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25+ Weird Nicknames For Names

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The way letters are arranged in a name can have an impact on the meaning of the name.

Ever since the middle ages, weird nicknames have been around. Before you select a new name or nickname for someone, do understand that individual's personality.

Everybody loves to have a nickname for their close ones to call them. Sometimes adding a suffix or a prefix also makes it sound cute. But then there are times when the nickname does not make any sense. Here is a list of weird nicknames for you.

Weird Nicknames For Common Names

Common names mean the names are super popular, and everybody wants to name their child that particular name. Most of the names have existed since the middle ages. But even these common yet popular names have some crazy and weird nicknames, mostly due to the trend of rhyming nicknames. The list below provides weird nicknames for common names.

Letter Bill - is a nickname that may not sound that crazy, but it is weird when the nickname is for William. First, the name must have been shortened to Will before reaching Bill.

Nancy - is a name that seems a bit weird, especially since it is longer than the real name, Anne or Ann.

Ted - is a name with a letter t added to the first two letters of the name Edward. It is also a nickname for Theodore.

Nellie - is a name that sounds cute but not when it is actually a nickname for Helen.

Daisy - is a name that may seem weird for a name like Margaret but is also smart, considering the French word for daisy is Marguerite.

Sally - is a weird nickname for Sarah.

Hank - is a name that does not seem that unreasonable for a name like Henry.

Jack - is weird and makes you somewhat confused about which one is the actual name between them. It is used for names such as John or Jacob.

Weird Nicknames For Full Names

Some nicknames may make you feel like the person has changed their existing names to new names, which makes these nicknames weirder than they are. Here is a list of weird nicknames for full names.

Sue - is a nickname that does sound cute, but its meaning is not cute in any way, which makes it weird as a nickname.

Peggy - is for Margaret Adelman. This nickname is absolutely weird for a name like Margeret.

Robin - is honestly not that weird, but at the same time, it does not sound like a nickname at all. It is a nickname for Robert.

Jeffrey - is one of the weirdest nicknames as the name, in this case, seems like the name rather than the actual nickname.

Malibu - is not that weird compared to others but not something that makes perfect sense.

Olipop - is a name that sounds more like a lollipop which sounds a little bit weird.

Dominic - is a nickname that seems to not correlate with the actual name, which makes it weird. It is a nickname for names like Domingo and Dominick.

Weird Nicknames For Boy Names

Many weird nicknames for names belong to the middle ages. Boys are always on the lookout for cooler nicknames. Even a cute nickname sometimes sounds weird to them. But they get called some weird nicknames by their own family and friends. So here is a list of weird nicknames for boy names.

Ozzie - is a name that means‘ ruler,’ but it sounds weird for the name Oscar.

The lad - is a nickname for someone young but a grown-up man. It is weird, especially because lad means ‘young boy.’

Lulu - is a cute nickname, but it may sound weird to Louise himself.

BingeMan - is a name that may sound weird, and it is a funny and smart nickname at the same time.

Dandroid - is a weird nickname. Why would anyone mix the name Daniel with android? That is quite funny and very weird.

Ashlie - is a confusing nickname, especially when even the gender of the names is getting reversed.

Nuts - is a cute nickname but not the meaning, which makes it weird.

Weird Nicknames For Girl Names

Girls are more on the lookout for cute and chic nicknames, but even they don’t get spared from weird nicknames. They may not be that weird when you know the thought behind them, but they still do sound weird.

Muffy - is a nickname that means to resemble and has no relation to Marie in terms of its meaning.

Avocado - is a cute nickname, but not for somebody who doesn’t like avocados.

Jelly Belly - is another cute nickname but can sound weird and annoying, especially since it is so long.

Null - is a beautiful name like Luna with a nickname null; that sure is one of the weirdest nicknames for anyone.

Coffee - is surely a cute nickname when somebody asking for ‘coffee’ gets confused with your nickname Coffee.

Clo Clo - is a nickname that sounds more like repeating the name twice; hence, the nickname kind of has no purpose.

Red - is a great nickname for Scarlet. Scarlet is a shade of red. Hence the nickname but not everything with meaning makes sense, especially as a nickname.

Weird Nicknames For Classic Names

Classic names have been popular for many years. They came into existence straight from history, and the name carries a lot of history. But even these classic names get some weird nicknames. Here is a list of weird nicknames for classic names.

Chuken - is a classic name like Charles, with the nickname ‘Chuken’ does not make any sense.

Buffy - is another classic name with a weird nickname that has no connection to the actual name Elizabeth.

Teddy - is a cute nickname but sounds weird and funny for a classic name like Edward.

Sasha - is a nickname that makes no sense, but at least the nickname Sasha is gender-neutral. It is a nickname for names such as Alexander and Alexandra.

Coco - is a cute new name but does not seem to be a fitting nickname for Charlotte.

Bizzy - is not that weird when you look at it, but when you pronounce it, it sounds like ‘busy,’ which makes it a weird nickname. It is a nickname for Elizabeth.

Gemstone - is a classic name with an even classic nickname. However, the nickname is one of the weirdest nicknames from this entire list of weird nicknames.

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