17 England Flag Facts: Curious Details Revealed On Union Jack For Kids


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Flags are an important part when it comes to the representation of a country, flags have been used for over centuries as a medium of conveying belonging and patriotism to a country.

All countries have their flag and every flag tells stories of the country's history and how they got where they are today. When it comes to England, the Union Jack is the most important one.

The United Kingdom doesn't have one but five flags that represent all the countries that are under the United kingdom. The flag of England, the flag of Wales, the flag of Scotland, and Northern Ireland are the five flags that come under the United Kingdom.

Although, these five flags indeed create diversity, and so the British Union Jack flag came into the picture. The same happened back to the middle ages, although all the countries under the United Kingdom have their own national flags, the patron Saint George derived that the Union Jack is the most important of them. When it comes to England's national flag, the St George's cross can be seen. The red cross symbol on England flags represents the patron St. George's red cross. The next flag is the flag of Wales. The flag of Wales shows a red dragon which is also a portrayal of the history, the St George's cross displayed on the English flag cannot be seen here. The flag of Scotland shows the famous white cross. Although the national flag de facto widely talks about the unity of these countries, their individual official flags are also very important on a national level. The flag of Northern Ireland has a famous cross, which can be seen in several other places as well in the United Kingdom. The diagonal red cross is very famous and known as the flag of Northern Ireland. The Union Jack is the union flag and it is the official flag, also known as the first Union flag. The Union Jack is a mixture of all religious flags, the famous fly St George's cross is also seen on the British Union Jack flag. The Union flag has a St George's cross at the center, the Union flag is known to be the mixture of all the religious crosses, along with St. Andrew's cross. The royal banners in England also use the Union Jack, which is also known as the new national symbol. The Union Jack also resembles the Australian flag, the flag is a combined version of the flag of England, thus representing the St George's cross, the flag of Scotland. which also combines the st. Andrews, and also st Patrick (which is Scotland). The second Union flag also paved way for Patrick's cross. Nonetheless, Saint George's cross is the main element when it comes to the flag of Great Britain. The name Jack is used in the Union flag as it's been used to describe the small flag flown during the olden times. The Union Jack happened as King James wanted to combine the flags and that's when the new flag came in place. Another reason why St George's white cross is so established is that it's the national emblem, the shadow of St George can be seen on the colonial flag as well. During the time of various French kings, the churches of England used navy blue sometimes. There have been talks about color change happening since the year 2003 when the Scottish parliament argued to have a royal blue or royal navy shade instead of lighter blue. The Union Jack can be seen during various sports moments as well, such as the England cricket matches and also the rugby union matches. The flag flying in such events is often the flag of Great Britain. The Union Jack flag has been there as the flag of Great Britain since 1606. During those times, the flags were made red and white to identify the English and French troops.

England Flag History

From a royal banner to the city flag, the flags waved at the global level competition is always the Union Jack, which is also known as the flag of Great Britain.

Saint George has continued to be a major part of the flag of England and other flags. The flag of England also shows a red cross, with a white background. However, the red cross in the flag of England is due to the fact that during that time it was made to distinguish between the English and French troops. Hence the red and white colors gave birth to the white cross and red cross in various flags of Great Britain. Scotland's flag also has a distinguishing mark worn, which is the white cross. The blue background is revised a few times. Initially, the flag has a light blue color, later it was upgraded to a navy blue or royal navy color. The same color is also known as cobalt blue, which is also called Pantone 300, the same has been pronounced as the official color of the country. However, when it comes to the Union flag, it combines other national flags. The Union Jack combines the red cross and flag of England along with the St Andrews. The Union Jack doesn't show anything related to republic Ireland, Northern Ireland is however a part of the flag. The Union Jack however doesn't show Wales' patron saint or the Welsh flag. That is because when the flag was made, Wales' was a part of England. Hence, the first flag was made in 1606, during those times, Wales was a part of England. The Union Jack flag combines three flags, which are the flag of England, the flag of Scotland, and Ireland's flag. The English flag can be seen on the Union Jack clearly.

England Flag Significance

St George is a big part of the Union Jack, however, we can say the same about the English flag as well. The English flag is one of the three flags with which the Union flag is made up of. The name Jack comes from a local maritime flag, the maritime flag was a local and well-established flag during the 1600s.

The flag of England and the flag of Scotland come together to form the Union Jack. Both flags are important elements in the flag of Great Britain. The former flag was known as the large Union of crowns. The United Kingdom was formed when the three countries form a unification, after which the Union flags came in the picture, which we see on both global and national sporting events. The United Kingdom is made from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Thus, it's pretty clear that the flag of England is almost one-fourth of what Union Jack is. The first flag hoisting of this was done during the early 1600s, this is the time when English and Scottish royals joined hands. Thus, the flag was also known as the Union of the crowns. The red star was added late after the Union of the English and Scottish crowns, which was during the year the 1780s. The design of the Union flag beautifully superimposes all the religious crosses without disturbing any cross. The advisers of the royal house suggested that the crosses should be diagonally divided. Although the flag is full of religious meaning, the saint George white and the red St George's cross are primary things to notice in the flag, the colors also have meaning.

When it come to the Union Jack, the Saint George symbol is a very important element of the flag.

England Flag Design

The flag of England shows and highlights the beloved St. George's cross on a white background. The history of the English flag goes way back.

The flag of England has two colors, both white and red. The flag was designed in the 18th century. The use of Saint George's symbol was used in earlier times to have peaceful trade roots. Thus, this grew, and as a thank you to Saint George, the English flag carries the patron Saint George symbol in the flag of England. When it comes to the Union Jack the colors together tell a lot about the United Kingdom altogether. White is a symbol of peace and innocence, many countries have the color white and it often represents purity, innocence, and peace. The Union Jack has three colors, the red is the second one. The symbols on the Union Jack are from the four countries and they showcase the religious symbols from all the saints of these individual countries. The color red is a symbol of strength, courage, and warriorhood. The royal navy which can be seen on the Scotland flag as well, the Union Jack is the color of justice. Blue tells more stories, it speaks of power and loyalty. Hence, the colors together create a beautiful meaning, which together conveys great Britain's message to the world.

When is the England flag flown?

When it comes to the Union flag, an individual can fly the flag anytime. Rather, many schools and offices have the Union Jack to showcase and induce love for the country.

In the United Kingdom, it's not illegal to fly the English flag. Rather, the English flag is often flown in the schools and other government bodies. The house of parliament also requires the Union Jack and other individual flags to be flown. However, in the United Kingdom, anyone can fly the flags and it's not illegal.

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