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If your family love getting active, facing challenges and climbing, then visiting Cambridge Clip and Climb will be a highlight of your holidays.

From seasoned climbers to complete novices, an inclusive climbing centre like Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge can cater to everybody's needs. Located in an industrial park on Clifton road, where there are several other adventures available, a trip to Clip 'n' Climb could lead nicely into a full day of active fun.

Have you ever watched Spider-Man and thought that climbing looks fun? If so we have collated the facts about the reopening of Clip 'n' Climb so you can be prepared, ready and enjoy yourself. If not, this unique experience might surprise you and a trip to Clip 'n' Climb could be your next family trip.

What Can You Do At Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge?

Strap into your harness and belay up and down Clip 'n' Climb's walls with the whole family. You are attached to a rope the entire time and are lowered gently to the ground whenever you complete a wall. Compete with each other to do the climbing challenges, or take it at a leisurely pace; the staff can help you with either.

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20 different climbing challenges are available to choose from at this industrial estate climbing haven, test your bravery at new heights, race your family up the walls or pay to take on one of the extreme challenges. This climbing theme park is uniquely accommodating and you can rest assured staff allow everyone to take the walls at their own pace and offer help along the way.

The Extreme Challenges

The extreme challenges are called Stairway to Heaven and Vertical Drop Slide. Each challenge costs £2.50 to have a go at, you can buy Extreme Challenge Tokens from the cafe when you arrive if you're feeling brave!

The Vertical Drop slide requires you to grip onto a T bar, lie at the bottom of a slide and allow yourself to be winched up to six meters high in the air. You need to hold tight to get the most out of this extreme challenge, then be brave enough to let go. This challenge comes with a safety helmet but no rope!

The Stairway To Heaven consists of a series of poles which visitors have to step on as they increase in height. These poles are small, so bring all the balance you can muster before undertaking this challenge. The climb is well worth the view at the top.

Who Can Clip 'n' Climb?

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Pre-school Children Aged 2- 4 Years Old: The Little Rockers programme starts with fun ice-breakers and games to help young climbers relax and get ready for safe climbing. Older siblings can climb at the same time to help ease children into the experience and find their footing. Children who take part need to be 12kg or over.

Kids: The minimum age for a regular session, lasting 90 minutes, is four years old. In the session, kids spend 30 minutes watching the safety video, 55 minutes climbing and 5 minutes taking off the harnesses so staff can collect them.

Adults, Teens And Students: Clip 'n' Climb cater to all abilities. From people who have never touched a climbing wall before to seasoned climbers, there is a challenge to suit anyone. They recommend adults and older teens book a session in the afternoon or evening as more adult climbers will be on the walls.

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COVID-19 Reopening Information

Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge are maintaining social distancing throughout their building. Staff will not be helping visitors with their Belaymate unless visitors really need it. Parents or carers of children on the walls will need to help children who can't operate the Belaymate by themselves.

Currently, they are not offering the birthday party package at the Cambridge venue. It usually costs £19.50 per child and includes a standard climbing session, food and access to the party area on the mezzanine.

Their car park is being used to help maintain distancing (with exceptions for groups and people with disabilities). However, Cambridge Leisure multi-storey car park on Clifton Way is a walking distance from Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge.

Elderly Female Demonstrates Excellent Physical and Mental Abilities Ascending Vertical Climbing Wall with Group of Climbers Staying Below on Ground.

Food And Drinks After Climbing

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If you work up an appetite during your session the cafe will be open for you to quench your thirst. They are currently offering their well-loved slushies and a selection of hot and cold drinks, pre-packaged cakes and snacks as well as ice cream.

On the sunnier days, there is an outside, socially distanced dining area where you can relax after a big climb.

In August, they will be taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out government scheme so you can have up to £10 off your food and drink order.

How To Get To Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge

Address: Unit 34 Clifton Road Industrial Estate, Clifton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7EB

If You Are Travelling By Bus: If you take any bus that runs along Hills Road and Cherry Hilton Road, you will find yourself at Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge.

If You Are Travelling By Train: Clip 'n' Climb is located around half a mile from Cambridge Station.

If you need a warm down after this exhilarating workout, unit 34 Clifton has a bike lane running close by and Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge has space to store your bike whilst you climb.

Kidadl's Top Tips

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Pre-booking is emphasised a lot on their website. Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge is popular and in-demand (especially while they are working at reduced capacity) so avoid disappointment by booking online quickly and easily.

All children under 13 years old need to have someone over 18 accompanying them.

This is an active experience for you and your family, so Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge recommend you wear loose fitting or sporty clothes for maximum comfort and safety. No open toed or rock shoes are allowed in Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge.

Clip 'n' Climb Cambridge aim to be as inclusive as possible for people with disabilities. Adaptations can be made to enhance the enjoyment of the climbing experience for people with disabilities. We recommend calling ahead to get a parking space reserved and find out any other useful information.

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