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150+ Mongolian Surnames With Meanings And History

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In certain parts of the world, a last name is used to identify individuals by their families or clans.

It is also the case in Mongolia that last names are used as a means of identification or affiliation with certain clans or tribes. Most names are patronymic, which means individuals bear their father’s name as their surname.

In Mongolia, names are traditionally given by the parents or an elderly person in the family, or by a religious figure. Since most people take their father’s name as a surname, it is easy to identify which family someone belongs to.

At one point in history, the personal names of past rulers were tabooed, meaning that it is now considered wrong to want to name a new child after a past ruler. Clan names are also an important part of the Mongolian naming system. In some clans, such as the Kalmyks, the clan’s name is not reflected in the naming system of families that live in the clan. However, clan names are still very relevant among many clans, such as the Buryats.

Mongolia as a country has a varied history, those who live their today are known as Mongolians, whereas throughout history the term Mongols has been used to describe individuals living in the Mongol Empire. The Mongols were a central Asian ethnographic group. During the time of the Mongol Empire, names from other tribes, traditions, religions and countries are also seen in the naming system of the Mongols. Many such names have faded away since the Mongolian dynasty was overthrown. One name that hasn't faded from our memories at least, is Genghis Khan. Khan was the most famous Mongolian, he led the Mongols from 1162-1227.

Here is a list of Mongolian surnames from times past and from the modern era with meanings and a little history behind each name.

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Ancient Mongolian Surnames

The summer prairie and cloudscape of Hulunbuir of China.

Ancient Mongolian names were more auspicious than most other names. These names were diffused with foreign languages and other cultures. Mongols and Mongolians are sometimes used interchangeably but are not the same thing. The former refers to people from a specific ethnic group, while the latter refers to individuals who live in the country and could be from anywhere originally. The term Mongols is also used to refer to the ancestors of Mongolian people today. Now, let’s find out some of the ancient Mongolian names of history. Mongolian clan names make the most of this list.

1. Aigiarn (Mongol origin) means “shining moon,” and it is the name of one of Kublai Khan’s nieces.

2. Altanbaatariin (Mongol origin) means “golden” or “red dawn”.

3. Atkiray (Mongol origin) means “stallion”.

4. Berke (Turkish origin) means "difficult", "hard" or "strong".

5. Borte (Mongol origin) the name of the first wife of Genghis Khan, the most famous Mongolian.

6. Budashiri (Arabic origin) the meaning of this surname is unknown.

7. Buqu (Mongol origin) meaning “deer”

8. Buyantu (Mongol origin) meaning “good” or “blessed”.

9. Chabi (Mongol origin) was an Empress and was later married to Kublai Khan, making her the wife of the Mongol Khagan dynasty.

10. Conchaka (Mongol origin) the meaning of this name is unknown.

11. Gegeen (Mongol origin) meaning “bright” or “enlightened”.

12. Goland (Unknown origin) the meaning of this name is unknown.

13. Guyuk (Mongol origin) this was the name of the third Great Khan of the Mongolian Empire.

14. Jayaatu (Mongol origin) in the Mongol Empire, Jayaatu is regarded as the 12th Great Khan.

15. Jochi (Mongol origin) meaning “guest,” this surname was sometimes given to a child whose paternity was uncertain. It was the name of one of the sons of Mongol Khagan.

16. Genghis (Mongol origin) means “universal ruler” and was adopted by the founder of the Mongol Empire Temujin (who became Genghis Khan).

17. Keremun (Mongol origin) meaning “squirrel”.

18. Khutughtu (Mongol origin) meaning “blessed,” and this was the name of the 13th Khagan of the Mongol Empire.

19. Kokachin (Mongol origin) was the name of the Princess of the Yuan dynasty and belonged to the Mongol tribe Bayaut.

20. Kokecu (Mongol origin) meaning “titmouse”.

21. Kucugur (Mongol origin) meaning “fieldmouse”.

22. Kulug (Mongol origin) meaning “hero,” and was given to a brave male figure.

23. Mandughai (Mongol origin) the meaning of this name is uncertain.

24. Mongke (Mongol origin) meaning “eternal” or “everlasting,” usually given to male children.

25. Ögeday (Mongol origin) was the name of the son of Genghis Khan.

26. Ögedei (Turkish origin) the meaning is unknown, but the name came about by the second Khagan of the Mongol Empire.

27. Ögoljin (Mongol origin) meaning “hoopoe”.

28. Orqina (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is not certain.

29. Qaliyun (Mongol origin) meaning “otter”

30. Qongqor (Mongol origin) meaning “chestnut,” the horse color.

31. Ragibagh (Mongol origin). In the Mongol Empire, he is regarded as the 11th Great Khan.

32. Rinchinbal (Tibetan origin) derived from two phrases, 'chen' means “valuable, precious” and 'dbal' means “splendor, glory”.

33. Solangqa (Mongol origin) meaning “marten”.

34. Sorkhaqtani (Mongol origin) the wife of Ogodei and mother of Great Khan Mongke.

35. Toghon (Mongol origin) meaning “pot”.

36. Toregene (Mongol origin) was a Great Khatun and a Regent of the Mongol Empire.

37. Ular (Mongol origin) meaning “black goose”.

38. Ülgen (Turkish origin) meaning “magnificent”.

39. Unuyucar (Mongol origin) meaning “foal”.

40. Uquna (Mongol origin) meaning “male goat”.

41. Yesun (Mongol origin) refers to the number nine, which is considered to be a lucky number and represents abundance.

42. Zhenjin (Chinese origin) means “true gold”, he was the second son of Kublai Khan and the head of the Central Secretariat.

Modern Mongolian Surnames

Closeup infant baby girl is sucking fingers.

Mongolian names have undergone a change in recent history. Whilst, widespread cultural diffusion can be seen in some of the past names, in recent years the country has gone back to its roots and more traditional names have become popular again. Take a look at the most common Mongolian surnames of today in this list. When pronouncing these names, the vowel sounds must be pronounced harshly.

43. Abaka (Tagalog origin) means “plant”.

44. Altankhuyag (Mongol origin) means "golden forehead”. Famous last name bearer: Former Prime Minister of Mongolia, Norovyn Altankhuyag.

45. Baatar (Mongol origin) means “hero”.

46. Batmönkh (Mongol origin) is a well known first name in Mongolia today.

47. Batsaikhan (Mongol origin) means “strong" and "nice”.

48. Battulga (Mongol origin) is a strong masculine name.

49. Boldbaatar (Russian origin) although the name originates from Russia, it is mostly used in Mongolia today.

50. Byambajav (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is not quite clear.

51. Chuluunbaatar (Russian origin) the meaning of the name is unknown, but it is a name that is predominantly found in Asia.

52. Damdin (Mongol origin) means “red hero” and is used to honor a brave soldier.

53. Damdinsüren (Mongol origin) was the name of a military commander and Mongolian diplomat who fought for the independence of Mongolia in 1911.

54. Davaa (Mongol origin) means “beloved”.

55. Dorj (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is unclear.

56. Enkhtör (Mongol origin) the name's meaning is unknown.

57. Erdene (Mongol origin) means “jewel”.

58. Gankhuyag (Russian origin) is a name that is more common in Mongolia than in any other part of the world.

59. Gansükh (Mongol origin) means “steel-ax”.

60. Gombo (Hungarian origin) an occupational name for someone who combs wool.

61. Gombosüren (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is unknown.

62. Jargal (Mongol origin) means “happiness,” and is also a way of signifying people.

63. Jargalsaikhan (Mongol origin) is derived from two words, 'zhargal' meaning "happiness" and 'saikhan' meaning "handsome, nice and beautiful".

64. Khürelbaatar (Mongol origin) the meaning of this name is unknown.

65. Lkhagva (Tibetan origin) means "mercury, Wednesday".

66. Mönkhbayar (Mongol origin) means "eternal joy".

67. Mönkhjargal (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is unknown.

68. Namsrai (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is unknown.

69. Natsagdorj (Mongol origin) this is the name of a famous poet and writer.

70. Nyamdorj (Mongol origin) a famous bearer of the name, is Mongolia politician, Tsendiin Nyamdorj.

71. Nyamsüren (Mongol origin) is one of the most common names in Mongolia.

72. Ochirbat (Mongol origin) is a name given to someone of great prominence.

73. Otgonbaatar (Mongol origin) is a name given to a strong leader.

74. Pürevdorj (Mongol origin) is a popular male given name.

75. Pürevsüren (Mongol origin) is a name given to a child who is considered special.

76. Sambuu (Mongol origin) is a popular matronymic name in Mongolia.

77. Sharav (Arabic origin) meaning “honor”.

78. Sükhbaatar (Mongol origin) means “axe hero” and is symbolic for a strong hero.

79. Tömörbaatar (Mongol origin) means “iron hero”.

80. Tsend (Chinese origin) means “high”.

81. Tserendorj (Mongol origin) is the name of a well known Buddhist.

82. Uuganbayar (Mongol origin) the name has roots in Russian and can be spelt in the Russian language, however, it is one of the most prominent names in Mongolia today.

Popular Mongolian Surnames

Over the years, some names have gained more popularity than others. These names are the most recent names that are very much in circulation today. Since Mongolian last names are patronymic, they are generally represented by the initials, and the bearer is primarily addressed by his or her given name. Here are some common Mongolian last names for you to learn about.

83. Altantsetseg (Mongol origin) means “golden flower”.

84. Batbayar (Mongol origin) means “unyielding happiness”.

85. Bat-Erdene (Mongol origin) meaning “firm jewel”.

86. Batjargal (Mongol origin) meaning “firm happiness”.

87. Bolormaa (Mongol origin) means “crystal lady”.

88. Enkhjargal (Mongol origin) means ‘happiness, peaceful”.

89. Enkhtuya (Mongol origin) meaning “ray of peace”.

90. Erdenechimeg (Mongol origin) means “jewel decoration”.

91. Ganbaatar (Mongol origin) means “steel hero”.

92. Ganbold (Mongol origin) means “steel”.

93. Gantulga (Mongol origin) means “steel hearth”.

94. Ganzorig (Mongol origin) meaning “courage of steel”.

95. Lkhagvasüren (Mongol origin) meaning “great healer”.

96. Narantsetseg (Mongol origin) meaning “sunflower”.

97. Nergüi (Mongol origin) meaning “nameless”.

98. Mönkhbat (Mongol origin) meaning “eternal firmity”.

99. Mönkh-Erdene (Mongol origin) meaning “eternal jewel

100. Mönkhtsetseg (Mongol origin) means “eternal flower”.

101. Otgonbayar (Mongol origin) meaning “budding happiness”.

102. Oyuunchimeg (Mongol origin) means “decoration consisting of a notable mind”.

Unique Mongolian Surnames

The Mongolian surnames list below includes some unique names that are less than common around the world, and even in their country of origin. Most of these Mongolian nomadic names are personal and are often used as a patronymic last name. A father can decide to use his personal name as the family name if he wishes in Mongolia. Many of these unique Mongolian family names have been derived in this way.

103. Altansükh (Mongol origin) is a very unique family name.

104. Amarjargal (Mongol origin) means “golden hero”.

105. Avirmed (Mongol origin) means “border person’.

106. Battömör (Mongol origin) is a name that is not commonly found in Mongolia.

107. Batnasan (Mongol origin) is a name of Buddhist origin that is not commonly used.

108. Battsengel (Mongol origin) means “the bowed”.

109. Bolormaa (Mongol origin) means “crystal woman”.

110. Chagetai (Mongol origin) this is a family name in Mongolia.

111. Dash (Mongol origin) is usually used as a topographical name.

112. Davaanyam (Mongol origin) is a unique patronymic name.

113. Enebish (Mongol origin) means “not this one”.

114. Enkhtuyaa (Mongol origin) means “ray of peace”.

115. Gombojav (Mongol origin) is sometimes used as a first name.

116. Jadamba (Mongol origin) means “farmer” or “earth worker”.

117. Janchiv (Mongol origin) the meaning of this name is not quite known.

118. Khaltar (Turkic origin) means “the west”.

119. Luvsandorj (Mongolian origin), the meaning of this name is unknown.

120. Mendbayar (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is not quite certain.

121. Narangerel (Mongol origin) means “sun light”.

122. Narantsetseg (Mongol origin) means “sun flower”.

123. Nyamdavaa (Indian origin) the meaning of the name is not clear.

124. Odgerel (Mongol origin) the name is not very common at all.

125. Oidov (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name is not known.

126. Otgon (Mongol origin) is a regional name that refers to a province in western Mongolia.

127. Oyuunchimeg (Mongol origin) means “decorated noble”.

128. Oyuuntsetseg (Mongol origin) a gender neutral first name that can also be used as a surname.

129. Puntsag (Mongol origin) another non gendered name.

130. Ragchaa (Sanskrit origin) means “archetype,” and is most often used to refer to things in nature.

131. Rentsendorj (Mongol origin) the meaning of the name isn't clear.

132. Samdan (Persian origin) the meaning is not certain.

133. Sandag (Mongol origin) mostly given to boys.

134. Sanjaa (Croatian origin) means “dream”.

135. Sodnom (Mongol origin) is a unique name that also has some roots in Russia.

136. Sumyaa (Mongol origin) a beautiful Mongolian last name.

137. Terbish (Mongol origin) means “not that one”.

138. Togtokh (Mongol origin) the meaning of this name is unknown.

139. Tsend-Ayuush (Mongol origin) a good surname, but one that is rare in Mongolia today.

140. Tseveen (Mongol origin) a rare name.

141. Tsegmid (Mongol origin) is a patronymic name.

142. Tsogtbaatar (Mongol origin) means “white crest”.

143. Tsogbadrakh (Mongol origin) the meaning is not clear.

144. Tungalag (Mongol origin) means “jewel clear”.

145. Ulambayar (Mongol origin) is a special patronymic name.

146. Uranchimeg (Mongol origin) can be used as a character name.

147. Yadamsüren (Mongol origin) the name is found mostly in Asia among its few bearers.

148. Yondon (Mongolian origin) an unusual name.

149. Zorigtbaatar (Mongol origin) means “agitated person”.

150. Zundui (Mongol origin) a good patronymic name.

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