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Top 100 Futuristic Names That Will Never Go Out Of Stylefantasy basketball team name

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Are you looking for awesome names that will never age?

Wouldn't it be the best thing for a baby, a character or even a business to have a name that will stay trendy forever? But how can one get hold of such futuristic names?

Names like Artemis, Dasha and Zyla are a few super cool names that share the value of the modern world and are inspired by beautiful meanings for girl names and boy names. There are even cool space names that have recently taken up popularity in the name charts. Cielo, Izar, Cybele and Hilda are few futuristic-sounding names that are sure to get everyone's attention right away. So here are a few lists of cool futuristic names best suited for you inspired by different cultures.

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Futuristic Girls Names

Futuristic names for girls might continue to be popular for a longer time because of their uniqueness and contemporarily modern styles.

Baby crawling indoor

1. Adaline (French origin) meaning "nobility or noble". This baby girl name is the perfect reference for a futuristic name for characters or baby names. It is also used in a movie named 'Age of Adaline', which focuses on the protagonist's never-ageing feature.

2. Aeryn (Irish origin), meaning "daughter of Eire or daughter of Ireland", is an Irish variation of the name Erin or Irene.

3. Ariana (Italian origin) meaning "holy". One of the more futuristic baby names made famous by Ariana Grande, an American singer.

4. Arwen (Welsh origin) meaning "noble maiden".

5. Astrid (Scandinavian origin) meaning "divine beauty". Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish writer.

6. Azura (Spanish origin) meaning "blue sky".

7. Baila (Spanish origin) meaning "dancer".

8. Bevin (Irish origin) meaning "fair lady, woman".

9. Bianca (Italian origin) means "white". It is a popular name in the American film industry, which never seems to get old as a name for a baby girl or female character.

10. Calixta (Greek origin), meaning "the one who is most beautiful", is a name associated with Roman mythology.

11. Callista (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful and attractive".

12. Camila (Italian origin), meaning "young attendant", associated with the famous American-Cuban singer Camila Cabello. She was one of the lead singers from the X-factor girl group named the Fifth Harmony.

13. Charlette (French origin) meaning "free person".

14. Cybele (English origin) meaning "mother of all Gods".

15. Dael (Hebrew origin) meaning "knowledge of God".

16. Dasha (Greek origin) meaning "gift of the God".

17. Drea (Greek origin) meaning "courageous one".

18. Echo (Greek origin), meaning "reverberating sound", is an edgy and futuristic example of baby names for a girl.

19. Eliette (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God has answered".

20. Erinna (Irish origin) meaning "from the west islands".

21. Ezri (Hebrew origin) meaning "my help".

22. Fantasia (Greek origin) meaning "imagination".

23. Felicity (Irish origin) meaning "good fortune". This one of the popular futuristic baby names that will never age with time.

24. Greer (Scottish origin) meaning "watchful or alert".

25. Harper (English origin), meaning "the harp or harp player", is associated with the famous writer Harper Lee.

26. Hilda (German origin) meaning "battle woman". Literary association with Hilda Doolittle, the American poet.

27. Hoshi (Japanese origin) meaning "star".

28. Ivara (German origin) meaning "yew tree or archer".

29. Juliet (English, French origin) meaning "youthful". It is famously associated with the female protagonist in Shakespearean play names, 'Romeo and Juliet'.

30. Juniper (Latin origin) meaning "evergreen".

31. Karis (Greek origin) meaning "grace".

32. Kyla (English, American origin) meaning "joyful one".

33. Lilium (Latin origin) meaning "lily, flower". This is one of the cutest sounding futuristic girl names that are perfect for a never-ageing name.

34. Melanin (Greek origin) meaning "dark".

35. Minerva (Latin origin), meaning "intellectual", is also known as the Roman goddess of war and wisdom.

36. Mischa (Russian origin) meaning "honey or the bee". Name taken by Mischa Barton, a British-American film actress.

37. Natania (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God".

38. Novelia (Latin origin) meaning "new, fresh".

39. Oceana (Greek origin) meaning "from the sea".

40. Secora (Spanish origin) meaning "the genuine helper".

41. Thalassa (Greek origin) meaning "the sea".

42. Tove (Scandinavian origin) meaning "beautiful".

43. Violet (English origin) meaning "purple color, blue flower".

44. Willow (Middle English origin) meaning "gracefully slender".

45. Zelina (Latin origin) meaning "heaven". This futuristic name is also associated with Zelina Vega, a professional female wrestler.

46. Zosia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom".

47. Zyla (Hebrew origin) meaning "reflection of one's self".

Futuristic Boys Names

Here are a few futuristic boy names that would be the perfect choice for parents to use for a futuristic baby or for anyone looking to give a trendy and awesome name to their character.

48. Adlai (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is just".

49. Alpha (Greek origin) meaning "the first letter".

50. Anakin (American origin) meaning "warrior". The name is associated with Anakin Skywalker, a lead character in the 'Star Wars' film franchise.

51. Axton (English origin) meaning "sword stone".

52. Calihan (Irish origin) meaning "the one who loves churches". It is associated with the famous arena in the USA.

53. Calyx (Greek origin) meaning "handsome man".

54. Cashel (Irish origin), meaning "fortress", is also referred to as a town in the Republic of Ireland.

55. Cassian (Latin origin), meaning "hollow", is one of the baby names also associated with Chinese cinnamon which has a strong flavor.

56. Cedro (Spanish origin) meaning "strong and special gift"; one of the names associated with Citrus or Cedro Lemon.

57. Cielo (Italian origin) meaning "sky".

58. Drake (Latin origin) meaning "male duck" associated with Aubrey Drake Graham, a famous rapper of the age.

59. Derry (Irish origin) meaning "like an oak" popularly associated with the town in New Hampshire.

60. Edsel (English origin), meaning "noble", was one of the names taken by Henry Ford II's son.

61. Elwyn (English origin) meaning "noble friend".

62. Everard (Old English origin) meaning "hardy" associated with New Zealand's basketball player, Everard Bartlett.

63. Fio (Italian origin) meaning "flowering".

64. Freddy (German origin) meaning "ruler"; this one took up the popularity in baby names list after the emergence of the iconic Freddy Mercury, the lead singer and songwriter of English rock band 'Queen'.

65. Harlin (Old English origin) meaning "army land".

66. Izar (Basque origin) meaning "star".

67. Jax (English origin) meaning "God has shown favor, mercy".

68. Jonas (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious", has recently picked up the game after the repetitive suggestions in the Netflix series 'Dark'.

69. Kael (Irish origin), meaning "slender", is a name associated with the popular fictional character in the fantasy film 'Willow'. This futuristic baby name has a variation of Cael.

70. Kaiser (Old German origin) meaning "king or the ruler"; associated with Kaiser Wilhelm, and Kaiser Wilhelm 1, the former German emperors.

71. Kian (Irish, English origin) meaning "king".

72. Kiefer (German origin), means "pine or barrel maker", is also considered an occupational name.

73. Knox (Scottish origin) meaning "round hill"; a name after the famous liberal arts college in Illinois, USA.

74. Leo (German origin), meaning "lion", is a zodiac sign which is also one of the never-dying baby names. It also makes an awesome name for characters and projects.

75. Lorenzo (Italian origin), meaning "someone from Laurentum", is quite a famous name taken by many Italian sportspersons and American public figures.

76. Ludek (French, German origin) meaning "famous warrior".

77. Mircea (Slavic, Romanian origin) meaning "peace".

78. Nye (Welsh origin) meaning "honor". This is also a county in Nevada.

79. Odo (German origin), meaning "possessor of wealth", is a name usually associated with the sci-fi franchise 'Star Trek'.

80. Oceanus (Latin origin) meaning "from the sea" is a male variation of the name Oceana. This is one of the popular business names used in India.

81. Rivo (Italian origin) meaning "a stream or river".

82. Rui (Portuguese origin), meaning "famous ruler", is associated with the giant cantaloupe plant.

83. Ryker (German origin) meaning "rich".

84. Silas (English, Latin origin) meaning "forest or wood".

85. Skywalker (American origin) means "one who walks on the sky"; this is a futuristic name inspired by Luke Skywalker from the 'Star Wars' franchise.

86. Sven (Scandinavian origin) meaning "youth, youthful".

87. Tar (Korean origin) meaning "great one".

88. Xander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men". This is a variation of Alexander's name.

Gender-Neutral Futuristic Names

Futuristic baby names or a futuristic name with non-binary tags have been trending throughout the world in these times of progress and acceptance.

Baby with baby pacifier

89. Auryn (Welsh, Celtic origin) meaning "gold".

90. Archie (German origin) meaning "brave".

91. Artemis (Greek origin), meaning "safe and protected", is commonly associated with the moon.

92. Arya (Persian, Indian origin), meaning "noble one", has recently exploded in popularity due to a 'Game of Thrones' character.

93. Espen (Scandinavian origin), meaning "God bear", is a dominantly male name but can also be used as girl names like how it is used in the movie 'Blended'.

94. Idris (Welsh, Arabic origin) meaning "fiery leader or prophet", is one of the futuristic baby names used for both boys and girls.

95. Janus (Greek origin) meaning "gateway".

96. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new". A perfect baby name for your baby girl.

97. Paisley (Latin origin) meaning "Church".

98. Shia (Arabic origin) meaning "followers".

99. Zaiden (American origin) meaning "surplus, increasing".

100. Zen (Greek origin) meaning "meditation". This is a popular name amongst people as a form of Buddhism.

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