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When it comes to scary monster names meaning monster, the names which might come to your mind are Loch Ness monster, Kraken, Lord Sauron, and Bigfoot.

In common folklore, a monster is shown as a giant dragon or a giant beast, a scary figure active at night that can generate terror in everyone. The giant beast could be the devil, ghost, or hag who is free to roam around even in water and ooze pure horror.

These days, kids have an unabashed fascination for red monsters; come on, who blames them? It is only natural; monsters are some of the most incredible creatures to ever exist in the fictional world. 

Look through the following list containing some of the most fascinating giant monster names and use one of these monster names for anything, for your dog, maybe? Or one of your toys? If you are here to satisfy your curiosity, check these demon names and necromancer names.

One-eyed Monster Names

One-eyed monsters are also called cyclops, and you might have heard the monster's name in one of your books. Come on then, let's take a look at their names. 

Arges (Greek origin) meaning ‘bright’ represents brightness. This monster is one of the three cyclops smith gods in Greek mythology. 

Balor (Irish origin) means ‘a king of Fomorians.' Fomorians were evil supernatural beings. Whenever Balor opened his one single large eye, it is believed that it would create havoc in the world. 

Bungisngis (Philippine origin) means ‘to giggle,’ which is derived from the Cebuano word ngisi. 

Dajjal (Islam origin) means ‘deceiver’ in Arabic. He was one of the anarchist figures in Islam folklore and legends. It is said that he was a malevolent prophet who would fool people into following Satan. 

Fachan (Celtic origin) means ‘half of human beings.' This creature was famous for having one arm, one eye, and one leg. 

The Graeae (Greek origin) means ‘old women.’ They are three witches sharing one body and possessing a single side-eye, and they were defeated by Perseus. 

Hagen (Norse origin) means ‘hedge.’ This monster was a Burgundian warrior who happened to have one eye. 

Hitotsume-Kozo (Japanese origin) means ‘yokai of japan.’ These monsters are often depicted as bald-headed children with one eye on the center of their forehead. 

Jian (Chinese origin) means ‘to see.’ This was a type of bird monster having one eye and one wing. 

Kabandha (Indian origin) means ‘rakshasa’ in Hindu mythology. These monsters appear in the legends Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

Kasa Obake (Japanese origin) meaning ‘umbrella monster,' is also a yokai, a ghost who takes fun in scaring people for fun. 

Likho (Slavic origin) means ‘embodiment of evil.’ This monster figure is famous for bringing evil fate and misfortune to the people. 

Mapinguari (Brazilian origin) means ‘the roaring animal.’ It is a monstrous creature that is said to dwell in the Amazon rainforest. 

Ojancanu (Cantabrian origin) means ‘embodiment of cruelty.’ This monster is about 10-16 ft (305-488 cm) tall and is said to bring misfortune to the people. Its strength was such that it was one of the strongest creatures in Cantabrian mythology. 

Popobawa (Tanzanian origin) means ‘bat wing,’ which is an evil monster that can shapeshift and appear like a one-eyed bat creature. 

Psoglav (Serbian origin) meaning ‘dog head,’ is an evil one-eyed dog monster in Serbian mythology. It is described as having iron teeth and horse legs with a human body.

Snallygaster (American origin) meaning ‘bird reptile,’ is a one-eyed monster that is said to wander the halls of Washington DC and Maryland. 

Steropes (Greek origin) meaning ‘lightning,’ is a one-eyed cyclops in Greek mythology. 

Tepegoz (Turkish origin) meaning ‘king of cyclops,’ is a monster that appears in the book of dede korkut. 

Famous Monster Names

Before appearing on TV and in books like 'Lord Of The Rings,' 'Harry Potter' and other fantasy fiction popularized them to a large extent. So here is the list of some of the most popular monster names. 

Asura (Indian origin) meaning ‘a demon,’ is a large being with supernatural abilities. 

Banshee (Celtic origin) meaning ‘woman of the fairies’, is an evil female spirit whose wailing and screaming is fore signaled as a premonition of death. 

Basilisk (Greek origin) meaning ‘serpent king,’ is the monster who can kill anyone with just one stare. 

Dragons (Asian and African origin) meaning ‘winged reptile.’ Dragons are large creatures who, in some cultures, symbolize good fortune, but in others, they are evil. 

Gargouille (French origin) meaning ‘gargoyle,’ is a type of dragon. 

Ghoul (Arabic origin) meaning ‘vampire,’ is a monster who looks human but is vicious and evil. Typically preys by sucking blood. 

Godzilla (Japanese origin) means ‘gorilla whale.’ Godzillas are mutated dinosaur species that create havoc in cities and urban places. 

Hydra (Greek and Roman origin) meaning ‘water serpent,' is one of the fiercest and scariest monsters to have ever lived.

Kraken (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘sea monster,’ is a gigantic sea monster that is said to dwell in the northern sea. 

Leviathan (Judeo Christian origin) means ‘sea monster’ who dwells in the sea, mentioned in various scriptures. 

Manticore (Greek origin) meaning ‘greek beast,’ is a dangerous monster having the head of a man with the body of a lion. 

Medusa (Greek origin) means ‘jellyfish,’ but make no mistake; medusa was a monstrous jellyfish who was slain by Perseus. 

Mummy (Egyptian origin) meaning ‘a dead body’, is a type of creature who is dead but comes back to life to haunt people. 

Nasnas (Arabic origin) meaning ‘half-human,’ is a monster originating from Islamic folklore. 

Phoenix (Egyptian origin) meaning ‘immortal bird,’ is a magic bird that can live forever and rise from its own ashes. 

Shinigami (Japanese origin) meaning ‘death god,’ is a supernatural spirit who dwells in the underworld. 

Wendigo (Algonquian origin) meaning ‘an evil spirit,’ is a monster who is said to dwell on the east coast of Canada and some other parts of the united states. 

Werewolf (Greek and Roman origin) meaning ‘man-wolf,’ is a human turned wolf. This monster predominantly appears in many myths and folklore, and they can be extremely vicious and powerful creatures. 

Xenomorph (Alien origin) meaning ‘strange shape,’ are ugly, vicious alien monsters who appear in the science fiction horror 'Alien.' 

Zombie (Latin American origin) means ‘dead person.’ Zombies are human-turned flesh-eating parasites. 

Monsters Inc characters

Cute Monster Names

Monsters are named monsters for a reason. But not all monsters are evil; some are the friendliest and cutest monsters you can find in movies and books. Come on then, let's dig out some cute monster names.

Ambrosia (Greek origin) means ‘nectar of gods,’ but in Minecraft, it means a resource to rank up mythic monsters. 

Antuara (Anglo Saxon origin) means ‘ monster.’ 

Bushyasta (Persian origin) means ‘demon’ in Zoroastrian. This monster was the epitome of laziness and idleness. 

Cerberus (Greek origin), meaning ‘three-headed dog,' is one of the monsters in Greek mythology, but the name is so cool you can call your pet dog that name.

Darius ( Japanese origin) is the hand of noxus, and he is the popular villain character in the comic 'Blood Noxus.'

Eligor (English origin) meaning ‘alligator,’ is a monster having the appearance of reptiles. 

Elvira (Spanish origin) means ‘truth.’ However, it has become a popular monster name. 

Furfur (Christian origin) meaning ‘great earl of hell,’ is a monster that can cause lightning and thunder. 

Gorgon (Greek origin) meaning ‘monster,’ are three sisters with snakes for hair. 

Kikimora (Slavic origin) means ‘scarecrow’ or a female spirit who can either be good or bad depending upon the behavior. 

Lilith (Christian origin) meaning ‘night creatures,’ are evil spirits dwelling in the body of a witch. 

Lucifer (Christian origin) means ‘Satan’; although he is the devil, it is a known fact that Lucifer was once an angel. 

Maleficent (English origin) meaning ‘bashful,’ is the name of a supernatural being who causes harm or destruction. 

Nukpana (Native American origin) means ‘evil,’ but look at the name and how cute it is. 

Proserpine (Greek origin) meaning ‘goddess of the underworld,’ was famous for fertility manipulation. 

Rasputin (Russian origin) meaning ‘name for a peasant,’ was a Russian healer known to have had negative monster tendencies. Many assassinations were made on his life. 

Sabrina (Celtic origin) meaning ‘from the border,’ is a witch name, good or bad, depending upon the behavior. 

Wilkes (English origin) means ‘will or desire.’ Wilkers is also the name for dragon lady goddess. 

Zagan (Anglo Saxon origin) means ‘demon.’

Greek Monster Names

Today, Greek mythology has become a source of great inspiration for many pop culture stories to depict the monsters in a unique way that appears scarier than usual. Come on then, let's learn more about these monster names. 

Cerberus (Greek origin) meaning ‘dog head,’ is a three-headed dog monster whose huge body and monstrous appearance are enough to scare anyone to death. 

Charybdis (Greek origin) meaning ‘whirlpool monster,’ appears with Scylla in an attempt to defeat various Greek protagonists. 

Chimera (Greek origin) meaning ‘grotesque,’ is a fire-breathing monster found in Greek mythology. 

Empousa (Greek origin) meaning ‘evil goddess. This monster is the daughter of Hecate, and she used to spend the evenings drinking the blood of young men. 

Empusa (Greek origin) meaning ‘one-footed,’ is a monster with shapeshifting abilities.

Erymanthian Boar (Greek origin) meaning ‘savage boar,’ dwells in the district of Mount Erymanthus. 

Harpies (Greek origin) meaning ‘cruel grasping women,’ were monsters having a woman's head and body of a bird. 

Lamia (Greek origin) meaning ‘shining,’ is a mythical monster that preyed on humans and sucked children's blood. 

Mares Of Diomedes (Greek origin) meaning ‘wild mares’ owned by Diomedes. 

Minotaur (Greek origin) meaning ‘mino’s bulls,’ is a great monster of Crete with the body of a man with a head of a bull. 

Nemean Lion (Greek origin) meaning ‘valley of Nemea,’ is a monstrous lion with a tough skin that could not penetrate through weapons alone. 

Scylla (Greek origin) meaning ‘nymph,’ once a beautiful nymph was turned into a monster.

Sirens (Greek origin) meaning ‘hybrid creature,’ were dangerous singing monsters whose voices tempted people to kill themselves. 

Sphinx  (Greek origin) meaning ‘winged female monster,’ is a demon having a woman's head and the body of a lion. 

Stymphalian Birds (Greek origin) meaning ‘man-eating birds,’ are monsters that have a beak of bronze, sharp iron features, and venomous dung. 

The Colchian Dragon (Greek origin) meaning  ‘drakon of kholkikos,’ is a giant serpent that guards the golden fleece. 

The Mormo’s (Greek origin) meaning ‘fearful ones’ is a monster described as terrible wolves. 

Typhon (Greek origin) means ‘monster with a tremendous voice.’ This monster was also the father of Cerberus, chimera, and sphinx.

Funny Monster Names

Here are some funny monster names, mostly made-up names, for some comical monsters: -

Bling Lump (English origin) is a monster who has no set of eyes and has an appearance of a lump. 

Bloodsuckling is a name that can send shivers up your spine.

Crazed Terror Bison (English origin) means 'monster is a crazy bison’ that terrifies everyone who gets in its way. 

Crimson Sookie is a strange-sounding monster name.

Cruella is a monster name inspired by children's stories.

Cruse Crackle (English origin) does not particularly have any meaning, and it is a monster who curses a lot and can make those curses come true. 

Dusk Wings (English origin) means a monster who can fly higher than any average bird. 

Haunting Wraith (English origin) is a monster who has a dead appearance and preys to suck the blood of humans. 

Man Hunter is a funny monster name for a female monster.

Martian Medusa is one of the fictional names for monsters inspired by Greek mythology.

Phantom Ghoul (Arabic origin) means a ghoul who has vampire appearances. 

Ruthless FLame Phoenix (English origin) means a phoenix, a magical bird. 

Sandman is another interesting name for a movie monster.

Sandworm is one of the made-up monsters from movies.

Sasquatch is one of the notorious monsters from Indian folklore.

Shadow is a monster name for a creature who can not be seen.

Sigmund The Sea Monster (English origin) means a monster who dwells in the sea. 

Skeletorian is a funny name for a monster who looks like a skeleton.

Snozzer is a funny name for a monster who likes to sleep.

The Grouch is one of the funniest monster names.

The Meager Screamer (Old English origin) means a monster who can ‘scream so loud’ that many of our ears pop.

Titanic Grieve Viper (English origin) is a viper who had a tremendous venom enough to kill many humans at once. 

Troller is one of the most straightforward monster names.

Voodoo Monster (English origin) means a monster who associates itself with other evil spirits causing destruction. 

Yeti is another name for a huge monster, Sasquatch, believed to exist in reality by many people.


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