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101 Nicknames For Crush

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Crush is a noun that informally means the feeling of puppy love.

The word also stands for romantic love and intense liking for someone. It's obvious that the face of someone you like would instantly flash in your mind the minute you read this.

The feelings of love, affection, eagerness, and the urge to meet or cross paths with that special friend who is also a crush are common in the modern generation. So now, what can one do about the secret crush? How about thinking or selecting a few nicknames for your current crush?

Dear, darling, honey, love, baby, and candy are pretty common terms one can use, but how about some quirky and creative nicknames along with the stereotypical ones for your special someone? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Below is a list of many cute and wonderful nicknames you can use to address your special friend or crush. The list is quite long and interesting, so you might want to select your favorites and be ready with your names with a pen and paper.

Cute Nicknames For Crush

Nicknames for crush, especially the cute ones, can help one to get extra attention and even make the crush blush. Check below to know which one you like.

1. Angel Face - is a perfect name for the crush with a beautiful face.

2. Angel Heart - this is an ideal name for your crush with an angelic heart.

3. Babba - is another term that can be used for babies and is inspired by the Icelandic pop band by the same name.

4. Baby Boo - a cute term for a crush also refers to a fashion brand based in Australia.

5. Cuddle Buddy - that special friend who is the best one for cuddling.

6. Cupcake - for the sweetest person in your life.

7. Darling - of course, one should never leave out the classics while showing affection towards their crushes.

8. Dear - not leaving out another classic term for affection.

9. Dimples - is an ideal name for a special friend or a crush with the cutest dimples.

10. Eye Candy - what better name for your crush than this if they are sweet as candy and you always crave them to be in front of your eye, right?

11. Heartthrob - is a name for the crush that makes you skip a heartbeat every time you see their face.

12. Honey Bunny - What can go wrong with adding honey and bunny together for your crush, who is both the sweetest person and innocent like a bunny?

13. Honey Lips - is a perfect name for the crush with gorgeous lips that shine like glazing honey!

14. Honey Pie - for the adorable crush.

15. Kiyomi - is a short and cute Korean term that means 'cutie.'

16. Liebling - is a word that means 'darling' in German. It adds a lot more intensity to the term darling.

17. Mi Bijou - is a term that means 'my jewel' in French and a perfect name for the jewel of love in your life.

18. Mon Amour - is quite a popular French term that is a literal translation for 'my love.'

19. Mon Coeur - is a French nickname meaning my heart.

20. Mon Trésor - is another French term meaning 'my treasure' because your crush is sure a treasure you'd want to boast about.

21. Panda Bear - for the one with the chubbiest cheeks.

22. Pumpkin Pie - for the one with orange hair, it is sweet like a pie.

23. Snuggle Bug - for the small one you would like to snuggle up with.

24. Sugar - is a simple name for the most affectionate person.

25. Sweetheart - another classic nickname that shows affection for someone right away.

26. Twister - for the crush who loves to dance and is incredibly good at it.

Nicknames For Girl Crush

If you have a girl crush, here are some pet names you might want to keep handy to impress her the moment you see her.

27. Amorzinho - is a heavy-sounding Portuguese term that means 'little love' and is the perfect nickname for your baby crush.

28. Angelita - is a Spanish term for a baby as a guardian angel.

29. Bubbles - for the crush who is always cheerful and happy. It also refers to one of the perky sisters from 'PowerPuff Girls'.

30. Bebe - which also means baby in Spanish and refers to the fashion brand BEBE, is quite a good choice for the fashionista crush you may have.

31. Bitsy - is a good nickname for your small and cute crush.

32. Blossoms - like a blossoming flower for someone fresh and positive. It also refers to one of the leaders like the sisters from 'PowerPuff Girls'.

33. BuBu - is slang for the most beautiful woman.

34. Buttercup - for someone who is lovely like the butter and refers to one of the fierce sisters from 'PowerPuff Girls'.

35. Chérie - means my love and sweet in French.

36. Cinderella - for the crush who seems like the missing princess in your life.

37. Cookie - for someone who is petit and sweet always.

38. Cutie - this one doesn't need any explanation because it is the perfect term for the cute one.

39. Cutie Patootie - rhyming cutie with another adjective that means beautiful woman.

40. Diana - means divine and also refers to the intelligent woman and Princess Diana.

41. Fairy - is a name for the lovely and magical girl you have a crush on.

42. Gum Drop - is the perfect term for the chubby girl into fitness.

43. Honey Bee - for the girl who is sweet and smart like the honey and bee.

44. Juliet - for your dream girl, you wish she would love you the way Juliet did for Romeo.

45. Khaleesi - for an intelligent and fierce woman, just like the character in 'Game of Thrones' by the same name.

46. Kitty - for the cute cat-like girl who is as sweet as the cartoon character Hello Kitty.

47. Ma Belle - is a term that means 'my beautiful' in French and is a perfect name for your beautiful crush.

48. Ma Foi - a French nickname meaning my faith, will be perfect for the girl you believe in.

48. Mi Chica - means 'my girl' in Spanish.

49. Miss Perfect - for the perfect girl you have fallen for.

50. Mon Ange - is a French nickname meaning 'my angel.'

51. Ms. Right - for the girl who you think is the right one for you.

52. My Queen - what better than this term to call the lady you have a crush on? Classic!

53. Scarlet - for the crush with red hair. It also refers to the Scarlet Witch, the fierce and beautiful Wanda character from 'Doctor Strange' and 'Wanda Vision.'

54. My Sunshine - for the lovely woman that brightens the day the minute you see her face.

55. Tigeress - is a perfect nickname for a fierce and caring crush of yours who makes sure nothing terrible comes the way of the people close to her.

Nicknames For Guy Crush

Special nicknames for a crush can make your beloved smile.

Guys, too, can have some attention-grabbing names like prince charming. Here is a list of nicknames for guy crush that you'd want to note.

56. Beau - means a male admirer and is a perfect name for your 'prospective' boyfriend.

57. Beckham - well, this one refers to the smart and dashing-looking David Beckham. What better name than this one for the soccer lover who is handsome too?

58. Captain - is a good nickname for the guy you are ready to let ship your life with.

59. Dreamboat - for the man who is like your dream come true.

60. Handsome - for the beautiful guy who is one of the many and has managed to hold your heart.

61. He-Man - is an '80s superhero-inspired cute name for your lovely crush. It can also be used for your crush, who is strong and looks like a superhero!

62. Hercules - refers to the strongest hero in history, so you can use this for the strongest man who is your current crush.

63. Hunk-A-Lunk - is a perfect nickname for a boy with a silly but playful vibe.

64. Joon - is a cute name that means 'dear' in the Farsi language and is perfect for a boy with who you have a crush.

65. King - for the lively and loveable person in your life.

66. McSteamy - sounds like a riff-off of McChicken if you have a crush on a guy who works out and has a steamy physique.

65. Misiu - is a Polish nickname for guy meaning teddy bear

66. Mi Rey - means 'my king' in Spanish.

67. Mr. Big - referring to Carrie Bradshaw and calling your perfect guy the same name as hers!

68. Mr. Right - for the boy who you think is the right one for you.

69. Prince Charming - one shouldn't leave out the classic name for any boy crush who seems like a prince of one's heart!

70. Romeo - for your crush whose love is equivalent to that of Romeo.

71. Sir-Loves-A-Lot - is the perfect name for a guy crush you love so much that you cannot lie.

72. Stud - is an ideal name for a man who is a pro at identifying any needs.

73. Stud Muffin - is a name for the stud who is also soft at heart, just like a muffin.

74. Teddy Bear - is an obvious but cute soft-toy name for a cute and soft-hearted crush.

Unique Nicknames For Crush

Apart from baby, candy, angel, and honey, here is a list of absolutely unique names that can be used for both girls and boys.

75. Angel Eyes - quite a simple term that refers to a crush with angelic, calming, and soothing eyes.

76. Babydoll - is a perfect name for your baby, who is as perfect as a gorgeous doll.

77. Brainiac - for the smartest crush you've ever met in your life.

78. Cookie Monster - everyone is aware that the C stands for cookies, but it is now the first letter of your crush's new nickname. It also refers to the fictional muppet character.

79. Encantador - means my enchanter in Spanish

80. Firework - for the one who is beautiful and loud like a firework.

81. Ke Aloha - is a quirky-sounding Hawaiian term that means 'the love.'

82. Love Bug - is a perfect name for someone who is like a bug of love stuck in your mind at all times.

83. Lyubov Moya - is a Russian term that means 'my love.'

84. McDreamy - another reference to a riff-off of Mcdonald's also means someone dreamy.

85. My World - for a crush that means more than anything and everything to you.

86. Peach - for the one with peachy complexion and sweetness.

87. Wink Face - for the crush who cannot stop winking after saying every cheesy line.

88. Hot Stuff - is a good name for the most desirable crush.

Creative Nicknames For Crush

Here is a list of angel-like creative nicknames for crush. Make sure you find the one you like the most for your loved one.

89. Adorbs - is quite a cute-sounding short form for adorable.

90. Donut - for your round, sweet, and cute crush.

91. Dumpling - for a crush who is filled with sheer deliciousness and love.

92. Fruit Cake - for the one with delicious and sweetest personality, just like a fruit cake.

93. Honey Buns - for the sweet and glazing plumpy crush.

94. Hugster - is a good name for the crush with whom you always wish to hug and cuddle.

95. LOML - is an abbreviation for 'Love of my life' and can also be pronounced as Lomel.

96. Love Dove - for the peace-loving birds in love.

97. Mi Sol - means 'my sun' in Spanish.

98. Smiley Jamez - for the crush whose one smile your day.

99. Sweetcheeks - is a perfect name for the crush who is sweet and has chubby cheeks.

100. PIC - is an abbreviation for 'Partner in Crime.'

101. Precious - for the crush that is precious to your heart, just like a treasure.

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