150+ Seal Names That Are Sea-Riously Cute

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Originally Published on Dec 21, 2020
Common seal lying on the beach.
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Seals are mammals that are also called pinnipeds (this is the scientific name for a seal).

There eight types of seals in real life. Cartoons and animated movies have also adapted their own seal and pinniped characters that have become hugely popular.

Lion seals are also classified as pinnipeds. Pinniped means "fin-footed" in Latin, this makes sense as seals have feet that are shaped like fins. Whilst there are many similarities between the animals, a big difference between seals and sea lions can be found in their physical attributes and vocalizing habits.

Here are some famous seal names you can use for seals. For more animal names, check out these pig names and these fresh fish names.

The Best Seal Names

If you are planning to adopt and name a seal (or perhaps a seal soft toy!), here are a few name ideas.

1. Alani, meaning “orange tree” is a name that will suit your seal.

2. Baikal, a name given to seals limited to freshwater habitats.

3. Bearded, name of a seal with prominent whiskers.

4. Chaton, a lovely name for a seal.

5. Emileo, meaning “strive for excellence” is a beautiful name.

6. Gray, a simple name for a gray colored seal.

7. Hedwyn, meaning “fair peace” is a name of Welsh origin.

8. Hooded, a name inspired by the inflatable hood on an adult seal’s head.

9. Jaguar, a name for seals from the bearded seal species.

10. Leopard, a name suited for large and muscular seals.

11. Lupe Lamora, a name from the 'James Bond' universe.

12. Malachite, meaning “mellow” is a sweet and memorable name.

13. Mr. Morton Slumber, a character from the 'James Bond' universe.

14. Osian, meaning “young dear” is a name derived from the word 'os'.

15. Palomina, an unusual female seal name.

16. Ringed Seal, for a seal with silver rings on their back and sides.

17. Sea Lion, a simple name for your intelligent, and restless seal.

18. Siarl, meaning “free man” is an adorable name for a cute baby seal.

19. Silver, a name for seals with skin like silverfish.

20. Snow, one of the popular names for a seal.

21. The Monk, a name for seals classified in the Phocidae family.

22. Vivien, originating from the Latin word 'vivianus' is an endearing baby seal name.

Crabeater seal in Antarctica.

Seal Names From Cartoons And Movies

Seals are adorable and lovable mammals who have been a part of several movies and TV series. Here are some seal names from cartoons and movies.

23. Andre, a character in the movie 'Andre'.

24. Chip, a white male seal from 'Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater’.

25. Fluke, name of the pinniped from the movie 'Finding Dory'.

26. Flynn, a giant elephant seal, one of the many types of seal, in 'Ice Age 4: Continental Drift'.

27. Gerald, another one of the 'Finding Dory' seal names.

28. Hunter, one of the animals from the movie 'Penguins Of Madagascar'.

29. Kotick, a white seal in the animated movie 'The White Seal'.

30. Pup, a baby seal separated from its mother in the movie 'In Search Of Santa'.

31. Robby, the best friend of penguin Pingu from the movie 'Pingu'.

32. Rudder, a character from 'Finding Dory'.

33. Sandy, a lonesome character in the movie 'Sandy The Seal'.

34. Skaeg, a character in the Danish comical series 'Rasmus Klump'.

35. Slappy, a pinniped from the movie 'Slappy And The Stinkers'.

36. Sneezly, a character in the series 'Breezly And Sneezly'.

37. Sophy, a seal in the movie 'Dr. Dolittle'.

38. Stefano, a comical character from 'Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted'.

39. Wolfgang, a stuffed muppet in 'Sesame Street'.

Atlantic Grey Seal Pup on Sandy Beach.

Male Seal Names

Also known as bulls, male seals are about 8,500 lbs in weight and 20 feet long. They often live in groups. A group of seals is called a colony, a harem, or a bob of seals. Here is a list of male seal names that you can try.

40. Adam, meaning “earth” or “ground” is a masculine name.

41. Benjamin, meaning “son of my right hand” is a popular male name for seals.

42. Bilbo, meaning “sword” is a name inspired by the 'Lord Of The Rings' franchise.

43. Bogey, meaning “bow strength” is a well suited seal name.

44. Bond, meaning “peasant farmer” is a popular male name for seal.

45. Boogie Woogie, a name representing the heavyweight nature of male seals.

46. Bulldog, a seal whose facial features resemble those of a dog.

47. Captain, meaning “commander” is a strong name for your seal.

48. Cecil, an adorable name for a male seal.

49. Chip, an adorable name for your seal.

50. Crimson, “meaning dark red color” is an endearing seal name.

51. Dash, meaning “to run quickly” is an interesting name.

52. Eric, meaning “eternal ruler” is a perfect name.

53. Felix, meaning “happy” will suit your male seal friend.

54. Fluke, meaning “streaked element” is a weird and interesting seal name.

55. Freddy, meaning “peace” is the perfect seal name.

56. Garnett, referring to a precious stone is an adorable name.

57. Gerald, meaning “rule of the spear” is a powerful name.

58. Hunter, meaning “one who hunts” is a well suited name.

59. Jeremy, meaning “appointed by God” is a masculine name.

60. Jumbo, a name well suited for a large seal.

61. Leo, meaning “lion” is a small and sweet name for your seal.

62. Logan, meaning “descendent of the warrior” is a perfect name.

63. Luca, meaning “bringer of light” is an interesting name.

64. Lucky, meaning “fortunate” is an adorable seal name.

65. Luke, meaning “the bright one” refers to a character in 'Star Wars'.

66. Mr. Flipper, a perfect name for the fin-footed mammal.

67. Oddy, meaning “point of a weapon” is an interesting male name

68. Oliver, meaning “olive tree planter” is a popular name you can use.

69. Oscar, meaning “spear of God” is a masculine name you can use for your seal.

70. Poker, a seal name based on the card game of the same name.

71. Peeping Joe, referring to their big, black eyes.

72. Quentin, meaning “the fifth” can be used for a seal.

73. Robby, meaning “bright and shining” is a great name for your seal.

74. Romeo, meaning “pilgrim to Rome” is an Italian masculine name.

75. Rudder, a royal surname will be the perfect name.

Quick And Easy Male Seal Names

Still undecided, here are some more male seal names.

76. Rusky

77. Salty

78. Sampson

79. Seamus

80. Sloppy

81. Slouchy Sid

82. Snoofy

83. Snorky

84. Sparky

85. Sully

86. Teiko

87. Tommy

88. Whiskers

89. Wolfgang

90. Zachary

Female Seal Names

A female seal is called a cow. If you happen to see one, here are some names you can try.

91. Alice, meaning “noble” is a delightful name.

92. Arrow, referring to the weapon, is an unusual name.

93. Astro, meaning “star” is the perfect name.

94. Aurora, meaning “dawn” is an alluring seal name.

95. Becky, a cute name for a female seal.

96. Blurby, a perfect name for your seal with a large belly.

97. Bulbous Betty, a name for a rounded seal.

98. Cecilia, an adorable name.

99. Chippy, meaning “love” is an endearing name.

100. Coco, a cute female name.

101. Domino, meaning “Lord” is an interesting name.

102. Dorea, a perfect name for a mother seal.

103. Emily, meaning “rival” is an interesting name for a female seal.

104. Esmeralda, meaning “emerald” is a name from 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame'.

105. Felis, meaning “lucky” is an adorable name.

106. Flora, meaning "flower" is a beautiful name.

107. Fluffy, a name suiting the furred and fluffy mammal.

108. Flynn, meaning “descendant of Flann” is an interesting female name.

109. Harper, an endearing seal name.

Quick And Easy Female Seal Names

Still undecided, here are some more female seal names.

110. Izzy

111. Jess

112. Juliet

113. Kilo

114. Kyle

115. Leila

116. Lucille

119. Mary

120. Megan

121. Miss Lazy

122. Morty

123. Nami

124. Nancy

125. Patch

126. Pearl

127. Poppy

128. Rebecca

129. Sandy

130. Sarah

131. Shirley

132. Silkster

133. Silver

134. Smiling Sally

135. Sole

136. Sophie

137. Sydney

138. Twinkle

139. Walker

140. Wanda

141. Willow

142. Virginia

Baby Seal Names

Baby seals, also called pups, remain on land until they have waterproof fur. Check out these baby seals name ideas.

143. Cuddle

144. Flopsie

145. Hug Ems

146. Lil’Huggy

147. Peek-A-Boo

148. Pillow

149. Sleepy

150. Squishy

151. Travel Tails

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