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88 Nicknames For Jane

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Nicknames are a great way to express affection for a person, but thinking of the perfect nickname can be quite difficult.

Jane is a unisex name that has its origin in the English word 'Jehanne'. The name 'Jay', another variant of Jane, holds the meaning that 'God is Merciful', and it sounds like a royal name.

The Latin name for Jane is 'lōannēs'. To help you out, listed here are some catchy, cool, and trendy nicknames for someone named Jane.

Unique Nicknames For Jane

Let's have a look at unique nicknames for Jane to select a good nickname.

  • Jaana- is a cute and lovely nickname for Jane that will establish a beautiful bond between you and Jane.
  • Janae- is an amazing nickname for Jane that symbolizes that Jane is a gift from God.
  • Janelle- means ‘fair one’, is a classy and cute name for Jane.
  • Janice- is a graceful and simple nickname for Jane.
  • Janie- which means ‘gift by God’, is a pretty nickname for a baby girl named Jane.
  • Janina- is a stylish nickname for baby Jane.
  • Janka- is a beautiful nickname that you can use to call your friend named Jane.
  • Janneke- is a generous and graceful nickname for Jane, which means ‘a flower’ or ‘God’s gift’.
  • Janneth- is a good name for a person who is a genius and skillful.
  • Jantine- meaning ‘God is forgiving’, is an attractive nickname for Jane.
  • Jeannie- is a perfect nickname for a girl/ woman named Jane.
  • Jenny- is a feminine nickname which means ‘fair one’, is a sweet nickname for Jane.
  • Jinn- meaning ‘bright’, ‘gold’ and ‘beautiful’, is an amazing shortened nickname for Jane.
  • Jinty- is a cute nickname that you can choose to call your Jane.
  • Joan- is again means ‘God is gracious’, is a good nickname for Jane.
  • Joanna- meaning ‘God is gracious’, is a unique and blissful nickname for Jane.
  • John- meaning ‘graced by God’, is a blessed nickname for Jane.
  • Joina- is a unique and shortened nickname for Jane.
  • Joney-  is a magnificent and beautiful nickname that will enhance the personality of Jane.
  • Jovanka- is a blessed nickname to call Jane as the name holds the meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Juana- is a feminine name that you can go through to call your Jane.

Funny Nicknames For Jane

Want to make fun of your friend? Then give him/her a funny nickname that will make them giggle. An excellent list of funny nicknames is given below.

  • Big Birdy- is a creative and fabulous nickname for someone named Jane.
  • Brat- is an amusing nickname for a Jane who has a tendency to naughty behavior.
  • Bumble Bee- is an innovative and comical nickname for Jane.
  • Bunny- is a cute and sweet nickname for someone who is too cute.
  • Buster Janeie- is one of the cool nicknames for Jane.
  • Champ- is a childish and funny nickname for Jane.
  • Dandelion- is a stylish and good name that you can use to call your Jane.
  • Dip Jane- is another chucklesome nickname for Jane.
  • Ducky- is a catchy and funny short nickname for Jane.
  • Fair Looker- is one of the best nicknames to call a good-looking Jane.
  • Fluffy Ted- is a fantastic nickname for chubby Jane.
  • Fruity- is a sweet and pleasing nickname for Jane.
  • Jane Curls- is one of the fantastic nicknames for Jane.
  • Lardy- is another fantastic nickname for Jane.
  • Lemon Head- is a fabulous choice that you can use to call your Jane.
  • Muppet- is one of the more appealing nicknames for Jane.
  • Mustard Head- is a funny and unique nickname for Jane.
  • Pacman- is another interesting nickname for Jane.
  • Prickly Pear- is a funny and amusing nickname for Jane.
  • Spawn- is a humorous nickname for Jane.
  • Sponge Bob- is an excellent nickname for Jane.
  • Tinker Bell- is a cute and creative nickname for Jane.
  • Tweety Bird- is one of the perfect nicknames for those who are too fond of social media.

Cool Nicknames For Jane

Here are some cool nicknames for Jane that might be suitable for your child.

  • Bree- one of the unique and cool nicknames for Jane.
  • Bug- is a sweet nickname for Jane.
  • Cardilac Jane- is a creative nickname for Jane. This is also a classy middle name that sounds perfect with Jane.
  • Dennis Rodman- is a popular and classic nickname.
  • Flame- is a catchy and attractive nickname.
  • Gummy- is a cool and classy  nickname for Jane.
  • Jaffery- meaning ‘pledge of peace’, is a wonderful nickname for Jane.
  • Jane Zombie- is a unique and fabulous nickname for Jane. Also, it's a funny middle name with the name Jane.
  • Madonna- is another fancy and stylish nickname for Jane.
  • Maze- is another unique nickname for Jane.
  • Mutter Nut- is a cool and funny nickname for Jane.
  • Nankeen- is a cute and fantastic nickname for Jane.
  • Pepper- is another fancy nickname that you can pick to call your Jane.
  • Pookie- is a cute and childish nickname for Jane.
  • Roo- is a sweet and cute nickname for Jane.
  • Snuggles- is a fantastic nickname that Jane named person will like.
  • Sunshine- is a wonderful and appealing nickname for Jane.
  • The Beebs- is a fantastic nickname for Jane.
  • Wade- meaning ‘to go’, is a pleasing pet name that sounds perfect on Jane.
  • Woopsy- is a creative and cool nickname for Jane.

Trendy Nicknames For Jane

Here is a list of some trendy nicknames for Jane that she will like.

  • Albino Head- is an attractive and cool nickname for a blonde Jane.
  • Bionda- is a charismatic nickname for Jane, which means ‘black’.
  • Bisque- is a unique nickname that you can give to your Jane.
  • Bisty- is a cute and fantastic nickname for an interesting personality.
  • Coco- is an amusing and entertaining nickname for Jane.
  • Ellis- is a lovely as well as an appealing nickname for Jane.
  • Ethan Boy- is a perfect nickname that will suit well on a boy named Jane.
  • Fiona- meaning ‘fair’ and ‘white’, is a pretty nickname for your Jane that you can go through.
  • Gamboge- is a unique and rare nickname for Jane.
  • Guinevere- is a trendy and aesthetic nickname for Jane.
  • Gwen Stefani- is again a trendy and classic nickname for Jane.
  • Isolde- meaning ‘ice ruler’, is a cool and trendy nickname for Jane.
  • J- Bone- is a unique and interesting nickname for your Jane.
  • Jane Dork- is a trendy and classy nickname for Jane.
  • Jane Princess- is a wonderful and enduring nickname for Jane.
  • Janey Bean- is a creative nickname for Jane that is not used frequently.
  • Jelly Belly- is an interesting and creative nickname for Jane.
  • Lagniappe- is another creative and catchy nickname for Jane.
  • Mari Jane- is another catchy nickname for Jane.
  • Nemo- is an engaging nickname for your Jane that sounds cool.
  • Reese Witherspoon- is a unique and innovative nickname that you can use to call your Jane.
  • Saffron- is a beautiful and classy nickname for Jane.
  • Santhe- is a perfect nickname for someone who is broad-minded.
  • Thomsy- is an amazing nickname that sounds great on Jane.

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