Top 126 Beautiful Names That Mean Fire

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Many things go through our mind when we are choosing a name.

Will it really suit that special somebody? Should it be something unique, or should you pick something which is trending at the moment?

Fire is often associated with energy, warmth, passion, vitality and hope. A name meaning fire is a popular pick when it comes to choosing baby names since it has an ancient significance and can be given a modern twist.

We have compiled over 100 baby names that mean fire from different cultures and languages. Every person appreciates the warmth and gift of fire. In many cultures, it is even used for conducting auspicious ceremonies. We have categorized the baby names on the basis of their genders so that you can select the right sounding fire names for boys or girls. Our list also curates unisex names that mean fire for parents who want gender-neutral titles for their kids. It covers a wide variety of names from mythology, global cultures to even comic books.

For more names inspired by the natural world, take a look at these earthy boy names. Or for more unisex names, take a look at our top 60 gender-neutral Japanese names.

Baby Boy Name That Means Fire

Here are a few fire names for boys bringing the feeling of vitality and warmth with them:

1.Aarush (Hindi origin) meaning ‘ray of sun’.

2.Admani (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘flames’ or ‘burning fire’.

3.Adar (Hebrew origin) translates to ‘fire’.

4.Agni (Indian origin) and depicts the ‘Hindu God of fire’. It also means fire in Hindi.

5.Agnideep (Indian origin) meaning ‘inflamed’.

6.Agnivo (Indian origin) meaning ‘blaze of fire’

7.Aiden (Irish origin) meaning ‘little’ and ‘fiery’ stems from an old Celtic god of sun and fire.

8.Adish (Persian origin) meaning ‘fire’

9.Amarkeeri (Hindi origin) meaning ‘eternal flame’.

10.Anwar (Arabic origin) meaning ‘luminous’ or ‘the one who dazzles’.

11.Aodh (Gaelic origin) meaning ‘fire’.

12.Ardere (Latin origin) equates to ‘burn’, ‘parch’ or ‘scorch’.

13.Ashbel (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘an old fire’.

14.Atesh (Turkish origin) translates to ‘fire.’

15.Barak (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘lightning’. The name is linked to the former American President, Barack Obama.

16.Baskara (Indonesian origin) meaning ‘sun’.

17.Blaze (Latin origin) means ‘to burn with a bright flame’. It is popular among comic book fans because of Marvel's superhero, Ghost Rider’s real name, Johnny Blaze.

18.Bodaway (Native American origin) meaning ‘the fire maker’.

19.Brand (English origin) meaning ‘fiery torch’ or ‘beacon’.

20.Brando (Italian origin) meaning ‘firebrand’ or ‘sword’. The name is famous due to the iconic actor, Marlon Brando.

21.Branton (Gaelic origin) meaning ‘sword or ‘fire town’.

22.Brent (English origin) meaning ‘dweller near the burnt land’.

23.Cyrus (Persian origin) meaning ’sun’. Cyrus was a famous Persian leader who famously conquered Babylon. This name is also mentioned in the Old Testament.

24.Egan (Irish origin) meaning ‘little fire’.

25.Elio (Spanish and Italian origin) is an abbreviation of ‘Helios’, the ancient Greek god of the sun.

26.Finlo (Manx origin) refers to a Pagan Sun God.

27.Fintan (Irish origin) translates to ‘White fire’. The name is derived from Irish mythology, where Fintan was an Irish saint.  

28.Flint (English origin) meaning ‘born near an outcrop of flint’ Flint is a kind of stone used to kindle fire.

29.Haco (Celtic origin) meaning ‘flame’ and ‘fire.’  This is one of the few uncommon Celtic fire-related names.

30.Hagan (Irish origin) meaning ‘little iron’.

31.Hakan (American origin) meaning ‘fiery’.

32.Helios (Greek origin) meaning ’Greek god of the Sun’. Helios is a famous mythological name.

33.Ignacio (Spanish origin) meaning ‘fiery’ It’s a name which is quite trendy in Spanish-speaking countries.

34.Ignatius (Latin origin) meaning ‘fiery’. Ignatius has been the name of several saints, one of whom was the creator of the Catholic Jesuit order.

35.Ishaan (Indian origin) translates ‘to the sun‘. In the Hindu religion, Ishaan is a guardian of the Northeast.  

36.Joash (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘fire of Yahweh’.

37.Keegan (Irish origin) meaning ‘little fire'.

38.Kenneth (Scottish Irish origin) meaning ‘born of fire'.

39.Maccoy (Irish origin) meaning ‘fire'.

40.Nuri (Arabic origin) meaning ‘light‘ or ‘my fire’.

41.Prometheus (Greek origin) meaning ‘forethought‘. It was also the name of the ancient God of fire.  

42.Ra (Egyptian origin) which refers to the ‘ancient God of the sun in Egypt’.

43.Rhys (Welsh origin) meaning ‘enthusiastic’. Rhys is the name of a light healing priest in the popular game ‘Fire Emblem’.

44.Sampson (English origin) meaning ‘the sun’. It is derived from the Hebrew name, Shimshon.

45.Solaris (Latin origin) which means ‘of the sun’.

46.Sulien (Welsh origin) meaning the ‘sun born'.

47.Surya (Hindi origin) meaning ‘Sun god‘.

48.Tyson (English origin) meaning ‘firebrand‘. It is one of the well known surnames that mean fire due to its association with the famous boxer Mike Tyson.

49.Uri (Israeli origin) meaning ‘my flame‘ or ‘my light’. It is mentioned in the Old Testament. Uri was the father of Bezalel, the person in charge of building the Ark of the Covenant.

50.Vulcan (Latin origin) translating to ‘flash. In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the God of fire, which is where the word ‘volcano’ comes from.

Girl Names That Mean Fire

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There’s a special spark in these fire names. If you choose girl names that mean fire, you indicate passion in your fiery girl. Here are some girl names that mean fire:

51.Abellonna (Danish origin) female version of ‘Apollo, the Greek Sun god’.

52.Adara (Arabic, Greek and Hebrew origin) meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘noble.’ It is also viewed as a substitute for Adar, which means ‘fire’.

53.Aithne (Irish origin) meaning ‘fire’.

54.Akosua (Ghanaian origin) meaning ‘born on a Sunday’.

55.Alinta (aboriginal origin) meaning ‘fire' or ‘flame'.

56.Anala (Hindu origin) meaning ‘goddess of fire'.

57.Arpina (Armenian origin) meaning the ‘sun rising’.

58.Barbara (English origin) derived from the Catholic customs which mentions St. Barbara was a protector against fire and lightning. One of the very common English names that mean fire with a saintly origin.

59.Candace (Greek origin) meaning ‘white fire‘. This is the name of the sister of Phineas and Ferb, in the show, Phineas and Ferb.

60.Cinderella (French and English origin) meaning ‘from the Ashes’. Cinderella is known from the famous fairytale.

61.Cyra (Persian origin) translates to ‘Sun‘, ‘throne’ or ‘lord’.

62.Edan (Irish origin) meaning ‘little and fiery' or ‘fire'. This Irish name is a cute alternative to the name, Eden.

63.Eilidh (Scottish origin) meaning ‘sun‘ or ‘radiant one‘, Eilidh is often considered to be a variant of Helen.

64.Electra (Greek origin) meaning ‘shining’ and ‘light’. This name is also associated with the famous Marvel superhero.

65.Eliane (Greek, Hebrew and Latin roots) and means ‘the sun’.

66.Elidi (Greek origin) meaning ‘gift of the sun’.

67.Ena (Celtic origin) meaning ‘passionate’ or ‘fiery’. This is one of the very commonly used Celtic girl names.

68.Enya (Irish origin) meaning ‘fire’. It is a variant of an Irish name, Eithne.

69.Fiamma (Italian origin) meaning ‘flame’.

70.Fiammetta (Italian origin) meaning 'little fiery one’. It is derived from the word, Fiamma, meaning flame.

71.Helia (Greek origin) meaning ‘sun’. It is the feminine version of Helios, the Greek god of the sun.

72.Hestia (Greek origin) meaning ‘fireside’.

73.Hotaru (Japanese origin) meaning ‘lightning bug’ or ‘firefly’. One of the unique Japanese names meaning fire.

74.Idalia (Italian origin) meaning ‘beholding the sun’. Idalia is derived from a Greek place called Idalion.

75.Idris (Welsh origin) meaning ‘fiery’ or ’passionate’. This name can be linked to British actor, Idris Alba.

76.Ignacia (Latin origin) meaning ‘firebrand’.

77.Kalama (Hawaiian origin) meaning ‘flaming torch’

78.Kalinda (Hindi origin) meaning ‘sun’. It refers to the mythical mountains, where sacred rivers flow.

79.Kazuya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire’. It is one of the popular Japanese girl names meaning fire.

80.Kenna (English origin) meaning ‘born of fire’ or ‘the handsome one’.

81.Lebone (Lesothan origin) meaning ‘light’.

82.Lesedi (South African origin) meaning ‘light’.

83.Mirri (Aboriginal origin) meaning ‘the sun’.

84.Nuria (Portuguese, Hebrew, and Catalan origin) meaning ‘Fire of the Lord’. In Portugal and Spain, Nuria is associated with the Virgin Mary.  

85.Nomalanga (South African origin) meaning ‘Sunny’.

86.Nootau (Native American origin) meaning ‘fire’.

87.Oriane (French origin) meaning ‘sunrise’.

88.Phoenix (Greek origin) relates to a ‘mythical bird associated with the sun’, which gets new life by rising from the ashes of its former self.

89.Salana (Latin origin) meaning ‘sun’.

90.Savita (Hindi origin) meaning ‘sun’.

91.Seraphina (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘fiery and ardent’. The name is derived from the six-winged seraphim angels.

92.Shula (Arabic origin) meaning ‘flame’.

93.Solana (Spanish origin) meaning ‘sunshine’.

94.Soleil (French origin) meaning 'sun'.

95.Solveig (Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘Sun’s daughter’

96.Souzan (Persian origin) meaning ‘on fire’.

97.Sunniva (Norwegian origin) meaning the ‘sun gift’

98.Tana (Greek origin) meaning ‘fire’ or ‘star goddess’.

99.Udia (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘Jehovah's fire’.

100.Vesta (Latin and Roman origin) representing the ‘Roman god of hearth, chastity, and home’.

Unisex Names Meaning Fire

You don’t need to assign a gender to your baby with a name to give them powerful names meaning fire or a name meaning flame. The gender-neutral name meanings also make them suitable for naming your fire dragon, if you are playing role-playing games. Here are fiery names which can be given to both boys and girls:

101.Aalish (Persian Origin) meaning ‘flame’.

102.Adan (Gaelic origin) meaning ‘little fire’.

103.Aed (Irish origin) meaning ‘fire’, ‘flame’ or ‘burning fire’. This is one of the commonly used Irish names related to fire.

104.Afi (Polynesian origin) meaning ‘fire’

105.Akiho (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire and autumn’

106.Azar (Iranian origin) meaning ‘fire’

107.Calida (Spanish origin) translates to ‘heated’.

108.Conleth (Irish origin) meaning ‘to chaste fire’. A rare but quite an offbeat fiery Irish name.

109.Edana (Gaelic origin) meaning ‘tiny flame’.

110.Inigo (Spanish and Basque origin) meaning ‘fiery‘.

111.Jyotis (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘flame’ or ’bright’.

112.Keahi (Hawaiian origin) meaning ‘flames’.

113.Mogotsi (Sesotho origin) meaning ‘builder of fire’.

114.Paratyl (Aboriginal origin) meaning ‘one who is lighted like a flame’.

115.Pele (Hawaiian origin) meaning the ‘Hawaiian fire goddess’. The name Pele is widely popular because of the legendary football player from Brazil of the same name.

116.Pirro (Italian origin) meaning meaning ‘one with a flamed-colour hair’.

117.Seraphim (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘fiery‘.

118.Sol (Spanish origin) meaning ‘sun’.

119.Tanwen (Welsh origin) meaning ‘holy fire’.

120.Titus (Latin origin) meaning ‘to burn’. This fiery name is also the title of a play by Shakespeare called Titus Andronicus.

Unisex Baby Names Meaning Warmth

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For a name inspiring the feeling of coziness, you can choose from some of these ‘hot’ and fiery names meaning comfort and warmth:

121.Cymbeline (Greek origin) translates to ‘sunlord’. This is not only one of the famous names meaning fire, but also a famous Shakespearean play.

122.Ember (English origin) meaning ‘burning coal’. Ember should not be confused with Amber, which means the color red.

123.Garnet (Middle English origin) refers to a ‘silicate gemstone’. It is the birthstone of January and means revival and warmth.

124.Halo (English origin) meaning ‘an aura around the sun’. This name is popular with the Halo franchise game series.

125.Inaki (Indian origin) meaning a ‘warm feeling’.

126.Kiran (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘ray of light coming from the sun’.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Fire Meaning Names, why not take a look at the best Tree Names for Girls, or for something different take a look at Modern Boy Names.

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