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In the world of Undertale, the player is given the decision of naming the fallen human.

Frequently, the game will ask the player, "Is this name right?" when requesting affirmation of the name.

However, in some cases, when you enter any name it can trigger an exceptional reaction from the program and a portion of these names (primarily those of significant characters in the story) can't be used. Different names don't trigger a specific message yet differently affect the interactivity of the game.

So, in case you need inspiration for names then, we have the ultimate list of all the Undertale names. You can also check out 'Stardew Valley' farm names and 'Animal Crossing' names articles for more video game related inspiration.

Friendly Characters Names

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Most friendly characters' names belong to the 'Undertale' main character. These characters appear throughout the game and can be of both positive and negative nature. Below we have mentioned the list of friendly characters from 'Undertale' that are also the 'Undertale' Soul names.

1. Aaron, is an enemy that appears in Waterfall.

2. Alphys, is a female reptilian monster that lives in the lab in western Holland. Alphys is also a royal scientist.

3. Big Mouth, is a toothy monster.

4. Bob, is a Temmie found in Temmie Village.

5. Bunny guy, is a non-participating (NPC) in the game.

7. Cinnamon roll, is one of the playing items in the role-playing video game 'Undertale'.

8. Clam Girls, is a rare non-player character from the game.

9. Drunk Bunny, is a bunny monster from the game and is always drunk.

10. Elder Puzzler, is a puzzle found to the left of the puzzle rants.  

11. Faun, is a dear-like monster that resides near the Lesser Dog's station's Snowdin Forest.  

12. Ferry, is a character of the game that is seen in the waterfall.

13. Fuku Fire, appears as a green fire elemental and wears an Asian and Japanese high school uniform.

14. Gaster, is a character of a royal scientist in the game, if you name your character as Gaster, the screen of the game will be turned off and will return back to the beginning.

15. Ghost Child, is a role model and a monster kid seen at the Undyne and is one of the important 'Undertale' characters.

16. Ghost Father, is one of the 'Undertale' characters.

17. Ghost Mother, is the second character in the game that the lead character encounters.

18. Gift Bear, is a character that is shown as putting a gift under a tree in Snowdin.  

19. Glad Dummy, is a counterpart version of Mad Dummy and lives in the Garbage Dump.

20. Goner Kid, is related to Gaster and is a character that cannot be killed directly by another character Chara.

21. Greater Dog, is a mini-boss and a guard dog and is seen in the Snowdin Forest.

22. Green Child Slime, is one of the items in the game that is lime gelatin.  

23. Grillby, is a monster made of fire and is seen in snowdin.

24. Gyftrot, the character is one of the 'Undertale' monsters and is encountered in Snowdin Forest by the protagonist.

25.  Happstablook, is one of the 'Undertale' characters who is an introvert and is with a low-esteem and

26. Ice Wolf, is one of the residents of Snowdin in the game and is found only in Snowdin.

27. Jester,  is a 'Undertale' mysterious non-playing character and is located in the Snowdin Town.

28. Lesser Dog, is a 'Undertale' monster and is encountered by the protagonist in the Snowdin Forest.  

29. Memory Head, is a species of Amalgamate that is encountered by the main character in the True Lab.

30. Mettaton, is a robot built by Alphys and is the sole television star in the game.

31. Moldbygg, is an 'Undertale' enemy that is encountered by the protagonist in the waterfall.

32. Monster Kid, is a reptilian monster and is yellow in color with a spike on his head, no arms, and is with a tail.  

33. Muffet, is a mini-boss and is encountered by the 'Undertale' Protagonist in Hotland.

34. Muffet's Pet, is a pet of Muffet that looks like a cup-cake or a giant muffin in the game.  

35. Newspaper writer, is one of the 'Undertale' characters.

36. Nice Cream Guy, the game's character acts as a vendor who sells Nice Cream at various locations in the game.  

37. Onion San, is an aquatic monster that is large in size and lives in the waterfall.  

38. Pet Rock, is one of the 'Undertale' characters.

39. Politics Bear, is a character in the game who wears an orange jacket and is seen on most of the routes of Grillby.

40. Punk Hamster, is one of the 'Undertale' characters.

41. Ragel The Mushroom, is one of the minor characters in the game of 'Undertale'.

42. Red Bird, is a character of a bird in the game and is red in color.  

43. Red Thundersnail, is a mini-game that can be played by the protagonist.  

44. River Person, the character is of hooded figures and offers transportation services to the Hotland, Waterfall and Snowdin using their wooden boat.  

45. Sans, is one of the main characters of 'Undertale' and is the Papyrus's brother.

46. Scarf Mouse, this character is shown in the Snowdin's northern part's left.

47. Shyren's Manager, the character is like a fish and is a monster with a scary face.  

48. Skateboard Girl, is a character of a monster in the game.  

49.  Slime Child, the slime child is one of the 'Undertale' characters.

50. Slime Father, is the male character is from the family of slime monsters residing at the northern Snowdin.

51. Slime Mother, is the female character from the slime monsters family.

52. Snail, is one of the characters in 'Undertale' as a snail and is yellow in color.

53. Snailbert, is one of the 'Undertale' characters' name.

54. Snailmen, is one of the minor characters in the game.

55. Snowman, the character of this name is seen after the Doggo's sentry station's north of the room.  

56. Spoon, is a Amalgamate shaped like a spoon.

57. Suzy, the character of this name is seen in the Waterfall.

58. Wall Temmie, is a stalker and is seen in the Waterfall.

Monsters Names

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There are a number of monster characters in the game. We have presented you with all 'Undertale' characters that could be counted as monsters.  The monsters in 'Undertale' are major players in the game.  The 'Undertale' game was earlier known as 'The Halloween Hack of EarthBound', developed by Toby Fox. The 'Undertale' lore is about the war of humans against the monsters.

59. Asgore Dreemurr,  is a monster and the ruler of the Underground.  

60. Asriel Dreemurr, is the child of Toriel and Asgore, Asriel can hardly be destroyed.  

61.  Astigmatism, is a monster and an advanced version of Loox.

62. Chilldrake, is a monster that one can find in the Snowdin Forest.  

63. Dogamy and Dogaressa, is a pair of minibosses in the Snowdin Forest.  

64. Doggo, is a miniboss in Snowdin Forest and a member of the Royal Guard.

65. Dummy, is an enemy found in the Ruins.  

66. Endogeny, is an Amalgamate found in the True Lab.

67.  Final Froggit, is an enemy that appears in the CORE on Normal Mode.

68. Flowey, is the first major character that the protagonist encounters in Undertale.  

69. Froggit, is a species of monster who attacks the protagonist in the Ruins.  

70. Glyde, is a hidden monster the protagonist in Snowdin Forest.  

71. Ice Cap, is a species of monster in Snowdin Forest.  

72. Jerry, is a monster in Snowdin Forest.  

73. Knight Knight, is an enemy found in the CORE.  

74. Lemon Bread, is an Amalgamate found in the True Lab.

75. Mad Dummy, is a ghost monster living in the Garbage Dump.  

76. Migosp, is a species of monster encountered in the Ruins.  

77. Moldessa, is an enemy appearing only on Hard Mode.  

78. Napstablook, also known as NAPSTABLOOK in the UnderNet is a melancholic ghost monster who lives in Waterfall.

79. Papyrus, is the brother of Sans and a major character in Undertale.

80. Reaper Bird, known in battle as "," (a single comma symbol).

81. Temmie, is a species of monster in the Underground.  

82. Undyne, is a fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard.

83. Vulkin, is an enemy found in Hotland.

84. Whimsun, is a monster found in the Ruins.  

Secret Names For The Fallen Human

Out of the all 'Undertale' characters names list, there is also the existence of the secret names for the fallen human. The name of the characters is built on various 'Undertale' themes. The list will give an idea on the secret names from the game.

85. AAAAAA, if the player names himself with this name, a secret message will appear saying "not a very creative name".

86. Blooky, the name was earlier used in the game but didn't make it through.

87. Bpants , this secret name states that "Now you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel"  

88. Bratty, if the player chooses this name, the warning will appear as " Like, OK I guess".

89. Catty, the gamer can make various secret name choices, choosing this name as a secret name will come with a warning of "Bratty! Bratty! That's MY name!".

90. Chara, is considered a true name because it is a placeholder name.

91. Frisk, if we name fallen human Frisk, the warning of "This name will make your life hell. Proceed anyway?" will appear.

92. Gerson, is a vendor who is found in the waterfall. 

93. Jerry, is one of the major names under the 'Undertale' characters list as a monster

94. Mercy, under the list of all of the 'Undertale' characters, this name refers to that protagonist who does not want to fight.  

95. Mett, this as a secret name is entered for fallen child's name.

96. Metta, under the secret name list, Metta is a robot.

97. Napsta, the secret name holds the warning of "They're powerless to stop you."  

98. Shyren, the secret name can be kept as a fallen child.

99.  Toriel, the name teaches the protagonist how to play the game.  

100. Woshua, is one of the secret names.  

There you go, our list of all 'Undertale' characters! Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for 'Undertale' names then why not take a look at something different like 'Fortnite' clan names or 'Animal Crossing' town names.

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