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60+ Pseudodragon Names That Are Cute, Funny, And Cool

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Pseudodragons are fantastic creatures from the world of fantasy.

Pseudodragons are a type of dragons, but they are not quite significant, or as big, as a dragon. They are known to be smaller than normal dragons and are shy and playful.

When you play a fantasy game or a game that has mythical dragons, you might also encounter pseudodragons. In some games, you can even play as dragons. Therefore, you should always be ready with the best pseudodragon familiar names for your new friend.

One of the most famous games where you can encounter a pseudodragon is 'Dungeons And Dragons'. With the this list of names, it will be easy to choose a dragon name for your characters. For inspiration on dragon nicknames, you can take inspiration from the pseudodragon colors or from their smaller size. For example, Crimson and Blaze can be great red dragon names.

If you are looking to find the best dragon names, you can check out our list of the best ice dragon names and the best water dragon names.

Cute Pseudodragon Names

You can give your mighty pseudodragon a cute name to show your love and appreciation.

1. Askook, meaning "snake".

2. Ator, meaning "poison or venom".

3. Chance, meaning "luck of fortune".

4. Draco, meaning "like a serpent".

5. Drakon, meaning "dragon" in Greek.

6. Falkor, is a cute pseudodragon name.

7. Herensuge, in the Basque language, means "dragon".

8. Kaida, meaning "little dragon".

9. Kayda, meaning "looks like a dragon" in the Japanese language.

10. Knucker, a fantastic pseudodragon name.

11. Libelle, meaning "dragonfly" in the German language.

12. Malinda, one of the best dragoness names, which means "sweet".

13. Medousa, a cute name that means "guardians".

14. Ormr, a cute dragon name.

15. Orochi, meaning "big snake" in the Japanese language.

16. Pendragon, meaning "the chief of dragons".

17. Ryuu, cute name which means "dragon spirit".

18. Shesha, the name of a king.

19. Smaug, a cute name for your dragon.

20. Tatsuo, a cute name for male dragons.

21. Vasuki, means "serpent or Naga".

22. Viper, as in the snake Viper.

Fly high with your amazing pseudodragon.

Funny Pseudodragon Names

It would be best if you chose a funny pseudodragon name so that you can always smile or laugh when you call out its name.

23. Apalala, meaning "water dragon" in the Hindi language.

24. Arrow, as the arrow that can defeat any other dragons.

25. Cheeto, for the fastest pseudodragon.

26. Chewbacca, an excellent funny name for all the dragons that have hair.

27. Chua, meaning "snake" in Native America.

28. Chubs, for your chubby dragon. Among the good dragon names.

29. Coatl, great dragon name which means "snake".

30. Coaxoch, a funny name derived from the cockroach.

31. Drake, inspired by the famous singer, also means "power of the dragon and snake".

32. Egan, is one of the good names for a pseudodragon.

33. Ehecatl, a great dragon name which refers to a wind serpent.

34. Fafner, referring to a dwarf who became a dragon.

35. Fang, one of the best funny pseudodragon names.

36. Glaurung, meaning "father of dragons".

37. Iormungand, meaning "giant pole".

38. Kimba, meaning "bush fire".

39. Lollipop, a funny pseudodragon name.

40. Longwei, meaning "dragon greatness".

41. Mushu, a funny name for your dragon.

42. Pachua, one of the best funny dragon names, means "feathered water snake".

43. Shoo-Man, funny dragon name variation to Shoman.

44. Tanwen, a Welsh name which means "white fire".

Name your pseudodragon, or it will breathe fire upon you.

Cool Pseudodragon Names

Give your pseudodragons a cool name from the names mentioned in the list below.

45. Aidan, one of the best names, which means "little fire".

46. Apep, meaning "to slither".

47. Astarot, meaning "King of dragons".

48. Blaze, one of the cool dragon names to use.

49. Dalinda, meaning "noble serpent".

50. Devlin, one of the best earth dragon names.

51. Drago, a great nickname for a dragon.

52. Hydra, relates to the multi-headed water dragon.

53. Leviathan, meaning "twisted or coiled".

54. Loki, inspired by the name of the trickster God.

55. Natsu, the name of the dragon slayer.

56. Nuri, the best name for pseudodragons, which means "fire".

57. Puff, you can use this cool name for your dragon.

58. Pythios, meaning "python".

59. Ryoko, one of the best male or female dragon names.

60. Tatsuya, meaning "sign of dragons".

61. Tezcacoatl, referring to the serpent King.

62. Tyson, meaning "firebrand".

63. Uther, similar to Arthur.

64. Xiucoatl, meaning "little fire".

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