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71+ Mouth-Watering Indian Food Names A to Z

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Indian cuisine’s delicious taste and fine balance of spices and gravy have made a home in the hearts of food lovers around the world.

India is a culturally rich country; this richness is reflected in their spices, ingredients, the way their food is cooked, and many are native to their states of origin. Indian dishes feature a delicate balance of spices which provide them with a rich taste.

People make changes to the recipe as per their taste and ingredients available in their local region. Indian spices stand out the most. For centuries people have traded with India for their masalas. You might have heard Indian food masala names such as turmeric, mustard seeds, cinnamon, poppy seeds, and king of all spices, Garam Masala.

Every state and part of the country has distinct tastes and signature styles. For instance, North India is famous for its butter chicken, amritsari kulcha, and aloo paranthas, while South Indian food is known for idlis and rasam.

To know more about Indian traditional food names, check out the list below.

Funny Indian Food Names

Check out this list below to know the names of funny Indian food names in alphabetical order. 

Firni (Indian origin) meaning ‘milk dessert’. It is a rice pudding that is made with saffron and dry fruits.

Jalfrezi (Indian origin) meaning ‘spicy’. This dish is cooked with ginger and chilis.

Lassi (Indian origin) meaning ‘butter milk’. It is a popular yogurt drink from North India.

Murgh (Indian origin) meaning ‘chicken’. It is a popular chicken dish.

Naan (Indian origin) meaning ‘bread’. It is stretchy bread that is served with curry and gravy dishes.

Peshawari (Indian origin) meaning ‘sweet bread’, is a type of bread that is stuffed with nuts and raisins.

Rasmalai (Indian origin) meaning ‘juice and cream’. It is prepared from milk balls and saffron.

Vindaloo (Indian origin) meaning 'meat in garlic marinade'’. It is a famous meat curry dish.

Xacuti (Indian origin) meaning ‘meat curry’. It is a famous Goan non-vegetarian dish. It is made with coconut and roasted ground spices.

Yakhini (Indian origin) meaning ‘broth’.

North Indian Food Names

The key to cooking delicious and lip-smacking North Indian food lies in the rich ingredients that they use to make the food. North Indian food is made with dairy products like ghee, butter, cottage cheese, and thick creamy gravy with a moderate level of spices. They also add dry fruits to enhance the taste. Roti is a primary staple bread of North Indians. Check this below to know more about such North Indian food names.

Aloo Tikki (North Indian origin) meaning ‘potato patties’, is a vegetarian dish and has a filling of vegetables. It is served with mint and tamarind chutney.

Aloo Matar (North Indian origin) meaning ‘potato-peas’. It is a curry dish that is served with rice and bread.

Aloo Methi (North Indian origin) meaning ‘potato-fenugreek’. It is a dry dish made with potato and fenugreek leaves.

Aloo Shimla Mirch (North Indian origin) meaning ‘potato-capsicum’. In its recipe, potatoes are sauteed in mustard seeds with capsicum, onions tomatoes, and ginger garlic paste.

Amarti with Rabdi (North Indian origin) meaning ‘porridge’. It is a popular dessert in North India.

Amritsari fish (North Indian origin) meaning ‘fish curry’. Fish is deep-fried and then cooked in a curry. You can find easy Amritsari fish recipes online.

Amritsari Kulcha (North Indian origin) meaning ‘leavened bread’, is popular street food in Amritsar.

Bhatura (North Indian origin) meaning ‘unleavened bread’, is a fried bread that is served with spicy chole and pickle.

Bhindi Masala (North Indian origin) meaning ‘spiced okra’. It is a seasonal vegetable and is cooked with onion.

Butter Chicken (North Indian origin) meaning ‘chicken curry’, is the most famous dish in this region. It is also known as Murgh Makhani.

Chaat (North Indian origin) meaning ‘street food’, is a popular street snack. The recipe includes a fried potato patty, topped with yogurt, tamarind, and mint chutney. Many vendors add dry fruits and pomegranate seeds to the chaat.

Chana Masala (North Indian origin) meaning ‘spicy chickpea’. In its recipe, boiled chana is cooked in ginger-garlic and tomato paste.

Chicken Tikka (North Indian origin) meaning ‘chicken bits’. Chicken Tikka is marinated chicken, cooked on skewers.

Chicken Tikka Masala (North Indian origin) meaning ‘chicken curry’. It is one of the famous Indian Recipes. This recipe’s ingredients include yogurt, spices, and tomato paste.

Chicken Razela (North Indian origin) meaning ‘chicken gravy’. This chicken recipe belongs to the Indian city of Bhopal. The chicken is served with mint gravy.

Chole Bhature (North Indian origin) meaning ‘chickpea and bread’. It is famous hot street food in north India.

Dum Aloo (North Indian origin) meaning ‘potato curry’, is prepared by cooking potatoes in a hot onion-tomato sauce and spices.

Daal Puri (North Indian origin) meaning ‘stuffed daal’. It is a crispy snack stuffed with daal.

Daal Fry (North Indian origin) meaning ‘fried lentils’. It is a quintessential tadka daal.

Daal Makhani (North Indian origin) meaning ‘black lentil’. It is a famous daal and is served with Tandoori roti and naan.

South Indian food platter

West Indian Food Names

Check out the list below to know the names of delicious west Indian food names.

Daal Baati Churma (West Indian origin) meaning ‘lentil and wheat bread’, is a famous Rajasthani vegetarian dish. Bati is prepared with whole wheat flour.

Daal Dhokli (West Indian origin) meaning ‘wheat and lentil curry'.

Dabeli (West Indian origin) meaning ‘pressed’. It is a popular street snack in Gujarat. Boiled potatoes made with special masala are stuffed between dabeli buns.

Dahi Vada (West Indian origin) meaning ‘yogurt-lentil’. In this recipe, soft lentil balls are served with yogurt, raisins, and a variety of chutneys.

Dhokla (West Indian origin) meaning ‘steamed lentil’. It is a steamed leavened spongey Bengal gram dish. It is topped with sugar syrup, mustard seeds, and green chilies tadka.

Doodhpak (West Indian origin) meaning ‘milk dessert’, is prepared with nuts and milk.

Dudhi No Halwo (West Indian origin) meaning ‘bottle gourd dessert’. It is a sweet dessert.

Gajar Halwa (West Indian origin) meaning ‘carrot dessert’. This dessert is popular in North India as well.

Gatta Curry (West Indian origin) meaning ‘chickpea dough curry’. In this recipe, chickpea dough bits are cooked in yogurt curry.

Ghari (West Indian origin) meaning ‘dessert’, is a sweet dish popular in Surat.

Gujia (West Indian origin) meaning ‘sweet deep-fried dumpling’. It is a famous sweet in West India.

Gud Papdi (West Indian origin) meaning ‘jaggery dessert’. It is a crunchy thick piece of jaggery cooked with ghee and peanuts.

Famous Indian Food Names

There are a few famous dishes that everyone knows the names of. These dishes have fans all around the world. Here are some of the most famous Indian food names.

Gur (Indian origin) meaning ‘jaggery’. It is a sweet and unrefined form of sugarcane.

Gulab Jamun (Indian origin) meaning ‘milk-solid based dessert’. It is a dessert served in sugar syrup.

Gujjiya (Indian origin) meaning ‘fried sweet’. This sweet is stuffed with coconut and raisins.

Halavasan (Indian origin) meaning ‘dessert’. It is a popular sweet dish in India.

Handvo (Indian origin) meaning ‘vegetable cake’. It is a steamed snack from West India.

Jalebi (Indian origin) meaning ‘deep-fried pastry’. It is a fried sweet dish that is served with sugar syrup.

Jeera Aloo (Indian origin) meaning ‘cumin-potato’. It is a spicy dish.

Jowar No Rotlo (Indian origin) meaning ‘sorghum bread’. It is a famous type of Roti.

Kansar (Indian origin) meaning ‘sweet dish’. Kansar is prepared with whole wheat flour, sugar power, and clarified butter.

Karanji (Indian origin) meaning ‘stuffed dessert’. It is a crispy dessert from the state of Maharashtra.

Keri No Ras (Indian origin) meaning ‘mango pulp'. It is prepared from raw mango.

Khakra (Indian origin) meaning ‘thin wheat snack’.

East Indian Food Names

North East and East India have distinct tastes. Their dishes have been influenced by the climate and type of ingredients available in this region.

Read the list below to know the names of popular North-East Indian and East Indian dishes.

Khar (East Indian origin) meaning ‘side dish’. It is an Assamese dish.

Kumol Sawol (East Indian origin) meaning ‘soft rice’. It is made with soft rice cream and Jaggery.

Loskora Laddu (East Indian origin) meaning ‘coconut laddu’, is a dessert.

Lucchi (East Indian origin) meaning ‘puffed bread’, is a Bengali bread fried in oil.

Malpua (East Indian origin) meaning ‘sweet’, is a milk dessert fried in clarified butter or ghee.

Momo (East Indian origin) meaning ‘dumplings’. It is a steamed dish made with rice flour.

Muri Moya (East Indian origin) meaning ‘puffed rice ball’, is an East Indian snack in Bengal.

Masor Tenga (East Indian origin) meaning ‘fish stew’. It is a popular Assamese fish stew.

Mach Jhol (East Indian origin) meaning ‘fish’. It is made of potatoes, ginger, garlic, and tomato sauce.

Pani Tenga (East Indian origin) meaning ‘pickle’. It is made from mustard.

Pork Bhartha (East Indian origin) meaning ‘pork’. It is a popular dish from Tripura.

South Indian Food Names

To know the names of spicy and tasty dishes from Southern India and other states, read the list below.

Pachadi (South Indian origin) meaning ‘yogurt chutney’, is a side dish.

Paniyaram (South Indian origin) meaning ‘rice flour’, is a kind of steamed dish.

Parotta (South Indian origin) meaning ‘bread’, is made with refined wheat flour and oil.

Paruppu Sadam (South Indian origin) meaning ‘daal rice’, is an essential dish.

Pongal (South Indian origin) meaning ‘pulao’, is South Indian rice.

Rasam (South Indian origin) meaning ‘juice’, is a spicy and sour soup that is served with rice.

Rava Dosa (South Indian origin) meaning ‘crisp crepe’, is a famous south Indian food.

Sakkarai Pongal (South Indian origin) meaning ‘sweet rice’.

Sambhar (South Indian origin) meaning ‘spicy condiments’, is made with lentils and vegetables.

Vada (South Indian origin) meaning ‘savory donut’, is served with chutney.

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