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22 Surprising Jimin Nicknames

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Why Jimin Nicknames?

Jimin, which can also be spelled Ji-min or Jee-min, is a gender-neutral Korean name.

The wise connotation, 'My understanding will be greater than the sky', will encourage infants to look for the solutions they want. Jimin, which means 'winner of the heart', also has Arabic roots. 

A lovely name with such positive connotations will endure for the infant as they develop into an excellent and wise adult. South Korean singer and dancer Park Jimin, born October 13, 1995, is known by his stage name Jimin. He debuted in 2013 as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, who was signed to the Big Hit Entertainment record company. Park Jimin is one of South Korea's most popular idols and came in first place in popularity polls in 2018 and 2019. 

Famous Nicknames For Jimin.

Everybody wants to rise to fame, and imagine your boy or girl having some famous nicknames used by a celebrity. So, here is a renowned list that will grow the child's acclamation and may even lead to stardom.

  • Chim Chim - This name was given to Jimin by Tony Jones when BTS was in 'American Hustle Life', and fans also adopted it. 'American Hustle Life' was a significant thing for the BTS ARMY. Let's make this name more popular by adopting this as a nickname.
  • Jimin Puffs - This nickname is appropriate if your child has a puffy face. Jimin got this nickname because when he was younger, he had cute chubby cheeks.
  • Mochi - The Mochi nickname is given to Jimin because his cheeks are too cute and squishy, like a sweet treat. It looks similar to the Japanese rice cake of the same name. 

Cute Nickname For Jimin.

Every child is cute, so it's mandatory to find a nickname that suits Jimin.

  • Christian Chim - This nickname was given by Jimin from BTS when someone asked what his English name would be. So if you love English names, then Christian Chim sounds cute.
  • Baby Mochi - Jimin from BTS is also called baby Mochi due to his adorable persona.
  • Jiminnie dong-ae - When Jimin and other members played games, this name was Jimin's sort of player identity for the games.

Funky Nickname For Jimin

What is even a nickname if it doesn't sound funny? Funny nicknames bring happiness to both parties involved in a conversation, so check out some amusing nicknames for Jimin. These names are funky and will put a smile on everyone's face.

  • Ddochi - Jimin was called by this name by his mid-school friend because they thought he had a cute puppy-like face at that time.
  • Diminie - This is also a self-thought nickname. He relates to this name because he does a lot of yoga. Then he gave an instance that rolled into a personal nickname for him.
  • Dooly - Jimin's fanbase thinks he looks like the cartoon character Dooly when he puffs his face.
  • Pak-bboong - This is one of Jimin's nicknames given to himself. During BTS Festa 2016, he wrote this spontaneous word on his profile which he wrote himself. The term  Pak-bboong is quite funky.

Creative and Classy Jimin Nicknames.

There are numerous ways to enhance the creativity of nicknames, such as by creating an anagram between different words. The more imaginative the nickname, the more unusual it is, and the more people are willing to start using it. Here are some of Jimin's creative nicknames.

  • Ddan-ji - It means calf or calves. It is widely used when Jimin wear shorts and expose his leg muscle. So if the child is well-built, this name is a perfect match.
  • Jiminie - This is a name that the BTS ARMY uses for Jimin.
  • Kumquat Mochi - Jimin was seen in a live stream in an extremely orange sweater, and this name has been called him since then.
  • Mang-ddeok - This name is related to a rice cake, which is very fashionable when talking about Jimin. Jimin is as squishy as a rice cake.
  • Park Jiminie - This is a cute version of the name Jimin, and Suga from BTS added his name to Jiminie to make it sound more classy.

Some Special Nickname Of Jimin.

So this is the list of names that can be used as nicknames for Jimin, and there can be several more like Jimo, Mochi, Baby Mochi, Baby J, and many others. Choosing the perfect blend would be challenging, but creativity has a solution for all. Jimin is loved by Korean fans, and all love a child; thus, having this name is a good blessing. You can go through all the words and choose what matches the best.

  • Bbang-ddeok - It depicts the cuteness and squishy baby face of Jimin. Thus keeping this as your baby's name would be cuter.
  • Jiminie Pabo - This is more of a funky name given by V when the Korean pride BTS ARMY was on 'American Hustle Life'. It actually means Jimin is a fool but the way V said it was meant adorably.
  • Jji-min - This is also a Mochi nickname RM, one of the BTS members, gave because Jimin is well-built yet squishy.
  • Kookie's Heart - Korean fans also give this name as it is quite visible that Jimin is very fond of Jungkook, another one of the BTS members.
  • Little Prince - This is a very adorable name used by the ARMY for Jimin. So keeping this nickname will only grow the adorability of the child.
  • Orange-Haired Guy - When the BTS member sang the song 'Perfect Man', Jimin had orange hair, thus the name. So if you keep this name, it will personify his colorful personality.
  • Sam-Boon Sam-Ship-Sam-Cho - It means three minutes 33 seconds in a video; Jimin dominated the dance exactly at three minutes 33 seconds; thus, the Korean fans gave this name.

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