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Top 103 Caribbean Names For Your Baby

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If you want to permanently instil a "holiday in a Caribbean island" vibe into your life, why not pick a tropical island-inspired baby name for your little ray of sunshine?

Simply thinking about a beautiful holiday in the Caribbean draws warmth, and it’s just fitting if you want to give your baby a name that reminds you of a great time in the bright blue sea. A Caribbean inspired baby name is a truly beautiful choice.

So where's the Caribbean? It is located in the Southern Hemisphere of the United States.  The Caribbean islands are heavily inspired by their Spanish, African, and Latin roots, giving their names a beautiful ring.

For your inspiration, this list has the most popular Caribbean baby names, with their origins and meanings.

Barbadian Baby Names For Boys

Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles. Barbadians speak their own version of Creole and are inspired by African and English culture. These names are a product of Barbados' rich heritage.

1. Collin (Scottish) means “a baby cub”.

2. Ferdi (German) means “ready journey”. This is also an abbreviation of the name “Ferdinand.”

3. Lyron (Hebrew) means “round and circle”.

4. Jamal (African) means “beauty” and “good looks”.

5. Marcellus (Latin) means “young warrior” and “dedicated to the Roman god, Mars”.

6. Mattias (Hebrew) means “a gift from god”.

7. Ross (Scottish) means “powerful horse”.

Barbadian Names For Girls

Picking a Barbadian name for your baby girl will remind you of its gorgeous beaches, lush botanical gardens, and delectable cuisine.

8. Adanna (African) means “father’s daughter”, a fitting name for a future daddy’s girl.

9. Ayanna (African) means “eternal flower”.

10. Emerald (Spanish ) means “green gemstone”. Picking gem-inspired names is common in the Barbadian culture.1

11. Maritza (Spanish origin) means “star of the sea”. It is one of the most popular Caribbean girl names.

12. Naomi (Hebrew) means “pleasant”.

13. Narissa (Greek) means “love herself”. Who doesn’t want to raise a confident lady?

14. Rihanna (Arabic) means “sweet basil”. Possibly the trendiest baby girl’s name in Barbados because of the pop star’s popularity.

15. Tianna, (English) an abbreviation of the name “Tatiana.” Tianna means “princess”,  a perfect name for your little dame.

16. Zwena (African-Swahili origin) means “good”.

West Indies Names For Boys

The beautiful West Indies has 13 independent island countries that include the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. Here are the most popular baby names for boys from the region.

Two week old newborn baby boy sleeping in a wicker basket with blue balloons

17. Agwé (Haitian) means “water.” Agwe has origins from Haitian Vodou and is a famous name for boys whose families dwell near the ocean.

18. Aldane (Anglo-Saxon) means “dweller”. This name is considered one of the top baby names in Jamaica and surrounding regions.

19. Anton (Spanish) means “priceless one”. Anton remains as one of the most common Caribbean boy names today.

20. Bembé (Spanish), regarded as a spiritual name, it means “prophet” in Cuban and Spanish.

21. Emilio (Italian) means “to strive”, or “excel”. This is a common boys’ name in the Dominican Republic, as well as in other parts of the West Indies.

22. Ernesto (Latin) means “determined”.

23. Gimoaldo (Spanish) means “confessor”. This name is used widely in the Caribbean.

24. Hennrick (Danish) means “ruler of the home”. This is a Haitian version of the name “Henrik.”

25. Learco (Greek) means “one who leads the people”. This is a popular name in the Dominican Republic.

26. Maceo (Spanish), meaning “gift of god.” Known as the Spanish spelling for the name, “Matthew”.

27. Osvaldo (Italian) meaning “divine power” or “god’s rule”. A lot of boys in the Dominican Republic have this name.

28. Pablo (Spanish) means “little one”.

29. Reiner (German) means “wise army”.

30. Rolando (Spanish origin) means “famous throughout the land”.

31. Sebastian (Greek) means “venerable”. It is considered one of the most used Caribbean baby names.

32. Silverio, (Portuguese) refers to the tree god, “Silvanus.” The name means “wood” or “forest”.

West Indies Baby Names For Girls

Picking a West Indies-inspired name for your baby girl is as vibrant and picturesque as its mixed cultural influences.

33. Alesha (German) means “noble”, and is a common name.

34. Ana (Spanish and Latin) means “grace.” A well-loved and commonly used name in the Caribbean and South America. It is one of the most trendy names for baby girls.

35. Antonella (Italian) means “first born.”

36. Beatriz (Latin) means “she who brings others happiness”. One of the most common baby names for girls in this region.

37. Camila, (Spanish) means “young ceremonial attendant”.

38. Clarita, (Spanish) means “clear and bright”.

39. Daniela (Hebrew) means “god is my judge.” It is one of the top Caribbean baby names.

40. Dominica (Italian origin) means “belonging to the lord”. This girls’ name is common in the Dominican Republic.

41. Dunia (Arabic) means “world or life”.

42. Ines (Spanish origin) means “holy”. This is a common name for many Caribbean girls, and is the Spanish spelling for the name “Agnes”.

43. Juanita (Spanish) means “lord is gracious”. A feminine version for the name, Juan.

44. Lourdes (French) means “vision of the virgin mary”. This is a common name for Haitian girls.

45. Mariposa (Spanish) means “butterfly”. A unique and rare name for girls, “Mariposa” exudes romance and freedom.

46. Marisol (Spanish) means “mary of solitude”.

47. Samara (Latin and Hebrew) means “elm tree seed” Latin, and “under god’s rule” in Hebrew.

48. Valentina (Latin) means “strong”. A timeless name choice for your baby girl.

49. Xiomara (Spanish origin) means “battle ready”.

Cuban Names

Cuban culture is mainly formed by African and Spanish influence, which can be seen through their music and art. Below are some examples of famous baby names from Cuba.

50. Aymee (Cuban) means “beloved”. This is the Cuban spelling for the girls’ name “Amy”.

51. Benita (Cuban) means “blessed”. This Cuban-inspired baby name is a great choice because of its cadence.

52. Bembé (Spanish), regarded as a spiritual name, it means “prophet” in Cuban and Spanish.

53. Edelira (Spanish origin) means “noble heritage”, and is a common girls’ name in Cuba.

54. Tajo (Spanish) meaning “day”. This popular Cuban boys’ name is simple-yet-striking.

For more Cuban names take a look at this list.

Jamaican Names

Jamaica isn't only famous for reggae, it's also a land filled with mouth-watering cuisine and gorgeous people. Here are some examples of common baby names from this region.

55. Aldane (Anglo-Saxon) means “dweller”. This name is considered one of the top baby boy names in Jamaica and surrounding regions.

56. Atalia (Hebrew) means “god is praised”, and is used widely as a girls name.

57. Carnell (English) means “defender of the castle”. A popular choice for boys in Jamaica.

58. Femi (African) means “god loves me,” and is a common girls name.

Puerto Rican Names

Puerto Rico is a melting pot of vibrant cultures, and picking a name from this region will immediately add colour to your baby's name.

59. Hernan (Spanish) meaning “gentle traveler” or “spiritual traveler”. It also means “peace” in Puerto Rican culture.

60. Isabel (Hebrew origin) means “god is my oath.” This name is common among Puerto Rican girls.

61. Manolito (Spanish) means "god is with us".

62. Valeria (Latin) means “to be strong".

Take a look at our fantastic article for more Puerto Rican name ideas.

Haitian Names

Eclectic and lively, the Haitian culture is a mix of African, Taino, and European elements. Choose any of these unique Haitian baby names below.

63.  Junior (Latin) means "young one" or "younger". Usually given to a boy with the father's name.

64. Lovelie (English) means "beautiful". It is the Haitian version of the common girls' name, "Lovely".

65. Stanley (Old English origin), means "dweller near a stony clearing".

66. Roseline (Spanish) means "little rose".

Trinidadian Names

Trinidad and Tobago’s stunning beaches, carnivals, mouth-watering cuisine, and breath-taking forests make this beautiful southern island a delight to visit. Here is a list of Trinidadian baby names.

Trinidadian Names For Girls

67. Aaliyah (Arabic) means “exalted” or “high”. It is the feminine version of the name, “Ali”.

68. Afsana (Arabic) means “epic tale” or “story”. A good choice if you're looking for rare girl names.

69. Amelia (Latin) means “work”, and is derived from the Germanic word, “amal”.

70. Ana Lisa (Latin) means “graced with god’s bounty”.

71. Chelsea (English) means “chalk wharf”. It is borrowed from the Ancient Greek word, “khálix”, which means “pebble” or “small stone”.

72. Cherelle (French and Hebrew) means “beloved of god”.

73. Dove (American) means “bird of peace”.

74. Felisa (Latin) means “happy”. This is the female version of the name “Felix”.

75. Geeta (Indian) means “poem” or “sacred song”.

76. Hanifa (Arabic) means “a true believer”.

77. Jathya (Arabic) means “kneeling”.

78. Keisha (African) means “favorite”.

79. Leanza (Italian) meaning “loyalty”.

80. Makeda (Ethiopian) means “the beautiful” and “the greatness”. It is believed to be the name of the Queen of Sheba in 10th-century BC.

81. Meera (Israeli and Hindu) means “soft like velvet rose”.

82. Nasha (African) means “born in rainy season”. It is included in the top baby girl names in Trinidad and Tobago.

83. Naeema (Arabic) means “delight”. An alternative spelling is “Naima” and both are common Trinidadian names.  

84. Neriah (Hebrew) means “lamp of god”.

85. Sade (African origin) is short for “Folasade” which means “your honour confers a crown”.

86. Sahanna (Spanish) means “treeless plain”.

87. Thandi (Swahili) means “beloved” or “loved one”.

Trinidadian Boys' Names

88. Anil (Indian) meaning “wind” in the Sanskrit language.

89. Anish (Indian) meaning “supreme”.

90. Alain (Celtic) means “harmony”.

91. Ardilles (Gaelic) meaning “high valour”.

92. Caleb (Hebrew) means “devotion” or “whole hearted”.

93. Darion (Greek) means “gift”.

94. Gabriel (Hebrew) means “god is my strength.” Gabriel is listed in the top 10 Trinidadian baby boy names.

95. Isaiah (Hebrew) means “god is my salvation”. The most popular namesake is the prophet, Isaiah.

96. Joshua (French and Spanish) and it means “god is my salvation” as well.

97. Kemuel (Hebrew) means “god has risen up”.

98. Keron (Hebrew) meaning “castle” or “rocky island”.

99. Omar (Arabic) means “full of life”.

100. Sameer (Indian) meaning “gust of wind”.

101. Saif (Arabic) meaning “sword”. A striking choice for a baby boy.

102. Zachary (Persian and Hebrew origin), meaning “god remembers”.

103. Zane (Arabic origin), meaning “god is gracious”.

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