70 Flower Names For Boys That Will Make Your Heart Blossom

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A serene and colorful garden pathway, ideal for symbolizing the beauty and potential of flower names for boys.

Flower names for boys mix botanical beauty with a sprinkle of masculinity, offering a unique and cool choice for your baby boy. These lovely names, inspired by everything from golden flowers to delicate blue bottle blooms, are versatile and heartwarming.

From names of heavenly flowers to little-known woodland gems, each flower name carries its own symbolism and heritage. Whether you seek a name that resonates with the stature of the national flower or the understated elegance of a tiny flower, there's an abundance to choose from.

In the following lines, you'll discover a garden of baby boy names, each as special and unique as the boys they represent.

Ancient And Golden Flower Names For Boys

A golden sunset illuminating ancient and rare flowers, capturing the timeless elegance of ancient and golden flower names for boys.

Drifting through the arcs of history and the golden touches of sunlight, ancient and golden flower names hold an impressive stature. They remind us of the precious golden flower blooming resolutely into the radiant sun, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

1. Adonis (Greek origin): named after the Greek god of beauty and desire, this name is reminiscent of a cheery flower in its prime, representing allure and charm.

2. Apollo (Greek origin): as the god of music, arts, and healing, Apollo is akin to the myriad aspects of flowers that heal, delight, and inspire through natural beauty.

3. Aries (Latin origin): representing the ram and a constellation, it’s a forceful yet tender name, fitting a child who'll grow in their own unique way.

4. Aster (Greek origin): this name, meaning 'star', echoes the popular star-shaped blooms found in the sunflower family, imparting sentiments of love and wisdom.

5. Caius (Latin origin): bearing a meaning of 'rejoice', Caius is a name with the jubilance and vitality of blooming spring flowers.

6. Cassius (Latin origin): meaning 'hollow' or 'helmeted warrior', Cassius might be interpreted as the quiet space in nature, ready to be filled with the beauty of wildflowers.

7. Cyrus (Persian origin): this noble name means 'sun' or 'the king', drawing parallels to the radiance and regal demeanor of the golden flower.

8. Evander (Greek origin): with an echo of ancient times, this name means 'good man', and is ideal for someone who'll blossom into a strong and kind individual.

9. Felix (Latin origin): signifying 'happy' or 'fortunate', Felix captures the joy and cheer one feels in a vibrant, blossoming garden.

10. Flavian (Latin origin): denoting 'yellow-haired' or 'blonde', this name captures the essence of golden flowers and sunshine, suggesting warmth and light.

11. Helios (Greek origin): with roots in Greek mythology, Helios was the personification of the Sun, a fitting name for a child with a bright and warm personality.

12. Jacek (Polish origin): the Polish form of Hyacinth, Jacek is associated with the fragrant, bell-shaped hyacinth flowers that herald the arrival of spring and represent constancy and sincerity.

13. Leo (Latin origin): symbolizing the lion, this name conveys bravery and royalty, much like the majestic stance of a blooming flower in nature's kingdom.

14. Lucius (Latin origin): meaning 'light', Lucius is reminiscent of the bright sunshine that nurtures flowering plants.

15. Lysander (Greek origin): meaning 'liberator', this name holds the strength and beauty of a blossoming bud, breaking through to claim its place in the natural world.

16. Marcellus (Latin origin): with connotations of 'warlike' or 'young warrior', this name could signify the fierce survival of flowers in the wild, yet it also bears a noble grace.

17. Narcissus (Greek origin): in Greek mythology, this flower is linked to self-love and renewal, a name for a child who sees the beauty within themselves.

18. Osiris (Egyptian origin): from the name of the Egyptian god associated with fertility and resurrection, Osiris embodies rebirth, much like a perennial flower that returns each year.

19. Silvanus (Roman origin): meaning 'of the wood or forest', this name holds the peaceful and enduring spirit of ancient woodlands and their timeless flora.

20. Theron (Greek origin): rooted in the Greek word for 'hunter', Theron captures the spirit of one who roams the wilds amid woodland blooms.

21. Vulcan (Latin origin): named after the Roman god of fire and metalworking, Vulcan conveys the transformational power and creative energy found in nature's cycles.

22. Zephyr (Greek origin): drawing inspiration from the west wind of Greek mythology, this name offers a liberating sense of the natural world's freedom, much like blooming flowers.

Blue And Red Flower Names For Boys

A vibrant garden blending blue and red flowers, perfectly embodying the diversity and beauty of blue and red flower names for boys.

Imagine a field of blue bottle flowers swaying in the breeze or the deep allure of red peony flowers. These names capture the essence of these stunning blooms.

23. Asher (Hebrew origin): this name means 'happy' or 'blessed', bringing to mind the cheerful disposition of sun-loving flowers.

24. Briar (English origin): this name brings to mind natural imagery of wild, thorny plants that protect beautiful roses as they grow.

25. Cedar (English origin): like the enduring cedar tree, this name implies strength and a deep connection to nature.

26. Clay (English origin): earthy and strong, Clay conjures up the very soil from which beautiful flowers gain their sustenance.

27. Florian (Latin origin): a refined name meaning 'flowering', it perfectly suits a young boy blossoming into his full potential.

28. Glen (Gaelic origin): referencing a narrow valley, Glen evokes images of lush greenery and serene landscapes.

29. Hale (English origin): conveying robust health and vigor, Hale is a name that imparts the natural vitality of blooming plants.

30. Heath (English origin): this name recalls the open, uncultivated land that bears heather, a flower known for its resilience and natural beauty.

31. Indigo (Greek origin): reflecting the deep blue dye, this stylish name adds an element of mystery and sophistication to a boy's identity.

32. Jarred (Hebrew origin): with a meaning linked to roses, Jarred is a contemporary name paying homage to the world's most renowned flower.

33. Jasper (Persian origin): this name, meaning 'treasurer', is derived from the Persian word 'ganzabara' and is associated with a variety of quartz often found in plant fossils, aligning with the endurance and beauty of nature.

34. Jonquil (Latin origin): connected to a spirited and joyous daffodil, this name brings a bright and sunny disposition to a child's life.

35. Oren (Hebrew origin): meaning 'pine tree' or 'ash', Oren is a name that connects a boy to the majestic forest and its vibrant ecosystem.

36. Quill (Latin origin): this name associates with 'feather', suggesting delicacy and grace, qualities shared with the most intricate of blooms.

37. Ren (Japanese origin): meaning 'lotus', Ren symbolizes purity and enlightenment, akin to the emergence of this sacred flower from the murky waters.

38. Ridge (Old English origin): like the prominent feature of a landscape, Ridge symbolizes a strong and steady presence, akin to the supportive stem of a flower.

39. Rohan (Sanskrit origin): Signifying 'ascending', Rohan mirrors the vitality of a cheery flower climbing steadily towards the sky.

40. Sage (Latin origin): conjuring the image of a fragrant herb, Sage is a sophisticated and earthy choice that implies wisdom.

41. Spencer (Old French origin): traditionally meaning 'steward' or 'administrator', Spencer has an air of sophistication and care, akin to tending a blossoming garden.

42. Thyme (Greek origin): named after the fragrant culinary herb, Thyme is unconventional, exuding a timeless character and a hint of the wild.

43. Tilden (Old English origin): rooted in words for 'fertile valley', Tilden brings to mind a landscape rich with the promise of growth and the potential for floral abundance.

Nature-Inspired Flower Names For Boys

An enchanting forest filled with diverse flowers, epitomizing the tranquility and natural inspiration behind nature-inspired flower names for boys.

The beauty of the natural world is perfectly encapsulated in these botanically inspired names, from the heavenly luminescence of yellow flowers to the serenity of white blooms.

44. Alden (Old English origin): meaning 'old friend', it connects to the timeless and enduring nature of forests, providing a solid yet serene namesake.

45. Aspen (English origin): named after the resilient tree, this name suggests serenity and graceful strength, much like the leaves that delicately quiver in the wind.

46. Elan (Hebrew origin): this name means 'tree' or 'oak tree', and represents growth and stability, akin to the steadfast oak in the natural world.

47. Forrest (English origin): directly denoting a 'forest', this name is for the adventurous soul who finds solace in the captivating essence of the wooded lands.

48. Hawthorn (English origin): from the flowering shrub that bears sweet-scented blossoms, Hawthorn is a name that embodies sweetness and resilience.

49. Kunal (Sanskrit origin): hailing from a word meaning 'lotus', Kunal conveys the serenity and spiritual essence of this revered water lily.

50. Oliver (Latin origin): stemming from the olive tree, known for its golden flowers, Oliver represents peace and carries a gentle but sturdy character.

51. Rowan (Gaelic origin): related to the rowan tree, known for its bright red berries and white flowers, it's a name that depicts protection and inspiration.

52. Sylvan (Latin origin): evoking forests and woodlands, Sylvan reflects a deep harmony with nature and an enchanting tranquil spirit.

53. Willow (English origin): like the supple and versatile willow tree, this name is suggestive of flexibility and intuitive wisdom.

Modern And Unique Flower Names For Boys

A modern garden showcasing unique and exotic flowers, reflecting the innovation and distinctiveness of modern and unique flower names for boys.

Modern parents are often looking for names that are not only unique but also have that cool factor, a name that allows their child to own their path and stand out stylishly.

54. Admon (Hebrew origin): meaning 'red peony flower', Admon is distinctive, tying the individual to the elegance and vibrant allure of the red peony, celebrated for its lush and vivid petals.

55. Basil (Greek origin): a name redolent of the fragrant herb and endowed with royal connotations, Basil is a fresh and timeless choice for baby boys.

56. Calix (Greek origin): meaning 'very handsome', it is also a term used in botany for part of a flower, offering a naturally handsome choice for a boy's name.

57. Cassian (Latin origin): derived from 'cassia', a spice resembling cinnamon, this name is as warm and inviting as the spice itself.

58. Chrysanthos (Greek origin): meaning 'golden flower', Chrysanthos conjures images of gleaming, gold-hued blooms, symbolizing a person of remarkable beauty and worth.

59. Cypress (Greek origin): named after the evergreen tree symbolizing the afterlife in ancient times, Cypress has a profound depth and a timeless presence.

60. Echium (Greek origin): a nod to the blue bottle flower, Echium, known for its vivid blue coloring, speaks to a deep and striking vibrancy.

61. Fennel (Latin origin): named after the herb that blooms yellow flowers, it symbolizes strength and dignity, making for a powerful and distinctive name.

62. Fiorello (Italian origin): signifying 'little flower', Fiorello embodies the enchanting appeal of delicate, petite blossoms that enhance the landscape with their subtle beauty.

63. Huckleberry (American origin): meaning 'sweet berry', Huckleberry is an endearing and whimsical name; it evokes the simple joy and sweetness of the fruit-bearing plant.

64. Juniper (Latin origin): referring to the evergreen shrub with its distinctive berry, Juniper is a lively option that exudes freshness and vivacity.

65. Liam (Irish origin): a shortened version of William, Liam shares its essence with the Sweet William flower, known for its charm and sweet-scented blooms.

66. Oleander (Greek origin): from a beautiful yet resilient flowering shrub, Oleander is an exotic choice that speaks of beauty and tenacity.

67. Phoenix (Greek origin): like the cool flower names of exotic blooms, Phoenix embodies rebirth and is as distinct as the rarest petals.

68. Sorrel (Old French origin): drawing from a medicinal plant, Sorrel strikes the perfect balance between unique and botanically inspired for a modern boy's name.

69. Tarragon (Latin origin): reflecting the fragrant herb with a spicy flavor, Tarragon is an uncommon and zesty choice with a culinary twist.

70. Valerian (Latin origin): named after a herb known for its calming and medicinal properties, Valerian is a strong yet soothing name choice.


What are some gender-neutral flower names for boys?

Gender-neutral flower names are becoming increasingly popular. Names such as Jamie (an old English variation of James), Casey (Irish origin meaning 'brave'), or Alex (short form of Alexander, which can bloom into Alexandra for girls) are great options.

Are there any flower names for boys that also have medicinal properties?

Yes, many flower names, such as Sage and Sorrel, refer to plants with medicinal properties. These names carry with them an intrinsic connection to health and healing.

These names are more than mere labels; they are timeless connections to the past, imbued with the elegance and prosperity symbolized by the noblest of blooms.

They bestow upon a child a hint of majesty, a dash of inspiration, and a golden thread linking him to the bygone eras of splendor. Whether inspired by the sun's life-giving warmth, the triumph of laurel wreaths, or the rarity of a golden petal, each name carries with it a story waiting to be told.

As your child grows, may their name remind them and the world of the beauty and timelessness that blossoms within.

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