69 Muslim Boy Names Starting With A And Their Meanings

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Muslim baby boy names beginning with A are amongst the most popular Muslim names in the world.

Names beginning with A are popular choices for those who want their baby's name to mean worshipper of God.

The reason is probably that the common name meaning of Muslim baby boy names beginning with A is a worshipper of God, a worshipper of Allah, one who acts with justice amidst all baby names.

A baby name is a significant facet of the Muslim world, and this is why every mother and father looks at the name's meaning before selecting it for girls and boys. Find some of the best Muslim boy names beginning with A.

Unique Muslim Boy Names Starting With A

Every parent is looking out for a unique name themselves. Here is a list of some of them:

Aaarabisk (Arabic Origin),meaning, 'a desirous person, hopes for something to happen, or is healthy', is a beautiful baby name for a child.

Aaban (Persian Origin), meaning, 'in the Persian calendar, it is the eighth month, and he was also known as the angel of iron', is a very famous name used in many countries with different meanings. But it is indeed one of the unique Muslim baby boy names starting with A.

Aabid (Arabic Origin), meaning 'worshipper of Allah, powerful and complete in itself', is a beautiful baby name for a child.

Aabinus (Arabic Origin), meaning, 'is mostly used to highlight personality traits. It also means' dark black colored', a sublime name for a child.

Aadeel (Arabic Origin), meaning,'who stands for righteousness, virtuous and someone who acts with keeping in mind what is right and just', is a sublime baby name for a child.

Aadheen (Arabic Origin),meaning 'who is very obedient towards their parents', are also submissive to situations and people.

Aadroop (Punjabi Origin) means 'a visible or tangible form of idea or feeling or a manifestation of something'.For a change, it's a Punjabi origin name used widely in many Muslim countries.

Aaftab (Persian Name),meaning, 'a ray of hope, sunlight or light at the end of the dark tunnel', is a very powerful name for a child.

Aagha (Turkish Origin), meaning 'ruler, king, master, leader, chief or someone who has control over something', denotes power over others.

Aaghaz (Arabic Origin) means 'the beginning of something new'.

Aahad (Hebrew Origin), meaning'a symbol of uniqueness, unity, and oneness', is someone who takes everyone together and walks with them. It is indeed a great name.

Aaman (Hindi Origin), meaning, 'the one who protects with no fear from anyone', is surprising enough but the reality of this world.

Aariz (Indian Origin), meaning, 'he is someone who is respected and is intelligent,' is a great name.

Aashif (Indian Origin) means 'bold, courageous and confident'.

Aatiq (Arabic Origin) means 'someone considered ancient or old school but is very noble'.

Aayeden (Irish Origin) isa powerful namemeaning 'little fire'.

Aayid (Indian Bengali Muslim Origin) means'trustworthy or trustable'.

Abdiel (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'worshipper of the god', is a beautiful name for a respectable man.

Abdul - Rahman (Arabic Origin), is one who acts as 'the server to the merciful gracious', is a beautiful name. One of the popular Muslim baby boy names starting with A.

Abdul Basit (Egyptian Origin), meaning 'the mythological character who believes himself to be a creator', is a beautiful baby name for a child.

Abdulkareem (Arabic Origin) means 'the slave of the almighty'.

Abraham (Hebrew Origin),meaning 'a person with many children, a guide to people', has different meanings.

Abrak (Arabic Origin) means'the blessed one'.

Abyan (Hindi Origin) means 'clean, and clean means many things'. Given the Origin, it is needless to say why it is unique.

Arsalan (Arabic Origin),meaning 'lion and someone who stands fearless and is a symbol of pride and prestige', is a beautiful name.

Ata (Arabic Origin), meaning 'one of twins or gift', is a tiny but powerful name.

Modern Muslim Boy Names Starting With A

These days, choosing a name has become an essential task, given that you get that chance only once or twice. So, help yourself with something new:

Aaban (Arabic Origin) means, 'the name of an angel and a newborn baby is no less than an angel'.

Aadab (Arabic Origin) means 'a symbol of respect and hope'.

Aadavan (Tamil Origin) means 'brilliant like the sun'.

Aakib (Islamic Origin) means 'he who is believed to be born with a gift from God'. He is a worshipper of God.

Aalam (Arabic Origin) means 'the world, which means everything that matters to you'. When you have only one baby, this is the name.

Aalim (Indian Arabic Origin) means 'a person who believes in continuous learning and accumulating wisdom'.

Aamil (Arabic Origin) means 'invaluable, unreachable and a doer'.

Aaryan (Sanskrit Origin), meaning 'a person who belongs to the noble people', also implies a warrior and a visionary, noble person.

Adam (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'the facet of earth, ground or dust', also means 'made from earth's soil'. It is not to be confused with Adam of the bible. It is different from that.

Ali (Arabic Origin), meaning 'noble, elevated, champion and eminent', is a name taken with respect and known to everyone. He was the noble cousin of Prophet Muhammad.

Anees (Arabic Origin), meaning, 'a person believed to be friendly', is someone people look up to when it comes to needing help.

Anwar (Arabic Origin), meaning 'friend', is a beautiful name that signifies brilliance, goodness, a companion, and someone who is to be trusted.

Asad (Arabic Origin), meaning 'lion', is a sign of bravery and the king of the jungle. It is used for a person who is very clever and intelligent. It is a significant name meaning.

Asgar (Arabic Origin) means 'smallest or minute'. Don't look at the literal meaning of the word.

Asif (Arabic Origin) means, 'a brave person, who is not scared, a ferocious person and capable of being a minister'.

Asim (Arabic Origin), meaning, 'a protector, guide, guardian, shield and a clean person who stays away from committing any sin', is a mighty name.

Atif (Arabic Origin), meaning 'adoring, the devoted, caring, unselfish and kind-hearted person', is already a very popular name and a perfect name for someone born with innocence on his face.

Azan (Islamic Origin), meaning 'a worship call or announcement', is a name no one forgets.

Azim (Islamic Origin) means, 'someone believed to have a firm belief, determined to get what he came for and someone who does not change opinion so easily'.

Muslim baby names starting with A are extremely popular with Muslim parents.

Islamic Boy Names From Quran Starting With A

Naming a kid and being a worshipper of God are two different things, but is it necessary to separate them when both can be done simultaneously? Here are more names starting with A.

Aaaqil (Arabic Origin) means 'someone endowed with wisdom and intelligence'.

Aabdar (Arabic Origin) is a name from the Quaran which means 'bright, like glass or moonlight'. They generally love reading which means they are very knowledgeable people.

Aafaaq (Arabic Origin), meaning 'horizons or quarters of heaven', is a quranic name.

Aamir (Arabic Origin) means 'prosperous'. A name that every father would prefer for his baby.

Aarif (Arabic Origin), meaning 'a person who is self-aware, knowledgeable and endowed with wisdom', is a Quranic name and is generally used for a learned person.

Aarif (Arabic Origin) means 'acquainted as if someone you already knew'.

Abbudin (Arabic Origin), which means 'worshiper of Allah', is one of the most famous Muslim baby boy names.

Abdul (Arabic Origin), meaning 'the servant/worshipper of the god', which means a person who will walk the path of righteousness.

Abdul - Haqq (Arabic Origin) means 'the one who fights for truth and justice'. It is one of the popular names for boys.

Abdul - Rasheed (Arabic Origin) means 'the servant of the one who correctly guides and not just that of God'.

Abdul - Salaam (Arabic Origin) means 'the one who helps people but not everyone, only the peaceful ones'. One of the most exciting boy names.

Abdulaakhir (Arabic Origin) means, 'he is the one who does not mess with anyone if his life is changing by the world around'.

Abdulhaffez (Arabic Origin) means 'the protector of his master and not just God'. One of the popular baby names. Baby boy names like these highlight justice,

Abdulhakim (Arabic Origin) means 'wise, kind-hearted and a warm person'. An excellent name for a Muslim boy who acts with justice and is a worshipper.

Abdullah (Arabic Origin), meaning 'worshipper of Allah and the name of the Prophet's father', also stands for obedience.

Akbar (Arabic Origin), meaning 'one who is honored or understood as the greatest and is believed to be a king', needs no further explanation.

Muslim Boy Names With Meaning, In Urdu Starting With A

Language is equally important as religion. In fact, language defines who we are and what we know. Language plays a role in binding people with each other. So, here are a few baby names for the same:

Aaki (Urdu Origin), meaning 'bright or autumn', is claimed to have an innovative mind and tends to get bored quickly.

Aasaal (Urdu Origin) has two different meanings, but none of them is wrong. One of them is 'evening time', and the other is 'uncontaminated'. It is one of the unique baby names.

Abdar (Urdu Origin), meaning 'wealthy, someone who is rich', also means glittering water.

Abdulbadee (Arabic Origin) means, 'he is considered to begin the traditions and life'. It is one of the exciting baby names.

Abdulfattah (Arabic Origin) means 'he who defeats enemies'. It is one of the meaningful baby names.

Abdulrafi (Arabic Origin) means 'the one who serves the high-class people'.

Abhaar (Arabic Origin) means 'thankfulness or gratefulness'. It is one of the exciting baby names.

Abu Al Khayr (Urdu Origin) means 'the one who does good and stops bad from happening'. Indeed one of the unique baby names.

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