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73 Nicknames For NYC

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

In the United States, New York City has recorded the highest population in America and is also the 'First City' to several new deployments.

New York City is renowned as the 'Global Power City,' with its five major Burroughs. With the temporary name of 'New Amsterdam,' the city got its final name 'New York City' in 1664.

NYC has the largest subway system in the world! New York City is known for many reasons as the oldest city in the United States. With more than 800 languages spoken daily, the city projects rich cultural diversity. Apart from that, New York City has been the forerunner of every major industry that now defines the country's culture as a whole.

Do you know that the symbol of peace, The Statue of Liberty, in New York City was a gift from France to celebrate the 100 years of Freedom in the State? A gift that later went on to be considered a symbol to welcome thousands of immigrants to the country, earning New York City another name. With several events and increasing diversity, New York City has received several nicknames, which are listed below.

Cool Nicknames For NYC

Many nicknames have been used to define New York City. These are some of the cool ones.

  • Banking Center - New York City is the home to the famous Wall Street and many global banks.
  • Coliseum City - The Metropolis seems as elaborate and gorgeous as the Roman Colosseums.
  • Concrete Jungle - A completely modernized science city with huge skyscrapers.
  • Cultural City - New York City is famous for its Broadway musicals and orchestras.
  • Empire City - A nickname given by the Former President, George Washington.
  • Empire State - Playing with the nicknames for better variations of the original one.
  • Entertainment Capital - Hollywood, Orchestra, Broadway shows, and many more!
  • Finance Empire - Wall street is one of the major players in world finance.
  • Financial Hub - One of the nicknames used to extend the emotion of finance a bit further.
  • Gotham City - The name Gotham was used by Washington Irving in his play 'Salmagundi' as an allusion to 'Wise Men of Gotham.'
  • Greatest City - A name that reflects global prominence.
  • Immigrants Gateway - Immigrants constitute around 23 percent of the total population in New York City.
  • Media City - More nicknames, more variations!
  • Money Hub - A cheeky name for the global banking center.
  • NY - One of the most common short forms for The Big Apple.
  • NYC - The most common and short nickname for NYC.
  • Populous City - Apt for the city with the highest population.
  • Restaurant City - Major small businesses are restaurants and cafes
  • Science City - The empire city has the New York Hall of Science and several medical and research facilities.
  • Super City - You can do everything here in the media city.
  • Vacation City - The restaurant city clocked more than $44 billion in revenue from the tourism industry in 2017.

Creative Nicknames For NYC

With 300 million creative minds, uncountable monikers should not be a shock. However, this list will save you from the pain of such an elaborate list!

  • America's City For Movies - The central park in New Your City is the director's favorite spot.
  • America's Front Office - A cheeky nickname for the city that welcomes all immigrants.
  • Cuisine Capital - With over 60 Michelin restaurants, it was only a matter of time!
  • Empire of Dreams - Home to several small businesses, The Big Apple, deserves this nickname.
  • Father Knickerbocker - A comical name presented by the Dutch due to the rolled-up pants worn by the inhabitants in the cultural city.
  • Gate of Dreams - There are many creative nicknames to highlight the dream of business owners.
  • Global Powerhouse - The presence of five Burroughs helped NYC earn this name.
  • Island City - A sarcastic name for our 'Gotham,' bordered by several small islands.
  • Modern Gomorrah - Gomorrah was a city destroyed by God, as per the Bible. Due to the prevalence of organized crime, 'Modern Gomorrah' is a well-earned name.
  • Neon City - The famous Broadway musical 'Rent' shall be reminded through this nickname.
  • The City of Wonders - Birthplace of some of the leading industries and technologies in the world.
  • The Gate of America - This is where all the international flights are received first.
  • The Mecca of America - A simple way to name a sprawling city.
  • The Melting Pot - A less-known cheeky name used to symbolize the ethnic diversity in the city.
  • Transportation Hub - With the biggest Subway system in the world, you saw that coming!
  • World Crossroad - More than 3000 commercial flights pass through Coliseum city daily.

Popular Nicknames For NYC

The list of the most popular names for New York City awaits your read!

  • America's City - The city with the highest population in the United States of America.
  • City of Everything - The true meaning of 'The Jack of All Trades' is explained through a city.
  • City of Towers - New York City deserves a name for those Skyscrapers!
  • Fair City - Because laws uphold 'Fair Treatment.'
  • First City - The oldest city in the United States of America.
  • Fun City - A nickname presented by the former Mayor, John Lindsay.
  • Metropolis - New York City was referred to as the 'Metropolis' in 'Superman.'
  • New Amsterdam - The first official name of New York City.
  • Port of Many Ports - The vacation city is guarded by uncountable ports.
  • Sin City - We have already warned you about the crimes.
  • The Babylonian Bedlam - One of the many nicknames that shows the importance of the 'Metropolis.'
  • The Big Apple - Did you know that New York City is the largest producer of apples in America?
  • The City - The money town was the first major city in America.
  • The Giant Hub - The host to all major business and media activities.
  • The Money Town - A tribute to the financial persona of the super city.
  • The Subway Jungle - A single nickname to highlight the Biggest Subway System is not enough!
  • Two-named City - The Big Apple has been officially named twice.

Unique Nicknames For NYC

Do you know that New York City never sleeps? Here are some unique monikers for the city that never shuts down!

  • America's Frontline - The first line of defense where all the immigrants are verified.
  • Batman's City - Since New York City is already known as 'Gotham City,' why not add Batman to the mix?
  • Cart City - The cuisine capital with small restaurants and shops on carts, everything under one roof!
  • City of Liberty - A city with the iconic Statue of Liberty.
  • City of Logos - Who does not know about the famous 'I Love NYC' logo?
  • City of Theatres - Extending the emotion of theatres
  • Cloud City - You will only see clouds from the skyscrapers
  • Fast City - You will see no inhabitant sitting idle.
  • Free City - The city home to every culture in the world, upholding everyone's freedom.
  • Friends City - The city where the most iconic TV Series 'Friends' was created.
  • Hudson's Hong Kong - A nickname that is referred to the largest population in China.
  • Michelin City - Another name attributed to the presence of 60 Michelin star restaurants.
  • Pot of Fame - Since all the immigrants come here to be famous someday.
  • Sports City - The entertainment capital is not limited to fashion and media.
  • The Evolving City - An appropriate nickname for an old city with the most modern of everything!
  • The Filter City - The Melting Pot is a filter for checking and verifying immigrants.
  • The Historic Modern City - The oldest yet the most modern state in the US.
  • The Square City - A cheeky name attributed to the presence of the famous Times Square.
  • World Host - The Melting Pot is a host to some of the biggest events in every niche.
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