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108 Nicknames For Coffee

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The smell of coffee beans and a fresh cuppa are what most humans need to start the day.

Coffee, just like tea, has lots of health benefits. In proper quantity, coffee helps in reducing type two diabetes along with liver, neurological, and heart diseases.

Interesting, isn't it? Though the appropriate quantity of a coffee brew, cappuccino, or caffeine gives you energy and helps you with health issues, an extended and inappropriate amount of it can also amount to a few health issues like anxiety, fatigue, and digestive issues, and insomnia. So make sure you have your caffeine dosage right and use a decaf, espresso, cappuccino, or a fresh brew as a positive rather than a negative element for your health. Now, why call coffee just coffee if it could have several other nicknames that show how amazing this drink is!

Coffee and a fresh brew with friends go hand-in-hand. So, for all coffee aficionados, this article on nicknames for coffee is for you. Here you will find a variety of nicknames for coffee that you can use while speaking to your friends or family.

Common Nicknames For Coffee

There are many nicknames for coffee, and here is a list of easy-to-use and common nicknames and phrases people use for coffee that comes with some theory and history!

1. Aeropress - a device for making coffee usually also used for black coffee.

2. Americano - a popular and common term for coffee made with hot water.

3. Barista - a person who makes special coffees at a cafe. A barista is also referred to as a cappuccino often.

4. Caffè - an Italian word for coffee.

5. Caffeine - caffeine is a chemical compound that is one of the elements in coffee. Hence, coffee is often synonymous with its chemical element and is named caffeine.

6. Cappuccino - cannot let go of the classic cappuccino, a name for an espresso-based coffee.

7. Coffee - for the obvious name, people associate caffeine and beans with.

8. Cold Brew - a type of cold coffee famous for its brew, which produces a smooth and less bitter coffee.

9. Cup of Brew - for a strong cup of freshly brewed coffee.

10. Cup of Joe - means a cup of joe or jamocha, commonly known as a style of coffee made with a blend of java and mocha.

11. Cuppa Coffee - the obvious name for a lovely cup of coffee, just like one calls a cuppa tea.

12. Cuppa - refers to a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Let's just use it for coffee!

13. Decaf - a short form for decaffeinated coffee. Decaf is a type of coffee that has its caffeine content completely removed.

14. Espresso - an Italian method of brewing coffee.

15. Filter coffee - a kind of coffee popular in India.

16. Flat White - often used for coffee similar to a cappuccino but with more milk.

17. Frappucino - a term for iced coffee with milk and flavor.

18. Iced Coffee - another name for a cold brew coffee.

19. Instant Coffee - often used for coffee bean crystals that help make an instant cuppa coffee.

20. Jamocha - a name used for a mix of java and mocha. In simple terms, it is a concoction of coffee and chocolate.

21. Jamoke - another nickname used for a blend of java and mocha together, or java coffee and chocolate.

22. Java - this name refers to the Indonesian island of Java, where coffee was first grown and exported worldwide.

23. Joe - a short for the word 'jamocha', synonymous with a mix of java and mocha, and American slang for coffee.

24. Kaapi - a synonymous term for coffee often used in southern India.

25. Kape is a term used for coffee in Indonesia, Filipinos, and Spain.

26. Latte - a java coffee made with espresso shots and milk with froth.

27. Leaded coffee - a term that can be used for fully caffeinated coffee.

28. Macchiato - a coffee made with a shot of espresso and a little milk. It tastes somewhere between black espresso and a cappuccino.

29. Mocha - a drink made with espresso, chocolate, and milk. Mocha is a cool name and refers to the Port of Mocha in Yemen. Port Mocha served as the country's coffee export base between the 15th and 18th centuries.

30. Morning Brew - for the early morning fresh cup of coffee.

31. Starbucks - refers to the ideal coffee place and a source for all kinds of coffees.

32. Unleaded Coffee - another name for decaf coffee.

Cool Nicknames For Coffee

Coffee Nicknames

Coffee has different types and styles for its preparation. So why should a coffee sound plain and simple like a cappuccino? Here are a few terms to make your coffee cup sound cool to everyone.

33. Aero - a short-term for Aeropress.

34. Affogato - a coffee made with espresso and a scoop of ice cream. Derived from an Italian dessert.

35. Arabica - one of the two varieties of coffee plants. Arabica is known to create over 70% of the coffee in the world.

36. Battery Acid - the strength of the coffee is similar to that of battery acid and is often used as a synonym for creating a cool nickname.

37. Bean Juice - the juice that comes from the flavorful beans of coffee.

38. Black Eye - a caffeine drink made with two espresso shots.

39. Brain Juice - caffeine can stimulate one's mind and give clarity. Hence, a literal term like brain juice seems apt.

40. Cappi - short for cappuccino.

41. Chaffy - it is referred to the skin of the coffee bean that makes the coffee bitter if left on the beans while roasting. Thus, makes for a nice nickname for the bitter caffeine dose.

42. Cupped Lighting - the tendency of coffee to fill in energy like lightning in a cup. Also, it can be used for milk-based coffee.

43. Daily Grind - for every freshly ground coffee.

44. Flash Brew - 'flash' also refers to the superhero film and fast or speedy brew.

45. Full-City Roast - refers to a medium-dark roast of coffee.

46. Hot Stuff - referring to a hot coffee making it cooler as it is the title of a song by Kygo and Donna Summer too.

47. Javy - a coffee slang for java.

48. Jitter Juice - refers to caffeine's effects, which may often lead to jitteriness when consumed in higher quantities.

49. Lifeblood - a perfect name that a coffee lover will agree to because they don't just drink coffee; coffee runs through their veins.

50. Liquid Energy - refers to coffee's innate ability to fuel one with energy.

51. Mojo - refers to the handcrafted cold brews of coffee and the animated character Mojo Jojo from 'PowerPuff Girls'.

52. Mood Mover - refers to the ability of coffee to boost moods.

53. Morning Jolt - refers to the strongest coffee dose as a kickstart to the morning.

54. Morning Thunder - again, refers to a strong coffee to give a push to your morning. It also comes from the popular song 'Thunder' by Imagine Dragons.

55. Nitro - refers to the cold brew made with nitrogen. Sounds like a great nickname.

56. Pixabay Mud - a term that refers to coffee with a heavy mouthfeel or unfiltered coffee.

57. Robusta - refers to one of the two varieties of coffee plants.

58. Rocket Fuel - refers to an extremely strong coffee, often made with chaff beans.

59. Varnish Remover - a synonym of coffee and is often used as a substitute for the beverage.

Unique Nicknames For Coffee

Cappuccino or espresso, let's take a step back from these basic terms for coffee and think of a few unique ways you can call this drink of life.

60. Brewtus - slang for a coffee brew, and another name for Brutus mean heavy.

61. C8H10N4O2 - an element for the coffee molecule is a unique term and name for the same. Also, the chemical formula of caffeine.

62. Café Au Lait - refers to a cafe in Paris. It is also a coffee drink with one-third espresso or caffeine and two-thirds froth milk.

63. Caffeine Infusion - a simple yet unique term for a strong bean juice.

64. Dark Roast - refers to a style of coffee roast that often gives a dark brown coffee.

65. Day-Starter - just like morning brew, a cup of java is a day starter for coffee lovers.

66. Demitasse - simply means a small cup of coffee.

67. Drip - refers to the unique and classic way to make a coffee.

68. Dunkin - refers to the popular brand Dunkin Donuts known for its coffee.

69. Forty Weight - referring to the Forty Weight Coffee Roasters in America.

70. Go Juice - refers to the spirit of 'go' after drinking coffee.

71. Green Coffee - refers to the unroasted beans used to make coffee.

72. High Octane - an adjective for strong coffee with high caffeine.

73. Kahvi - the term for coffee in Finnish.

74. Kona - referring to the coffee from Hawaii Island.

75. Liquid gold - refers to the preciousness of coffee and its flavor.

76. Moka - another term for mocha, also refers to the pot used to make coffee.

77. Peety - referring to the famous brand Peet's Coffee in America.

78. Roaster - referred to as a device that roasts coffee beans but also makes for a freshly roasted cup of joe.

79. Sanka - referring to over a 99-year-old brand of decaffeinated coffee from America.

80. The Fix - the perfect name for coffee, a fix that makes anyone grind through the day.

81. Worm Dirt - a term for really strong and unfiltered coffee.

Creative Nicknames For Coffee

Here is the finale of all the names you can use for coffee beans, coffee, with or without chocolate. Let's get creative for your favorite cup of mocha!

82. Bean Brew - a literal term that combines beans and brewing.

83. Black Ichor Of Life - referring to 'Ichor' meaning fluid that runs through the veins of Greek Gods.

84. Coffeeholic - a word for the best and true coffee lover.

85. Con Leche - meaning coffee with milk in Spanish.

86. Crema - for those who love coffee with froth on espresso.

87. Demi - a short for demitasse.

88. Doppio - an Italian term used for a double espresso shot.

89. French Press - a style of preparing coffee, often gives a black hot coffee.

90. Jet Fuel - refers to a human body as a jet and coffee as a fuel that makes it get through the whole day.

91. Jo-Jo - a peppy term for joe and also refers to the popular film 'JoJo Rabbit'.

92. Lungo - refers to a long espresso drink made with the pull technique.

93. Misto - a coffee drink famous in Starbucks.

94. Perky - refers to the innate quality of coffee to cheer someone up.

95. Ristretto - refers to a short shot of espresso.

96. Venti - meaning medium size of coffee. Often called so at Starbucks.

97. Wakey Juice - to the sense of wakefulness one gets after drinking coffee.

Flavor And Color-Based Nicknames For Coffee

Many people associate coffee with its smell, tasty flavor, and color. Here are a few nicknames for coffee that follow the characteristic traits of this element.

98. Acidic - refers to the acidic tendency of coffee as too much of it may lead to acidity.

99. Beanie - coffee does not go without beans. This one is perfect for the beans that add flavor to the beverage.

100. Berry - refers to the coffee berry that gives the seeds later roasted and made into fine coffee.

101. Bica - referring to the popular Arabica coffee.

102. Blacky - for the strongest black coffee made with hot water.

103. Body - often refers to the way coffee makes one feel in the mouth.

104. Dirty - often used for the coffee's dark color and grainy texture.

105. Mud - refers to the brown and muddy texture of the coffee. Often used for unfiltered coffee.

106. Red Eye - popularly called so for an extra-strong coffee containing two espresso shots.

107. Roasted Umber - meaning roasted brown, refers to the beans of coffee and their color.

108. Tar - also refers to the tar-like texture of the ground beans of coffee.

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