100 Beautiful Flower Names For Girls

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Flower names are a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

They've been used across languages and continents for years, and for good reason. Flower-inspired names reflect the resilience, beauty and love you probably hope to see in your baby girl, and can be a wonderful choice. Some families even choose to stick to the theme and give all their children a flower name.

There are seemingly endless names choose from, so to help make this decision a little easier, we have compiled a list of flower names for your baby girl from all over the world, with their meanings.

Popular Flower Names For Girls

Closeup of white orchid flowers

Choosing a flower name is a unique way to honor and cherish your baby girl's sweet nature and refreshing beauty. We've curated a selection of popular flower names from across the globe, some that just mean 'flower', and others that have a deeper significance. Whatever your girl name taste, there's something for everyone.

Angelica (English origin), means 'angel'. Just like the flower with the same name, your baby will bloom.

Aster (English origin), means 'star'. This baby name is popular.

Azalea (Greek origin), means 'dry'. In English, however, the name means 'everlasting beauty'. Perfect for someone who's beautiful inside and out.

Briar (English origin), means 'thorny patch'. It's a great name for a baby you want to raise to be strong and independent. This name can also be used for baby boys.

Bryony (Latin origin), means 'to sprout'. A perfect name for your little girl.

Camellia (English origin), means 'Kamel’s flower'. Other versions of this name include Camilla and Camila, just like famous singer Camila Cabello.

Cassia (Latin and Greek origin), means 'cinnamon'. Another variation of this name is Kassia. Historically, Kassia was a medieval female composer and poet.

Cherry (English origin), means 'dear one'. A great name for your sweet little munchkin.

Clover (English origin), means 'key'. The name is often associated with good luck — perfect for a new arrival.

Cynthia (Greek origin), means 'moon goddess' or a 'woman from Kynthos'.

Daisy (English origin), means 'day’s eye'. A popular name in English-speaking countries.

Dahlia (Scandinavian origin), means 'Dahl’s flower'. In the Victorian era, the name was known to mean 'elegance'.

Daphne (Greek origin), means 'laurel tree' or 'bay tree'. It is the name of a famous female detective from the cartoon series 'Scooby-Doo', or famous author Daphne du Maurier.

Delphine (French origin), means 'dolphin'. Also associated with delphinium, which is a flower similar to a bluebell.

Fern (English origin), means 'fern'. This green shade-loving plant's name is fairly popular in the UK, and often spelled Fearne, like TV and radio presenter Fearne Cotton.

Fleur (French origin), this name means 'flower'.

Hazel (English origin), means 'the hazelnut tree'. It's often used to describe the unique green-brown color of some people's eyes.

Heather (English origin), refers to white or pink flowers that grow on barren land. This flower grows mostly in rocky areas and often used to symbolize growth in the face of adversity.

Holly (English origin), means 'like a dove'. Famous name bearer: actress Holly Patricia Hunter.

Indigo (Greek origin), refers too a dye taken from the indigo plant. This dark blue-purple is the color of many flowers found growing in the wild. It's often shortened to Indie or Indy.

Iris (Greek origin), means 'rainbow'.

Ivy (English origin), means 'evergreen plant', and this also is a perfect and simple name for baby girls.

Jasmine (English origin), refers to white fragrant flowers. It was also the name of the female lead of the animated movie 'Aladdin'.

Jacinta (Spanish origin), means 'Jacinta flower'. Famous name bearer: actress Jacinta Mulcahy.

Lavender (English origin), means 'sweet-smelling'. A sweet and cute name for girls born during summer.

Lilac (English origin), means 'bluish'. A perfect name for your baby girl.

Lily (English origin), means 'rebirth, pure'. Famous name bearers: actresses Lily Collins and Lily James.

Lillian (Latin origin), means 'lily flower'. Famous name bearer: actress Lillian Randolph.

Marguerite (French origin), means 'pearl'.

Myrtle (Greek origin), means 'victory'.

Olive (English origin), means 'olive tree'.

Pansy (American origin), means 'thought'

Orchid (English origin), means 'beauty and sophistication'.

Peony (Latin origin), means 'healing'. This is one of the less common flower names that you could opt for.

Petal (Greek origin), means 'leaf'.

Poppy (Latin origin), means 'flower'.

Posey (English origin), means 'a bunch of flowers'.

Primrose (English origin), means 'first rose'. This could be the perfect baby name for your child.

Rosemary (English origin), means 'Marinus' and 'dew'. The baby name was popularized by the movie 'Rosemary's Baby'.

Rose (Latin origin), means 'rose' taken from Latin 'Rosa'. This baby name became very popular after the lead character of the film 'Titanic' had the name.

Rosa (Latin origin), means 'rose'.

Sage (Latin origin), means 'wise'. This baby name became quite popular as a character in the TV show 'The Vampire Diaries'.

Senna (Arabic origin), means 'brightness'.

Susan (Hebrew origin), means 'graceful lily'. Famous name bearer: actress Susan Melody George.

Tulip (Hebrew origin), means 'turban'.

Yasmin (Persian origin), means 'gift from God'.

Viola (Italian origin), means 'violet'. Famous name bearer: actress Viola Davis.

Violet (English origin), means 'purple'. Violet was the name of a character that appeared in the book and film 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'.

Willow (English origin), means 'freedom or peaceful'.

Yolanda (Greek origin), means 'violet'.

Unique Flower Names For Girls

The names on this list are both meaningful and adorable. Choosing a flower name is a unique way to honor and cherish your baby girl.

The names on this list are both meaningful and adorable. Choosing a unique flower name is a great way to honor and cherish what makes your baby girl special.

Althea (Greek origin), means 'to heal'. It's one of the more unique flower names for baby girls.

Amaryllis (Greek origin), means 'to sparkle'.

Anemone (Greek origin), means 'daughter of the wind'. Flower names beginning with A are unique, innovative, and creative.

Azami (Japanese and Persian origin), means 'greatest'. This baby name is also a common surname used in India.

Belladonna (Italian origin), means 'beautiful woman'.

Blimah (Hebrew origin), means 'blossom'. Such flower names are becoming quite popular.

Calla (Greek origin), means 'beautiful'. Sound-alike 'Cala' in Arabic means 'fortress'.

Cardinal (English origin), means 'crucial'. It is also a title bestowed upon priests.

Carnation (English origin), means 'coronation' or 'complexion'. A less common name for your special daughter.

Celosia (Greek origin), means 'aflame'.

Corymbia (Latin origin), means 'corymbs'. The perfect flower name for your little girl.

Calytrix (English origin), means 'starflower'.

Daffodil (Dutch origin), means 'asphodel'. A vibrant yellow, this name is ideal for your little ray of sunshine.

Elestren (English origin), means 'iris'. This is one of the most beautiful flower names for your baby.

Evergreen (English origin), means 'lasting life'.

Fennel (French origin), means 'hay'.

Forsythia (English origin), means 'Forsyth’s flower'.

Freesia (Latin origin), means 'Freese’s flower'. It's one of the most beautiful baby names.

Gazania (English origin), means 'very uncommon'.

Geranium (Greek origin), means 'crane'.

Gladiolus (Latin origin), means 'sword'. It's an uncommon but strong name for your baby.

Hibiscus (Latin origin), means 'marshmallow plant'.

Heliotrope (Greek origin), means 'sun' or 'to turn'. Heliotrope is a name that very few people choose for their baby girl, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Hyacinth (English origin), means 'purple' or 'larkspur flower'.

Jessamine (English origin), means 'jasmine'. Another version of the name Jasmine.

Jonquil (English origin), means 'reed'.

Kalina (Slavic origin), means 'flower'.

Kalvina (English origin), means 'flower'. Another variation of this name is Calvina.

Leilani (American origin), means 'sky, heavenly, majesty, royal'.

Lotus (Greek origin), means 'flower'. In Indian culture, lotus flowers are offered to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wealth.

Magnolia (English origin), means 'sweet-smelling Magnol's flower'. The name matches the beauty of your child.

Malva (Greek origin), means 'delicate, slender'. This flower-inspired name is a unique name for your baby.

Marigold (English origin), means 'golden flower'. It is a common flower used to worship deities in India.

Mimosa (Latin origin), means 'mimosa flowers'.

Pasque (Italian origin), means 'flower buds'. Just like your blooming child. This is a beautiful flower name for a cute little baby girl.

Periwinkle (English origin), means 'purple-blue'.

Primula (English origin), means 'first rose'. This is another variation of the name Primrose.

Rada (English origin), is a cut short flower name that means 'rose'.

Xochitl (Aztec origin), means 'flower'.

Verbena (Latin origin), means 'sacred foliage'.

Wisteria (English origin), means 'Wister’s flower'.

Zinnia (Latin origin), means 'Zinn’s flower'. Girl names starting with Z are less common than other letters, and we love this floral Z name.

Fancy Flower Related Names For Girls

To make things easier for you, we have selected these popular flower-inspired baby names. These names all mean 'flower' in some way and have a wonderful elegance to them. For flower baby names with a sophisticated tone, read this list below.

Ayana (Arabic origin), means 'a flower'. Famous name bearer: Japanese actress Ayana Taketatsu.

Buttercup (English origin), means 'flower'.

Bluebell (English origin), means 'a flower'. Such cute names for baby girls are unique yet beautiful.

Begonia (English origin), means 'Begon's flower'.

Chloris (Greek origin), means 'Goddess of flowers'. In Greek mythology, Chloris is the Goddess of beauty and flowers.

Flora (English origin), means 'flower'. This is one of the more popular flower baby names for your little angel.

Inathe (English origin), means 'violet flower'.

Kantuta (English origin), means 'flower'.

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