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89 Super Cool Rock Star Names For All Budding Musicians

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Looking to create a list of names that you like for naming your baby?

You can consider the names of rock stars to name your baby. But with so many options to choose from, you might get confused.

Here are some of the popular rock star names for babies.

Famous Rock Star Names

Here are some of the famous Rock star baby names that can help you make choose the best one in no time.

Alice Cooper (Germanic Origin), meaning 'noble', is a singer, songwriter, and actor from America. Alice Cooper is favorite with fans.

Axl Rose (Hebrew  Origin), meaning 'peace', is an American songwriter.

Bob Dylan (German Origin) means 'fame'. Bob Dylan is an American visual artist, author, and singer. Bob Dylan is known to be one of the best songwriters in history. Bob Dylan is still famous across the world.

Chuck Berry (Old English Origin), meaning 'man', was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter who also played a huge role in rock and roll music.

David Bowie (Hebrew Origin) has a meaning 'beloved'. Bowie was an English songwriter and singer. Also, David Bowie was one of the many influential singers in the 20th century. For his beautiful songs and voice, David Bowie is considered one of the famous musicians of his time.

Elton John (Old English Origin), meaning 'settlement', is a great English composer and singer who has composed and sold many new music albums. One of the famous rock star baby names boys.

Elvis Presley (Scandinavian Origin), meaning 'all wise', was an American actor and singer popularly known as the King of Rock and Roll.

Freddie Mercury (German Origin) means 'ruler'. Freddie was a British songwriter and singer known for colorful displays on stage. Moreover, Freddie was the lead vocalist of the band Queen.

Iggy Pop (English Origin), meaning 'fire', is an American singer, songwriter, and musician widely popular as the Godfather of Punk.

James (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'supplanter', is a singer, songwriter, composer, playback singer, and guitarist from Bangladesh.

James Hendrix (Germanic Origin) means 'home-ruler'. Jimmy Hendrix was an American musician and songwriter. Jimmy Hendrix may be regarded as one of the best electric guitarists. The name of his band was Jimmy Hendrix Experience.

Jim Morrison (English Origin), meaning 'supplanter', was an American singer, songwriter, poet, and the lead vocalist of The Doors, a rock band.

Joan Jett (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'god is gracious', is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and actress from America.

Johnny Cash (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'god is Gracious', was an American singer and actor whose songs mainly consisted of lingering emotions of sorrow and redemption.

Lennon (Irish Origin), meaning 'lover', was an English musician, singer, songwriter, and peace activist who rose to worldwide fame as a Beatles member.

Ozzy (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'Ggod', is an English singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band. He may be regarded as a leader of the band.

Stevie Nicks (Greek Origin) means 'crown'. Stevie is an American songwriter, singer, and producer.

Tommy Lee (Aramaic Origin) means 'twin'. Tommy Lee is a musician from America, and the founder of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

Rock Star Baby Names

Want to have some links with your favorite rock star? How about selecting the name of your first baby inspired by popular musicians? Here are some first name options for you to consider.

Ace (Latin Origin), meaning 'first', is a charismatic name for your child who aspires to be the best rock star.

Adele (German Origin), meaning 'nobility', symbolizes pride and honor.

Ani (Slavic Origin), meaning 'beautiful', is a pretty name for your pretty little peach.

Bonham (French Origin), meaning 'good man', is a lovely name for your baby boy.

Buddy (English Origin), meaning 'companion', is a beautiful name that is a favorite with parents.

Carole (English Origin), meaning 'free', is a lovely name for a user.

Cecilia (Latin Origin), meaning 'lily', symbolizes your child's gentle and adorable nature.

Cooper (Dutch Origin), meaning 'container', symbolizes enclosure.

Corin (Latin Origin), meaning 'spear', symbolizes sharpness and is a lovely name for your intelligent kid.

Grace (Latin Origin), meaning 'charm', is another influential and great name.

Harrison (English Origin), meaning 'son of Harry', is another favorite rock star name.

Janis (English Origin), meaning 'gracious god', is another pretty gender-neutral name you would want to know more about.

Lita (Latin Origin), meaning 'happiness', signifies pleasure and joy.

Milo (Slavic Origin), meaning 'beloved', is a short and cute name to symbolize all the love you have for your little baby.

Nikki (Greek Origin), meaning 'victory', is a popular name for baby girls to empower them always to try to be the best version of themselves.

Orbison (American Origin), meaning 'gratitude', symbolizes recognition and appreciation.

Roy (Old French Origin), meaning 'king', is a strong name that symbolizes leadership and authority to overcome any trouble.

Girl Rock Star Names

Go through the list of rock star names for girls and bless your princess with a lovely name.

Belinda (Old Spanish Origin), meaning 'beautiful', is a popular name for baby girls signifying delight, charm, and elegance.

Bette (American Origin), meaning 'god is my oath', is one holy name that symbolizes immeasurable trust in the actions of god.

Billie (Old German Origin), meaning 'protector', is the symbol of care and protection that you ensure for your child.

Carly (French Origin), meaning 'vigor', symbolizes stamina and is a well-suited name for proactive and energetic babies.

Cher (French Origin), meaning 'beloved', is the perfect name for your most loved and adorable little girl.

Dolly (English Origin), meaning 'god's gift', has to be the most appropriate name to designate your daughter's importance in your world.

Edie (Old English Origin), meaning 'blessed', is a blissful name for your princess to bless her with enormous virtues and values in life.

Exene (English Origin), meaning 'responsible', symbolizes brightness and light to fill your child's life with happiness and rays of hope.

Fiona (Gaelic Origin), meaning 'fair', symbolizes charm and elegance, a suitable name for your lively and gorgeous daughter.

Florence (Latin Origin), meaning 'belief', signifies your baby girl's credence and trust.

Gwen (Welsh Origin), meaning 'holy', is a divine name that symbolizes faith in god, his actions, and mercifulness. A name you are sure to like and take inspiration from.

Johnette (Scottish Origin), meaning 'gracious god', is one lovely name denoting the graciousness and merciful god.

Lucinda (Latin Origin), meaning 'light', the name denotes a life full of aspirations to help your child overcome every hurdle.

Meg (Greek Origin), meaning 'pearl', is one auspicious name to make your daughter even more precious.

Nina (Spanish Origin), meaning 'little girl', is an adorable and sweet name for your little princess.

Olivia (Latin Origin), meaning 'olive tree', signifies determination and the capabilities to soar high.

Regina (Latin Origin), meaning 'queen', is the best rock star name that justifies the nature and personality of your daughter.

Sheena (Scottish Origin), meaning 'gracious', is a lovely name that symbolizes your kind, polite, and compassionate daughter.

Tori (Latin Origin), meaning 'bird', symbolizes freedom and eternity and gives your child the confidence to grow and reach great heights.

Names of rock stars are extremely popular for naming babies.

Boy Rock Star Names

Why worry if you are having trouble finding a cool and awesome name for your baby boy?Here are some options for you.

Burton (Old English Origin), meaning 'enclosure', is the symbol of nobility and strength, all that you want for your child.

Cash (French Origin), meaning 'case', is a lovely and popular rock star name to bless your baby boy with unending fortune.

Cedric (Celtic Origin), meaning 'bounty', symbolizes love and kindness and is the perfect name for the little boy you love the most.

Chester (Roman Origin), meaning 'fort', is another cool name for your little prince and symbolizes protection.

Cliff (Old English Origin), meaning 'slope', is a popular name for boys, symbolizing life's ups and downs.

Jarvis (English Origin), meaning 'spear', symbolizes power and is a good name for cunning boys.

Jennings (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'son of John', symbolizes beauty and is a gorgeous name for baby boys.

Julian (Latin Origin), meaning 'youthful', symbolizes elegance and joy and is a suitable name to wish for the eternal happiness of your child.

Lars (Latin Origin), meaning 'crowned with Laurel', is an honorable name for baby boy, symbolizings kingship.

Lemmy (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'devoted to god', is a divine name denoting faith in god, power, and benevolence.

Maynard (English Origin), meaning 'strong', as a name, symbolizes might and courage.

Miles (Latin Origin), meaning 'soldier', symbolizes defense and is a good name for your boy who's understands love and bondings.

Otis (French Origin), meaning 'prosperity', symbolizes wealth and opulence to wish your baby boy unwavering success.

Sebastian (Latin Origin), meaning 'revered', symbolizes prestige and respect and is a cool name for your baby boy.

Syd (Old English Origin), meaning 'wide meadow', is a sweet and short name that signifies freshness and innovation.

Waylon (Old English Origin), meaning 'beside the road', is a great rock star name for boys. 

Wayne (English Origin), meaning 'wagon', signifies determination and hard work, a suitable name for your child.

Rock Star Cat Names

Observe your cat closely, its habits, and moods, and pick out the best name from the list of rock star names for cats.

Alice (Germanic Origin), meaning 'noble', symbolizes pride, honor, and is a purely enticing name for your cat.

Crosby (Scottish Origin), meaning 'farm', symbolizes settlement and is another good rock star name for your cat.

Diamond (Greek Origin), meaning 'shine', is a fantastic name for cats symbolizing light and hope.

Faith (English Origin), meaning 'hope', is an amazing rock star cat name that symbolizes one's belief in God.

Fury (Irish Origin), meaning 'impulsive', is a suitable name for your cat if it loves aggressive and loud music.

Holly (English Origin), meaning 'hollow', is a lovely name for your energetic, active, and jolly cat.

Iris (Greek Origin), meaning 'goddess of the Rainbow', is a colorful name for your lovely cat who has filled your life with colors.

Ivy (Latin Origin), meaning 'vine', is an influential name that symbolizes faith, loyalty, and commitment.

Jagger (English Origin), meaning 'peddler', is a lovely cat name symbolizing interest in music.

Leah (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'delicate', is an awesome name for your gentle and charming little cat.

Mac (Scottish Origin), meaning 'son', signifies love and affection towards your cat.

Marley (English Origin), meaning 'meadow', is a refreshing cat name that signifies greenery, freshness, and innovation.

Nash (English Origin), meaning 'ash', is another cat name that symbolizes interest in music.

Natalia (Latin Origin), meaning 'Christmas', is the perfect name for your cat who likes to show its dance moves during Christmas.

Santana (Spanish Origin), meaning 'follower of St. Anna', is a pure rock star name for your cheerful and lively cat.

Seger (Old German Origin), meaning 'sawyer', is another adorable name for your rock star cat.

Starr (American Origin), meaning 'bright', symbolizes a new beginning with lots of bright aspirations.

Ziggy (German Origin), meaning 'victorious', is a lovely name perfect for yellow and orange cats.

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