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50+ RV Names To Inspire Your Next Road Trip

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Why RV names?

RV is an acronym for Recreational Vehicle and is one of the most innovative means of transport. The design of the RV allows its owner to drive it around and live in the vehicle. An RV provides enough space and compartments to accommodate the basic amenities for living in the vehicle. Since the motorized vehicle allows a person to live in it, RVs are often called motorhomes. The RV is the best vehicle for a life on the road. The vehicle can be the most convenient companion for people who like moving from place to place. It might also be the best means of transport for families and friends during trips and vacations. It is arguably the most accommodating private transport for a group of people. Many RV owners also enjoy referring to their vehicles using interesting names. These names or nicknames allow the owner to give the personal identity to the vehicle that they can relate to. Here you can find a variety of RV names to choose from. You will find some popular RV names mentioned in movies and TV. The lists contain feminine names for your vehicle and several funny and hipster names. You can also take inspiration from this article to create new RV names. 


RV Theme Names From Movies

1. ComVee - RV used by the Thornberry family in the animated TV series 'The Wild Thornberrys'.

2. Eagle 5 - the RV-like spaceship shown in the 1987 opera movie 'Spaceballs'.

3. EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle - a customized RV fitted with military equipment appearing in the movie 'Stripes' from 1981.

4. Vanguard - the RV owned by the protagonist in the 2020 film 'Nomadland'. 

Hipster Names For Your RV

5. Atlas - because the RV helps you travel to places on the map in real life. 

6. Beast on Wheels - for a big RV. 

7. Chariot - refers to a medieval vehicle and is a fitting name for an old RV. 

8. Chase - because the RV helps you chase any desired destination. 

9. Companion - implying that your RV is the best traveling buddy.

10. Compass - for an RV with an installed GPS. 

11. Cruiser

12. Discoverer - an RV for discovering new places. 

13. Dusty - for an old RV.

14. Explorer - an RV used for exploring new regions in the country.

15. Gypsy 

16. Home Sweet Roam - you can ride and live in your RV.

17. Homie - implying that the RV is a friend. 

18. Hot On Wheels - for a frequently used RV. 

19. Long-Hauler - an RV used for long-distance travel.

20. Major Tom - a reference to the wandering astronaut mentioned in David Bowie's famous song 'Space Oddity'. 

21. Nest - like the home of a bird. 

22. Nimbus - a metaphor associating traveling in the RV with a traveling cloud. 

23. Nirvana - if riding around in your RV gives you relief and peace. 

24. Ranger

25. Road Rider - if the RV is your vehicle of preference for traveling. 

26. Runaway - if driving around in your RV helps you escape the hectic daily life.

27. Safari - when using the RV to travel to new places. 

28. Scout - if you use the RV to travel to new places and scout locations for a project. 

29. Seeker - the RV helps to seek and enjoy new experiences. 

30. Starship - referring to an RV as a spaceship. Starship can be a name for an RV with advanced technological installations.

31. Sun Chaser - if you take out the RV for your summer vacation retreats. 

32. Thrill Seeker - if the RV is your vehicle for seeking new adventures. 

33. Tourister - if you plan to tourn across the country in your RV.

34. Voyager - if you take out the RV for long-distance travel. 

35. Wanderer - if the RV is your vehicle for wandering around the town or state. 

36. Wanderlust - if you want to travel around the world in your RV.

37. Wayfarer - an RV you use to travel to new places. 

38. Weekend Planner - if your weekend plans involve going someplace in your RV.

Female RV Names

39. Duchess - implying that your RV is a royal vehicle. 

40. Minnie - for a small RV.

41. Miss Bliss

42. Serenity - if driving in your RV makes you feel calm. 

43. Stella (Latin origin) - meaning 'star'.

44. Wanda (Polish origin) - meaning 'wanderer'.

45. Wander Woman - a reference to the fictional superhero character 'Wonder Woman', and a fitting feminine name for an RV of an adventurous person.

Wide angle view at diverse group of young people enjoying picnic outdoors while camping with trailer van


Funny Nicknames For Your RV

46. Buggy - a small RV. 

47. Drifter - if you stay at a place for a short time and travel by your RV. 

48. Drive O'Clock - an RV you regularly drive around in.

49. Gidget - a sweet nickname for referring to your RV as an all-in-one gadget. 

50. Hunter - since the RV helps you hunt new places. 

51. Jolly Trolly - implying that the RV is your happy place. 

52. Movin' On - an RV you occasionally use during vacations or family holidays. 

53. Mystery Machine - refers to the van of the lead characters in the Scooby-Doo franchise. 

54. Run Forrest Run - a reference to the 1994 movie 'Forrest Gump' and the protagonist with the same name, who runs across America.

55. Rust Bucket - is the name of the RV from the popular cartoon series 'Ben 10'. 

56. RV There Yet - a playful nickname as a variant of the phrase 'are we there yet?'. 

57. Sunny - since RVs offer an exciting traveling experience during summer. 

58. Tin House - a fitting nickname for an old RV. 

59. Wagon - when using your RV to transport goods or some people from one place to another.

60. Weekender - if driving around in your RV is part of your weekend plans. 

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