German Origin) means 'small.'

13. Koch - (German Origin) means 'cook.'

14. Kruger - (German Origin) means 'potter.'

15. Maddock - (Celtic Origin) means 'charitable or benevolent.'

16. Norman - (English Origin) translates to 'north man.'

17. Nuemann - (German Origin) means 'new person.'

18. Payne - (English Origin) means 'Pagan.'

19. Schafer - (German Origin) means 'shepherd.'

20. Schneider - (German Origin) for someone 'who cuts.'

21. Taylor - (English Origin) 'to tailor.'

22. Turner - (English Origin) means 'someone who works a lathe.'

23. Wood - (Middle English Origin) 'lives in the woods.'

24. Wright - (England Origin) means 'woodworker.'

25. Zimmerman - (German Origin) represents a 'carpenter.'

Unique Medieval Surnames

26. Aaberg - (Scandinavian Origin) meaning 'river hill.'

27. Adalbert - (German Origin) means "noble."

28. Albrecht - (German Origin) means 'famous.'

29. Alwyn - (Teutonic Origin) means 'loved by all.'

30. Annora - (Latin Origin) for 'honor.'

31. Arvel - (Welsh Origin) means 'cried over.'

32. Ashdown - (English Origin) means 'lives on ash tree hill.'

33. Audovera - (German Origin) 'battle warrior.'

34. Badden - (Welsh Origin) means 'boar.'

35. Bartholomew - (English Origin) 'son of Talmai.'

36. Burchard - (Anglo-Saxon Origin) represents a 'strong fortress.'

37. Cosimo - (Greek Origin) for 'beauty.'

38. Enegram - (Greek Origin) for 'nine.'

39. Frithswith - (Anglo-Saxon Origin) means 'strong peace.'

40. Grimald - (German Origin) means 'grim ruler.'

41. Hankin - (Medieval Origin ) diminutive of 'Hann.'

42. Hilith - (British Origin) means 'battle.'

43. Isolda - (Welsh Origin) means 'fair.'

44. Kaiser - (German Origin) means 'emperor.'

45. Louthy - (Old English Origin) 'of the loud river.'

46. MacQuoid - (Scottish Origin) means 'son of fire.'

47. Mannering - (Anglo-Norman Origin) means 'guard.'

48. Merek - (Polish Origin) means 'strong ruler.'

49. Nesta - (Welsh Origin) means 'pure.'

50. Olbrecht - (German Origin) 'of famed heritage.'

51. Pernelle - (French Origin) means 'rock.'

52. Pythias - (Greek Origin) means 'to rot.'

53. Rainilda - (Dutch Origin) means 'rain warrior.'

54. Rolfe - (German Origin) means 'renowned wolf.'

55. Sallow - (Middle English Origin) means 'of the sallow tree.'

56. Squire - (French Origin) ranked below a knight.

57. Terrowin - (English Origin) means 'a strategic genius.'

58. Theano - (Greek Origin) means 'divine.'

59. Tonis - (Greek Origin) means 'flower.'

60. Umfrey - (Welsh Origin) form of Humphrey.

61. Veit - (German Origin) represents a Saint against fire.

62. Wymarc - (Anglo-Saxon Origin) means 'mouth of the River Wey.'

Royal Medieval Surnames

names for world building that are lovable

69. MacAulish - (Scottish Origin ) means 'son of Wallace.'

70. Wallace - (Scottish Origin) after William Wallace, for a 'Welshman.'

Medieval Surnames Inspired By 'Game of Thrones'

71. Baratheon - (Greek Origin), after Joffrey, means 'son of Theon.'

72. Drogo - (Old Norse Origin), after Khal, means 'to drag.'

73. Lannister - (French Origin) after Tyrion, similar to a name for 'master.'

74. Stark - (Middle English Origin) after Arya, Sansa, Eddard, Bran, and Robb, means 'unyielding.'

Medieval Surnames Inspired By 'Reign'

75. Castleroy - (Irish Origin) after 'Greer,' a suburb in Ireland.

76. De Valois - (French Origin) after 'Francis,' means 'valley.'

77. Narcisse - (French Origin) after 'Stephane,' form of Narcissus.

78. Tudor - (Welsh Origin) after Elizabeth, 'for the king of the people.'

Medieval Surnames Inspired By 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail'

79. Bedevere - (Welsh Origin) means 'birch man.'

80. Bors - (German Origin) from the Medieval English name, 'Liborious.'

81. Galahad - (English Origin) means 'noble.'

82. Launcelot - (French Origin) means 'servant.'

83. Maynard - (Old English Origin) represents 'strength.'

Medieval Surnames Inspired By 'Black Death'

84. Averill - (Old English Origin) means 'boar battle.'

85. Langiva - (Old Norse Origin) represents a 'long life.'

86. Osmund - (Greek Origin) means 'God of protection.'

87. Ulric - (English Origin) means 'wolf ruler.'

Medieval Surnames Inspired By 'Merlin'

88. Arthur - (Gaelic Origin) means 'bearer of the stone.'

89. Gaius - (Latin Origin) means 'person of Earth.'

90. Gwaine - (Latin Origin), a nephew of King Arthur.

91. Leon - (Greek Origin) for 'lion.'

92. Merlin - (Welsh Origin) means 'sea fortress.'

93. Morgana - (Welsh Origin) means 'great circle.'

Medieval First Names As Surnames

94. Ada - (German Origin) means 'nobility.' An example of a boy name pairing is 'Elias Ada.' An example of a girl name pairing is 'Elizabeth Ada.'

95. Adam - (Hebrew Origin) 'comes from the earth.' An example of a boy name pairing is 'Johannes Adam.' An example of a girl name pairing is 'Bethany Adam.'

96. Agnes - (Roman Origin) means 'holy.' An example of a girl name pairing is 'Barbara Agnes.'

97. Cecily - (English Origin) for someone 'who is blind to their beauty.' An example of a male name pairing is 'Peter Cecily.' An example of a female name pairing is 'Isolda Cecily.'

98. Joan - (Hebrew Origin) for 'gracious God.' An example of a male name pairing is 'Timothy Joan.' An example of a girl name pairing is 'Sabina Joan.'

99. John - (Hebrew Origin) means 'gracious Yahweh.' An example of a boy name pairing is 'Robert John.'

100. Katherine - (Greek Origin) means 'pure.' An example of a female name pairing is 'Eva Katherine.'

101. Nicola - (Greek Origin) for 'victory.' An example of a boy name pairing is James Nikola. An example of a girl name pairing is 'Emma Nikola.'

102. Penn - (German Origin) for 'commander.' An example of female name pairing is 'Treasa Penn.' An example of a male name pairing is 'Roger Penn.'

103. Richard - (German Origin) represents a 'brave leader.' An example of a boy name pairing is 'Myles Richard.'

104. Rowan - (Irish Origin) means 'little red one.' An example of a female name pairing is 'Blanchard Rowan.' An example of a male name pairing is Thomas Rowan.

105. William - (German Origin) represents 'protection.' An example of a boy name pairing is Henry William. An example of a girl name pairing is 'Beatrice William.'

Medieval Words That Work As Surnames

106. Constable - A noble's principal officer

107. Crusader - A member fighting during the Crusades (religious wars).

108. King Borough - A self-governed town.

109. King Dagger - A small sword.

110. Knight Penny - A coin.

111. Madam Noble - Someone of high royalty.

112. Madam Swordsmith - Referring to a blade maker.

113. Melee - A word that refers to combat between knights.

114. Scribe Buckler - A small shield.

115. Sir Armor - Representing a knight's protective cover.

116. Sir Chainmail - Depicting metal-ringed armor.

117. Sir Morrow - Morrow is a way to say good day.

118. Fairclough - Means fayr (fair, beautiful) + clough (narrow valley, ravine).

119. Loder - A word that refers to lode (to load), lode (path, road, watercourse).

120. Buller - A word that refers to bulle (letter, document).

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