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Ultimate List Of Reaper Names And Names For Death From Around The World

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Death in many cultures is often personified and represented as a person or animal in some sort of way.

Most often death is known by the name the Grim Reaper and is said to be the one who comes to collect the souls of the dead and those about to die. In most cultures, the reaper is represented as a male figure but sometimes they can be female or genderless.

The reaper collects the souls of those that just died and those about to die. These souls are escorted to the underworld or the lake where they are ferried to the underworld. In certain other claims, it is not uncommon to find death represented as a female. The reaper is also known as the angel of death, a sign of danger or impending doom. However, it is not really listed as an angel. Although, in most faiths such as Christianity, there is an angel of death. There are different roles of the reaper based on certain mythologies. While some say the reaper collects souls and escorts the dead to the underworld or the afterlife, others believe they kill or cause death in different ways and also collect the souls of these recently dead.

The reaper holds a significant place in history and in all cultures. Because death is inescapable, there has been a need to explain the concept which led to the personification. This helped people in the past to explain certain circumstances that occurred around them. It also helped them cope with the loss of loved ones and those who felt they got the rewards of their bad deeds. In every culture, religion, belief and in all through history, there is a mention or reference to the reaper or something similar in traits.

If you are into dark and death names, then this list provides you with some possible names of death from different mythologies around the world. We also have more articles you will love such as dark last names and names that mean dark.

Names For Death From Mythology

There have been different myths about death and the personification of it.

In every mythology, death is represented by something since it is an inevitable part of our reality. The name of death is not specified as it differs from region to region. There are different names for reapers in different mythologies which also includes female reapers. The grim reaper legend is one that has been told all through generations. People believe that there is someone or an angel who comes to collect the souls of those about to die. Most times death is personified as male but there is also mention of female grim reapers in various cultures.

On this list, you get to find out different names for the grim reaper from across the world. If you don't want to refer to death in the usual context you can use any of these grim reaper names. Without any more delay, let's find out the other names for the grim reaper, and you can find out about the grim reaper in different languages.

1. Ankou (Breton origin) this is known to be the spirit of the last person to die in a community, who appears as a haggard, tall dark figure with a wide black hat, and long white hair. This figure drives a wagon filled with corpses, and when he stops in front of any cabin, it means instant death for all those inside.

2. Banshee (Gaelic origin) a female spirit who announces the death of an individual by shrieking. She takes many forms, but usually a frightful old hag, or sometimes as a beautiful and young lady. Several banshees can appear at once, and when they do it means a holy or great person is about to die.

3. Cu Sith (Scottish origin) a white or dark green dog who took the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

4. Dullahan (Irish origin) and are an entire species. They are known to carry their head tucked under the arm, with a smile reaching both ears of the head and large eyes. They rode a carriage pulled by black horses or a black horse, and stopped in front of a house and called the name of the person to die, and immediately the person dies.

5. Hel (Norse origin) was the ruler of the realm with the same name. During a plague she is depicted as an old woman called Pesta, meaning “plague hag,” and would go into town with a broom or rake. When she came with a broom, it meant every last person in the town would die, but if it were a rake, then some people would survive.

6. King Yama (Indian origin) he rides a black buffalo with a lasso to lead the souls of the dead back to his home. There they are judged based on their good and bad deeds which will allow Yama to decide where the individual ends up in the next life.

7. Santa Muerte (Latin Origin) meaning “our lady of the holy death,” the female representation of death in Mexican tales. A certain level of death has been maintained towards death and is commemorated by a Day of the Dead.

8. San La Muerte (Latin origin) Latin for grim reaper, the name means “saint death” described as a skeletal male with a scythe. In Mexico, the catholic church has condemned the worship of this  Saint death, saying it mixes paganism with Christianity.

9. Smierc (Polish origin) appears like the traditional grim reaper but has a white robe instead of black. Death is represented as female due to the feminine nature of the name.

10. Thanatos (Greek origin) death is portrayed as a young boy or a bearded and winged man. Death isn’t seen as evil in this culture, but as inevitable. He is represented in this mythology as being gentle and just. It is another name for the grim reaper.

Names For Death From Popular Culture

Like everything else, the concept of death has evolved from what it was known as. The names for grim reaper has also evolved into something much different due to the influence of pop culture. Now, there are other names for death based on references from movies, music, books, and things of influence. These characters are unique but all have one thing in common, being that they take souls. Each character is very different, presenting death, not as something to be totally afraid of but making the journey to the afterlife less frightening. The personalities of these characters give a twist to the idea and myth of the reaper.

The names below are Grim Reaper characters from various works, giving a hilarious look to the reaper.. These are cool reaper names that can be used instead of the conventional names. These can also pass as grim reaper nicknames or nicknames for death.

Find out the best death nicknames and female grim reaper names.

11. Grim Reaper (English origin) a wide and well-known personification of death all over the world.

12. Ichigo Kurosaki (Japanese origin) a character from the anime series ‘Bleach’.

13. Jacquel & Ibis (Egyptian origin) two ancient Egyptian deities who are skilled in mummification and preserving the dead, the characters are gotten from the movie ‘American gods’.

14. Maka Alban (Japanese origin) a character representation of death in the anime ‘Soul Eater’.

15. Maweth (Judain origin) also referred to as the angel of death or the devil.

16. River Styxx (Greek origin) meaning “shuddering” and is one of the many rivers of the underworld.

17. Mot (Middle Easter origin) meaning “death” and personalized Canaanites.

18. Ryuk (Japanese origin) the character death feature in the series ‘Death Note’.

19. Smrt (Serbian origin) meaning “death”.

20. Undertaker (English origin) a common name and depiction for death.

Funny Names For Death

Death is inevitable but who says we can't make light of it. People have come up with different names and ways to refer to death. It also helps people to cope with the loss of someone and to talk about it with ease in both a formal and informal manner. These are humorous ways of referring to death without being offensive to the bereaved. However, context matters, and it is very important to know when and where such humorous remarks should and can be used.

These are some of the best ways to talk about death without exactly saying it as it is or making it sound so awful. Although if it is observed that people are not taking the joke, then it is best to stop. Death need not be seen as the end, but can also be seen as the beginning of something eternal and great. These phrases will help take the edge off the moment, and will hopefully put people in a lighter mood.

Find the best alternative way of talking about the death of someone either close to you or otherwise. It shows you are sensitive to the situation.

21. At rest, a polite way of saying someone is dead.

22. Belly up, informal way of saying dead.

23. Beyond the grave, referring to after death.

24. Big sleep, meaning to sleep and not wake up.

25. Bit the dust, is informal and means to die.

26. Check out, a euphemism that means to die.

27. Crossed the Jordan, biblical reference of that means to die.

28. Curtains, a theatrical reference of death, often said as ‘to draw the curtains’.

29. Departed, a neutral way of referring to death.

30. Entered the homeland, euphemistic way of referring to death.

31. Expired, to have a natural end.

32. Fall off one’s perch, an informal way of talking about death.

33. Get smoked, a funny way of saying to die.

34. Glue factory, a neutral reference of death.

35. Go out in style, a funny way of saying to die doing something you love.

Names That Means Death

Characters centred around death need the right badass names to suit their abilities.

Are you looking for the right death name for your character? You are in the right place to find out names that mean reaper. You will get male and female reaper names that are a good fit for your character. Some badass boy names are Clay, Arius, and Azrail. These names can be used for your male reaper characters to bring some spark to your work of fiction.

Amara and Anpu can also be used as reaper king names for your storyline. A good story is never complete without some badass characters to bring the action, and without anymore delay here are names that mean death or is related to death and the reaper.

36. Aeron (U) (Welsh origin) meaning “slaughter” or “carnage,” portrayed as a male god of death in Welsh mythology.

37. Ajal (M) (Arabic origin) means “death” or “hour of death”.

38. Dabria (F) (English origin) means “angel of death”.

39. Erebus (M) (Greek origin) meaning “nether darkness.

40. Javaraya (M) (Hindu origin) is a god of death.

41. Libitina (F) (Roman origin) the goddess of corpses in Roman mythology whose name is synonymous to death.

42. Mortimer (M) (English origin) means “dead” or “dead sea”.

43. Morana (F) (Slavic origin) means “death”

44. Valdis (F) (Norse origin) means “goddess of the slain in battle”.

45. Waldeburge (F) (German origin) means “slain in battle” or “dead”.

We hope this article helped you in your search! Kidadl has lots of great names articles to help inspire you, if you liked our suggestions for names for death then why not take a look at something different like badass last names, gothic girl names or names that mean blood.

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