48 Cool Hatchimals Names That Kids Will Love To Find

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Have you played the Hatchimals Hatchtopia game?

Hatchimals are interactive toys that still enjoy immense popularity among kids. There are countless hatchimals available in different colors and each has a different personality.

Some might be shy while others might be loud and outgoing. Here's a cool list of magic hatchimals that kids will love to see in Hatchtopia and play with.

They usually love to nest the hatchimals colleggtibles 4 pack and watch the eggs hatch. Keep reading to know the whole list of hatchimal characters available in the world including the hatchimals season 4 and season 5. Who knows you might get your first hatchimals names from here.

Hatchimals Names List And Pictures

Some of the different colors of hatchimals colleggtibles that you can see are hatchimals colleggtibles season 3, hatchimals colleggtibles season 4, hatchimals colleggtibles season 2, and hatchimals colleggtibles season 5. There is a set of first hatchimals mystery box, hatchimals hatchibabies, hatchimals colleggtibles 4 pack and hatchimals eggs.

Here are some of the best hatchimals names and characters with the best features to make your Christmas enjoyable.

  • Pengualas are a cross between an iguana and a penguin. These hatchimals are rather shy but happy and have green and pink fur on their top and around their ogles. One of the best hatchimals with great characteristics.
  • Owlicorns are cute blend of unicorns and an owl. Their eggshells are distinctively light blue and pink, while the toy typically has mixed blue and pink fur on it.
  • Draggles are brave and energetic hatchimals, having purple or dark blue freckles on the eggshell. These hatchimals are partly inspired by dragons, that’s why they have ribbed wings.
  • Burtles are a cross between two innocent and adorable creatures, butterfly and turtle, as you might have guessed already from the name. These hatchimals are purple with a bluish belly or blue-colored body with a purplish belly.
  • Bearakeets are cute white hatchimals with pink bellies, while their ears resemble a bear’s round ears. The shell of the Bearakeet is black and purple.
  • Puppadees have big floppy ears, great noses, ribbed wings, and change colors according to their mood. These hatchimals are a cross between dog and bird, while their shells are freckled with blue and pink.
  • Ligulls are a blend of seagulls and a lion, which is why they have seagull wings and the mane of a lion. They are typically available in pink and purple shades, however, often their feet are yellow. Ligull eggs have purple and pink blemishes on them.
  • Peacats are a cross between cat and peacock. They are as adorable as a peacock and cat, having wings on their heads. Peacats are typically blue and purple with pink, or light blue freckles on their body.
  • Giravens as you’d expect is a blend of giraffe and a raven. These hatchimals’ eggshells are yellow colored with dark pink spots on them. A giraven is deep blue in color and has horns.
  • Deerioles are a mix of a bird and a deer. This cute hatchimal also changes the color as others do. Their characteristics include dark purple fur which often features strokes of yellow color as well. Each egg contains two deerioles.
  • Golden Hatchimal is one of the rarest hatchimals from hatchimal colleggtible series.
  • Zuffins are a mix between a zebra and a puffin. Their eyes change colors like other hatchimals. Each zuffin has deep blue of purple wings, while its stomach features a bluish shade.
  • Hatchanimals Wow is another fresh kind of hatchimal egg that can be re-hatched repeatedly. The process of hatching the creature takes about five minutes, and each time you get to meet a hatchimal with a new personality.
  • Hatchimals CollEGGtibles is a recent addition to the hatchimals colleggtible toy line. These little eggs contain a new or existing hatchimal species from Hatchopia.
  • Hatchimals HatchBabies are another hatchimal toy that when tapped at their egg’s shell make pretty noises and their eyes glimmer through the egg wall when they are ready to reveal themselves.
  • Hatchimal Pixies are another hatchimal doll with glittery wings and an iridescent aura from Hatchopia

Cute Hatchimals Names

Hatchimals, when they were launched faced incredibly high demand. Media channels augured them to be the best seller of the holiday season.

And since then spin master is consistently launching exclusive toy lines such Hatchimals Colleggtibles season 3, Hatchimals Colleggtibles 4 pack, hatchimal mystery egg, hatchimal playset coral castle, hatchimal colleggtibles set of 2 pack, hatchimal hatchbabies, and more.

Here is a comprehensive list of cute hatchimal names your kids will love to play with and hatching them. You can purchase any of these packs and let them nest the eggs and different colors of hatchimals will hatch out of them.

  • HatchBabies Ponette has eyes that change color, they move their beaks and perform other sweet gestures. They are exclusive hatchimals colleggtibles characters full of magic.
  • HatchiBabies Chetree are cute little eggs with speckles that hatch cute plush hatch babies. one of the characters that are full of magic and surprise
  • Sparkly Penguala is another glittering garden hatchimal that kids love to raise with love and make friends with them. One of the characters that is full of magic and surprise.
  • Glitzy Berakeet is a hatchimal from a glittering garden that has iridescent fur and sparkling wings.
  • Twinkling Owlicorn is a sparkling mix of unicorn and owl that lives in a crystal nest when hatched.
  • Shimmering Draggle are another magical creatures that live inside glittery eggs of hatchimals.
  • Gleaming Burtle is a hatchimal from the glittering garden series by Spin Master.
  • Hatchimal Hatchibuddies arecuddly forms of exclusive hatchimals colleggtibles creatures, as they are overly plush.

Polar Paradise Hatchimals Names

Hatchimals colleggtibles season 4 and Hatchimals colleggtibles season 5 are extremely fun to play with your friends. The whole world of the set of these interactive crystal toys is something you will never cease to be interested to learn more about them. Read on to learn more about the set of polar paradise hatchimals names: -

  • Polar Draggles are another cute hatchimals colleggtibles that you can present as a surprise to your children.
  • Polar Foxfin is a rare hatchimals colleggtibles toy that kids enjoy rearing and hatching. A name whose magic will never cease to surprise.
  • Polar Sealark is cute hatchimal colleggtible that are considered one of the rare hatchimals.
  • Polar Penguala is another hatchimals colleggtible with sparkling wings and a bluish body with a light blue belly.
  • Polar Whale is a cute hatchimals colleggtible your kid will enjoy hatching from an egg
  • Polar Hummingbear is another creature from polar paradise that will surely win the heart of your kids.
  • Golden hatchimal is the rarest hatchimal to hatch from an egg, be it season four or season 5.
Hatchimals colleggtibles are regarded as one of the best Christmas toys

Glitter Garden Hatchimals Names

Here is a list of all the glitter garden hatchimal categories your kids should know.

  • Golden Lynx Hatchimal is the rarest hatchimal where only 55 of them are available in existence.
  • Wilder Wings are a brand new line in hatchimals colleggtibles that have large wings.
  • Hatchimals Llalacorn is a Hatchimal Wow creature that has the biggest egg, which is rehatchable and takes about five minutes to hatch.
  • Puppet are another adorable hatchimals colleggtibles creatures your kids will love hatching and caring.
  • Chipadee is soft and furry hatchimals colleggtibles that reveal themselves out freckled eggs.
  • Mouseswift is a blue and light green hatchimal from hatchimals colleggtibles which children find too adorable to resist.
  • Swotter is one of the rare rare hatchimals colleggtibles that comes in dark pink and dark blu colors.
  • Zebrush is a pink itty-bitty zebra from hatchimals colleggtibles.
  • Flamingose pink is another appreciative hatchimals colleggtibles that comes in shades of pink.
  • Tigrette is a rare hatchimals colleggtibles creature that children love to hatch.
  • Elefly is another hatchimals collegtibles creature that comes in shades of pink and is inspired by a pig.
  • Monkiwi hatchimals colleggtibles characters that are a cross between a monkey and a kiwi.
  • Shimmer Skunkle is another glittering garden hatchimals colleggtibles character that kids love hatching from an egg.
  • Bunwee is a hatchimals colleggtibles that resembles a cute squirrel residing in a nest
  • Raspoon is another hatchimals that won’t fail at pleasing your children after hatching from the egg.
  • Pigpiper is a hatchimals colleggtibles with pretty pink and blue wings and it is inspired by a pig in its frame.
  • Snailtail is another yellow-colored hatchimals colleggtibles character your kids will find adorable.

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