15 Thrilling Facts About Pop Rocks: You Probably Didn't Know!

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Originally Published on Jan 17, 2022
Pop Rocks are loved by one all
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Who doesn't love candies, and when they are sugary-sticky Pop Rocks, that would tantalize your taste buds, then you can’t say no to it!

Pop Rocks are loved by one all. A deep nostalgia is intricately bound with Pop Rocks. These flavorsome candies are always a delight and are eternal bliss to our taste buds that love devouring at these hard bonbons. Not just that, Pop Rocks leave you thinking if they are tech-candies! How do they work? How do they pop up and amaze us?

For some, these are cool and for others, it could be weird. Owned by Zeta Espacial S.A., Pop Rocks is a solidified candy. Pop Rocks ingredients include sugar, lactose, and flavors condensed to lighten your spirits! Unlike other hard candies out there, pops have pressurized gas bubbles that react to give a small popping reaction. By the time you catch them popping, they would have dissolved to treat you. No wonder we call it a 'popping candy ' and not a Pop Rocks always!

So, before eating Pop Rocks next time, you must check out these facts to know who titled Pop Rocks as we know them today. After reading these interesting facts about the Pop Rocks brand, also check out facts on candy names and candy quotes.

What makes Pop Rocks pop in your mouth?

Are you also a fan of this extremely popular popping candy? Then you must want to know what makes this candy pop in your mouth? Well, here are some important facts to help you understand this popping mechanism a bit better.

You might have thought a lot to know how the Pop Rocks ‘pop and rock’ in your mouth!

The hot mixture of candy is mixed with carbon dioxide at a high rate. Infusing gas would form tiny bubbles in the candy. As it cools, the pressure is released, candy busts but the pieces carry high-pressure bubbles.

And what happens when you drop the candy into your mouth?

The candy unwinds the delicacy it has treasured for you. It melts and bubbles are released. As you drop Pop Rocks in your mouth, saliva slowly dissolves the candy, just the way a lollipop evanesce into the taste buds. You can hear a loud pop and you would know that the candy is indeed ‘rocking’ and exploding to indulge your soul in sweetness! Each time the high pressure carbon dioxide is released from each bubble, it produces a ‘thud’ like sound and gives you a distinct feeling as you sink in the sweetness.

What does Pop Rocks look like?

If you are a fan of this popping candy, then you must know how does it look like. If not, then read the facts listed below to know what does Pop Rocks really look like.

Pop Rocks are hard candies that are gasified with carbon dioxide that undergoes a patented process.

You can grab any flavor of your choice; be it cherry, green apple, tropical punch, watermelon, grape, strawberry, cotton candy, blue razz, and even bubble gum. Free of gluten, peanuts, eggs, fish, tree nuts and shellfish, Pop Rocks are great treats for any occasion.

Pop Rocks appear in all forms! Some are volcano popping candies, while others are bars. Others are packed as small nuggets. Mostly, they have a powdered form.

Are Pop Rocks safe?

You all would have heard of a myth that Pop Rocks are not safe to consume. Well, there are so many opinions out there that it is easy to get confused. This is why we are listing some important information to help you know if it is safe for you to consume Pop Rocks.

Consuming Pop Rocks would not result in death. Either someone got swayed with the fizzy technique or quite blown with its sweet! Whatever it may be, this myth is not to be believed. The pressurized carbon dioxide is causing the candy to crack up. The amount of carbon dioxide pressurized in the Pop Rock is equivalent to the CO2 in a mouthful of Cola.

Pop Rocks are not just relishing but people love the candy popping. These are completely safe and there is nothing to be on tenterhooks for. However, mind that they have artificial colors and flavors and remember not to get addicted. Otherwise, it’s completely good for you.

Pop Rock make the sound essentially due to the presence of the carbon dioxide bubbles.

Pop Rock Ingredients

Here are some extremely important details related to the ingredients used for manufacturing this popping candy.

The Pop Rocks are nothing but hard candies like a lollypop and have sugar, corn syrup, and flavors in them.

When all these ingredients are heated together and boiled, water vanishes, and then the temperature is gradually raised. At a point of 300 F (149 C), you will get a pure sugar syrup that stiffens and sets to give you a hard candy.

The hot mixture of candy is mixed with carbon dioxide. Infusing gas would form tiny bubbles in the candy. As it cools, the pressure is released, candy busts but the pieces carry high-pressure bubbles.

Purpose Of Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are not just candies! They can be used as ingredients to various savories. Read on to know more about the various uses of Pop Rocks which you might not have ever thought about.

Pop Rocks mousse, Pop Rock apple crumble, Harry Potter acid pops, Pop Rocks strawberry shortcake poppers, Pop Rocks popsicles, Pop Rocks s’mores, Pop Rocks mocktail, Pop Rocks potato chips, Pop Rocks truffles, Pop Rocks popcorn, Pop Rocks candy bars, peanut butter and dark chocolate cookie poppers are some among the ones you should definitely give a shot.

If you don’t prefer to have any of these, just gobble a few Pop Rocks and that would be enough to drive you crazy for rest of the day!

How were Pop Rocks invented?

The story of Pop Rocks is quite interesting and it will help you know that the candy was invented by a chemist.

Pop Rocks are a creation of William A Mitchell who invented the ‘Carbonated Candy’ in 1956.

He discovered America's revolutionary candy only by chance. He was in fact working on an instant soft drink but he mistakenly created the first Pop Rocks prototype. He was smart enough to know he had created a cosmic candy that is so different from a typical hard candy and patented Pop Rocks in 1956.

Almost 20 years later, another chemist worked on this to bring to us the much-loved Pop Rocks.

When Pop Rocks first came to the limelight, this exploding candy won worriers than hearts! The anxious parents were afraid that their children would choke on taking the candy. There was even a buzz that the tiny tummies of children would explode! The company had to battle a rumor of a kid in 1979, whose family got tensed over the ‘popping technique’. The company after four years of releasing the product was to justify the cause of the ‘explosion’ and had to convince that the candy is not life-threatening. These urban legends which banned the product in the 1980s, continue to this date.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 15 thrilling facts about Pop Rocks: you probably didn't know! Then why not take a look at candy puns or candy trivia?

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