12 Best Diverse Baby Dolls For Kids And Toddlers

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Dec 22, 2023 By Grace Lea
Originally Published on Jul 05, 2021
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It's often the case that some children can't relate to the dolls that are available on the market, as dolls of colour, of varying abilities and of different genders are very limited. Therefore, to ensure that your child can find the doll perfect for them, we've put together a list of the best diverse baby dolls.

To find the best baby doll, this has to be unique to every child. Whether you are looking for a girl or boy doll, a doll in a wheelchair, a doll with a hearing aid or even twin babies, you can be sure you'll find one in our guide.

Update your toys and be sure to encourage diversity in the home before anywhere else.

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Kidadl Top Pick

Whilst all of the dolls on our list are highly recommended, if you're short on time, here's our top pick based on price, size and design.

1. American Girl Doll

Two American Girl Dolls with prosthetic legs.
Image © American Girl

These are great additions to any playroom or bedroom. It is important that every child has a doll they can relate to, and American Girl makes baby dolls that every child can grow up with and see themselves in.

These American Dolls can be personalised, with the option to include hearing aids, a baby wheelchair, a prosthetic leg and a white cane for the blind or partially sighted.

These gorgeous dolls are extremely lifelike and realistic and come with a selection of accessories you can add to customise. The price tag for these is hefty, but if you buy a doll from here, yours will be truly unique and very high quality.

It is important to note that American Girl is an American company, so the delivery time and price can also add to the cost.

Price: £110/$140

2. Toy Like Me Moxie Hair Loss Doll

A Toy Like Me Moxie Hair Loss Doll.
Image © Amazon

Toys Like Me break every stereotype that there is and that's why people love them. With Toy Like Me, no matter who you are, it is certain you will find a doll like you. The Toy Like Me boy or girl doll with hair loss was designed to help young children with their fight against cancer.

When you buy a Moxie doll, it comes with a bracelet that the owner can wear, which will help to establish a great relationship between your child and the doll.

Price: £82

3. Paola Reina Doll With Clothes

A Paola Reina Doll With Clothes sitting on the table.
Image © Minikane

These Paola Reina dolls are an extremely diverse range, and they come with a wide variety of clothes and accessories. This doll is realistic in appearance but is not interactive, so your little one can use their imagination to play.

This little doll comes with Mazarine Liberty and turban set, with an adorable blue top and trouser set too; you can also buy more outfits to mix and match!

Price: £62.99

4. Baby Alive Snacking Twins: Luke And Lily

Baby Alive Snacking Twins: Luke And Lily.
Image © Smyths

Who knew you could get twin baby dolls? Luke and Lily are siblings and they're inseparable; they wear similar outfits and love baths together, and having two babies means double the hugs for your child.

A Baby Alive doll is great to help with interactive play, as you can feed them their favourite foods with their special spoon and then change their nappies once they do a 'real' poo! Your child can change their outfits too, as two different sets are included when you buy Luke and Lily.

You also get two nappies, two spoons, three additional accessories and four ounces of doll food included.

Price: £29.99

Best For Families On A Budget

5. Barbie Fashionistas Doll With Wheelchair

Barbie Fashionistas Doll With Wheelchair.
Image © Smyths

The Barbie Fashionistas dolls are a new range that celebrate diversity and that reflect real children. The Barbie Fashionista range dolls come in six different body types, nine skin tones, ten hair styles, six eye colours and 11 hair colours, so there really is a doll for everyone.

This Barbie Fashionista has a wheelchair that can be pushed and turned, and has a brake to stop. This also comes with a ramp to move around with. This makes it extremely easy for Barbie to get in and out of her dream house!

Price: £16.99

6. La Newborn Baby Boy Doll

A La Newborn Baby Boy Doll.
Image © Smyths

This baby doll is perfect for any child aged two and over. The baby boy comes with a nappy, two different outfits, a hat, a pair of baby boots and its very own hospital bracelet to make it that little bit more authentic. You can move his arms, legs and head, so is great for imaginative play.

Note: each baby comes with a different facial expression and slightly different accessories but it is not possible to choose which one you would like.

Price: £19.99

7. Mealtime Magic Mia

Mealtime Magic Mia
Image © Smyths

If you're looking for the best interactive baby dolls, this is a great buy! With dynamic facial expressions, Mia will react to eating and sleeping with 70 different sounds and phrases, and she even reacts to a tickle with a giggle!

She can recognise and recall certain foods, and will react if she does or doesn't like it. This interactive doll is great for imaginative play and can encourage your little one to build a good relationship when playing.

This baby doll is extremely lifelike but does carry a hefty price tag, so this is something to take into account when you are buying.

Price: £64.99

Best Realistic Baby Doll

8. Baby Annabell Doll

Girl holding a Baby Annabell Doll.
Image © Smyths

Realistic baby dolls are always in high demand, and Baby Annabell has been one of the iconic brands to sell them for years. This baby is an extremely realistic and interactive doll, with mouth movements, baby noises, real tears and eyes that open and close. Annabell encourages realistic, imaginative play, which is great for development in young children.

Baby Annabell responds to touch and movement, so this doll will love it when your little one carries her, feeds her and plays with her. This is the perfect doll for any child who loves a cuddle, because Annabell loves them just as much!

Baby Annabell also has a brother, Alexander, if you wanted to add him to your collection and enjoy even more hugs.

Price: £49.99

Best Rag Doll

9. Personalised Rag Doll In Yellow Dress

Rag doll wearing pale yellow outfit.
Image © My 1st Years

With gorgeous clothes and a loveable face, this adorable personalised soft baby doll is a great addition for bedtime and is even suitable for babies as well. You can personalise this one's yellow dress with embroidered writing, so it's great as a birthday present too.

Price: £26

10. Olli Ella Sprout Dinkum Doll

Soft baby doll with rainbow on chest.
Image © Harrods

Olli Ella focuses on ethical production when they make their dolls, so these vintage-inspired dinkum dolls not only look adorable but are also excellently crafted. These soft body dolls are easily poseable, which make them great for imaginative play, and their super softness make them great for bedtime hugs too.

When you buy a Dinkum, your adorable little doll comes with a unisex outfit, a nappy, socks and shoes. They also come with a tiny little rainbow over their heart, to show just how much love they have to give. These are such a brilliant range of dolls and are available in six different skin tones.

Price: £49.95

11. Meri Meri Ruby Fabric Doll

Meri Meri Ruby Fabric Doll.
Image © Smallable

These gorgeous, fabric dolls are an excellent buy for any young child to take on their adventures and their travels. Handcrafted from calico, and with hand-embroidered features, these are truly unique dolls. These made a great huggable friend for any little one.

Ruby also comes with a little fact card that tells you all about her, which tells you all about her favourite things and who her best friend is. 

Price: £58

Best Doll For Babies

12. Baby Born Doll

A Baby Born Doll.
Image © Argos

Finding first dolls for babies can be tricky, but Baby Born dolls are highly recommended amongst parents. Baby Born has a soft body, which is perfect for snuggling, and soft baby clothes that are just as cuddly.

As a more affordable option, Baby Born is also a great way to shop on a budget. Outfits may vary with each purchase, but you are sure to get very cosy attire with every doll.

They also come with a one-year guarantee when you buy. These dolls are great for babies and perfect for children up to 12 months, but a child of any other age would enjoy them too.

Price: £10

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best diverse baby dolls then why not take a look at mud kitchens, or for something different take a look at hand sanitisers.

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