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The Complete List Of Best Great Dane Names

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The size of a Great Dane may scare you but this tall dog breed has a gentle and kind personality.

The Great Dane is a German dog breed that is typically 34 inches tall. Great Danes tend to weigh anywhere between 100 and 200 pounds and have an average lifespan of eight to ten years.

Called the "Apollo of Dogs", Great Danes are affectionate and make great companion animals in the house. The name translates from the French, "grand Danois", which means "big Danish".

Popular breeding practices have resulted in different types of Great Danes including: Blue Great Dane, Blue Merle Great Dane, Black Great Dane, Silver Great Dane, Boston Great Dane, Brindle Great Dane, Chocolate Great Dane, Spotted Great Dane, Grey Great Dane, as well as the Harlequin Great Dane. Of these different colors and patterns, "the Harlequin" is most common, donning a coat with a black and white patchwork pattern.

When you bring a Great Dane puppy home, you need to make sure you find the perfect name. There are many excellent names for Great Danes that you can explore before you decide on the right name for your Great Dane dog.

We've compiled a list of male and female Great Dane names to inspire the name of your Great Dane dog. For more inspiration, you can check out our other names lists like mythical dog names as well as clever dog names.  

Male Great Dane Names


Great Dane names can be inspired by coat colors, size, and so much more

Bringing a male Great Dane home? Pick a dog name from this list of Great Dane dog names.

1. Abbott (English origin), this name means "head of a monastery".

2. Ace (Latin origin), this name means "one who excels", "unity", or "the superior one".

3. Alfie (English origin), meaning "wise".

4. Apollo (Greek origin), means "destroyer", the son of Zeus in Greek mythology.

5. Archie (Scottish origin), meaning "bold" or "genuine".

6. Ares (Greek origin), refers to the God of War in Greek mythology.

7. Balto (Babylonian origin), the name means "protect the king".

8. Bandit (American origin), the name means "thief". Names like this are perfect for the little guy who's going to steal your heart.

9. Bear (French, German origin), meaning "brave and strong like a bear".

10. Beau (French origin), meaning "handsome".

11. Blaze (English origin), means "flame". A fiery name for a dog with a fiery personality.  

12. Bruno (German origin), meaning "brown".

13. Buzz  (American origin), meaning "village in the woods." Among the nature inspired Great Dane dog names.

14. Champ (French, English origin), meaning "open land". The name could also be short for champion.

15. Checkers (English origin), the white and black checkers game makes the perfect name for harlequin Great Danes.

16. Chico (Spanish origin), the name means "boy".

17. Diego (Hebrew origin), the name means "may God protect".

18. Diesel (German origin), the oil name inspired by engineer, Rudolf Diesel.

19. Domino (French, Latin origin), meaning "lord". Also the perfect name for a black and white Great Dane.

20. Duke (Norman origin), the name means "leader". Also a Disney Great Dane from 'The Swiss Family Robinson.'

21. Fang (Chinese origin), referring to the canine tooth, but could also mean "wind."

22. Ghost (English origin), meaning "spectre". Also the name of Jon Snow's direwolf in 'Game of Thrones.'

23. Griffin (Irish origin), the name means "one who is fierce".

24. Gunner (Scandinavian origin), meaning "warrior". A tough name for a male Great Dane.

25. Hugo (German origin), the name means "mind".

26. Ike (American origin), the name means "he will laugh".

27. Jasper (English origin), the name means "treasurer". It's also a semi-precious stone.

28. Jet (English origin), the name refers to the black gemstone and is perfect for black Great Danes.

29. Laird (Scottish origin), the name means "lord".

30. Leo (Greek, Latin origin), meaning "lion".

31. Loki (German, Old Norse origin), meaning "God of air".

32. Mack (Gaelic origin), meaning "son".

33. Magnum (Latin origin), meaning "big" or "great".

34. Max (Latin origin), meaning "the greatest". Could be short for Maximus or Maximilian as well.

35. Milo (English origin), meaning "soldier". A strong name for a male Great Dane.

36. Nico (Greek origin), meaning "victory of the people".

37. Ollie (English origin), meaning "elf army".

38. Paco (Spanish origin), meaning "free".

39. Pan (Greek origin), refers to the God of the wild woods and companion to the nymphs.

40. Patch (American origin), meaning "noble". Among the coolest Great Dane names for males.

41. Rex (Latin origin), meaning "king". An excellent choice for the king of your heart and (most likely) home.

42. Ryder (English origin), among the Great Dane names meaning "mounted warrior".

43. Scooby-Doo (English origin), meaning "Gift of love, joy, and laughter". We couldn't get through an article on Great Dane dog names without this famous cartoon character now, could we?

44. Simba (African origin), meaning "lion". Inspired by the character from 'The Lion King'.

45. Spike (American origin), meaning "a long and heavy nail".

46. Thor (Old Norse origin), refers to the "God of Thunder". You need to give your dog this name especially if you're a Marvel fan.

47. Typhon (Greek origin), the name means "a child of the Titans". 

48. Zander (Greek origin), meaning "the people's defender".

49. Zeus (Greek origin), the God of the sky and supreme ruler of both Gods and humans in Greek mythology.  

Female Great Dane Names

Have a female Great Dane at home? Here are some of the coolest girl Great Dane names that you'll love.

50. Ada (German origin), the name means "nobility".

51. Anya (Russian origin), the name means "power" or "strength".

52. Ariel (Hebrew origin), meaning "lion of God".

53. Arya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "honorable". This is  among the coolest Great Dane female names especially for 'Game of Thrones' fans because of the super cool, Arya Stark.  

54. Athena (Greek origin), refers to the Goddess of wisdom and war.

55. Aura (Latin origin), the name means "glowing light".

56. Ava (German origin), the name means "life".

57. Bella (English, Italian origin), the name means "beautiful".

58. Brynn (Welsh origin), the name means "hill".

59. Cora (Greek origin), meaning "girl" or "daughter".

60. Daisy (English origin), this flower inspired female name means "day's eye".

61. Dakota (Latin origin), the name means "friendly". The perfect name when you want to reassure people not to be intimidated by the size of your dog.

62. Electra (Greek origin), meaning "shining" or "incandescent".

63. Elsa (Scandinavian origin), meaning "my God is bountiful".

64. Evie (Latin origin), the name means "breathe".

65. Freya (German origin), the name means "lady".  

66. Gaia (Greek origin), the name means "Goddess of the earth".

67. Gia (Italian origin), the name means "God is gracious".

68. Gigi (French origin), meaning "earth worker".

69. Ida (Old Norse origin), meaning "action" or "deed".

70. Ivy (English origin), a flower name that refers to the "climbing vine plant". To the ancient Greeks, it represented loyalty., perfect for your faithful companion.  

71. Jade (Hebrew origin), refers to the precious green stone used in the making of jewelry and other artwork.  

72. Kayla (Hebrew origin), the name means "pure" or "crown".

73. Kendra (English origin), meaning "royal power".

74. Leia (Latin origin), meaning "lioness". If you're a fan of 'Star Wars', this could also be a tribute to Princess Leia from the series.

75. Lizzie (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is abundance".

76. Lucy (Latin origin), the name means "light".

77. Luna (Latin origin), meaning "moon".

78. Maggie (English origin), meaning "pearl".

79. Nellie (English origin), the name means "light". Perfect for the female who lights up your life.

80. Nia (Swahili origin), the name means "purpose".

81. Nyx  (Greek origin), meaning "night". Nyx refers to the Goddess of the night in Greek mythology.

82. Oreo (Greek origin), meaning "mountain". Also refers to the biscuits making it an excellent choice as white and black Great Danes names.  

83. Pixie (Irish origin), the name means "fairy". She may not be small like a pixie, but that doesn't mean she's not magical.  

84. Rena (Hebrew origin), meaning "joy".

85. Roxy (Persian origin), the name means "dawn".

86. Saber (French origin), the name means "sword". A good name to represent the fighter spirit of Great Danes.

87. Sally (Hebrew origin), the name means "princess".

88. Stella (Latin, Italian origin), meaning "star".

89. Suki (Japanese origin), the name means "beloved". Great Dane names like this can help you express just how special your dog is to you.

90. Thea (Hebrew origin), the name means "gift of God".

91. Trudy (German origin), meaning "spear of strength".

92. Xena (Greek origin), the name means "stranger".

93. Zelda (Hebrew origin), the name means "blessed" or "happy". It can also be used as a nickname for Griselda which means "dark battle".

94. Zora (Slavic origin), the name means "dawn".

Funny Great Dane Names

An ironic pun might be pawfect for your new friend

Want to add a bit of humor to Great Dane dog names you choose for your male or female Great Dane? Here's a list of funny Great Dane names that will be perfect for your dog.  

95. Hairy Pawter: Harry Potter fans will love this punny Great Dane name.

96. Hobbit: These are fictional characters that are half the height of humans, popularized by 'The Lord of the Rings'. One of the funny Great Dane names considering the height of Great Danes.

97. Munchkin (German origin), the name means "little figure", quite ironic for a Great Dane.

98. Santa Paws: Better than Santa Claus, your Great Dane, Santa Paws, will be a gift for you every day.  

99. Shorty: An ironic name which refers to someone of less than average height.

100. Sir Barks-a-Lot: From Sir Lancelot, for a dog that just won't stop barking.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Great Dane names, then why not take a look at Brindle dog names, or for something a bit different take a look at British dog names.

The Kidadl Team is made up of people from different walks of life, from different families and backgrounds, each with unique experiences and nuggets of wisdom to share with you. From lino cutting to surfing to children’s mental health, their hobbies and interests range far and wide. They are passionate about turning your everyday moments into memories and bringing you inspiring ideas to have fun with your family.

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